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Logan, Victor Creed
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I can smell him from here; his scentís like a beacon calliní out to me. I can smell it all; the heat, the sweat, the sinew and bone, the soap, and the chlorine stench of chemicals lingering faintly over it all, lacing through it until it gets to me and I take it all in.

Iíve watched him a dozen times, a hundred times, a thousand, millions. In here; in my dreams at night; when I shut my eyes; when I hunt. Iím a hunter and right now Iím stalking him. Iím quiet and I donít make any noise, donít give him any signal. I know how to hunt; Iím an animal at heart, always have been.

This is a man whoís just like me: feral, hardened, grim, with a streak of insanity just scratching the surfaces of his brain, always there taunting him, testing him, trying to break him and make him into that animal. Maybe thatís why we were picked out for this deal, he and I; so alike.

You would think that two men so much alike one another would have more to say to each other; would talk more, be more friendly. Well, aside from this beiní the last place ya wanna get friendly with someone, we have to consider our positions. I know I shouldnít torture myself thinking like this; I know it kills me every time, but I canít help it. As it is,donídonít say much, donít talk. We are trained to take our orders in silence, and when thatís all youíve known for so long, for nearly all you can remember of your lifeís memories, you donít change the routine; it changes you.

Silence is the name of the game, here. This is our private time. The only time we have where we can keep our own thoughts, where we can maybe let something out, drop our guard for just a few minutes. Itís not much, but itís my own little piece of Heaven. The rest of my day is one long drawn out Hell.

Iím watchiní the water run down his back in tiny streams. The lights above us are red, and the steam makes this place surreal. I can see his muscles tensing and flexing with each pass he makes over his chest, cleaning himself. Iím done cleaning lf blf but I stay under the water anyhow, just watching. Each time he finished is the same: he turns around, and we stare at each other for a split-second, right into the eyes, and then he turns without a word and leaves, and I follow him out, and we dry off, and go to the bunks, and sleep.

Tonight I follow him out, and stop him. Iím tired of stalking; tired of cat and mouse. I can see in the faint light his tags, just like mine. We never take them off; they are the only things we own, here; the only things we can clamp onto with our hands, and know they will always be there. His hand right in the center of his chest, right down the middle. Theyíre wet and still warm from the water; or maybe theyíre always warm. Iíve never touched him before so I donít know.

His skin feels hot, electric. Thereís somethiní in the touch that gets me going, something deeper than physicality. We share a bond, he and I, no matter how much we try to ignore it, no matter how much we pretend to not see one another day in and day out. This contact is like life itself, like Godís finger touching Adamís. I feel alive; I feel connected. The Spartans must have known what they were doing.

I can see his eyes trying to get into my head, look through me. I smile, and I lean forward, and I kiss him.

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