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A/N I’m diverging a little from my NC-17 fic to write this angsty Kurt-centric fic. It’s almost a Kurtty—more like a pre-Kurtty… The rating is R for some swearing and imagery. I probably rated it a little strongly but I didn’t want any angry emails from parents of little Precious-can-do-no-wrong twelve year old who learned a new word from reading this story…

She used to smell like strawberries. Sweet, tart, fresh strawberries. It was in her hair, on her skin… Her lips were even the color of strawberries. I could dream of kissing them for hours on end, nibbling them, licking them, showing her how I feel through the simple touch of my lips on hers. Why would she love a demon, though? Why would she love a three-fingered blue freak like me? She smelled like cheap drugstore perfume tonight; the scent is almost overpowering to my sensitive nose. I’ve been watching for her from this window almost as soon as she left, getting into the borrowed Jeep with Lance Alvers. Lance. Why him, of all people? He’s hurt her on more than one occasion, but she always goes running back to him. She cries on my shoulder and then runs to him, forgives him. I want to tell her I’d never hurt her, not even if she hurt me first. In fact, I have told her that but she laughed. I’m a joke to her, I think. Some days she seems to care for me. She’ll talk to me like I’m a man, not a baby. She’ll treat me as an equal and sometimes even flirt with me, lick those strawberry lips and lean against me, brush her hands over mine. Even touch my tail sometimes, like she would touch another person’s arm or shoulder. One beautiful day, she hugged me, rested her head on my chest for a full minute (I know—I counted the seconds) and I could smell her hair and skin,that berry scent and her. For weeks, I had wild dreams of what would have happened had I been brave and kissed her, starting with that soft spot behind her ear and moving down her neck, nibbling the skin with my fangs but never breaking the tender flesh. I would have suckled there and left my mark on her throat, marked her against all other men. I would have made love to her mouth with my own, weakening her resolve against me. In my dream, she welcomed my touch, arching against me, without words begging for my caress on her skin. I could feel her soft, small hands against my fur, my skin, tentative then more assured, touching every inch of my arms, my chest, my back… I sigh into the night and watch for her still through the window. It’s been three hours. How long does a God damned movie take? Ten minutes to the theatre, twenty-ish to buy tickets and snacks. The movie is exactly ninety-seven minutes long (I know because I looked it up when she told me what they were seeing, my little warped blue mind already planning this nightwatch) which adds up to two hours and seven minutes, give or take a few. Even if they had stopped for something to eat on the way home, mein Katzchen is still late. He couldn’t have taken her anywhere, really. She won’t eat junk food with anyone but me, and only then because I guilt her into it (I feel bad afterwards but during, she seems quite happy to be eating anything other than fruit or lettuce). Besides, she told me Lance was almost broke so she was paying for the movie. I know she would not spring for dinner and a movie… Would she? Ah! Lights… Verdammt. It’s just Scott coming home from his date. It’s so dark up here, I can’t see my own hand in front of my face. Maybe that’s for the best. If I can’t see me, she can’t see me, right? More headlights… Vas? It’s the jeep, and Lance is alone in it—wait, no. Kitty is in the backseat. He slows down and she jumps out before he can stop. What the fuck is going on here? I know I am growling but I can’t stop myself. I will kill him if he’s hurt her. I’ll ‘port his head off his shoulders… Kitty is in the house now, I hear her running up the stairs. Lance finally drove off—he waited until the front door slammed and I think I saw him throw a rude gesture our way. I hear her footsteps racing down the hall—she’s crying! Verdammt bastard! I will kill him! I don’t want Katzchen to know that I know she’s crying, that she ran from him this time instead of to him. In just a few seconds, she’s going to pass my hiding place in the alcove. If I can’t see me, she can’t see me…..
“Kurt?” She still smelled like that perfume, but more like sweat now, like heat and tears…
“How do you know I’m here? It’s dark…”
“I know where you are. Always.” Vas? My heart feels like it’s slowing down.
“I can always see you, even in the dark. Thought you knew.” Her sniffles were coming closer together and I am without a tissue for her.
“Are you…” I don’t even finish. Ts a s a dumbass question to ask a crying woman.
“No. Um, I need to shower. Now.” Shower? Oh, God. He didn’t touch her, did he? His filthy hands didn’t scar her, hurt her! Please God, no!
“Vas ist wrong, Katzchen?” She steps to me, coming so close I can see her eyes are red and swollen. Is that a red mark on her cheek? Did he hit her?
“You’re growling, Kurt.” She does not seem concerned, though. Is this good?
“Did he hurt you, Kitty?” Tell me no, tell me yes—just tell me the truth!
“It kinda went both ways…” Huh?
“Sit with me?” She is so close to me on the floor that I can see the little stubble on her knees where the razor skipped. Oh, God forgive me I want to kiss her knees, her thighs STOP IT!
“Something kinda weird happened tonight.” She is breathing funny, like it’s catching in her throat. Why won’t she look at me? “We went to the movie and it sucked, so we left like, halfway through.” Deep breath and out. Deep breath and out. “We went to the lake down by the school.” Mein Gott. The lake. The lake where virgins are sacrificed. The lake where I knew I would never get Kitty to go to with me. The lake where all the guys took the girls for assignations.
“Nein…” My voice is scarcely a whisper. I know Kitty heard me though, because she finally looked at me. She was crying harder now.
“We…well, we started to…to have sex.” Oh, Kitty, no! “But something happened.”
“Vas?” Please tell me his dick fell off.
“I kinda called him a name?” Was she asking me or telling me?
“What name?” Bastard, asshole, jerk-off?
“Um, I kindacalledhimKurt.” Mein Gott. I think I am dead.
“I called him Kurt. He was kissing my neck and I called him Kurt.”
“Kurt, I don’t know when it happened but I have feelings for you.” She was out of breath, like she was rushing through a practiced speech.
“Did he hit you?” Her hand stole to her cheek. I will kill him in the morning. Right now, I want Kitty to repeat what she said and maybe give me CPR.
“He slapped me, but I, um, emasculated him.”
“Kicked him somewhere important…”
“Ouch.” Maybe I wouldn’t kill him. Maybe I’ll just send him a sympathy card laced with itching powder.
“What do we do?” What the hell does she mean what do we do? Live happily ever after springs to mind “ I don’t know if I love you or not, but I do know that I care for you deeply.” Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but close. More than I had ever hoped for.
“Well, I think that we should start by standing up.” Giggle. Kitty’s giggles are like music to me now. “You should go get cleaned up and meet me in the kitchen for coco and something fattening.” She needs more flesh on her bones. She’s gotten pale over the past month or two, pale and thin.
“Deal.” She smiles like the Mona Lisa but mein Katzchen is a million times more precious than an old painting. She may or may not love me, but I think everything will be okay. I am passing her room now, and I can smell her strawberries again.

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