All I ever wanted.

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The chase had come down to Rogue's hand grasping this new mutant by the wrist, but the over whelming feelings coming from the contact had Rogue releasing in less then a second. The new mutant was a male with long silver hair, and emerald green eyes who had been running away from them, the 'good guys'.

"Stay away from me!" The male shouted, and Rogue finally understood why he was running so much. For a brief instance she had seen the image of Sabertooth, with his massive bulky form charging after the teen who was running scared for what he believed was his life.

As the boy was lifted in the air, Jean tried to calm him down as she held the squirming boy in her grip.

"It's alright, we're not going to hurt you.." She assured when something snaked around her ankle, a thick vine that tugged her foot out from under her and threw her while her concentration dropped and the boy went to keep running...

Then a pair of claws stopped an inch away from his face, "We don't want to fight you kid, or we could have ended this a while sit back and relax." The Wolverine growled as the plant manipulator sat down, after much more persuasion took hear them out.

The boy's name was Drake Silver, and he'd been run out of his city when it was found out he was a mutant. He had been attacked by a group of Mutants who forced his ability out into the open, and he soon had found himself running for his life from his friends...

"All I want is to be left alone... I don't like fighting." the lean, but slightly built teen said with a slow pout, looking up at the rest of them.

"I just want to live in peace..."He said softly, as Nightcrawler smiled.

"You can always do the Xavier Institute. Come, join us... we won't hurt you." He promised as he extended his hand to the other boy who was slow to take it... maybe...this GreenLeaf could be of some help later on, when he understood his powers fully...

Just another mutant joining up....who knew this one could change so much.

A/N: Forgive me, but I'm writing this as a request from a friend....*glares at friend* Starting it at 1 in the morning, when I've not slept for three days...people who like to chew out others for spelling errors, bite me. xD

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