Longing Dreams

BY : Wren
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Longing Dreams
By Wren aylapolgara@hotmail.com

DISCLAIMER: All x-men characters are property of X-men, all others are mine. Simple. I make no money off of this story, nor do I encourage others to.

SUMMARY: Jubilee is having dreams.. What happens when she wakes up? Romance/Humor. Logan/Jubilee/Remy

RATING: NC-17 There is SEX and SLASH.

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Jubilee turned at the sudden footsteps behind her.

"LOGAN! You came back for me!" She flung herself into the small man's arms.

"Of course I did, darlin', I love you." He looked her straight in the eyes and she could feel his desire burning there.

"Oh Logan.." She lifted his lips to meet his and they kissed in a heated embrace.

Suddenly she felt hands run down her arms, stepping back from hesitantly from the embrace she looked up into red-on-k eyk eyes. Remy's hair swung gently as they danced.

"Ah, chere, you have made dis t'ief de happiest Cajun in de world." He flashed a smile at her and twirled her out.

As she came back to the man she loved she looked up and saw her reflection in his red glasses.

"Jubilee, you have grown into a beautiful, powerful woman." Scott smiled down at her as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his lips to hers.

She twirled the fur gently beneath her fingers as he pulled back from her lips.

"Ms. Lee, I must say there is nothing I would rather do then explore the wonders of couplation." He lowered her gently to the couch as his lips found her neck.

She gasped with pleasure as she felt his hands roam down her back.

"Oh, Bobby!" She gasped as she looked down as his hands found their way under her shirt.

"Jubes, you are the best looking babe I know." Bobby's had cupped her breast as he massaged it gently.

"Your move Jubilation." The Professor's voice came to her suddenly.

She looked across the chess board and smiled at him as he took her hand.



"What is that Professor?" Jubilee looked around concerned.



"Jubilee!! Wake up damnit!!" She heard Logan's voice and sat up suddenly in her bed.

Looking over she saw the alarm clock flashing 6:30AM. Groaning she reachedr anr and PAFFED it before colapsing back onto her bed.

She stared at the ceiling thinking about her dream. Damn, she thought, I need to find myself a boyfriend of my own. It wasn't so bad when she just dreamed about one of the X-Men but a dream about all of them, that couldn't be normal.

She pulled herself reluctantly out of bed and headed for a nice cold shower.


"Mornin', pet'te, lookin' fresh." Reookeooked at her over the top of his coffee mug as she came into the kitchen. His eyes lingered only momentarily over her Power Puff Girls tank top.

"Thanx, Cajun, where're the others at?" Jubilee slid onto the stool next to him at the counter with her bowl of cereal. She smiled at him remembering her dream and felt her body flush slightly at the thoughts it provoked.

"De femmes be gone fa de weekend, dinna dey tell ya? Dey went on de spa retreat."

Jubilee's face fell slightly. She remembered now, they had asked her to go but she had promised Wolvie that she would go fishing with him. She adored him but the spa trip sounded like so much more fun. Oh well, maybe this fishing trip would prove more promising then the past ones, maybe he would realize she was growing up for once.

Just then Logan stomped into the kitchen from outside covered in mud with small twigs hanging from his hair. Grumbling he pushed past thewardwards the coffee pot which he promptly drained without the aid of a cup.

"Umm... Wolvie?.. What'd ya do go rollin in the mud?" Jubilee stifled a giggle as she plucked a twig out of his hair and twirled in around in her fingers. Despite the dirt she felt herself sigh inwardly, he was so sexy.

"Funny, dahlin'." He growled at her as he attempted to sit on one of the kitchen chair only to find her holding his arm tightly.

"Nuh uh, Jean'll have your ass if you mess up the furniture. You need a bath." Jubilee tugged him in the direction of the guy's shower room.

Yanking his arm away from her he growled threateninly as he heador tor the showers. "I'm too old ta need a wet nurse."

Giggling to herself, Jubilee turned to see Remy staring at her oddly. "Whatcha lookin' at?" She watched at the Cajun, upon realizing what he had been doing, masked his face.

"Nuttin', pet'te. Dis t'ief jus' noticin' how much you been growin' up." He smiled charmingly at her. "Remy dink he should follow in Logan's footsteps, now doh." He detached himself from his coffee mug and headed out of the kitchen the way Logan had left.

As Jubilee watched him go she couldn't help but watch the way his ass moved in his loose silk 'jammie bottoms. Blushing to herself she recalled her dream and wondered slightly if anyone else had picked it up. But, no, Jean was at the spa and the Professor had gone to a meeting in Washington again, no loose telepaths to sneak into her mind.

She let her mind wander slightly, something she hadn't done for some time, and felt herself grow warm and wet. Running her hand lightly over her breasts she thought of Logan and Remy in the shower, beads of water running down their hard bodies. Her nipples grew hard under her slight touch and she shivered with need. It wouldn't hurt to just go peak.. would it? Just to have a quick glance to see if her fantasies came anywherose ose to the truth.

She stole a glance around the kitchen just to be sure no one else had come in. Scott was probably out running and Hank was probably locked away in his lab again. Smiling to herself she crept down the hall towards the shower room. No harm in looking, right?


Logan grunted as he smelled Remy enter the shower room. "Finally decided ta get rid of that smell, Cajun?"

Ignoring his comment, Remy began sudsing his body. "De pet'te iallyally growing up, eh?" He chuckled slightly as he watched Logan turn to him with a promise of death in his eyes.

"Ya better keep yer dirty hands offa her if ya know whats good for ya." Logan growled deeply under his breath as his eyes roamed the taller man's body.

Remy looked down at him through lowered eyelids and smirked sexily. Walking up to him, he ran a finger down his chest to rest at the top of his pubic hair. His tongue peaked out from between two glistening wet . ". "An' where should I put them, chere?"

A gasp from the doorway caught their attention and they both turned to see a very flushed Jubilee leaning against the doorway. Her eyes had a glazed over look and the steam from the showers moistened her tank top so it clung to her body showing off two proud hard nipples.

Remy smiled at her and gave her a little wink as Logan pushed the Cajun aside and attempted to cover himself with a washcloth. Failing miserably. "Jubilee, what the hell are you doin' in here?!" He looked at her face and immediately shut his mouth, she was ogling them!

She adverted her eyes quickly only to find herself staring straight at the lap of a smirking Cajun. Her gaze locked and all she could do was stutter incoherently. "I.. uh.. umm.. I.. ya see.. uh.. kitchen.. towel.. sausage.. big.. umm.."

Remy watched the exchange with a wicked gleam in his eye. Sauntering over to Logan, and taking Jubilee's gaze with him, he licked the older man's rough cheek as he pried the towel from hingeingers. Seeing Jubilee's eyes widen he supposed two laps were now in her gaze. He lowered his hand into her field of vision and motioned to her to come into the shower room. Her gazed shifted upwards as she looked first at Remy's face then Logan's.

That whole time Logan just stood there. For once he didn't know what to do, his firecracker was standing there, leering over his body. It couldn't be happening she was too young. She was only.. 18? Was she 18 already?

As he watched her raise her gaze to his face he felt himself throb harder. No, this was Jubilee, his sidekick, he didn't feel that way about her.. did he? While his brain protested sharply his body had other things in mind, and so did the Cajun.

Looking over at his lover, he realized Remy knew exactly what he was doing. He had noticed before any of them just how grown up Jubilee was getting. He had noticed and prepared. He knew what she wanted, and he knew what Logan wanted as well. The lust was apparent in his eyes as he fixed his gaze on Logan's face - he wanted them both.


She hesitantly stepped forward into the tiled room. What was she doing? Wolvie was going to kill her! She shouldn't be in here! Wolvie's not a short man! She knew why Remy was a lady's man! Thoughts raced through her mind as her eyes wandered over the bodies of the two naked, dripping wet me in front of her.

Remy's hair was slick and clinging to his neck. Water beads ran down his lean, nude body. The soft hair on his chest was matted down slightly from the moisture and his nipples were hardened. As her eyes reached his waist she did indeed begin to realize why all the women loved him. His 8" member bobbed out in front of him as it rose from a patch of brown pubic hair. It was long and thin, its head gleamed reddish in the low lighting of the room. She felt a tremor go through her body as she sought to imagine how it would feel in her hand.

Logan stood shorter then the other man but was no less gorgeous. His normally untamed hair was plastered to his head. A coating of hair that only stopped once it reached his penis covered his body. His penis was the most amazing sight, it stood proudly, jutting out of his lap, begging for attention. It was a solid 7" and easily had twice if not three times the girth of Remy's. Her mind reeled at the thought of Logan, her mentor, her Wolvie, standing there before her, naked.

Her fingers ached to touch herself. The crotch of her jammie bottoms felt soaked already and her body temperature was rising by the minute. She didn't even realize how close she was to the two naked men until she stood merely an arm's length from them.

"I.. uh.. guys.. uh.." She stuttered trying to find something to say, only to be cut off by a finger on her lips. She looked into the Cajun's smiling eyes as he closed the distance between them.

"No words are necessary pet'te." He smiled down at her as he felt his penis rub against her stomach. She trembled as she leaned forward, unsure of what to do, only knowing what she wanted.

Removing his finger from her lips, Remy lowered his mouth to capture hers in a lock of pure passion. He pulled her body close against his, enjoying the feeling of her two swollen breasts pushed against him. His hardness was trapped between them, rubbing against her stomach, the friction was close to driving him crazy.

He broke the kiss slightly as he titled her head back to kiss and nibble lightly on her neck. She looked over his shoulder to see Logan standing there, staring at them.

Blushing fiercely she pulled back slightly from the Cajun. "Non, pet'te, tonight you are a woman." He whispered into her ear as he knelt down pulling her top over her head. Her breasts bounced slightly as they were freed from the wet cloth. Without wasting a breath Remy capture one dark nipple in his mouth as his hand kneaded the other one.

She moaned and dropped her head back, gasping for breath in the steamy area. Logan, watching the exchange, had been unsure of what action to take. But as her young breasts came into sight his breath caught in his throat and he walked towards her swiftly. Taking her moaning mouth in his, he let his tongue roam her mouth as handsands wrapped around her from the side, massaging her stomach and ass.


Whimpering she felt Remy pull away from her chest and opened her eyes to see him staring intently at her and Logan. If she had been in control of herself, she might have blushed, but as things were going her normal self had fled to be replaced by sex-craving animal who felt despairingly empty without his mouth on her flesh. Reaching up to cup his face she shivered as he kissed her palm.

"Pet'te, meybe we should take dis lil' partee into de bedroom?" He quirked an eyebrow and Logan who was only half paying attention to the exchange nodded his assent. Looking over the two briefly, he picked up Jubilee's shirt and guided them out the door and down the hallway to his room.

Logan half carried - half dragged Jubilee as the Cajun ushered them out, he barely noticed where they were going, Jubilee's scent and heat was taking over his mind. He had always loved her, and feared that when she grew up they would grow distant. Now that this fear was proven false he had no plans on letting her go soon. Setting her slowly back onto a bed in the room they had arrived he drank in the sight of her body.

She lay their shivering from the cold air on her damp body as well as her need and desire to be touched. Her breasts collapsed back against her body leaving her chest smooth other then two perky, hard nipples jutting out, begging to be touched. Her pale silky stomach disappeared beneath her jammie bottoms that now clung to her wet body. Logan's handsmed med down her sides, tracing the curve of her form. Placing his fingers underneath the waist if her bottoms he pulled them down as she lifted her hips to help him.

Remy stood at the closed door drinking in the sight of his lover atop the young girl. They had been together off and on for months, neither ready commit but neither ready to give up what they had either. He had known, he had always known, that Jubilee held a spot in Logan's heart that he could never touch. He saw the older man's attraction to the girl, even when he didn't see it himself. She was small and delicate on the outside but if you pushed the right buttons she was sure to go off like the firecrackers she wields.

Sauntering over to the bed Remy stretched himself along the headboard, above Jubilee's head. Running his fingers through her short hair and over her face he watched as Logan began to explore her virgin warmth. She looked up at him through foggy eyes and gave him a lop-sided grin. Normally he would have chuckled, but he knew what the finger of his lover could do.

She felt Logan enter a finger into her warm tunnel and arched her back at the more then welcome invasion. Capturing one of the thief's lean fingers in her mouth she sucked on it sensually. She felt the need within her grow and turned her eyes pleadingly towards the Cajun. Surely he would help her? Love her? Tell Logan to go faster?

He grinned down at her, knowing her desire, and lowered his lips to hers, engulfing her mouth in a passionate kiss. Tongue twined together and danced about in their mouths. He broke the kiss and gasped as he felt a small hand close around his throbbing hard-on. Jubilee smiled at him briefly before lifting her head to initiate another kiss with him.

Logan looked up from between Jubilee's legs to see the Cajun kissing her as she stroked his hard-on. His own penis jumped at the sight of his lover and his love. Kneeling on the bed he captured one of her nipples in his mouth as h positioned himself at her entrance. He listened to her heartbeat, waiting for the perfect moment to enter her. She was a virgin and the last thing he ever wanted was to cause her pain. Hearing her heartbeat grow as steady as it could he plunged into her, squeezing her breasts.

Jubilee broke Remy's kiss and gasped in pain and immediate pleasure as she felt Logan's think rod enter her. She looked down at him lovingly and thanked all the gods that he was her first. Swiftly she was wrapped up in pleasure as he pulled out of her only to enter again and begin thrusting into her smoothly. Turning to Remy's hardened penis she drew it into her mouth, wanting to return some of the pleasure.

Remy's throat caught when she took him into her mouth. Her inexperience showed but that did not deplete the sensation of he hot small mouth around his long cock. Soon he found himself thrusting into her mouth in time to Logan's thrusts. Looking at his lover making love to the girs tos too much for him and within minutes he found himself pulling out of Jubilee's mouth to ejaculate on the bed and her chest.

Logan smelled the cum on Jubilee's chest and licked at it lovingly as he felt his balls tighten. With one last thrust he pushed his seed into her small body as he felt her contract around his penis in her own waves of bliss.


Remy looked over Jubilee's naked sleeping body to watch Logan rest peacefully. She had passed out soon after they had made love, falling into Logan's arms while he stretched out on the other side of the bed. Smiling to himself he noticed Logan's irregular breathing and realized he wasn't the only one still awake. It was early afternoon and he for one wasn't going to waste all day lying in bed.

Stretching his arms above his head he toppled out of bed landing gracefully on his feet. Walking over to his dresser he posed in front of the mirror watching a grin spread on Logan's face.

"Chere, de petite is a lil' tired, why don't we go finish our shower?" Remy winked seductively at Logan placing his hands on his hips and thrusting his pelvis forward slightly.

Logan growled in response and carefully untangled Jubilee's sleeping form from his body. He watched the Cajun turn around and his eyes locked on his firm, round but. Rising form the bed, he followed Remy out of the room back towards the shower, his gaze never leaving Remy's ass.

Remy chuckled to himself as he glanced back briefly to see Logan stalking him. Logan was the perfect lover, his human side allowed him to savor romance as well as slow sex while his animal side enjoyed taking his lover roughly. Remy loved Logan with all his heart and that only added to the great sex.

Sauntering casually into the shower Remy turned on the facets and turned to face Logan, his hard-on sticking out from his body. Reaching out he grabbed Logan's hand and pulled their bodies together. Grinding his erection against the older man's he let his hands slide around his back to finger Logan's ass.

Logan unsheathed one of his claws and ran it gently down Remy's back, never breaking the skin. "Guess this means ya wanna top this time?"

Remy smiled at Logan's question and in response spun him around and quickly knocked his legs out form under him, sending the old man to the floor. Kneeling her behind him he pulled Logan's ass into the air and wrapped an arm around his waist to massage his penis.

Logan moaned deeply and ran his hand over the tiled floor. His body tensed slightly as he felt his lover press a wet finger into his ass but years of experience let him relax enough to enjoy the sensation.

Pushing his ass higher in the air Logan growled, "Get on with it Cajun, I want it hard and fast."

Remy smirked at hearing the other man's words and moved forward pushing the head of his penis against Logan's asshole. "Are you sure, chere?" His voice mocked Logan affectionately and just as Logan was about to reply his slammed his dick deep into his lover's ass.

Logan let out a deep rumble as he felt Remy's dick fill his ass. "Ye-ess..." His eyelids fluttered as he reached to grab his now neglected dick.

A hand slapped him away. "Non, chere, no touching."

Growling impatiently Logan pulled himself forward and thrust himself back onto Remy's dick causing a gasp from the man. "Then you better start moving, Gumbo!"

Remy grabbed Logan's hips tightly, not worrying about bruising the man, and began slamming his cock into the other man's ass hitting his prostrate multiple time. Logan growled deep into his throat and began clenching his muscles around Remy's cock.

"Chere, I don't know how much longer I can last." Remy ran his hand over his lover's back as he slammed into Logan so hard their balls slapped together.

"That's right, Cajun, fill me with your cum." Logan clamped his muscles down on the thief's dick hard and felt the orgasm before he even heard Remy scream.

As his cum pumped into Logan, Remy slumped over his lover only vaguely aware Logan hadn't cum yet.

Shifting so that Remy fell to the side Logan sat up and looked down at the spent body of his lover. Logan went to kneel my Remy's head and straddled his face. "Let me see you lips around my hard cock.."

Obediently Remy wrapped his flushed lips around Logan's cock and began sucking it in.

"Oh yeah.. deep throat me.." Logan put his hands on the back of Remy's head and pushed him forward slightly, encouraging the Cajun to take his whole cock in.

Wrapping a hand around the older man's balls, Remy bent forward taking in the whole length of the man's cock and the pulled out again. Wrapping his lips around the penis's head he swiveled his tongue quickly drawing a surprised gasp out of Logan.

"Fuck yeah.. not much longer.. suck me hard.." Logan's head rolled back as Remy attacked his penis within moments he was cascading over the edge. "Uhhnn!"

Remy greedily swallowed everyone drop of his lover's cum before clasping back onto the floor. Logan joined him and they laid there curled around each other with warm water beating down on them.

"Chere, de petite may be a powerful aphrodisiac." Remy murmured sleepily into Logan's chest remembering the look on Logan's face as they had fucked her.

Logan grunted and hugged Remy tighter. "Don't yer worry I wouldn't trade ya in for the world."

Remy smiled sleepily. "Je taime."

Logan brushed a stray hair away from his lover's sleeping face. "I love yer too."

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