A Dream?

BY : Wolverinegal
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Logan tossed and turned, images flowing through his mind as he descended into dreams that sometimes seemed more like nightmares…. But this was one of the times when his dreams were more confusing then anything, since they were of his mysterious past.

There was a man with long black hair, dressed in elegant black clothing with silver hair clip. They were standing on a balcony, looking down on a small town covered in snow. Logan was at the man’s side, looking out at the town and not speaking… content just to be with each other. The man reached over and touched Logan’s shoulder. They stared at each other for a moment, sadness in their eyes until the man spoke.

“No matter what… I promise that I’ll always find you.” He whispered and Logan smiled, without knowing why.

Suddenly there was a crash and men, armed with swords, came out on the balcony, pointing their weapons at the two of them. Logan and the man ran from the group, but they weren’t fast enough… Logan’s arm was cut and the man had a sword plunged into his chest.

Logan watched as the man fell to the ground and he cried out in anger, leaping forward to kill the warrior who had killed the mysterious black haired man…

Logan woke with a start, his claws cutting through the night air. He sighed in defeat and turned over, struggling to go back to sleep… hopefull that this time he wouldn’t dream of his past…

Far away, in a ruined castle in the middle of snow covered mountains, a creature as old as time itself stirred as he mentally heard his lover’s voice...

Blinking slowly he rose and spread his wings, preparing for the long journey to his lover… because he’d promised that he’d always find him.

The End

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