Fearless Leader

BY : Wren
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Fearless Leader (needing new title)
By Wren aylapolgara@earthlink.net

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SUMMARY: Scott gets a wake up call. Scott Angst, Anti-Jean. May eventually contain actual sex. Hints of Slash. Scott/Hank

RATING: PG-13 for language and reckless behavior. There maybe SEX and SLASH later on.

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Scott looked down at the bottle clutched in his hand. Locks of hair brushed his face as the wind tore relentless at him but he ignored them. He sat alone in the park staring at a half empty bottle of scotch. Two other empty bottles lay beside him, moonlight reflecting off the glass. The park was empty and quiet. He hated it.

He was the fearless leader, the chosen pupil of Xavierís who was supposed to be in control and lead the team. He was supposed to be happy now, with Jean, the perfect woman. But as was the case of Adam and Eve, the chosen two of God, things don't always work out for the best.

Images of red hair and silver claws kept flashing through his mind. Even the alcohol he had consumed wasn't enough to drive them away. Yes, the fucking perfect woman. Perfect whore was more like it.

He threw the bottle down at the grass and stared at it heatedly. Couldn't even break a bottle, how was he supposed to keep the woman he loved away from the man she loved. He turned to stare at the moon and could swear it was laughing at him.

Yes, his whole life was a joke. Lost his parents in a plane crash, lost his brother to the orphanage, lost his innocence on the streets, lost his savior to his "cause", and now lost his wife to an outcast. He'd known she hadn't loved him, but Xavier's cause had seemed enough to keep them together. Xavier had seemed to want them together.

Then Xavier let that maniac stay. Jean's attraction to Logan had been apparent from the start, and Logan's to her. Scott had thought, had hoped, that marriage vows would be enough to keep them together. He'd been wrong.

He was wrong a lot. He didn't even know why he was the leader of the X-men. It was all he had left now. And even it would crumble. How could he hope to keep the team together when he couldn't even keep his marriage together?

Crawling to his feet he stumbled towards his motorcycle. If he drove fast enough maybe he could escape it all. Maybe the wind would do what the alcohol could not. Clumsily starting the bike he swerved out of the park.





"..is he going to be alright..."

"...alcohol level was very high.."

"..lucky to survive..."

"...in the ditch for an hour..."

His eyes were shut. He couldn't open them. People were talking in hushed voices. He couldn't remember what had happened but his head was pounding. A hand touched his arm.

"I think he's coming around."

"Scott? Scott? Are you alright?"

He tried to clear his head. Tried to remember what hap happened. He'd been going to his room to see is Jean wanted to go out for dinner. No!

It all came rushing back to him as he struggled to sit up. Large warm hands pushed him back down.

"Don't sit up, you'll tear out you stitches."

"Hank?" He tentatively raised a hand to his eyes and touched a cloth bandage tied around them. He sighed thankfully, knowing that his friend had taken percautions against Scott accidentally opening his eyes and blowing a skylight in the basement.

"Careful, that's your one good arm. You took quite a spill off your bike."

"Yes, Scott, you had us all worried." The professor's voice added. Scott moved his head trying to discern where they were.

"Wha..." Scott reached over to feel that his left arm was in a cast. It must have been some 'spill' to have broken his arm, and why couldn't he move his leg?

"Your left arm is broken in several places as is you left leg. I bandaged your eyes for obvious reasons." Scott listened as Hank moved around him and began working with some of the lab equipment. Wait a second, what had happened? He had had been going to see Jean to talk to her when.. No! She wouldn't have!


*She's in the rec room.* Scott heard the professor's reluctance. With Logan. He frowned at the thought. She really did leave him then, now he was alone. He hadn't been alone for so long he didn't know what to do.

"Hank, I assume you'll let me know if there are any problems?" Scott heard the professor's wheelchair moving away from him. Even his mentor was so disgusted in him that he was leaving.

"Of course, professor."

Scott listened as the door slid shut behind the professor and turned his head to the side. He just wanted to die. He wished the crash had done that rather then just disable him. Now he was truly pitiful, no use to anyone until he healed and even then who is to say he will make a full recovery much less be able to function especially around her.

"I needn't remind you how dangerous it is to drink and drive, I assume." Hank wrapped his large fingers around Scott's wrist feeling for a pulse. Scott felt the furry mutant's warmth and wanted to just hold on to it. But no, he couldn't, he was alone, so very alone.

"Not now, Hank." Scott pulled his arm out of Hank's grasp and turned away from him. He squeezed his eyes shut to keep the tears from damping the bandage. He didn't need sympathy.

He listened faintly as Hank moved away, feeling sorry for himself. The whole mansion knew, there was no doubtof that. The two love birds were probably flaunting themselves about laughing at him. How would he lead the team now?

Faintly he heard Hank whisper, "She's not worth it, Scott." before the door slide closed again.

What the hell did Hank know. Maybe she was worth it. Scott admonished himself, Hank had been through enough heartache to know. Besides, she probably wasn't worth it. They had never really been in love. Maybe it was for the better. But then why did he feel so alone?


"So how's my favorite patient doing?"

Hank's voice woke him from his nap. He raised his head slightly forgetting his eyes were still bandaged and felt something pressed into his hand. Feeling the shape he almost smiled.

"I had you glasses brought down."

"Thank you, Hank." He felt Hank's hands gently untying the bandage from around his eyes and slipped the glasses on. Blinking he looked at at his body. Cuts and bruised were all over his chest and his left arm and leg were held securely in casts. He sighed deeply and lay back, it didn't look like he was going to be up and about anytime soon. A rumbling from his stomach brought a smirk to Hank's face.

"Hungry? Excellent, I had Ororo bring down a tray earlier." Hank brought over a tray of food and placed it on a table next to his bed. Scott looked at the food for a second before he began shoveling it into his mouth.

Hank watched silently as he ate. His eyes never leaving Scott's face. Scott felt his face flush and dropped his fork back onto the tray. Why was Hank staring at him like that, did he look that torn up?

As if coming out of trance Hank shook his head slightly and walked towards him. "You're more then welcome to rest in you room now, but I would suggest against any strenuous activity until your arm and leg have healed."

Scott snorted, what did Hank think he was going to go jump in bed with a warming loving body? "Not like I can do that much from a wheelchair is there, Hank?"

Hank nodded in agreement but his eyes seemed to sparkle a bit as he guided an electric wheelchair towards Scott. "I assume you can use this?"

Scott nodded his head in affirmation and tried to swing his body off the side of the bed only to have his head spin. Hank rushed to his side to support him before he fell out of the bed. Hank's large arms encircled Scott making him feel even more lightheaded. Must be the medications, Scott told himself.

"Careful, you've been bed-ridden for about a week now. You'll have to take it slow."

Scott mumbled his thanks and with Hank's help collapsed into the wheelchair. He felt so helpless. He, the team leader, couldn't even sit up without feeling light-headed. No wonder Jean had left him, he was pathetic.

Ignoring Hank's offer to help him up to his room he guided the wheelchair - somewhat unsteadily - out the door and around the corner.


"How are you feeling?" Hank stood up from his desk as Scott moved his wheelchair jerkily into the room.

Scowling up at his blue friend Scott gave up on the wheelchair and slumped as well as he could with two limbs broken.

Chuckling Hank came over and directed his wheelchair into the room next to the clean hospital bed. Carefully Hank bent over and lifted Scott onto the bed.

Scott batted defeatedly at Hank as he back away. "I could have done that myself."

"Of course, but it was simply more time efficient for me to assist you in this manor." Hank's laughing eyes lingered on Scott's briefly before traveling down his chest. Clearing his throat quickly he reach for his stethoscope. "Let's see how you are doing shall we?"

Adverting his eyes, Hank leaned in and checked Scott's pulse, heartbeat and lungs. Scott felt Hank's fingers travel down his arm but passed it off as Hank being strictly professional - checking his pulse of course! He couldn't however control his slight shiver when he felt the other mutant's soft fur bursh against his side. What was he doing? This is his friend, his teammate! Hank, strictly heterosexual, always there for you, big blue twinkie monster! Why in the world was he getting all tense like he was around a beautiful woman?

"Well, you seem to have no obvious side effects of your crash." Feeling Hank's hands trailing up and down his exposed skin around the casts brought him out of his thougths. "However the casts will need to stay on at least another 5 weeks. Given our unique DNA your bones may heal themselveforefore then, but I wouldn't want to take any chances. Have you been having any discomfort?"

Scott watched as Hank pulled himself away and went over to a cabinet on the far wall. "Just the usual throbbing."

Pulling a bottle from the cabinet Hank walked back over to Scott and placed it on the table next to the bed. "These are for the pain, take no more then 3 a day, you'll find they can be quite potent."

Scott looked beakly at the bottle. It'd be so easy just to take them all and wash them down with a glass of scotch.

"I can, of course trust you not to take too many, can't I Scott?" Hank's question made him look at the man. Hank was watching him intently, his face was set in his 'doctor' look but Scott thought he saw the flicker of something in his eyes.

Nodding mutely, Scott hefted himself off the table with his one good arm. He cried out in pain as his cast-covered leg hit the ground. Hank immediately grabbed the man and held him securely.

"Scott, you really should..." Hank's words drifted off as he looked into Scott's eyes.

Scott noticed how close they were, their bodies pressed together. He felt his heart beat faster as his arm came up to circle the other mutant's body. But as he looked into the doctor's eyes all he was was red, shades of red that were only there in his hellish world. Reality hit him, the vibrant blue of Hank's fur, the bright white of his teeth, even the color of his eyes. He would never see that, all he would ever see were goddamn shades of red. With Jean it had been perfect, he could truly see and comment on the shade of her hair. But Hank.. fuck, Hank was his friend, what the hell was he thinking, Hank would never be attracted to him, no one would, Jean taught him that.

Moving his hand and pushing against his friend's chest he shifted his fall towards the wheel chair. Wincing as his broken limbs bumped against the side of the chair he used his good arm and leg to push himself into a sitting position in the chair.

"Thank you." Scott grabbed the bottle of pills from the table. Jerkily he moved the wheelchair out of the lab, almost running over Hank in the process. Well, so much for a grand exit, he thought.


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