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Part 1
Pyro had figured his little escapade with Heat would be a one time thing. Just a one night stand. Yet when Heat had driven him back to the club the next morning to retrieve his car, there had been some sort of conversation that led to the exchange of phone numbers. Pyro didn't remember the details of the conversation very well; he was still mostly asleep. Fucking all night is hard work.

This exchange was followed by a lot - a LOT - of booty calls, on the parts of both Heat and Pyro. They both agreed that the sex was absolutely incredible, and being two horny young men, couldn't get enough of it. Pyro initially worried that Magneto might object, or at least care in some way, but he didn't in the least. In fact, Magneto seemed almost glad that Pyro was gone most of the time; he and Mystique had more important things to worry about than the care and feeding of a rebellious teenage boy.

The sex-with-seemingly-no-strings-attached deal seemed quite ideal for Pyro. That way, if he wanted, he could fuck around with anyone else he pleased without any consequences. He had originally intended to do just that, but quickly realized that there was no one else he wanted to fuck around with. Why should he need to, after all? Heat was more than enough. And, of course, in the current deal, Heat also had the freedom to mess around with whomever he pleased. And whoa, whoa, whoa. Why was that thought suddenly so… problematic? Sha had had never been one of Pyro's strong points. Pyro felt his temper surge at the mere thought of anyone else laying a hand on Heat. Problematic indeed. Possessiveness and jealousy were supposedly not included in a sex-with-no-strings-attached deal. It wasn't helping that lately Heat had been calling him for reasons other than getting laid, and that Pyro was doing the same. Pyro called Heat for advice on the best ways to mod the engine of his red Corvette (well, technically, it was Magneto's, but Pyro decided that it was his). Heat started insisting that Pyro go with him to his performances.

So all this increased contact with Heat resulted in Pyro becoming furiously possessive. At the last club he'd gone to with Heat, a girl had gone up to him and started flirting with him in the I-intend-to-have-sex-with-you-tonight way. While Heat hadn't gone along with it, he'd done nothing to stop it either. Enraged, Pyro set her skirt on fire and she ran screaming to the bathroom. Heat laughed.

And now Pyro was sitting in his the living room of Magneto and Mystique's apartment playing Street Fighter on his Game Boy Advance, waiting with slight nervousness for Heat to call.

When he'd finally finished modding the engine of his car, he and Heat had talked they'd made a little bet. Heat had pointed out that, even though the Corvette's engine had been well-modified, the Supra was still an overall superior car and could race laps around it any day. Pyro had informed him that he was just being a cocky little prick and didn't want to admit that the Corvette could wipe its ass with the Supra any day of the week. Heat had then told Pyro he probably didn't have the balls to actually race it anyway, so it wasn't even an issue. Eternally competitive, Pyro immediately challenged Heat to a race. Heat had seemed overjoyed about this, and added that the prize was that the winner got to have his absolute way with the loser. Pyro had felt a thrill race up his spine; god he hoped he'd win. Thoughts of Heat, handcuffs, lit candles, and chocolate had danced through his brain.

Pyro had lost. Quite badly. Heat wastatstatic. It was probably the only time Pyro could think of when he really didn't mind losing.

The phone rang and Pyro started so badly he dropped his Game Boy.

"Hey, Pyro," Heat's voiced teased through the phone, "We're going out tonight."


"Just a club, where I'll be claiming my prize," Heat responded, chuckling with a mixture of lust and evil.

Part 2

The door of the private VIP room clicked shut behind Heat, and he slunk closer to his prize.

“So. What are you going to do to me?” Pyro asked rather arrogantly, trying not to sound overly excited and nervous.

“Oh I can’t tell you in advance. That would spoil all the fun, now wouldn’t it?” Heat purred. He kissed Pyro, surprisingly gently. Pyro’s long eyelashes fluttered down as he leaned into Heat’s unusually soft kiss, tongue edging out to caress his lips. Heat parted his lips and allowed Pyro to deepen the kiss, at the same time maneuvering him backward, until he was nicely positioned under a chandalier-like light fixture. Pyro barely noticed that they had moved until Heat slowly broke the kiss. His hands slid down Pyro’s chest, unbuttoning the red silk shirt and sliding it over his shoulders until it dropped to the floor with a sibilant rustle.

"Just stand there. Don't move. And keep your eyes cd,"d," Heat ordered, his voice taking on a harder edge.

Pyro hated being bossed around, even when he knew that, in this case, the bossing around would lead to mind-blowing sex. He had made a deal, though, so he reluctantly closed his eyes. He felt Heat's hands sliding over him, pulling his arms up over his head until his wrists brushed against the low-hanging light fixture. Then, the feeling of cold metal circling his wrists. Click.

"Open your eyes." Pyro did, and tried to move toward Heat, only to find that his wrists had been securely handcuffed to the light fixture. This was not exactly the Heat/handcuffs scenario he'd had in mind. The cold metal dug into his wrists as he watched Heat slowly look him up and down.

"That's how I like you," Heat purred, hands grasping the bottom of his tight t-shirt. He began to peel it off, very slowly. Pyro watched intently as Heat's smooth, caramel skin was revealed inch by inch. Once the shirt hit the floor, Heat began to unbutton his red cargo pants, equally slowly. Pyro swallowed hard, loving the little show he was getting. His eyes were all over Heat; the sight of him slowly stripping was more than enough to give Pyro an aching hard-on. The cargo pants didn't come off, though. They stayed on, first few buttons undone. Enough for Pyro to see that Heat wasn't wearing any underwear. Pyro pulled feebly at the handcuffs; he wanted nothing more than to grab Heat, pin him down, and fuck him until he couldn't walk. Sensing Pyro agitation, Heat slid over to him and pressed against him teasingly.

“We’ll have to make bets more often, won’t we?”

Snarky responses sprang automatically into Pyro’s mind, but quickly dissipated when Heat took his full lower lip between his teeth, and bit down. Hard. Pyro squirmed from the stinging pain, but was soothed as Heat ran his tongue over the newly formed cuts. Heat continued to nip and tongue at Pyro’s lips, never moving quite close enough for a full kiss. Pyro reciprocated as best he could, sliding his tongue over Heat‘s. The rapidly heating metal of the cuffs dug painfully into the tender undersides of his wrists as he attempted to press himself closer to Heat. As Heat moved, the head of his cock grazed against Pyro’s hip, beckoning him to move in fully and grind himself against Pyro. He pulled away abruptly before the temptation became too strong.

A small sound of protest bubbled from Pyro’s lips before he choked it back, and met Heat’s red gaze defiantly. Heat just smirked rather cruelly before turning his back to Pyro and slowly inching his pants down. He bent sinuously at the waist as he did so, showing off the firm curves of his ass. Gracefully stepping out his pants, Heat turned sharply when he heard an ominous creak from the ceiling to which Pyro was chained as he pulled painfully hard on the tightly fastened cuffs. He chuckled, noticing the bright red lines beginning to appear on Pyro’s wrists. To add insult to injury, Heat wrapped his fingers around his own cock, gasping involuntarily at his own touch.

“You fucking bastard,” Pyro snarled in disbelief, his temper rapidly rising at the thought that Heat had set all this up for no reason other than to jerk off while staring at him. That and his cock was practically screaming for attention. Heat slowly slid his fist up and down, fingertips lingering on the head, collecting drops of pre-cum. Unperturbed by Pyro’s swearing and threats (some of which he rather hoped would be followed through upon), Heat slithered through the distance between himself and Pyro, and ran his slick fingers over Pyro’s swollen, red lips. They parted obediently, and Heat watched intently as Pyro’s full lips slid down the entire length of his fingers. Slid all the way back up to the tips, at which point Heat swore loudly when Pyro’s teeth sank into his frtiprtips, nearly breaking the skin. Heat was somewhat amused; that saying about biting the hand that feeds popped into his head, and he almost giggled.

His other hand reached around to Pyro’s ass, pressing his fingertips insistently into the soft, firm flesh, taking a firm grip. Moving fully behind Pyro, Heat pushed his newly slicked fingers into him without warning, drawing a startled, obscenity-laced yelp from Pyro. Oh, it gets better, Heat thought greedily, and at a thought his free hand burst into flame.

Pyro hadn’t thought it was physically possible to become any more aroused than he currently was and not have an orgasm, but he was quickly proven wrong when he felt the soft, tantalizing warmth of flames teasing the skin on his back. He couldn’t see the fire, and therefore couldn’t control it. Heat moved his hand skillfully; he allowed the flames to linger in one place long enough for Pyro to feel them, but not long enough to burn. Pyro was making sounds now, too far gone to care about any dignity or defiance. A delicious arrangement of moans, gasps, and whimpers was coaxed out of him as Heat allowed the flames to slip up onto his neck, and down onto his ass and thighs. He was moving it slower now, and Pyro began to feel the hot, agonizing tingle of first-degrees burns dance across his back, and in his wrists as well, as the flames began to stroke the metal of the cuffs.

“Ahh!” Pyro cried out, “Heat, you asshole, oh my fucking god… don’t stop…”

The rest trailed off into another tirade of unintelligible sounds. Removing his fingers from Pyro’s ass and wrapping them around his cock again, Heat leaned forward and brushed his lips over the edge of Pyro’s ear. Pyro protested angrily at the removal of Heat’s fingers.

“What was that, Pyro? Something you want me to do?” Heat purred, and extinguished the fire. Pyro was both relieved and disappointed; it hurt, but god, it was so soft… like thousands of silky fingers stroking him everywhere, exactly the way he wanted.

“Don’t… don’t stop…” Pyro gasped out. Even in his dazed state, he still refused to give into begging. At least for the moment.

“Stop what?” Heat continued maddeningly, removing his hands entirely from Pyro’s body.

Pyro took a moment to collect himself in attempt to make his following words sound somewhat commanding. “Fuck me, you teasing bastard. And…” Well, the idea of sounding demanding was rapidly going to hell. “And… use… use the fire…” Pyro couldn’t even count the number of times that he’d used fire to get himself off; the softness of it, the way it yielded to his every command, took whatever form he commanded… it never failed to make him crazy. Having someone else’s fire touch his body was achingly better, though, in the same way that someone else’s hand is often an improvement over one’s own. And, holy fuck, it was so fucking good.

No fire came. Instead he received a sharp, ringing slap on the ass.

“You are no position to be ordering me around, you little slut,” Heat responded, quietly but dangerously, “If you want it, you better fucking ask nicely. Very nicely.”

“Fuck me… please?” Pyro ventured hopefully, very nearly desperate enough to start grovelling.

Another slap, even harder than the first. Pyro bit his lip to keep from crying out.

“Mean it!” Heat practically yelled.

That slap and roughing up was the last straw; Pyro needed to come, and needed it now. His erection was becoming borderline painful and it certainly wasn’t going to get any less so if Heat kept slapping him like that. Well, two can play this game, Pyro thought.

Pyro slowly parted his lips, and licked them, which he knew Heat could at least partially see from over his shoulder.

“Heat…” he moaned breathily, “oh god, please! Fuck me!”

Pyro felt Heat’s breathing and body temperature kick up a notch; they’d be on equal ground very soon. The head of Heat’s cock teased Pyro’s ass, almost pressing in, as Heat continued, “How do you want it, slut?”

“Make me scream,” was Pyro’s sultry response.

Heat eagerly complied, and violently thrust himself into Pyro’s body. Pyro let out a muffled cry from the pain of rough, unprepared entry, but Heat gave him no time to recover as he continued his forceful movements.

“Oh god… yes… Heat… fuck me harder,” Pyro moaned as tears began to pop from the corners of his eyes.

Heat pounded him ferociously, one hand holding Pyro’s hip painfully tight, the other hand sparked into flame again, complying with Pyro’s earlier request. Pyro did scream as Heat layed his entire burning hand on Pyro’s back, square between his shoulder blades. He barely had time to process what happened before he noticed that hand snaking around in front of him, reaching slowly for his cock. Pyro used what tiny amount of rational thought he still had left to tame the fire, gentle it so it could touch him painlessly. Seconds later, Heat closed his flame-engulfed hand around Pyro’s cock, and that was all it took. He screamed again, muscles tensing violently, skin on his wrists finally breaking, as his orgasm roared through him, bursting from the tip of his cock and landing his chest and part of his neck.

Heat continued to pound him, his breaths laced with moans as his own orgasm grew dangerously close.

“Oh fuck… you slut… so fucking good!” was Heat’s final exclamation before yelling a string of profanities and rocking against Pyro’s body as he gave into his own orgasm.

Gasping for breath, Heat leaned his head on Pyro’s shoulder as he reached up to undo the clasp on the cuffs. The released with a soft click, and Heat was barely able to catch Pyro before he slumped to the ground. Laying on the soft carpet, Heat grinned triumphantly at Pyro.

“Ah, I love it when you lose,” he laughed.

Under normal circumstances, Pyro probably would’ve tried to punch him for that, but in this case he couldn’t help but agree. Instead, he found himself smiling before he could stop himself.

“Turn over”, Heat asked. Pyro complied, and Heat’s eyes lit up at the sight of the red handprint burned onto Pyro’s upper back. He hoped it would leave a scar.

Pyro squirmed slightly as Heat gently ran his fingertips over the damaged flesh.

“We should probably get this taken care of of,” Heat suggested, almost feeling a slight twinge of guilt.

With a grunt, Pyro rather painfully turned to face Heat. Heat’s eyes were drawn to the lines, partially cut and partially burned, that encircled Pyro’s wrists like bracelets, decorated with delicate drops of blood.

“What, so first you abuse me to get your rocks off, and now you want to play nursemaid?” Pyro laughed as his hand somehow found its way into Heat’s.

“Oh, so now you’re complaining? As I recall, you were begging not 20 minutes ago,” Heat retorted, running his thumb over the back of Pyro’s hand.

“No no, I’m not complaining at all,” Pyro exclaimed, “All I’m saying is what goes around comes around. Now let’s revisit this ‘nursemaid’ idea…”

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