Rogue's Kiss

BY : Ramsey
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Disclaimer: I do not own X-Men Evolution, or any of the characters from it. I make no money from from the writing of this story.

This is a chapter from one of my lesser artistic endeavors but I love it nonetheless. It’s where the rest of the story grew from. Thought you might like a peak.

Merci noticed her right away for what she was. Her eyes picked up the aura right away in the sea of humans that passed by her. All the normals had a faint gray around their bodies that told her that there was nothing special about them. But her…

She has a bright orange aura with flecks of green shooting through it. It outshined all the others around her. She blinked her eyes and saw only the gothic club she had strolled into. It was very dark but that didn’t bother her. Being a vampire meant you could see what others didn’t.

Her long red hair hung around a pale face with deep blue eyes that stood out like twin oceans. She wore a black tube top, tight black pants with a belt made of silver loops. Big, black boots covered her feet with silver-plating on the front.

She cautiously wound her way through the crowd never losing the girl from her sight. Black capes and false fangs passed her as she made her way across the floor. The girl had dark red hair with two white streaks in the front. She looked very young, maybe only 16. She wore a green see-through shirt and a black halter underneath. A black skirt, stockings, gloves and boots completed the look. She sat on a huge couch alone.

Merci walked slow up to the couch and sat down beside her. Not too close but just close enough that no one would sit between them.

The girl took a quick glance at Merci and then went back to staring at the floor where gothic kids danced slowly to the music.

Compared with other vampires he had not been doing this long and still got nervous. She screwed up her courage and spoke.


The girl looked at her with a bored expression. “Hey,” she eventually said before turning away again.

Merci swore in her mind and blinked her eyes. The girl’s aura shone dazzling, nearly blinding her she peered into it, trying to find something that she could use to get this girls attention. She stared hard. And found it.

She wasn’t sure if this was going to work but she quickly shot out a hand and touched her face. The girl saw it but wasn’t fast enough to stop it. Her hand touched her cheek before the girl could bat it away. The girl spun around expecting to see the stupid bitch unconscious but she sat there with this shy smile in her face.

“What are you?” the girl asked.

“My name is Merci. What’s yours?” she asked.

The girl swallowed and said, “I’m Rogue. What are you?”

“Just someone who wants to know you. Your very special you know that?” Merci ran cold fingers down Rogue’s cheek but it wasn’t the cold that made her shiver.

“How do you know about me?” Rogue felt as if she were talking around a wad of cotton lodged in her throat. The cold fingers still traced across her skin, leaving impossible heat in their path.

Merci slid closer to Rogue and said, “I can see things about people and I saw you were better then anyone in here,” her head had come dangerously close to Rogue’s, her breath misted over Rogue’s face. Rogue wanted to close the distance so badly.

“How can you touch me?” she whispered. Her hands trembled, rising into the air and tentatively rested on Merci’s pale cheek, feeling the smooth skin and bones underneath.

Merci lowered her head to Rogue’s neck. She blew air, raising goose bumps wherever she blew. Rogue trembled in her arms. Merci’s lips grazed Rogue’s ear igniting fire in Rogue’s belly.

“Does it really matter?” Merci asked. She flicked out her tongue and licked Rogue’s earlobe. Rogue nearly shrieked when she felt the wet tip on her ear.

Merci smiled. It had been easy. She placed light kisses along Rogue’s neck. Rogue clung to her as the sensation crammed her body. She was shaking desperately as the kisses trailed up her neck and across her cheek. They came to the corner of her mouth. She tilted her head and took the soft lips against her. Rogue moaned deeply into the kiss. She wrapped her arms around this enigma and let the feeling take her wherever they wanted.

Merci slipped her tongue through Rogue’s lips to twine with hers. The tongues battled against each other trying to draw the other into their wet cave. Rogue breath was racking through her and out her nose.

Merci placed a hand under Rogue’s shirt and the girl nearly lost it. Her stomach contracted and heaved against the cold hand. Rogue gasped into her first lovers mouth, moaning. Merci would have sworn that Rogue had just had an orgasm just be having a hand on her stomach.

They made out on the couch with the crowd of people not taking any real notice, seeing things like this all the time.

Rogue’s hands touched Merci’s bare stomach, touching the cool skin. Rogues own hands were like furnaces nearly scorching the cool surface of Merci’s skin. Rogue’s hand found is way inside Merci’s tube top, thrilling at the weight she held in her hand, playing with the erect nipple.

Merci slithered down Rogue’s burning body, traveled up her skirt and wedged itself between her thighs. Rogue’s hips instantly were in motion rubbing the tantalizing hand between her legs. Merci raised her hand a little and slipped it into the front of the stockings, she kissed across Rogue’s face until she was licking and kissing her neck.

She Rogue felt those cold fingers run through her sparse hair and enter her she came instantly moaning wildly. Merci smiled and sank her teeth into Rogue’s neck, puncturing holes in her ceratoid artery and drinking the blood that gushed out.

Rogue didn’t notice the bite as she came for a along time, her hips rolling wildly against the finger inside of her, she continued to cum until she lost consciousness and was still.

Merci continued to drink until she was sated and licked away the last drops. Rogue had stopped breathing.

She looked at her sadly and secretly hoped that come next moonrise she would start to breath the oxygen she didn’t really need.

She kissed Rogue and said, “hope to see you soon.”

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