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On their way to town Bo came to a stop having seen something off the road.

"Why'd ya stop for?" Like asked.

"Saw somethin off that way. Think it's a car," Bo said turning the car off and climbed out.

Luke followed Bo to find a small black race car on it's side. They rushed to it and looked in to find some strange things in it, but no sign on the driver.

"Well?" Luke asked.

"Not sure. . . hay what's that?" Bo asked looking further down the hill.

"Not sure. Let's go take a closer look?" Luke said and they rushed down to slope to find a woman laying on the ground, but something was wrong.

"Somethin's wrong with her," Bo said.

"True," Luke said and they slowly made their way closer.

"AH! NO!" She growled out arching her back raking the air with her nails.

"Miss? Miss, it's ok your safe," Bo said.

"AH! Oh GODS!" She screamed to slump and lay still.

"Is she. . . you know?" Bo asked.

"Don't know. . . I'll check," Luke said.

"Please be careful Luke?"

"Don't worry I will be Bo," he said and slowly moved to her and felt for a pulse to find it strong and fast slowly slowing down.


"She's ok I guess. . . We gotta get her to a doctor," Luke said standing and facing the sound of a jeep.

"What are you boy's doin?" Daisy asked getting out to see the car.

"We're over here Daisy," Bo yelled.

"What happened? Is she ok?" She asked rushing over to find them by her.

"Don't know. I saw her car and we came to find her moanin," Bo said.

"Ok, how about you and Bo take her to get looked at? I'll call Cooter and we get her car righted and to his shop."

"Sure," Daisy said and once they had left Luke rushed to the General.

"Cooter, you got your ears on?"

"Yep. What's up Luke?"

"We got a car on it's side on Shooter's hill."

"Ok. I'll be there as soon as I can. Anyone hurt?"

"We're not sure. Daisy and Bo took a woman to see a doctor."

"Ok sit tight I'll be there as fast as I can."

"I'll be waitin."

Five minutes later Rosco pulled up.

Luke sighed but moved over to wait for him to get out of his car.

"What happened here Luke?" Rosco asked.

"Don't know. Looks like the woman didn't see the hill and rolled her car on it's side. She may have been thrown, but I'm not sure."

Rosco looked the car over to frown seeing the strange things inside.

"She's far from home," he said looking at the back plate.

"Oh, didn't see that," Luke said surprised.

"Well, that's some car," Cooter said walking over.

"That it is."

"Ok let's get her upright?"

Half an hour they got it to his shop and he looked it over good.

"Well?" Luke asked.

"It's fine. A few scratches on the side, but that'll be easy to get out. Won't take me five minutes."

~ ~ ~ Meanwhile. . .

"Well, who do you have there Bo?" Doc asked seeing him walking in with an unconscious woman.

"Don't know. Luke and I found her at shooter's hill. She may have been thrown from her car," Bo said gently laying her down.

"Then it wasn't a good idea to move her Bo," he said with a frown and began to examine her.

"She was moaning and moving around quite a bit to pass out after screamin."

"Oh, and what was she saying?"

"Uh, it was something like no, and oh gods."

"Hmm, well if she was thrown she's very lucky not to have any broken bones."

"What about a concussion?"

"Hmm, a slight one if at all," he said to examine her eyes only to gasp and stand back.


"It's nothing," he said to bend down to examine her eyes again only to get the same response.


"It's her eyes. Watch," he said and showed Bo.

"That's weird don't you agree Doc?"

"Very, but we know nothing about her," he said to stand back.

"What do we do with her then?"

"Well, the only thing I can suggest is to take her to the police station, unless you think your Uncle Jesse is willing to have her at his place until she recovers?"

"I'm not sure, but I'd hate to have her wake in a cell."

"Yes I agree."

"How long do you think she'll stay out?"

"Hmm, not sure. Could be from minutes to days. Depends on what happened to her before."

"True. Alright then. If there are any problems I'll call ya ok?"

"Of course."

Bo just picked her up and carried her back out.

"Well?" Daisy asked.

"She's goin to be just fine."

"So where is she going to stay?"

"Only one place that's right."



"Good," she said and drove them to the farm house.

"Well, who do you have there you two?" Uncle Jesse asked walking out to greet them.

"Well, Uncle Jesse, we don't exactly know," Bo said taking her into his arms again.

"Alright inside with her," he said and they took her in and to Daisy's room.

Once she was comfortable they went into the kitchen to talk.

"What happened?" Jesse asked as they sat at the table.

"Luke and I found her up by Shooter's Hill. She rolled her car on it's side. We're not sure if she was thrown from the car or not, but we found her laying further down the hill moaning only to scream right before she passed out," Bo said.

"That's when I came by. Bo and I then took her to see Doc," Daisy said.

"He said that she could have a concussion, but if at all it will be slight. He wasn't even sure when she'll wake up. Said it could be minutes to days."

"And the only place to take her was here other then the jail?"


"Hmm, glad you brought her here."

"No way did I want her to wake in there."

"Good. Neither do I. Not a place for a young woman."

"I'll keep an eye on her," Daisy said and went back in with her.

"There's something strange about her Uncle Jesse."


"Her eyes, they react kinda like a cat's. Doc discovered it when he checked her eyes."

"I wonder why though?" Jesse thought with a frown.

"Don't know."

~ ~ ~ Back at Cooter's.

"Well, now that we're done with her car I should be getting home," Luke said.

"True. I'll keep her car here for safe keepin," Cooter said.

"Sure," Luke said and headed home.

"So did you and Cooter get her car righted and to his shop?" Bo asked walking out to greet him.

"Yep. Where's she at?"

"In Daisy's room still out. Daisy's watchin over her."

"That's good."

They went in and sat at the kitchen table.

Later after dinner Daisy went to stay with her. Uncle Jesse went to bed while Luke and Bo went to their room only to talk quietly unable to sleep.

"So what did Doc say about her?" Luke asked.

"Just that it could take days for her to wake."

"Anything else?"

"No, but he showed me something strange about her eyes."


"They react strange to light changes. More like a cat."

"That is strange."

Bo lay back with a sigh staring at the ceiling. Luke then lay down to let out a sigh of his own. Before they both knew it, it was morning. They got up and showered to get dressed to have breakfast.

"Well, how is she?" Bo asked.

"Better I think. She's sleeping fine instead of the coma like way she was before," Daisy said walking in to sit down.

"Well, that's at least some improvement," Uncle Jesse said as he brought the food to the table.

"Yep," Luke said with a smile.

They ate then as Daisy went back to keep an eye on her both Bo and Luke headed out to do their chores to find a black expensive car pulling up. Both frowned and moved to greet whoever is was.

"I hope I am not intruding," a balding man asked as he got out wearing what looked to be an expensive suit.

"No sir. What can we help you with?" Luke asked.

"I was notified that a young woman was under your care."

"Uh, notified by who exactly?" Bo asked.

"A doctor. I forgot his name. He said that she was involved in some kind of accident. Rolled her car on it's side and possibly had been thrown form it to be found by Bo and Luke Duke. I presume that you are the two gentlemen?"

"Yeah we are, and you are sir?" Luke asked.

"Of course. Please forgive me. My name is Charles Xavier. Professor Charles Xavier."

"Oh a professor. Well, why don't you come in sir?" Bo asked with a smile.

"Please just call me Charles?"

"If you insist?" Bo asked still smiling.

Charles smiled and followed them in.

"Uncle Jesse, this is Professor Charles Xavier. He's here to see the woman," Luke said.

"Well, I hope you can help her Professor," Uncle Jesse said.

"I believe I can, and please call me Charles?"

"Well, if you insist Charles."

"I do thank you."

"She's in here," Daisy said having been standing in the door to the kitchen having listened to them.

"Thank you my dear," Charles said and moved in to sit on the edge of the bed and reached to touch her forehead fingers on her temples and closed his eyes concentrating.

// Lien? //

// Hmm? Charles, is that you? //

// Yes. Follow me please? // He thought to her and led her to the waking world and sat back letting his hand drop to smile as she took a deep breath and opened her eyes to smile at him.

"Professor," she said to smile fondly.

"Yes my dear. How do you feel?"

She frowned concentrating on her body and moaned closing her eyes.


"I'm sore and stiff. What happened? Where am I?" She asked looking around the room to find three people in the doorway.

Charles stood to stand back looking to the three in the door.

"Well miss, your in Hazard county at the Dukes Farm. Luke and I found you. My name is Bo, and this is our cousin Daisy," Bo said.

"What else happened?"

Charles moved out to let them talk and sat at the table with Uncle Jesse and Daisy.

"Well, we were heading to town and I saw your car. We went to check it out then found you on the ground."

"Oh. Is that all?"

"Well, while Bo and Daisy took you to see our local doctor a friend of ours came out and righted your car. We then took it to his shop and he checked it over to make sure it hadn't been damaged. It's only got some scratches, and he said that he'll have that fixed."

"And Doc said that you'd be ok and then asked if it was ok to bring you here to recover thinkin that it would be better than taking you to the jail. He didn't want you to wake in a cell alone, and neither did we. So we brought you here. That was yesterday."

"And is this Daisy's room?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Well, thanks both of you," she said and tried to sit up but couldn't.

"Here let me help you up?" Bo asked moving over and helped her to sit up.

"Could you have Daisy come in here?"

"Sure," Bo said and he and Luke went into the kitchen.

"Well?" Daisy asked.

"I think she needs some help with. . . you know woman's things," Bo said blushing.

"Right. If you'll excuse me?"

"Of course," Luke said and she left heading into her room.

Charles was smiling thinking how gorgeous Bo was even more so when he blushed.

"So Charles, what exactly are you a professor of?" Luke asked seeing that he was watching Bo.

"I have several doctorates in psychology, as well as genetics, biophysics."

"Oh. Meaning?"

"I have studied all about the human mind, body and genetic make up."

"So then you have a good idea on what makes a person tick?" Bo asked.


"That's a lot to have studied," Luke said a little surprised. He had guessed that Charles must be in his early thirties if not maybe in his late twenties since he was just starting to loose his hair, but he may be even older than that.

"Yes it is, but I started at a young age."

~ ~ ~ Meanwhile.

"What can I help you with?" Daisy asked walking in.

"Well I have to go. Nature's callin," Lien said with a smile.

"Ah. Ok, let's get you into the bathroom then," she said and got her in there.

"I'd also really like a bath."


~ ~ ~ back in the kitchen.

"Will she be going with you when you leave?" Uncle Jesse asked.

"Oh no, not yet. I was able to help her wake, but she still needs to recover. Her muscles need to recover still."

"Oh, I uh, see."

"I have brought a special bed for her. It's like a cot. It will help her recover faster."

"Well, that's good," Bo said.

"Where's is it at?" Luke asked.

"In the trunk of my car."

"Well then, while she's in the bathroom why don't we get it set up?" Luke asked.

He was getting a little uncomfortable with the way the man was looking at Bo.

"Of course," Charles said and stood.

"I'll be right out," Luke said and moved to the bathroom door.

"Of course," Charles said he and Bo went out.

"Hay Daisy, take all the time ya need. Bo and I are goin to set up a special cot for her," he said through the door.

"Sure thing Luke," she said and he went out to frown.

'Damn, I should have made them wait inside,' Luke thought seeing that Charles was standing real close to Bo and that he was oblivious.

"Well, let's get this done," he said and Charles stepped away from Bo.

"Sure thing Luke," Bo said smiling.

They got the cot out and took it into Daisy's room and set it up near the window.

"Looks weird," Bo said standing to look at it with a frown.


"Yes Uncle Jesse?"

"Cooter just called. He said her car's ready. I'll drive and you can drive her car back here."

"Sure Uncle Jesse," he said but really didn't want to leave Bo alone with Charles.

"I'll get started with the chores while your gone," Bo said with a smile.

"I'll move my car as well," Charles said and they headed out.

As Uncle Jesse and Luke left Charles moved his car over then went to watch Bo work.

"So, where do you live Charles?" Bo asked after finishing his first chore.

"New York."



"Wow. Never been there. What's it like?"

"Very busy and crowded."

"Ah. Don't think I'd like it then."

"No, I don't think you would."

"You sure like to watch me," Bo said with a smile.

"I'm sorry."

"Nah, it's ok I don't mind."


"Really," he said and moved to the barn and started to move some hay.

"Need help with that?" Charles asked moving over.

"Well, I don't want you to hurt yourself."

"I won't," Charles said with a smile.

He had taken his jacket off and put it in his car then rolled the sleeves up removing his tie to put it with the jacket. He moved over by Bo, and they went to work.

~ ~ ~

"Hay guys. Heard a city slicker's at your place. That true?" Cooter asked as they pulled up and got out.

"Yeah it's true," Luke said.

"So where's he from?"

"New York I'm guessin by the license plate on his car."

"Wow that's far from home. So why did he come all the way out here? To see that woman your taking care of?"

"Yep. He knows her and once she's recovered enough she'll be heading back with him."

"This sure is some car," Uncle Jesse said walking over to look at it.

"That it is Uncle Jesse. I found out somethin about it while I was fixin those scratches," Cooter said.

"Oh?" Luke asked interested.

"Does the name Lone Wolf ring any bells?"

"No way?!" Luke asked surprised.

"Yep none other. . . She's been out of the circle for a year cause of an accident."

"So then she wasn't fully recovered from it to get into another one?"


"Well that explains things," Luke said thinking.


"She's still in bad shape from that last one. When she woke she said she was really sore and stiff."

"She must be. Heard it was by some miracle that she lived."

Luke walked over and saw that Cooter had uncovered a design on the side of the car and whistled seeing it.

"Man that's some fine work."

"You ain't kiddin Luke. That's a real work of art there. I haven't uncovered the one on the other side yet."

~ ~ ~

"Alright all done. Thanks," Bo said with a grin moving to grab the towel and dried his chest, arms and neck off.

"Your welcome. I enjoy a real good work out when I get the chance," Charles said with a smile.

He waited for Bo to turn and walk back over to grab his shirt to openly eye his amazing body.

Be felt his eyes on him and smiled. He then gave him a show by taking some water and poured it over his head and let it trickle over his back muscles then turned slowly to pour it over his face feeling it trickle down his chest. He then slowly dried off to open his eyes to find him staring at him interest clearly in his beautiful eyes.

"You know it's getting hot out. Have you ever gone swimming at a pond?" Bo asked.

"Not for a long time."

"Well, I'm done with the chores. Want to go?"

"Sure. I'll grab a change of clothes from my car," Charles said.

Bo quickly dried himself off to put his shirt back on then went into the house to find Lien resting on the cot.

"What's up?" Daisy asked.

"Well, with some help from Charles I'm done with the chores. Let Luke and Uncle Jesse know that we're goin swimmin. Ok?"

"Sure. Have fun?"

"I'm sure we will. Thanks Daisy," he said and walked out.

"I'll drive. Oh you'll have to climb in. Here let me help ya?" Bo asked and helped Charles in and climbed in to drive them to the swimming hole.

"Looks nice," Charles said and just stripped naked.

Bo smiled and did the same and they waded into the water. They swam for a little while only to move closer.

"You know I like the way you look at me. Makes me feel wanted," Bo said moving to stand real close to Charles.

"So, then you don't mind if I want you?"

"Not at all. I think I'd like it if ya did have me now."

Charles needed no further guidance and took Bo into his arms for a long passionate kiss while he caressed him all over to get nothing but pleasurable moans.

"Have you ever had sex with a man?" Charles asked fondling Bo's ass.

"No, but I want you to."

"Oh Bo," Charles moaned to kiss him again while he carefully stretched him.

Bo then pulled from his arms to turn around and bent over resting his hands on a rock spreading his legs only to moan as he felt Charles moved real close and guide his way into him.

"Oh yes!"

"Feel good?"

"Gods yes!"

"Good," Charles said and once he was all the way in he stopped then began to move moaning along with Bo.

"Oh god Charles! Oh gods I'm gonna cum," Bo moaned taking his hand and guided it to his hard cock.

"Then come for me Bo?" Charles asked with a moan to take his hard cock in hand and pumped him over the edge to come in him hard.

"Charles!" Bo moaned softly as he came hard to feel him come in him hard as well.

"Bo!" Charles moaned softly.

He held his cock in Bo waiting for their orgasms to subside then gently pulled out to turn him around and gave him deep and passionate kiss.

"God that felt amazing," Bo said with a grin wrapping his arms around Charles.

"That it did. . . Hmm, well we better get out and dressed."


"Well, I don't think Luke would like it if he found out we had sex."

"Oh true," he said to kiss him one last time.

They made sure they were rinsed off then got out dried off and dressed to head home. They were in the kitchen talking when Uncle Jesse and Luke walked in. By then they were both dry and relaxed.

"Done with all the chores already Bo?" Uncle Jesse asked.

"Yeah. Charles helped me with the hay so I got done early," Bo said with a smile.

"Well thanks Charles," Uncle Jesse said with a smile.

"It was no problem really."

"Bo, can I talk to you for a minute?" Luke asked.

"Sure," he said standing.

They left and went to their room.

"Did anything happen while we were out?"

"No. Why?" Bo asked and knew Charles had been right.

"I don't know."

"You got a suspicious mind you know that Luke?"

"Guess I do."

Bo just went back into the kitchen.

"Well, it's getting later that I'd like so I better get going," Charles said standing.

"Are you going to stay in town?" Uncle Jesse asked.

"I'm afraid that I have to head back to New York. I left work to come and bring the cot to Lien. I will be back next week. By then she should be recovered enough to return with me."

"Well, we'll see ya then Charles. Have a safe trip," Uncle Jesse said standing.

"I will thank you," he said and left.
The next couple of days Lien rested in the cot. Be then helped her into the kitchen for meals then back to rest. One morning she walked in by herself smiling.

"Well, it's good to see you up Lien," Bo said with a smile.

"I'm feeling much better to day."

"That's great," Luke said and poured her some iced tea.

Later after dinner and the dishes done they just sat at the table and talked.

"I'd really like to go for a walk if I could?" Lien asked.

"Sure. Luke and I'll go with ok?" Bo asked.

"I'd like that," Lien said and carefully stood.

They walked her out and down the path for a few minutes before Lien suddenly stopped.

"Lien, are you ok?" Luke asked.

"No. . . Leave me alone for a while please?" She asked not looking at them.

"But your not well enough to be alone Lien," Bo said.

"Please?!" She asked sounding really upset.

"Come on Bo, I think she just needs some time to herself," Luke said and pulled him back to wards the house.

Once alone she let out a low growl to stretch and grimaced as her bones cracked resetting. She then crouched to the ground searching the area for something to kill and grinned a feral grin seeing a large animal. She then ran after it to leap onto it causing a loud cry of fear and pain from it.

"What the heck was that?!" Bo asked jumping to his feet from sitting on the general.

"Sounded like a deer getting attacked," Luke said frowning.

"I thought all the wild dogs were chased out of Hazzard?" Bo asked frowning as well.

"We better go take a look and make sure Lien is ok."


They ran back to where they left her.

"Where can she be?" Luke asked.

"Don't know."

They then heard a loud growl.

"Ok that sounded like a wolf," Luke said getting worried.

"But Luke there ain't no wolves in this area?" Bo asked getting worried as well.

"I know, but that's what it sounded like," Luke said and looked around again.

~ ~ ~

"Rosco, go check out by the Dukes," Boss Hog said as he walked into the station.


"No buts. Got a call about a wild dog causing all kids of trouble. Now get!"

Rosco frowned but left and pulled up near the Duke's farm to hear the growl. He grabbed a flashlight and pulled his gun out and began to walk in the direction of the dog.

"Rosco, what are you doin out here?" Luke asked then took a step back seeing his gun drawn.

"Someone called about a wild dog," he said lowering his gun to look around nervously.

"Shit! Watch it!" Luke swore and dove for Rosco knocking him out of the way as a large black wolf jumped at him.

"Ah! Wolf!" Rosco yelled trying to raise his gun.

"No!" Bo yelled jumping in the way.

"Bo, what are ya doin?! Get out of the way?!" Luke yelled.

"No! Don't shoot!" He said blocking the wolf with his body.

"Bo, what in the hell are you doing? That's a wolf. Their very dangerous!"

"It's not just some wolf Luke. . . it's Lien," Bo said and turned to look at it.

"What?! You've lost your mind Bo Duke. That is not Lien," Luke said and went to take a step towards him and the wolf growled.

"Don't move," Bo said then looked at it and it's eyes to see that they were hers.


"It's ok Lien, just calm down ok? No one's goin to hurt ya ok?" Bo asked in a soft calming voice.

"Bo!" Luke hissed watching as he moved closer.

To his complete amazement the wolf once it caught his scent it calmed down and sat down to let him move closer and reach out to slowly let her head.

"Well I'll be," Rosco said holstering his gun.

"Lien, do you understand me?" Bo asked getting down on one knee and looked into her eyes.

The wolf then cocked her head to the side and her ears lifted.

// Bo? //

// Lien? //

// What happened? //

// Uh, your a wolf. //

The wolf then looked at itself and jumped to it's feet as if startled that it was a wolf.

"Lien, just stay calm ok?" Bo asked getting to his feet.

// Oh no! Your not supposed to know! //

// It's ok. //

// No it's not! // She thought then went to run off, but Bo jumped and tackled her.

"Stop it right now!" He yelled and she stopped and let him get up holding into her.

Luke looked to Rosco to see him smiling.

'Man is he thick,' Luke thought.

"Well Rosco, it's under control. Sorry to have worried anyone," he said and moved towards Bo and the wolf.

"Oh right. Well keep her quiet, or I'll have to come out again," he said to get into his car and left.

"What in tarnations is going out here? Bo, Luke get away from that wolf!" Uncle Jesse said and pointed his gun at her.

"No!" Both yelled but it was too late the gun went off.

Lien cried out to fall to the ground.

"Lien!" Bo yelled to rush to her side.

"What?!" Uncle Jesse asked rushing over.

"Lien?" Bo asked tears running down his cheeks.

// Bo? //

// Please be ok? //

// Don't worry. . . be fine in the mornin, // she thought to pass out.

Bo wiped his face off then gently examined her to see that the bullet went right through her shoulder. He took his shirt off and used it to wrap it around her. He then gently as he could lifted her into his arms.

"What do you mean it's Lien?" Uncle Jesse asked frowning.

"Trust me Uncle Jesse, it's her. How I don't know," Bo said to walk her back to the farm house and took her inside.

"Bo!" Daisy gasped seeing him with the wolf.

"I know it'll sound strange, but it's Lien," he said to carry her to the cot and laid her down.

No sooner had he done that her form shifted back to her Human form. Bo just grabbed a blanket and covered her then grabbed what he needed to bandage her shoulder better.

"Well?" Luke asked to look in and saw that she was back in her normal form.

"What does this mean Luke?" Daisy asked worried.

"Don't know," he said then moved over to Uncle Jesse.

"You ok?" He asked.

"I didn't know."

"No you didn't. Heck even I didn't, but somehow Bo did."

"I could have killed her."

"Don't think that Uncle Jesse. I wouldn't be surprised that by tomorrow morning that she'd fully healed."

"That would be a blessing."

"Yeah it would, but I'm sure she don't think of it that way."

"No. She must find it more of a curse than anything."

"Yeah I'm sure she does."

Bo walked out and sat at the table.

"Don't be so hard on yourself Uncle Jesse, there's no way you could have known," Bo said.

TBC. . .

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