Garters and Stockings oh MY!

BY : Wren
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Garters and Stockings oh MY!
By Wren

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SUMMARY: Gambit has a secret. Humor.


NOTES: This is what happens when my Muse has a party. I would like to say, I love Gambit, honestly, this just had to be written. Now, all you Gambit fans leave, unless, that is, you have a SUPERB sense of humor. Everyone else, ready to laugh? Well, *I* think its funny at least.

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Knocking on the door Rogue stuck her head into Gambit room.

"Remy!! Ya in here?" She surveyed the room as she stepped inside. It was typical Remy, well kept and expensive. Smiling slyly to herself she walked over to the dresser. Ah always wanted to know whether that man wore boxers of briefs, she thought to herself. Opening the drawer she gasped as she peeped inside.

There, lying in neat little piles were pairs of red and black PANTIES!! As well as organized stacks of bras and garter belts. Not knowing whether she should laugh or be disturbed Rogue pushed the drawer shut quickly.

Exiting the room she vowed never to breath a word of what she had seen to anyone.. Well, maybe Jean, but ONLY Jean.. And her diary.


Gambit skillfully climbed through the window to his room pulling his packages from under this long trench coat and depositing them on his bed. He moved to his door, opened it a bit and, after glancing up and down the hall to be sure no one was nearby, closed it and locked it with a click. He shut his window, locked it as well, and pulled the curtains shut.

Standing by his bed he eagerly ripped through his packages gently lifting out their contents. He laid each item catecately on his bed proudly viewing his horde.

Stepping into his bathroom he ran himself a shower as he rummaged through the cabinet underneath his sink for his oils and lotions.


Half an hour later Gambit was standing seductively in front of his full-length mirror admiring his body. He wore ar ofr of black lace thongs overlaid by a silver garter belt holding up a pair of black thigh-highs. On his chest he sported a silver-lined black bra which, had it been on a woman, would barely have contained anything.

He turned slowly in front of the mirror and pursed his lips as he ran his hands up and down his sleek form. Smiling to himself he wondered why every man didn't indulge in women's lingerie as he did. Logan, he thought, might particularly benefit, he certainly needed to find his softer more feminine side!

He chuckled slightly as he unsnapped the garter belts and did a quite impressive strip tease in front of the mirror.


Little did poor Remy know, earlier that day after Rogue had bared her soul to Jean, Jean had them felt it necessary to tell Scott - for the good of the team of course - Scott had let it slip to Logan, Logan had to tell Jubilee to stop her from annoying him - she had him wrapped around her little finger - and Jubilee had enlisted Bobby's help to plant a tiny spy camera inside Gambit's room.

The placement of the camera had been tricky, they wanted it in a place where they would be sure to catch Gambit wearing his 'special' clothes but also somewhere he wouldn't notice it. Finally, after much debate, they decided to place it on the headboard of his bed facing his mirror. Jubilee reasoned that if he wore the clothes, he must model them for his own pleasure as well.

So there they sat around the TV that was receiving the camera's signal. The entire X-Man team: Jubilee and Bobby sat proudly in the front observing their victim; Logan stood in the doorway trying to convince himself the pleasure he found in watching Gambit parade around in women's underwear had NOTHING to do with homosexual tendencies; Storm sat in a chair, eyes glued to the screen despite her earlier accusations that this it was 'wrong' to violate Gambit's privacy; Hank crouched by the wall wondering if watching this was really worth being away from his lab - and finally deciding it was; Scott and Jean sat on the couch trying to convince themselves that they only watched this for the good of the team; the Professor sat in his wheelchair, his face devoid of emotion; Rogue stood alone watching the man she had loved so long and thought she knew everything about strut in front of his mirror wondering the whole time how the hell he could look better in thigh-highs then her!


Hehehe, I didn't do it!! ;)

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