Professor, It's all Over

BY : Wren
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Professor, It's all Over
By Wren

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SUMMARY: It seems the Professor has a secret of his own, and Remy and Rogue find out on their night out. Humor.


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Jubilee knocked softly on Professor Xavier's office door. Looking down the hall she saw Jean emerge from her room.

"Hey, Jean, ya know where the Professor's at?" Jubilee walked down the hall towards the older woman. She had been having problems with her psychology homework and was hoping he could find the time to help her.

"Its Friday, Juliee." Jean looked to see a blank expression on Jubilee's face and sighed. "Every Friday the Professor has dinner with a politician or some sort. Tonight I think he mentioned it being one of the Senators from Michigan."

"Aw man! I have a psych paper due on Monday and I am totally stumped on what to write!" Jubilee looked crushed and desperate as she looked at Jean with pleading eyes. "Could ya, ya know, find it in yer heart to help me out?"

Jean thought about all of the things she had to do: clean, read the paper, finish the book she was reading, do some grocery shopping, write a letter to Kurt in Germany. But when she looked at Jubilee and saw her helpless pleading expression she felt her heart cave in. Sighing she motioned for Jubilee you lead. "Sure, what type of paper are you trying to write?"


Meanwhile at a theater in town..

"Okay, everyone, do you know what time it is?" A man dressed in a corset, women's panties, a garter belt, stockings and 4-inch heals stood on the stage at the movie theater waving his hips at an enormous crowd of kids.

"IT'S TIME FOR THE TIME WARP!!" The audience screamed wildly as the lights went out and the screen lit up with a pair of sexy lips.

A man in a trench coat bent looked around at the crowd. "Chere, are you sure dis is w'at you want to do?"

"Aw, stop being such a couch potato, Remy! This is fun!" Rogue happily began belting out the words to the song along with the rest of the audience.

Gambit groaned and slouched lower in his seat, this wasn't HIS idea of fun. Wild kids watching wanna-be actors act out a cult movie that played on the screen behind him. He had to have been crazy when he agreed to let Rogue plan the evening. Fingering the camera she had made him bring to capture this moment on film he pledged to never let the camera leave his pocket. Well, maybe he could tune this out and take a nap.


Gambit was brought back to reality by a loud doorbell sound and cheers from the audience. He looked up on stage to see what the big deal was. A bald man sat in a wheelchair, his back to the audience. Bah, Remy thought, if I wanted to see a guy in a wheel chair I woulda spent the evening with the professor.

He was about to settle back down to his nap when Rogue gasped and shook his arm frantically.

"REMY!!" She whispereveriverishly pointing at the screen. "Look! Look! Its the Professah!"

Remy sat up quickly and stared at the screen. The bald man in the wheelchair had turned around to reveal a fake mustache and a pair of thick glasses. But despite the out fit Gambit could clearly see that it was the Professor up on stage acting the part in a cult classic.

"Chere, if dis is w'at the evenin was about I must say dis t'ief is very impressed." Gambit grabbed the camera from his pocket and prepared to start taking pictures of their beloved Professor all decked out for a sexual cult.

Rogue clamped her hand down on Gambit's arm turning to him with wide eyes. "Remy, ah had no IDEA the Professah was gonna be here! Ya can't take a picture of him like that!"

"But, chere, dis is a Kodak moment!" Remy joked looking Rogue straight in the eyes. "'Sides, dis is jus' w'at da team needs ta keep spirits up."

Before Rogue could reply Gambit had shaken off her had and begun snapping away. He stood up and moved close to the stage to try and get a better angle while still trying to shield his thoughts and keep himself hidden from the professor.

This night seemed to be more worth it then he had thought, good thing he brought extra rolls of film. He had expected more.. erotic pictures to be on it but seeing the Professor on stage was almost as good.


When Rogue and Gambit finally had made it back to the mansion after stopping at a 24hr One Hour Film Developing store it seemed as though everyone was asleep. The Professor must have made it home before them because his car, especially made for people without the use of their legs, was in the driveway.

Snickering to themselves they made their way down the hall to their individual rooms. Remy kissed her had goodnight and with a wink walked over to his room and shut the door behind him.

He grinned evilly as he put his hand in his pocket and withdrew the packet of photos. As he flipped through them he chuckled softly to himself. Who would have thought the Professor was a Rocky Horror Picture Show fan and Cast member?


The next morning everyone was up early and seated around the table, Gambit had made sure EVERYONE but the Professor made it to breakfast that morning. In front of each of them was an envelope.

"There better be a ten pound steak in that envelop, bub, or you're gonna regret the day you were born." Logan growled under his breath as his stomach rumbled.

"Yea, Remy, what's up with waking us all up for breakfast but not givin' us any food?" Jubilee looked completely disheveled, nor a morning person didn't even begin to cover it!

"Ah, pet'te, we shall find that out now, shall we?" Remy motioned for everyone to open the envelop in front of them.

As they opened up the envelopes and pulled out the pictures Remy was rewarded with gasps, giggles, and finally outright laughter.

Jean sat there somewhat shocked. "Gambit, if this is a joke.."

"Non, dos are one hundred percent authentic!" Remy grinned widely winking at Rogue who stood next to him barely containing her laughter.

"Gambit, where in the heavens did you get such incriminating photographs?" Hank stared at the pictures more out of disbelief then humor. The Professor, his professor, who sat so intelligently and regally in his chair could NEVER have gone to such an event. Houghought he knew the man would had become a mentor.

"Chere, do you t'ink you could explain?" Remy lifted an eyebrow at Rogue.

"Well, ah, ya see Ah took Remy to see the showin of Rocky with mah and Ah din't know that da Professah would be der.." Rogue trailed off into fits of laughter.

"So is dis wort the early wake up?" Remy looked over to see Jubilee clutching the pictures close to her chest as she nearly fell out of the chair laughing. Logan sat next to her with an amused smile on his face.

"I never thought the Professor had it in him." Logan stood up and walked away from the table shoving the pictures into his pocket.

"Gambit." Scott's voice sounded stern and as Gambit turned to look at him he noticed Scott was standing right beside him. "You know I cannot condone such pictures being taken.. Therefore, you must agree to never let the Professor know that these pictures exist."

Gambit tipped his head slightly. "Oh course, however you do realize his is a telepath an' prolly already knows."

Gambit wrapped his arm around Rogue's waist and guided her out of the room leaving Jean to deal with Scott. Right now he didn't care if the Professor fried his brains, the laughter was worth it.

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