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Kurt and Kitty

"You're doing it wrong!"
_Thud _
Kurt sighed. "Like I told're doing it wrong." He ducked her flung water bottle and bit the inside of his cheeks to keep from laughing at her affronted expression. With her hair in her face and the pout on her lips, Kitty looked like she was all of four years old, sitting on the floor of the gym with her legs out in front of her, arms crossed over her stomach.
"I did it just how you showed me to!" She blew her hair out of her eyes and tried to stand, only to trip over her own feet. "Damn it!" Rolling onto her back, she looked up into Kurt's concerned face. "Maybe I'm just too clumsy for cheerleading and tumbling crap."
"Katzchen, if you can do yoga and belly dance, you can do a cartwheel."
"How are those related?"
"I'm...not sure. I was hoping that it sounded convincing enough that you wouldn't question it."
"There goes your future as a motivational speaker." Kitty got to her knees and glared at Kurt. "Damn you and your elfy agility."
"I don't think elfy is a word, Liebes," he grinned, sitting oe mae mat before her. "You're just trying too're overthinking it."
She sighed resignedly. "It's like there's a little voice in my head saying, 'Kitty, don't put your ass over your head...'."
Kurt laughed aloud. "It's just a cartwheel, Liebes...not rocket science. Look..." He stood and executed a neat series of them across the gym, landing on his feet and bowing almost out of habit. "See? Easy!"
"I'm just going to be the cheerleader that doesn't cartwheel...maybe I can be the mascot." She nodded, as if it were already settled. "All I'd have to do is wear that giant costume and dance around a bit."
"You mean that costume that's _never _ been washed, even after Jerry, the guy who smelled like tuna and old socks, wore it for three seasons?"
Kurt shook his head and came to her side, putting his arm around her waist to lead her to the balance beam. "Besides, you're too short. The costume would hang off of you."
Kitty stared at her feet, hanging very high off the floor as she sat on the balance beam used almost exclusively by Jubilee. Not for the first time, she felt very short when she was with Kurt, despite the fact that he was not more than average in height himself. Sighing, she said, "I guess I'm just not meant to do this...I don't know why they won't let me join chess club or something."
"Because, Katzchen," Kurt said, kissing her knuckles as consolation, "you suck at chess."
"Bite me," she said, only half in jest.
"Gladly!" He dragged her to him and nibbled her neck, making her squeak in outrage before giggling at the very pleasant sensations running through her nerves.
"Kurt! I need to learn how to do these stupid tumbling passes by Monday's practice otherwise..."
"Otherwise what?" he murmured against her neck, his hand working it's way under her t-shirt. "You'll be kicked off the team you hate? Relegated to sitting on the bench during the game and not throwing yourself around in that short skirt? Or, God forbid," he said, pausing to trace the line of his nips on her neck with this tongue, "you might be free from after school activities for the rest of your high school career?"
"You know, Fuzzy," she said, inhaling sharply as his fingers pushed aside one cup of her bra to touch her breast, "sometimes you actually make sense..."
"Just for you, my best beloved," he said, losing interest in the conversation when he felt her nipple harden against his palm.
"We should go somewhere else..." She began but did not finish the thought. Kurt was making slow, tight circles on her breast with his fingers, sending goosebumps racing across her flesh. He was again kissing her neck, but obviously working on getting her to turn her head, to kiss her lips. She took a shallow breath when he suddenly squeezed hert hat hard but certainly not gentle. He took the opportunity her parted lips provided and captured them in a kiss, plundering her mouth with his tongue. She swayed on the narrow beam and broke away from his assault on her lips. "Floor?" she suggested.
He seemed to catch on when she reached out to steady herself with his arm. "Sure..." Once on the mats that lined the area where the gymnastics equipment was kept, Kurt very nearly pounced on Kitty. He was momentarily chagrined whis his lack of control, but shrugged it off. He had proven many times over that he could very well control himself around Kitty, the most glaring example being Lent of that year when he gave up sex. Usually, though, it was more basic. Not holding her hand in class, not kissing her in school-at least not as much as he wanted to-not touching her or tasting her skin or even stealing errant sniffs of her hair and clothes when she passed him in the hallways at home or in public. _I'm a very well behaved mutant. Sometimes I just slip up, though... _ She was not protesting as he found her breast again, this time kneading and rubbing the soft flesh to the point where she was making soft noises, sharp in the unnatural quiet of the gym. The stark white lighting gave everything an odd glow and made Kitty's eyes hurt.
Kurt felt the situation sliding, not quite out of control, but towards a conclusion best reached in another room. Kitty, however, had other ideas. She leaned against his hand, still cupping her breast, and whispered, "Can you keep quiet?"
"Shhh..." She extricated his hand from her shirt and slid to the floor. Kurt made a futile, half-hearted motion, trying without meaning it to stop her from untying the drawstrings on the shorts he had on. She was still standing, pulling him slightly forward to kiss him as she reached inside his shorts to grasp his length, already semi-erect from their brief activity. "No one's going to bother us in's too early in the morning for anyone to be up...well, aside from you, it seems."
"Katzchen!" Kurt was oddly pleased with her turn for the perverse but still wary, considering the propensity for couples to be caught in flagrante delicto at the Institute. Kitty apparently had no such qualms. She smiled at him, kissing him quickly on the lips before going to her knees, pulling Kurt to stand as she did so. He leaned against the balance beam as she freed him from his clothing, her breath alternately tickling and enticing him in the scant moment before she brushed her lips across the head of his arousal. Kurt closed his eyes, not quite sure what to do with his hands as Kitty slowly took the first few inches of his length into her mouth. The decision was made for him, his reaction instinctual rather than logical as she took him even further in, almost to the back of her throat. He gasped loudly and gripped her shoulders, then the back of her head as he tried to keep quiet.
Kitty had done this before but not often. She was half afraid of gagging herself or biting him inadvertently or just doing something plain wrong and ruining it for them both, even as Kurt started moaning, her tongue and lips sending sharp spikes of sensation through his entire nervous system, making his knees feel slightly gelatinous. For some reason, unwanted advice Jubilee had given her months bef whe when it became known that she and Kurt were sexually active, popped into her mind. Somng, ng, she thought, about ice cream cones.1 _ Damn it...don't wander, brain. If I giggle, Kurt will probably get offended. And that would suck. Oy. Damn. Punning myself...Okay, Kitty. Pay attention _ . Kurt was digging his toes into the mat between her knees, his fingers tangling in her hair as he pushed gently against her. Kitty increased the pressure she was exerting on his arousal, withdrawing slowly, almost entirely, before taking him back into the wet warmth of her mouth.
Kurt bit his lip. _Teeth! Bad! _ He tried not to snap at her and sighed in relief when she adjusted her attentions to a less painful method, her slow pressure making him forget the brief pain. "Katzchen..." he breathed as she gripped his hips, holding him still as she became nearly fervent in her ministrations, murmuring against him and sending tiny frissons along his length and through his veins, culminating in a growing heat in his abdomen. Kurt knew he was going to climax relatively soon, so he tried to push her away. "Kitty," he said when she just gripped him tighter, effectively refusing to move. "Now, Kitty..."
Kitty glanced up at him. She managed to roll her eyes as if to say "So?" and only drew on him all the harder, licking and sucking his length until he stopped trying to move her. Kurt groaned loudly as he felt the first shock of release and Kitty's jump of surprise. She swallowed, though, taking what he had and not making so much as a mewl of protest. Even after he was done, she laved him for a moment longer, the hot, velvety feel of her tongue almost too much to bear. She finally let him draw away from her and stood as he righted his clothing. "Not so bad, was it?" she asked, leaning against him in a half-embrace.
"What about you, though?" he asked, still slightly breathless. "What would you like to do now?"
"Don't," she said, putting her arms around his neck and kissing his throat.
Kurt wanted to tell her it was okay to kiss him on the lips but knew that she would make an excuse until he let her go brush her teeth. "Let's go to my room," he said finally as she found a particularly ticklish spot at the base of his throat. "Before we get caught."
"Too late," Kitty sighed, the doors to the gym swinging open. Jubilee, Rahne, Rogue, Jamie, and Scott, trailed by a strangely grinning Logan entered and spread out across the gym. "Morning workout has begun..."
Kurt made a noise of frustration. "Tonight?"
"You had to ask?"
1 I have two female cousins who got busted for One evening around Xmas they were talking about what they had done and one said she refused to perform oral sex b/c she had no idea how to do it and didn't want to do it "wrong." The other one said "Just pretend it's an ice cream cone." I snorted ice tea out my nose when she said that and left the room before I burst a gut laughing. I try to avoid talking to them when the subject is sex now.

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