Couples Fun

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Couples Fun
Chapter 1: Long Weekend

AN: This takes place after the final episode. Scott and Jean are a serious couple and so are Logan and Ororo.

‘These mean character thoughts or psychic communication.’

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Scott, Jean, Logan, and Ororo gathered in the hanger to see Professor Xavier off. He was leaving on a three-day trip to Muir Island with Rogue for a lengthy consultation with an old colleague, Dr. Moria MacTaggart. She had been doing advanced research in helping mutants control their powers who otherwise and said she made a breakthrough. And that’s all Rogue needed to hear. Not being able to touch had been a burden she had been carrying for too long.

While Rogue prepared herself for this life-changing trip, the rest of the institute residents parted with their own plans in mind. Hank organized a camping trip with the New Mutants, Kurt and Kitty were visiting their parents, and Piotr was spending a week in Russia to help his family on the farm. Remy was offered a chance to stay, but chose to go with Rogue for moral support. Since he joined the X-men, he had grown close to Rogue. While that didn’t always sit well with Logan and Scott, they were coming around. The way they saw it, if he could make her happy that was enough for them. It would just take time to build trust.

“Looks like you’re good to go, Professor,” said Scott, “How long do you think you’ll be at Muir Island?”

“Three days if all goes well,” said Xavier, “Moria says the process is complicated and will take some fine tuning before its ready for testing. But I’m confident we’ll work it out so Rogue can be the first to benefit.”

“Let us know if you’re successful,” said Ororo, “Rogue has gone too long without being able to touch. She deserves a chance to enjoy a normal life.”

“I agree,” said the Professor with a smile, “But I have a good feeling about this. It may not only help Rogue, but plenty of other mutants as well.”

“Hopefully Rogue just the first,” said Jean as she gave her mentor a goodbye hug, “Tell her we’re all rooting for her.”

“I will,” assured Xavier, “And while we’re away, you four are in charge.”

“In charge of what?” laughed Scott, “Everybody else is gone.”

“I know. But just in case something comes up, I’m counting on you to take care of it.”

“You ain’t got nothin’ to worry about, Chuck,” said Logan, “Just make sure Gumbo keeps his distance if it works. I don’t want that kid to get any bright ideas.”

“One step at a time, Logan. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves,” said Ororo coyly.

“Says you, darlin’.”

Scott, Jean, Logan, and Ororo all waved goodbye as the Professor wheeled up the ramp and prepared for takeoff. As the jet maneuvered into position, they caught a glimpse of Rogue in the passenger window. She was sitting next to Remy, who was holding her hand in a comforting gesture. She looked distant, no doubt musing over whether or not this would work. When she saw the others waving, she managed a faint smile. She was cautiously optimistic, but at the same time she couldn’t help but wonder. Being able to touch again would no doubt change her life, but she had to take things as they came.

They watched as the jet took off into the mid-afternoon sky. It was rainy and dreary out so it looked like they would all be cooped up indoors for the rest of the day. But that didn’t bother them one bit. For the first time in a long while, they had the mansion to themselves. They wouldn’t have to worry about training sessions with the New Mutants or Danger Room scenarios for the regulars. It was a rare opportunity for the resident elders to relax and they planned on taking full advantage of it.

“Alone at last,” said Scott, slipping his arm around Jean’s waist, “Can you believe it? Three whole days all to ourselves.”

“I know. It’s great, isn’t it?” said Jean, playfully embracing her lover back, “No classes, no training sessions, no anything except rest, relaxation, and quality time.”

“And I’m looking forward to making good use of it,” said Scott with a grin.

“Me too,” purred Jean.

Their playful interaction made Ororo smile. Logan, however, just rolled his eyes and broke it up.

“Easy, you two. You ain’t completely alone this weekend,” he told them.

“I know,” said Scott, “But don’t worry. We won’t get in your way.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you two have plans of your own,” said Jean playfully.

“Don’t push it,” said Logan with a bemused look, “You two being instructors doesn’t make you any less the same kids I used to chase around the upper levels.”

“Whatever,” said Jean, rolling her eyes and taking her boyfriend’s hand, “Come on, Scott. Let’s get some lunch and get comfortable.”

“Right behind you, babe!”

As Scott and Jean ran off, Logan shook his head. It was still hard to believe how much those two had grown. He first met them when they were confused little 12-year-olds who and now they were full blown adults. It was telling enough when they became a serious couple. Turns out the Apocalypse battle a year ago made them even more serious. He always knew those two were close. He and the rest of the mansion for that matter didn’t anticipate just how close they would get.

While it made Logan restless, Ororo slipped her arm around the burly man and smiled. Like him, she too had watched Scott and Jean grow over the years and was happy to see them grow so close. She had to admit it did make her feel old in a ways because they had grown up on her, but it helped that she too had someone special in her life. And she made sure Logan remembered as well.

“Youthful spirits are quite a sight, aren’t they?” she commented.

“That’s for sure,” said Logan.

“Just look at this way…they’re old enough to look after themselves now. That means you and I make plans of our own to take advantage of this quality time we have.”

That brought a smile to Logan’s face and he turned and flashed the former weather goddess a wolfish grin.

“I’m guessin’ you already set something up,” he said in a husky tone.

“Give me some preparation time and I’ll show you. Just meet me in my room and bring your healing factor. You’re going to need it this weekend.”

Logan’s smile grew wider as he walked with his lover towards the elevator. It was still strange at times. He and Ororo hadn’t been a couple for very long and they had already uncovered so much about one another.

It wasn’t like they didn’t know each other before. They had been with the institute since the beginning and worked together for years. Over most of that time, they were just close friends. They respected each other and knew each other on a basic level. But after the Apocalypse incident where Ororo was turned into a horseman, things changed a great deal. Ororo was deeply affected by the experience and that led her to find comfort with Logan. As a former meat puppet of Weapon X, he understood her pain all too well and that understanding eventually led to something more.

In the months they had been dating, Logan and Ororo grew very close. They frequently slept in the same bed together, which helped alleviate nightmares. They went out on dates, which usually consisted of bike-rides and dinners. They were also very passionate in bed together. Since they both had strong connections to nature, they had a strong appreciation for sexuality. It brought them even closer as a couple and with a nearly empty mansion this weekend they could finally go all out.


An hour or so later, Ororo finished decorating her room for some quality romance time her and Logan. It wasn’t too elaborate. She drew the curtains and placed sheets over her lamps for some nice ambience. She also lit some scented candles and incense to give off a pleasant aroma throughout the room. Since Logan had such keen senses, scents went a long way during sex. And with plenty of time to enjoy together, she went all out in setting up the perfect environment.

She also dressed for the occasion. Since she and Logan started dating, Ororo had a renewed appreciation for sexy attire. She brought some new lingerie recently and hadn’t had a chance to try it out yet. With all the chaos she and Logan dealt with in the X-men, opportunities for moments like this were few and far between. That’s why they would work to make this special.

“Something smells good,” came a voice from her door, “And I ain’t talking about the candles.”

Ororo turned around to see her lover leaning casually in the doorway with that husky grin she loved so much. He was still wearing the same tattered blue jeans and black shirt he had been wearing all day. But she didn’t mind. He wouldn’t be wearing them for very long anyways.

“You’re just in time,” she said in a seductive tone, “I just finished.”

“I like what you’ve done with the place,” said Logan as he looked around, “You got a knack for ambience, darlin’.”

“Are you going to just stand there and admire the scenery or are you going to shut that door and kiss me?”

Ororo further enticed him by undoing the sash to her robe and letting it fall elegantly off her body. It revealed the new lingerie she bought for just such an occasion. It was a jungle themed ensemble with leopard spotted panties and a matching top that barely ran below her breasts and was transparent over much of her abundant cleavage. It drew quickly drew Logan in as he closed the door behind him and approached the former weather goddess.

“Damn…” he said in amazement as he slipped his arms around her waist.

“I take it you like my new outfit?” she said playfully.

“You know how to make a guy feel right at home,” he grinned, “I can’t wait to get it off you.”

There was a feral undertone in his voice. He wanted this woman so bad. Everything about her intoxicated him. Using his powerful arms, he pulled her body close to his and crashed his lips against hers. Ororo responded by lifting a leg around his waist and wrapping her arms around his neck as she kissed back. While lip-locked, Logan lifted her off the floor and carried her towards the bed. But they were so caught up in each other he stumbled past it and pinned her against the wall. But Ororo didn’t mind.

Wild passion soon followed. Logan let out lustful grunts while Ororo purred with intent at the feel of his powerful body. While pinned against the wall, she grabbed the hem of his shirt and roughly slid it off over his head. With his manly upper body now exposed, she attacked his muscles with her mouth. Logan’s moaning grew more feral as his hunger for her intensified. He yearned to taste her flesh. As nice as her new lingerie was, it had to go.

The couple backed away from the wall momentarily so Logan could get the top part of Ororo’s lingerie off. The weather goddess raised her arms and let her lover reveal her body to him. He grinned huskily as his eyes fell on her large, mocha breasts. They looked so inviting with her nipples standing erect, ready for his teasing. And rather than wait for him to pin her against the wall again, Ororo jumped her lover and threw her legs around his waist again while capturing his lips. They moaned passionately as they fell back onto the bed and fervently made out.

Looming over her, Ororo smelled so heavenly. Logan was in a lustful daze as he caressed her womanly curves and tasted her hot skin. His lips trailed down her neck and onto her breasts where he nibbled on her tits, evoking a sharp gasp from the former goddess. It really got her going. He could smell the arousal burning in her panties. Ororo may have been an elegant woman in every other respect, but when it came to sex she had a deep appreciation for the rough and wild. And she loved reminding Logan just how much so.

“Oh Goddess…” moaned Ororo.

Showing some hunger of her own, Ororo turned over so that now she was on top hovering over her lover. Logan didn’t resist, letting his sexy goddess do her thing. He closed his eyes and moaned in contentment as her luscious lips trailed down his upper body. As she drew over his thoroughly cut mid-section, she undid his pants and with his help managed to get them off boxers and all.

Now fully naked, Logan was ready for her. Ororo flashed a sultry smile of approval as she saw his erect cock begging for her teasing. She kept looking up at him with those beautiful sky blue eyes of hers as she hovered over him on all fours and started licking and sucking his shaft. Logan closed his eyes and let out more moans, watching as this beautiful woman sucked him off.

“Mmm…so hard,” purred the goddess.

Logan’s feral grunting grew more intense. Ororo intensified the pace of her sucking, caressing his balls and running her hand up and down the base of his shaft. Soft slurping sounds mixed with her deep moans. It was enough to drive any man crazy.

Logan couldn’t hold back his primal instincts much longer. Ororo always had a way of pushing those instincts to the limit. It was one of the things he loved about this woman. She wasn’t afraid of the animal in him. In fact, the animal in him was part of what she was attracted to. It was part of what she fell in love with. She made no secret of it when they had sex and he could tell she wanted it bad.

“Oh fuck!” he grunted as Ororo took his whole length in her mouth, “Darlin’, I need to fuck you now!”

Ororo smiled and removed his cock from her mouth.

“I’m ready for you, Logan. Please…take me.”

Ororo rose up slightly and slid out of her panties. The folds of her pussy were so wet. Streaks of fluids dripped between her legs. It was amazing to think this goddess was so hot for him, but Logan wasn’t about to question how lucky he was. This woman wanted him and he wanted her.

Upon tossing her panties aside, Ororo crawled on top of her lover and straddled his pelvis. With a wolfish grin, Logan pulled her down into his powerful arms and crashed his lips against hers. He then slipped his hands onto her perfect ass and guided her onto his cock. He could already feel the tip rubbing against her moist entrance. And with a firm upward thrust, his cock penetrated her womanly folds.

“Oh-oh-oh Goddess!” cried Ororo as hot sensations coursed through her body.

Logan didn’t waste time. He quickly started a sexual rhythm, squeezing her ass and fervently thrusting his dick in and out of her tight cunt. He grunted in gasps, rocking her body and the bed as well. Her tight depths felt so good. The warmth around his member was intoxicating on a passionate, primal level. His mating instinct was at full throttle. And Ororo loved every second of it.

While Logan grunted and thrust into her, Ororo held onto his strong arms and rode him for all his worth. She loved getting into the feral spirit as well, gyrating her hips along with his thrusts. She worked up quite a sweat and so did he. Soon their bodies were glistening with perspiration, making for a heated erotic experience.

“Rah-rah-rah-rah-Storm-rah-my goddess-rah-rahhhhhhhh!” howled Logan.

“Uh-uh-uh-Logan-uh-oh-so strong-uh-ohhhhhh goddess!” cried Ororo.

She rode him until she climaxed hard. Her body arched and her pussy throbbed around Logan’s erect member. She let out a moan of euphoria, arching her body and grasping her breasts as the sensations hit her. Logan didn’t cum, but it was quite a sight to behold watching his goddess experience the heights of pleasure. And he looked forward to giving her more.

When her first orgasm subsided, Ororo was panting hard and short of breath. She let out a content moan as she collapsed beside her lover. His arms were still securely around her and he was still very much in a state of lust. But he allowed her to rest, continuing to kiss along her neck while grasping her breasts. Her pussy was now dripping with her feminine juices. But they were far from done.

“You enjoyin’ yourself, darlin’?” said Logan huskily.

“Oh Logan…” moaned Ororo, that being all she could get out.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he grinned, “But there’s more where that came from.”

“Oh Goddess…”

Ororo knew what was coming next. He wasn’t going to stop until they were both satisfied. It was like the primitive world of animal mating and all she could do was hold on for the ride. But she trusted her lover to bring her to heaven again.

Like an alpha male securing his alpha female, Logan took the initiative and renewed their fervent dance. This time he turned her over so that she was on her hands and knees with her ass facing him. Taking a hole of her hips, he guided his cock back into her still throbbing vagina. Penetration was a lot smoother and the bed was soon rocking to their bodies again. Ororo clutched her sheets moaned in ecstasy, feeling her body jolt back and forth every time her lover pounded into her. The wet slapping sounds of their skin echoed through the room. It made for another heated romp and she loved it every bit as much as the first time.

After doing it in this position for a while, Logan turned Ororo on her side and laid her on the bed while he kept pounding his cock into her at an angle with her leg hitched over his shoulder. In this position, he further teased her by licking her feet and toes, evoking playful laughs in addition to moans of ecstasy. He could also hit her most sensitive areas in this way. Since he and Ororo started having sex, he had come to know her insides very well and knew every way of pleasuring her. It wasn’t long before he had her nearing another orgasm and this time he was going to join her in the euphoria.

Shifting positions one last time, Logan was now on top with his imposing body weight pressing against her while he firmly worked his pelvis against hers. Ororo wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and further guided his thrusts with motions of her own. The balls of her feet dug into his lower back each time he worked it in her. He was really going hard now, grunting and howling in his lustful state while Ororo ran her hands through his wild hair and awaited the coming bliss.



Logan was howling like an animal and Ororo joined him as they neared their peak. Their bodies finally gave out as they held onto each other tightly for the rush of sensations that followed. Logan thrust his cock in her as deep as it would go just as he exploded inside her in a burst of cum. His hot seed lined Ororo’s insides as she climaxed as well, her folds clamping down on his shaft and releasing another round of her fluids.

It was a wonderful experience. It showed just how much pent up lust and desire they harbored for one another. Since coming together, Logan and Ororo had found more than just a kindred spirit they could use to support one another. Having had little luck with relationships in the past, this one felt like the real deal. They found a level of closeness like no other and it made for some very good sex.

Letting out a content sigh, Logan rolled off his lover and lay next to his lover. She remained secure in his arms, snuggling into his manly warmth with a look of contentment dominating her face. She smiled at him and he smiled back, which was rare for Logan, but after making love to a goddess even he couldn’t help but express his happiness.

“I love ya, darlin’,” he told her.

“I love you too, Logan.”

Ororo leaned in and kissed him. She then rested her head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat. It was so refreshing to be able to do this without having to worry about causing a stir with the rest of the mansion. They already got enough looks when their relationship was first revealed. Most were utterly shocked at the sight of Logan and Ororo dating, but they eventually warmed to it. However, they had yet to get around the site of Logan smiling more often.

The rain picked up outside as Logan and Ororo lay in bed together relaxing the afternoon away. Usually when they had sex it was late at night and they went to sleep soon after or it was a quickie in between sessions and missions. There hadn’t been too many incidents where they could just lay in bed and pass the time together. It was nice, but unfamiliar to them.

“We needed this,” said Ororo, breaking the silence.

“No kidding,” said Logan, “It’s seems like we never get any alone time with all the shit we go through around here.”

“And yet here we are, a long weekend together with plenty of time and no distractions.”

“There’s still Cyke and Jeannie,” reminded Logan.

“Yes, but I’m not worried about them. They can take care of themselves.”

“I’ll bet,” snickered Logan, “They probably have the same plans we do. Except they probably don’t do it as well as us.”

“Oh? What makes you say that?” said Ororo playfully.

Logan grinned and pulled her completely on top of him, allowing her naked skin to rub against his burly flesh.

“Let’s just say I’ve seen how they act around each other. I don’t think they have the same appreciation for their primal side that we do.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” said Ororo, grinning back at her lover.

They met in another kiss and continued to rest. Usually they went to sleep after sex because they had to do it late at night. But it was still the afternoon and neither of them was tired. So they were left to improvise.

“You tired, darlin’?” asked Logan.

“No, not really,” she said.

“Even after what we just did?” he said with a humored tone.

“I know. Weird, isn’t it? But then again, when have we done in the afternoon like this?”

“Point taken,” said Logan, “You hungry?”

“I could eat,” she said, “Want to grab a snack and a beer?”

“Sure,” he grinned, “We could use the extra energy for later.”

Ororo smiled back and gave her lover one last kiss before rolling off him and gathering up some clothes. So far this long weekend alone was off to a heck of a start. The opportunity to spend quality time together was endless. It was just a way of making it interesting and memorable.


After collecting themselves from their extensive sex session, Logan and Ororo threw on some clothes. Since the mansion was largely empty, they didn’t bother with much. Logan only put on a pair of black boxers. He would have put on more, but he didn’t bother. As long as nobody was around, he was going to take advantage of it. Ororo seemed to share his spirit. She only put on her leopard spotted panties and covered herself with one of Logan’s flannel jackets. It wasn’t much, but she wanted to be lazy for once. And Logan seemed to like how it looked on her.

The couple made their way downstairs to the kitchen. It was a bit weird having the institute so quiet. Usually they would hear the loud chattering of the students, the TV, or their video games. They couldn’t remember the last time it had been this peaceful. It was nice for a change, but part of them missed the students.

“Sure is quiet without the runts running around,” commented Logan.

“Yes, I find it strange too,” said Ororo, “I’m so used to hearing them talk, argue, and what not. Guess I just miss them.”

“They’ve only been gone for a day, Ro.”

“I know. But still…”

Ororo was about to go on when suddenly the couple stopped cold in their tracks. They were just passing the den on the way to the kitchen when they heard something. It sounded like a moan.

“Did you hear that?” said Logan, his acute senses picking it up with ease.

“I don’t have your senses, but yes. I heard it too,” said Ororo, “What is it?”

But before he could say anything, they got their answer.

“Ohhhhhhhh Scott!”

This time it was a lot clearer and left no doubt as to what it entailed. That was definitely Jean and they knew that sound very well. Logan and Ororo exchanged looks. It sounded like it was coming from just up ahead in the den. Traditional logic told them to go the other way to reach the kitchen. But then they heard Jean moan again and curiosity got the better of them.

Slowly and silently, they approached the opening to the den. The moans quickly grew more pronounced and they could hear the distinct sounds of kissing and touching. They stopped just at the edge and hesitated slightly. But it wasn’t long enough to make them turn back. So they peaked around and saw it.

“Damn…” said Logan with a wide-eyed look.

“Oh my…”

It was Scott and Jean and they were in a very compromising position. They were each lying on a couple of blankets in front of a roaring fire in the fireplace. With the rain pounding against the windows and the dreary overcast outside it made for a perfect ambience. The orange-red light radiated throughout the room with a distinctly erotic aura.

They weren’t wearing much either. Jean stripped to a black thong and Scott was in just a pair of white boxers. He had Jean lying back, resting on her forearms while he trailed his lips down her core and tenderly fondled her lower regions, which explained the moaning. Jean could barely hold herself up and when Scott moved to remove her thong, she laid flat on her back and grasped her breasts in anticipation for what was to come.

“Wow…” said Logan, who couldn’t help but stare at the naked Jean Grey.

“I know,” said Ororo, who was equally taken by the sight.

Logan looked at his lover and saw much to his surprise that she was smiling. It looked like she was really enjoying this sight. Since both Scott and Jean seemed so caught up in each other, she walked into the doorway and casually leaned to the side. Seeing she didn’t have a problem with it, he joined her. So much of this was wrong. These were their former students and they were watching them share a very intimate moment together. But they just couldn’t turn away.

With her thong now off, Scott gently worked her folds with his fingers. She was very wet and her clit was swollen with arousal. He smiled as he watched her expression contort with pleasure as he fingered her insides and rubbed her clit. He knew every sensitive spot inside her and had her moaning his name in a state of pure desire. He then took it a step further and pushed apart her inner thighs and buried his face in her hot pussy.

“Oh my God!” cried Jean, arching her body in delight.

It was sweet music to Scott’s ears. He moaned in a state of lust as he licked up her moist slit, probing her insides with his tongue. It slithered about in her depths, stimulating her G-spot and running over her clit. Scott had become very adept at orally teasing her in the time they had been having sex and it never ceased to stir her passions.

His skill impressed Logan and Ororo. For a young man, Scott really knew how to get Jean going. He used that mouth of his so well. Ororo in particular couldn’t help but appreciate that. But Jean seemed to appreciate it more as she licked her fingers in an erotic display, letting her lover know how much she wanted him.

“Scott…please, make love to me,” she urged him.

Scott gave her pussy one last lick and rose up. All this teasing got him very aroused. His erection was bulging out of his boxers. They were too much of a burden now and with that desperate look in Jean’s eyes, they had to go. He made quick work of them, slipping them off and freeing his ridged cock from its confines. Jean smiled at the sight, wanting to desperately to feel him inside her. She reached up and pulled him down on top of her, allowing their naked bodies to mesh in the soft glow of the burning fire.

“It’s been too long,” said Scott as he lovingly caressed her face in anticipation.

“Yes it has,” said Jean breathlessly, “Please don’t make me wait a second longer.”

The couple smiled and met in a deep kiss. Jean wrapped her legs around Scott’s torso and held onto his neck while he held her by the hips and guided his penis into her waiting vagina. They each gasped at the slow, agonizingly blissful feeling of penetration. Scott always took his time, giving his lover time to adjust to his size. To Logan and Ororo, it seemed too slow. But to the two best friends turned lovers, it was just right.

When Scott was all the way inside her, the kiss parted and they savored the moment. They gazed passionately into one another eyes as they held on and began moving their bodies in a rhythmic motion. Scott began to work his hips, digging his feet into the floor as he laterally worked his body against hers. His hard manly flesh grinded against her smooth womanly skin. It made for a beautifully erotic dance of love and passion.

Jean’s grip on his neck tightened and her legs tensed each time he thrust into her. Every motion built from the previous one and they soon moved together in fervent harmony, the blaring fire fueling their burning passions as they kissed and moaned their way into ecstasy.

“Uh-uh-uh-oh Scott-oh-oh it’s so good!” panted Jean.

“Uh-uh-uh-oh Jean-uh-uh-oh you’re so beautiful!” grunted Scott between pants.

They stepped up the pace of their lovemaking, moving their bodies with more ferocity in the heated moment. The presence of the fire helped them work up a healthy sweat. Their skin meshed together so smoothly it was almost elegant in addition to being wrought with passion.

Logan and Ororo were becoming more impressed. Despite taking it slow at first, Scott and Jean clearly had a taste for energetic sex. They weren’t as overt about it as they were, but they sure seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Scott and Jean went on to mix it up, rolling around on the blankets and making out as they made love. Jean soon found herself on top, still lip-locked with her lover while she bucked her hips back and forth, working his cock in and out of her tight depths. His hands roamed all over her body, thoroughly exploring her womanly curves. He had a talent for touching her in all the right ways. It was one of the things that drove Jean wild with passion and they continued to mix it up.

With his cock still buried deep inside her pussy, Jean rose into an upright position. Now straddling his pelvis, she began gyrating her hips in the same rhythmic fervor as before. Scott added to her movements with upward thrusts of his own, but focused much of his efforts and touching and teasing his lover’s naked body with his talented hands.

It was also not lost on Logan and Ororo that this upright position gave them a much better view of Jean’s body. Logan especially took notice and even blushed a bit at the full sight of her frontal nudity. She had really filled out in all the right places. Her breasts were large and perfectly shaped, not at all unlike Ororo’s. They bounded to the rhythm as she rode Scott and he reached up and fondled them, adding to the heated bliss.

Moans of euphoria mixed with the wet sloshing sounds of Scott’s cock pounding into Jean’s vagina. They kept their bodies moving in a fervent, yet balanced pace. Pleasure surged through their psychic link, allowing them to feel one another on every level through this experience. It also allowed them to sense each others’ approaching climax.



Scott shot up from his position and crashed his lips on Jean’s, throwing his arms around her and pulling him close to his body. Jean adjusted herself accordingly, hooking her legs over his thighs and holding onto his shoulders. Now they were in a sitting position, their bodies grinding together in a fervent humping motion. Scott held his lover by her butt and worked her along his cock while she worked her body against his, pushing each other to the brink of ecstasy.

Finally, they felt it. The pace of their lovemaking slowed and Jean’s body tensed. She held on tight, digging her nails into his skin and arching her body as she let out a cry of delight. Her throbbing cunt clamped down on Scott’s cock, pulsing with waves of pleasure as she released her feminine juices all over him. Scott came almost simultaneously, his ridged member exploding inside her depths and filling her insides with his cum.

Logan and Ororo were once again shocked. Even though they had made love many times before, it was different seeing these two go at it. They went about sex differently. It wasn’t wild or rough, but it was definitely passionate. And while it was embarrassing to admit, it was also arousing.

“You’re staring, Logan,” said Ororo under her breath.

“So are you,” he told her.

Neither one of them denied it. They liked what they saw. They had never seen their former students in this light before. In the back of their minds Scott and Jean were still kids to them. But looking at them now, having made love like that, they were clearly not kids. They had grown and it led Logan and Ororo to look at them in a very different way.

It also gave them ideas. It was not lost on them that they would be alone in this mansion with them for the entire long weekend. And seeing as how they both had the same plans, it was only logical they talked it out. But that wasn’t the only thing they would do. There was so much more potential.

“Logan…” said Ororo, still speaking silently.

“What is it, Ro?”

“I…I have an idea,” she said, sounding somewhat nervous.

“What is it?” he said, taking his eyes off the naked Scott and Jean for a moment.

Ororo hesitated initially, but leaned in and whispered her idea to Logan. His eyes widened again. At first he wasn’t sure she was serious, but judging by that look in her eye she meant every word. It was really out there, if not crazy. But he could sense her reasoning behind it. And when she was done a slow smile spread across his face. She also shared the gesture as they turned back to the spectacle before them.

The two lovers panted hard, moaning and gasping as they felt each other on so many levels. It was emotional, sexual, and passionate all at once. They shared a loving smile. Scott tenderly caressed her face, holding her body in his protective embrace.

“I love you, Jean,” said Scott, still short of breath.

“I love you too, Scott,” said Jean, clinging to her lover and giving him one last kiss to cap off this wondrous experience.

The two lovers smiled warmly as they savored the feeling. Scott and Jean hadn’t been able to make love like this in too long. Their duties as X-men and instructors often left them with little time to just lie around and make love. It was truly special and they looked forward to sharing more moments like this.

Scott and Jean had every intention of drawing this out as long as they could. They started making out again, still in an upright sitting position with Jean’s legs securely hooked around Scott’s waist. He began trailing his lips down the side of her neck and Jean instinctively turned away and moved to pull him back on top of her.

It was then she saw Logan and Ororo standing in the door, still watching them with smiles on their face.

“Whoa my God!” she exclaimed.

Sensing something amiss, Scott stopped his kissing and turned to see what Jean was looking at. When he saw Logan and Ororo, his reaction was the same.

“Huh? Oh fuck!”

What happened next was comical. Logan and Ororo couldn’t help but laugh as they saw the younger couple scramble to recover their modesty. Jean fell off her lover and Scott tried to get up, but slipped on the blankets. Jean looked around for something to cover herself with, but they had been a little too enthusiastic when they took each others’ clothes off because they were clear across the room.

After some heated scrambling, Scott managed to find a pillow to cover his private regions and Jean grabbed the blanket they were lying on and hugged it to her upper body. When they were finally covered, they stood up shyly and faced their former teachers with unparalleled embarrassment.

“Logan…Ororo…uh hi,” stammered Scott.

Jean looked at him strangely. They just caught them having sex and all he could say was ‘hi?’ Scott sensed her criticism and shrugged, not knowing what else to say.

Logan and Ororo would have erupted in laughter if Scott and Jean didn’t have such a bewildered look on their faces. But as much as they enjoyed the show, they had to do some damage control.

“We can explain,” Jean began.

“Explain what?” said Logan, still laughing, “That you two were having sex?”

Scott and Jean blushed again, but they didn’t argue his assessment.

“It’s alright, you two. No need to be embarrassed,” said Ororo light-heartedly, “You aren’t doing anything that we obviously haven’t done.”

That helped calm them down a little. Scott and Jean finally noticed the attire of their elders. Logan in just his boxers and Ororo in just her underwear and a flannel jacket was a pretty clear sign of what they had been doing. But still, it was quite a situation.

“Come on,” gestured Ororo, “Why don’t you two throw some underwear on and join us in the kitchen for a snack? Logan and I have some ideas on how we can spend the weekend together.”


Up next: The two couples do a little swapping.

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