Me, Myself and Us

BY : Oneida
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A/N: Okay, I so feel like a pervert for this, but oh well. One important thing, Jamie is older...don't ask me exactly how old he is in this...just supply whatever age you find less appalling. I also apologize for any misfortune I've had writing Remy's accent.
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Me, Myself and Us

Jamie stared at the ceiling of his bedroom. Due to his mutation he was given his own room incase he suddenly multiplied in his sleep. It wasn't so bad, he liked having his own place that was just his size and very private.
And for what he was about to do he needed a lot of privacy.
He glanced at the clock. It was well past midnight, late enough.
He sat up in the bed and pulled off his shirt leaving his boxers on. He threw the blankets to the bottom of his bed and got up on his knees. His eyes fluttered, he'd gained some control over his power but it still took a lot of concentration. When he opened his eyes fully he found his four duplicates on the bed with him.
Two of the dupes left the bed falling together on the floor near a wall kissing each other as if their lives depended on it.
Jamie never really could completely say he was ever alone. When he 'multiplied' his dupes acted like him but they were more or less independent. There was of course a slight telepathic link that allowed them all to work in tandem.
At the moment he was using that small link to direct 'Three' and 'Four' into place while watching 'Two' and 'Five'. He was considered 'One' in this self-induced group.
Four took his place behind One tracing his hands down to his other selves hips and nuzzling into the back of his neck. Three put his hands on One's shoulders kissing him softly while moving forward with his entire body in a rhythmic motion.
Four pulled on the boxers of the two before him silently urging One to help him. One took the suggestion and pulled his and Three's boxers down listening to the sounds of Two and Five exploring each other on the floor.
He was always careful to be quiet; he'd made the mistake of being to loud once before. He was lucky that time and had been able to absorb his dupes before actually being seen. Embarrassing as it was for Jean to walk in on him, she only thought he was 'gratifying' himself in a more common fashion and had left quickly never speaking of it.
One lifted his head suddenly lost in the sensation of Three stroking him while Four nipped at the back of his neck reaching beyond One to pull Three closer.
The contact itself was bliss. Jamie had adored the feeling of being pressed in on from all sides. His discovery of this fact happened long ago, it was only recently that he actually allowed his selves to act on it.
Had to be quiet, had to be quiet, had to be...
Footsteps padded past the door. The three on the bed froze sending a message to the other two to hold still.
Unfortunately they did. The pair had pushed up against the wall in the midst of an awkward pose and toppled right over.
The footsteps halted. Whoever was out there waited a while before moving on.
The five of them sighed quietly.
One, finally convinced the coast was clear, told the others to continue. They complied.
Two rolled Five to his back and straddled him rocking into his other self. He watched the display on the bed while keeping Five subdued in his own pleasure.
Ones' eyes widened as Four reached around to grasp him tightly. Three forced his tongue into Ones' mouth wrapping his arms around to hold the back of Ones' head with one arm and to run his hands through Fours' hair.
The pressure built, One leaned forward into Three who had traveled to his neck. Four bite him rather hard on the shoulder. One nearly screamed at this, the pain in his shoulder mixing with the pleasure bellow. The world became a blur as Three continued to take him.
One broke from the kiss with Three with a slight yelp when he was bitten a second time, cursing himself mentally for it. A thump revealed that Five had turned the tables on Two knocking into the nightstand and toppling a few things.
They all heard it the second too late. Rapid footsteps just before the door came violently open the lock broken for sure.
Jamie panicked drawing the dupes in as quickly as possible leaving him doubled over on the bed. He lifted his head staring wide eyed at the figure in the doorway.
Remy LeBeau, the guy who is supposed to have seen everything, done everything and even made up a few things along the way, was stopped dead in his tracks one hand raised ready to charge and throw a card that was now stuck motionless between his fingers. He blinked once and took a step back lowering his arm more out of reflex than conscious action.
Jamie pulled up his boxers as quickly as possible. "Remy wait!"
Gambit started to walk dazedly down the hall but stopped at the call. He turned slightly and held up a hand defensively, but he couldn't bring himself to speak at the moment.
Jamie approached him slowly in the dark hall. "About that."
"Non." Remy said finding his voice. "Jamie, go back to bed. I not gonna talk about this now."
"You won't say anything will you?"
Gambit shook his head. "Non, Remy not say a word. Swear it. We talk later." He staggered away heart still throbbing in his chest.
Jamie stumbled to his room and shut the bed as best he could. He'd have to explain the broken lock some how. He crawled into bed and pulled the covers up feeling nothing but impending doom about the slowly arriving dawn.

* * *

Jamie glanced around the kitchen slowly. Breakfast was no rush on a Saturday so he had plenty of time to eat. He just was too nauseous to actually do that.
Everyone else was either still asleep or already gone for the day.
He thought about taking a bagel but didn't. He just couldn't eat. His nerves were to high strung. Other than the time Jean almost caught him no one had ever seen or even hinted at what he did to himself.
How the HELL was he going to get out of this without looking like a sick pervert? And why did it have to be Remy?
He remembered the day the thief had come to the institute to escape Magneto. He'd immediately idolized the new Mutant in the way he had first thought of Wolverine.
He nearly jumped out of his skin when a hand fell to his shoulder.
"Jamie, walk wit' Remy."
The younger Mutant felt cold as he was lead out of the main building and onto the grounds. "Remy I,"
"Non, not yet." Remy lead Jamie all the way to the edge of the Institute where they were less likely to be disturbed. They reached one of a few lone benches hidden among the trees and bushes of the boundaries. He sat down pulling a pack of cigarettes. He offered one to Jamie but the boy denied it sitting nervously on the other side of the bench.
Remy shrugged and put the pack away after one reached his mouth. He lit it and took a drag letting the silence calm a little. "Interesting use of your power ne?"
Jamie didn't respond but wished he had the power to disappear or phase out or something like that.
"You shook 'ol Remy up pretty good wit' dat you know. Thought you was getting kidnapped or some'ting." He took another drag.
"Yeah well." Jamie said more than utterly horrified by this conversation. "Thanks uh, for trying?" He sighed and covered his face. "God I look like such a sick freak, I know it."
He felt a hand on his shoulder again. "Now, Ah seen a lot of t'ings. True, dis one is...strange. But I seen twins go at it like nobody's business. Guess it ain't no diff'rent."
Jamie wasn't quite as helped by that as he hoped he would be. "Please don't tell anyone."
"Tol' you las' night, Ah won't tell. It's your business what y' do." He flicked the ashes of his cigarette. "But you just tell me one lil' thing firs', den we go back to da house."
"What?" Jamie asked still not bringing his face from his hands.
"You ever been wit anyone else? I mean, od'er dan y'self."
Jamie finally looked up. "Uh, no. I haven't even kissed anyone before." He paused. "Well, you know, except for," He let the sentence drop.
Remy nodded. "Ah see, Ah see." He inspected his cigarette. "Curious to try?"
Jamie stared at him. "To, try?"
The older Mutant nodded smoking the last of the cigarette before dropping it and grinding it into the ground. "Oui, to try wit' ano'der person. Sides y'self dat is." He couldn't help but smirk at the look on the boys face. He might be experienced but Jamie was obviously still very much a virgin in his own right. "Ain't push'n noth'n, jus' ask'n if you might wan' to."
Jamie stuttered thrown for a loop by this. "I, I dunno. I mean."
"Look at it 'dis way den. Remy interrupt you, ah, help'n y'self. He wanna pay you back." It was kind of true, he'd seen a lot of things and this, this was one of the more interesting of them.
"I thought you only liked girls."
Remy smiled widely. "D'e ladies, dey are sweet non? But even Remy like to exper'ment now and a'gin." He let his smile fall into a smirk. "Ma'be he teach you a t'ing o' two, to ah, try on y' own later, non?"
Jamie twisted his fingers together. "I, I just don't know Remy. It's just a little weird, I only started doing, well you know, a couple weeks ago."
"Ah uner'stand. Jus' t'ink about it." He made a show of moving to stand up to check for anyone who might be watching. "Oh, one more t'ing." He settled back down and turned on Jamie taking his far wrist in his hand and holding him in place locking is 'demons' eyes onto Jamie's. This move worked on more girls than he dared count and a good number of boys too. "T'ink about dis while you at it." He felt the other boy respond to the kiss towards the end of it, going so far as to open his mouth enough to allow Remy access he didn't take advantage of.
Gambit got up this time. "I see y' later non? Once y' considered t'ings a little better."
Jamie was shocked to say the least. He watched Remy walk away with a few backward smirks in his direction.
It had to be the first kiss of his life he had only one side to. The rest of them were doubled up. Each Dupe supplying their own perception on the act. But this one, there was only one version of this one.
He liked it.
But here he had to think about this. Here he was confronted with a night, or at least some stretch of time, of what could be the most intense sensations of his young life.
He blinked.
The other boy stopped and turned halfway back to the house, he waited for Jamie to come close enough to speak quietly. "You decide that fast eh?"
Jamie nodded. "I, I'm still a little nervous, you know? But I, want to try. I mean. Well, you know what I mean." He couldn't look into Remy's eyes.
"Oui, I know. Ah hope tonight not be too soon for you. Mos' everyone be out late then an' crash soon after."
Jamie tried not to turn and run in the other direction. "Okay."
"Now mon petite, don' go rush'n in on this. Ah' you sure?"
He nodded again. "I'm sure."
Remy clapped him on the shoulder. "Den Remy set tings up tonigh', you jus' come over to m' room when you ready."
Jamie nodded numbly. "Sure."
Remy smiled. "Den we go back to the house, is still a nice day." He took Jamie by the shoulder and lead him back to the house.

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