The Paff to Glory

BY : tamaleKnight
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"The Paff to Glory"
Tamale Knight

Jubilation Lee, aka Jubilee, ex-mallrat/valley girl, now mutant sometime-leader of Generation X, one of the few groups to which she actually belongs. Like her, they are mutants. Like her, they are outcasts. Like her, they are teenagers. Like her, they sometimes need their space.

At this moment, Angelo Espinosa, also known as Skin, is off with Sean Cassidy, headmaster of the Massachussets Academy and like the rest, also a mutant. Mr. Cassidy calls himself Banshee for his ability to emit a kind of sonic scream which allows him to perform all kinds of sound-based feats. A mutation like that kind of makes Skin's six feet of stretchy, prehensile extra skin seem kind of lame by comparison, at least according to most of the other Gen-Xers. Jonothan Starsmore, also called Chamber, and Paige Guthrie, also called Husk, are with proprietress and headmistress Emma Frost, purchasing new gadgets and gizmos for Paige to play with. Jubilee herself just got back from a week-long stay with the X-Men. However, there is one member of the team who hasn't had any time off--Monet St. Croix, called M by everybody else. They Poy Poppins of mutants. Practically perfect in every way, and not ashamed to let everyone know it. Jubilee didn't feel like messing with her, so she stayed outside, perusing a book on a subject she'd become interested in while sitting in on a conversation between Jean Grey (Phoenix) and Hank McCoy (Beast). Namely, psychology. For privacy's sake, she was doing her reading in a tree. Unfortunately, it was Monet's favorite climbing tree. Through a break in the ls, ss, she saw the dark-skinned young woman stor acr across the lawn toward the tree.

"Oh, boy." Jubilee muttered, pushing the heart-shaped sunglasses she'd bought in Westchester back up the bridge of her petite little Asian nose. She sat up and scratched the skin where the bark had irritated her beneath the exposed midriff provided by the Hello Kitty crop-top she wore above her Daisy Dukes. Jubilee knew if she ran, Monet would just use her powers to catch up with her. Either flying or running really fast, her choice. Best to stand her ground now instead. She put a Bugs Bunny bookmark in her book and closed it so she wouldn't lose her place.

"What are you doing in my tree?" Monet demanded.

"And you have the nerve to call ME immature?" Jubilee asked. "You didn't even put down your coloring book, Little Miss Watermelon Festival." Monet's beautiful, chocolate-colored face distorted into a scowl, and a lock of jet-black hair fell into her face before being brushed away. She floated up to eye level, glaring into Jubilee's almond-shaped eyes.

"This. Is. My. Tree." Monet said dangerously.

"I don't see your name on it." Jubilee retorted. Not good, she thought. Slipping back into my old habits.

"You really ought to listen to that little voice in your head." Monet said.

"Stay out of my head, M." Jubilee scowled. She liked her privacy, and her mind was one of her most private places. Even the most powerful telepath in the world, Charles Xavier, had the simple courtesy to leave her private thoughts alone.

"If you want me to stay out of your head, little girl, then stay out of my tree."

Jubilee's eyes narrowed dangerously. She hated being called "little girl." It oftenve hve her to do things she would regret later. Her powers flared. Monet's body was damn near indestructible, but she could still be dazzled by a brief but intense sound-and-light show, which Jubilee was more than capable of providing with a simple "paff" from her fingertips. Monet fell, and Jubilee swung down from her perch. Monet shook her head in an attempt to clear it. Jubilee waited until she saw the whites of Monet's eyes, then paffed again. Monet stumbled back, dazzled again. Jubilee kept up her audiovisual barrage, weaving her exploding plasmoids into a spiral pattern. Monet went limp but stared blankly at the light display.

Jubilee got a wicked idea.

"Look at the spiral, Monet." she said. "The spiral is hypnotizing you. You cannot look away, and you cannot resist. You are being hypnotized. You are becoming a slave. My slave. When that happens, all you own, all you are, will belong to me. You will be unable to disobey, or even think of disobeying, or think any disloyal thought. You will become my adoring pet. My life will be primary in importance, even above your own. You will be unable to harm me, or through inaction, allow me to be harmed, unless I command otherwise. As I count down from ten, these commands will burn themselves into your mind, and when I reach zero, you will acknowledge your new Mistress. Ten... nine... eight... seven... six... five... four... three... two... one... zero." She stopped using her powers. Monet's mouth worked weakly, clumsily, but finally she was able to utter a single word...

"Mis...tress." she said. As her frazzled, dazzled mind began to work again, she struggled to her knees, kneeling humbly before Jubilee.

Jubilee patted Monet on the head. She was probably going to regret this when Ms. Frost found out, but she suspected by the time the White Queen came back, she would think of a way out of it.

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