The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

BY : Nemain
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Disclaimers: If you think I own anything, you're wrong. Wrong I tell you! Muwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Anything you recognize as a brand name, copyrighted idea or trademarked anything belongs to people with lawyers and the capability to send me to the hoosegow. I'm not making any profit off of this so ner....

A/N Goddess Foxfeather, Queen of Mad Plotbunnies, is a kick ass chica for helping with ideas and plotlines and beta-ing...she so rocks! InterNutter, TC and Maxwell Pink make me all giddy bchivchiving. See? I'm glowing! Readers: (no reviewers for this one Bear with me, it gets better... The title is taken from a Carson McCullers book that is soooooo good it's unreal. I'd tell you what it's about but that'd take up so much room I'll summarize by saying it's angsty, touching and will make you strangely, wonderfully self conscious about your deepest desires for weeks on end.

Summary: Foreververse. Smut, angst, Bayville 90210...Kurtty. Do I write anything else? Well, slash, but that's archived Seriously-Hearts are broken and mended in the course of a month.

Kurt's favorite hobby was Kitty-watching. To prolong the pleasure he derived from merely looking at his girlfriend, he would choose a different body part each day of the week and spend each Kitty-watching moment focused solely on that piece of anatomy. Today, it was her neck. He was standing under the flagpole with Scott and Evan, waiting for the girls to extricate themselves from the Jeep, when he decided it was neck-day. At that moment, she was leaning over the railing on the stairs to catch something Jubilee was telling her, giggling at whatever story the Asian girl was relating, giving Kurt an excellent view of his obsession-of-the-day. It did not hurt matters, he reflected, that he knew exactly what each square centimeter of skin on her neck and throat tasted like, felt like, smelled like, how she liked to be touched there and just which tiny spots would make her writhe against him when he kissed her there. She threw back her head to laugh, making Kurt bite his lip at the exposed, soft skin of her throat, the slight motion her vocal cords barely discernable, even to his keen eyes. The crowd in the hall was thinning in anticipation of the bell for second period, but Kurt edged closer to Kitty and further from his classroom, squeezing his books to his chest, making himself smaller in the stream of humanity heading towards the stairs. Jubilee was walking backwards, calling out to Kitty something that was lost in the hum of voices before turning to dash to Spanish class, rooms down and one across. Kitty paused to readjust her backpack and Kurt caught up to her. "Katzchen," he said just loud enough for her to hear.
"Kurt!" She cocked her head to one side at his near-hungry gaze. "What is it today? My ears?"
"I have no idea what you're talking about..." he murmured, leaning against the railing two steps down from where she stood.
"Which part of my body are you staring at today? Ears? Or is it my hair? I know it's above the shoulders..." Kitty made a face of concentration. "Must mouth?"
"How did you know I do this?" Kurt was embarrassed but not very surprised. If there was one thing he knew about Kitty, it was that she paid attention to everything. Kurt worried his lip and twisted the strap of his book bag in his hands. "Sorry if it bothers you..."
"Honestly," she said, stepping down one level, "I kind of like it. It makes me feel all fluttery..."
Kurt looked up with wide eyes. "Fluttery?"
" butterflies are in my stomach..." The warning bell, indicating one minute left to get to second period, sounded almost directly overhead, making them both start. "Hey...wanna ditch? You can show me what you were staring at..."
"Katzchen! Miss Straight A Student wants to ditch?" Kurt feigned a swoon, leaning heavily on the banister and buckling his knees for good measure. Pressing the back of his hand to his forehead, he said in a mock-sob, "What is the world coming to?"
Kitty snorted. "Fine, go to study hall and I'll go to the library for my free period..." She sighed and pushed a stray tendril form her eyes. "I guess I'll just have to go sit by the library..." Kitty sighed again and stepped around Kurt, tossing her ponytail at him as she passed.
Kurt grinned and grabbed her wrist before she got far. "Theatre?"
"Theatre...see you in a few minutes." Kitty was a deep pink color as she dashed down the hall, ostensibly towards the library but Kurt knew better. He smiled to himself as the final bell rang and, save for the sound of someone slamming their er ter then pelting hell bent for leather down the hall towards their class, he was alone. Kurt knew Kitty would take the long way, going down a level then up through the gym to the theatre, so he took a more direct route, willing the hall monitor not to see him and any teachers looking out their doors to ignore him. Once he cleared the hallway, he broke into a jog across the courtyard to the other side of the building and grinned. Today, he thought, would be a good day.

Rogue was in a snit. A very high snit. It was not that she was mad at Todd, not really. It was not even his fault, all the weirdness the month before, but it made her feel weird. Like she was broken. She tried to explain it to him but Todd insisted on thinking that he was at fault, that he was tainted and not worthy of her. "Todd," she said above the noise of the warning bell before second period, "stop ignoring me! C'mon...don't make me beg!"
"Rogue," he sighed, slamming his locker shut, "I don't wanna talk about it, kay?"
"No! It isn't!" Her loud voice made several people turn and stare, including Lance and Amara, themselves embroiled in some argument or other across the hall at the Nova Roman's locker. "Todd, if you don't talk to me now, talk to me at lunch. Or at home...I just can't stand being ignored anymore!" In truth, she felt like there were myriad cracks on her heart. _Way to be maudlin, Rogue, _ she thought bitterly.
"I'm not ignoring you!" Over her shoulder, he saw Duncan Matthews approaching with two of his friends. _Thugs, more like... _ "Look, drop it for now, okay? I promise I'll talk to you at lunch."
"What's this, Tolensky? Trying to pick up on tall, sullen and scary?" Duncan slapped the slight youth on the back a little too hard, sending him stumbling forward and almost into Rogue, who stepped back to avoid an accident with her exposed skin. "You should pick up one someone more your speed, like that slow kid who hangs out by the cafeteria all the time..." There was a chorus of laughter from his cronies as Duncan again smacked Todd on the back.
"Matthews, fuck off." Rogue turned to glare at the athlete with venom in her gaze. "Go play with your little friends...all that ass slapping on the field must be good for something..."
"Bitch," Duncan spat, advancing on her with whatent,ent, she did not care to consider.
"Back off!odd odd wedged himself between the two glaring teenagers, putting his hands up to push Duncan back. "I was just talkin' to her...she told me to buzz off an' I'm leaving..."
"Don't want freaks like you contaminating the chicks for the rest of us," Duncan snorted. Todd nodded glumly and slid out from between them, skulking down the hall with an all-too-familiar hunch in his shoulders. "Ya know, Rogue, even for a freak, you can do better than him."
"Duncan," Rogue did not feel like fighting, the look on Todd's face when he went away making tears prick her eyelids, "I'm givin' you three seconds to get away from me before I kick your ass so good you're picking up your teeth in Canada." She did not stay to see if he actually took her threat to heart, turning on her heel to storm down the hall. _Fuck class. I need to go sit alone in the dark. The theatre's empty...I'll go sit there until third period... _

Kurt waited for only a minute before Kitty phased through the wall near him. She ghosted in so silently that he would never have known she was there if he had not been looking directly at her. She looked around briefly, spotted his eyes glowing a few feet away and grinned. "Hey, Fuzzy."
"Schatz," he said, fairly purring the endearment. Kitty fitted against him in a familiar and enticing manner, her curves a landscape he knew by heart but still exciting. She tilted her chin up for a kiss and was met with a warm, soft press of lips against hers. Kurt's sharp teeth nipped at her lower lip, making her whimper. "Katzchen," he murmured against her mouth, "do you really think we should?"
"I won't tell if you won't..." Kitty smiled in the dark. "You know, a year ago, I never would've even imagined doing this at school..."
Kurt snickered. "I did...and it was usually with you, too..." He dipped her head to nibble the line of her neck sweeping from her ear to her shoulder.
"Usually?" Kitty tried to pull away and stomp her foot, acting affronted, but failed due to Kurt's rather tight grip on her waist. Not that she minded, she amended to herself. "What about the times you weren't thinking of me?"
"Ah, then I was thinking about my ideal woman..." He paused to suckle at the juncture of her shoulder and neck, making her shudder slightly against him. "...Cameron Diaz."
Kitty cried out sharply in mock-offense. "Masher!" Her smack on his arm resounded in the empty theatre. "Just for that, no kisses for you."
"Okay, I give up Cameron Diaz for you..." Kurt sighed and burrowed his face against her neck again. "So long as you give up Orlando Bloom for me..."
Kitty made a murmuring noise in the back of her throat. "I don't think I can do that...sorry." Kurt's muted wail of frustration made her giggle. "Well, if it means that much to you, I'll just have to turn him down when he comes knocking."
"And I'll cancel my plans with Cameron then..." Kitty's giggle turned into a gasp as Kurt backed her against the wall and pressed his arousal into the cradle of her thighs. "We don't have a lot of time..."
"What is it with you Europeans?" she said with a smile in her voice. "Always on a schedule, always in a hurry..."
Kurt groaned at her teasing. "Schatz, I am going to be in pain the rest of the day if we go much further...tell me now if you want to do this..."
Kitty took his hand and guided it up her thigh, beneath her skirt. "What do you think?" Her arousal was evident when she pressed his palm to her crotch.
"Oh..." Kurt did not waste time, conscious of the approaching class-change. Kitty accepted and returned his kiss, her noise of surprise muffled by his mouth when he lifted her slightly and pushed her skirt up, bracing heth hth his body against the wall. "Have I ever told you that I love it when you wear skirts?"
"Noted...if we keep doing it like this, I may give up on underwear..." Kurt growled against her breast at that statement, shifting and maneuvering so that he slid into her with only the slightest hesitation. Kitty banged her head on the wall when she arched against him, making them both snicker briefly before her weight settled her more firmly against his length, png tng the tender button of nerves at the juncture of her thighs against the base of his arousal. "Oh, Kurt..."
"Shhh...." I was right...a very good day...

Rogue sniffed dangerously, tears threatening but not coming. The door to the theatre was locked but she knew some tricks, thanks to Remy and Jubilee, and was soon jiggling the metal catch with a ruined paper clip, listening for the tell-tale click of tumblers giving way. _I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry...I'm gonna kick Todd's ass if he makes me cry...ah...there we go... _ The door swung open just enough for her to edge through and shut it firmly behind her. Her eyes took a moment to adjust to the dark, but her ears needed no such lag. Soft grunts and muffled, wet noises were clear in the still room. What the hell? Rogue's pupils finally found their dilation. "Oh for the love of... Would you two get a room?":
Kurt was fairly certain he was going to die now. "Schatz," he asked as conversationally as possible, "can we put a bell on her?"

A/n Short, I know, but the next chapter is more...more.

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