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The Warpath Journal
By: DazzSummers

Chapter One: Freedom


Ororo Munroe believes in freedom. Freedom from oppression, freedom from prejustice, freedom from slavery, freedom of clothing, freedom of love, and the freedom of sex. Freedom is on thing she loves and that is one of the things she and the young James Proudstar have in common. It was on her request the young Native American agreed to come to the Xavier’s Institute. A remembrance for John Proudstar, a second generation X-Man, and the first to lose his life for the dream, it was a small service to the memory of John, James’s older brother, who died what seemed to most a lifetime ago.

Afterwards all went they’re separate ways, with Warpath the name James adopted as a member of X-Force, agreed to spend a few days there. But he refused to stay in the mansion, instead would use the boathouse.

He tosses his heavy bags to the door and slowly places the key in its slot and opens it. Grabbing his bags he tosses them onto the bed. He unzips the large one and pulls out a picture frame. In it being three pictures, one of him and John, another of him and Siryn also known as Theresa Rouke who was presently a member of the X-Corporation. The third and final picture was of him and Risque, a young girl he had feelings for and had died months earlier as a member of the same X-Corporation. She was the reason he didn’t want to come to the mansion, she was killed while on a secret mission for Charles Xavier, the head master of the Xavier Institute, founder of both the infamous X-Men, fledgling X-Force, the international X-Corporation, and many other groups using the symbol X. The importance of the symbol being not in the name Xavier, but the x-factor gene all mutants like James carried and made him different from all those around him. He grabs his bags and drags them to the floor; he removes the shape-fitting shirt and lays it on the bags. James sits on the bed and removes the large x-force emblemed boots and slowly stands allowing an easy transition where his pants slide to the floor. Naked, he loved being in the nude, James is extremely proud of his body as he takes a glance in the mirror. And why shouldn’t I be he thinks to himself, as he looks over the chizelled muscles and even his un-eroused cock was something to be proud of. Lying against his leg and stretching eight inches in length, and often it had a mind of it's own.

He had often thought if that was one of the reasons Siryn and Risque were so into him. After all he knew how to satisfy a woman with or without his enourmous penis. He had been taught well, by the White Queen of the Hellfire club, Emma Frost. The secondary reason why he didn’t want to stay at the mansion, Emma was now a teacher at the institute. And what a teacher she is James thinks to himsel
The third reason, the kids, the Xavier institute was now crawling with young mutants and James didn’t feel like being bothered by them.

He lies back on the bed and tries to think with so many reasons not to be here, why he agreed to stay for a while.

Ororo was the only reason he could think of. A woman he had a crush on from the first moment he laid eyes upon her. Anotheconecond generation X-Man Ororo Munroe, also known as Storm, was one of the few X-Men he actually trusted. She, herself, only coming back to the Institute for his brother’s memorial service and a show of respect. She had been off leading a team of X-Men in a search of books, diaries of a woman who could see the future. But as he has learned, that quest has taken on an unforeseen ending. And the rest of the X-Treme X-Men would be back at the mansion soon.

James tried to put her out of his mind but it was not going to work, as his cock was beginning to become aroused. James was attracted to her on many levels. They were one and the same, in the way they wanted to live their lives. Her caring personality was another; Ororo Munroe was a true friend to all that showed her the same respect. The last reason and the most obvious reason even to a blind man, Ororo was a goddess. Her beauty was unmatched by most all, with or without her mutant powers; she is still a goddess in many people’s eyes.

moremore he thought about her, the more aroused he got, his cock still not at it’s fullest was now reaching eleven inches. His hand grasped it and slowly began to move it back and forth. When their came a knock at the door, forgetting the possibilities of it being one of the teenagers he leapt from his bed to open the door. Swinging it open he makes no attempts to cover himself as young Angel stands there looking at him. Her mouth drops open and her yes glue to his cock.

“Yes,” he asked reaching and placing his hand under her chin, raising it so she is now looking upwards into his eyes. “Can I help you?” Still unable to speak she lowers her head and yet again begins to stare at his huge cock.

“Oh…my…god…your…huge,” she stutters.

“My dear, do you not have nothing better to do,” questions James, again getting her too look up to his eyes.

“I…think I’m in love,” she says staring at him once again.

“Please, your what fifteen,” says James turning and beginning to walk away.

“Yeah, but I’m no virgin,” she says with a smile. “But I’ve never saw one as large as that. I’ve never even heard stories of one like that.”

“As large as what,” asks Ororo walking down the boat ramp in her white button up shirt and Levis.

“Nothing,” says Angel running away. By the time Ororo had got to the door James had returned and was wearing pants and putting a shirt on.

“You really should put that one on a leash,” he smiles stepping out onto the dock.

“I sent her down here and wanted to know if you wanted to go for a walk,” she says pointing at the path heading around the lake.

“Sure,” he smiles, “lead the way.” They exchange smiles as they head off the dock and out into the wilderness. James couldn’t help himself, along the way, his eyes glued to her perfectly round ass.

“I’m sorry about Risque,” says Ororo as they sit tossing rocks into the water. “I wish I could’ve met her.”

“She was a free spirit, much like yourself. I think you two would’ve gotten along perfectly,” he says.

“But your still mad at Xavier,” she questions.

“Not really it’s more of a cover,” he says looking off into the distance. “I blame myself for letting her leave and not leaving X-Force with her. I should have been there for her.”

“It wasn’t your fault,” says Ororo as she slightly touches his hand. He slightly glances down, “You said it yourself she was a free spirit,” says Ororo slowly kissing James on the lips.

The door will most likely never lock again, as James and Ororo knock it in. Both still clothed, with Ororo wrapping herself around his body.

He tosses her onto the bed, quickly he removes both his shirt and pants letting them lay on the floor. At the same time she has unbuttoned her shirt and had just undone her pants and zipper when James’s large hands set down on their rim.

James slowly pulls them down just past her clit as he buries his nose in the small patch of pubic hair and allows his tongue to slowly massage her lips. Ororo grabs at the small amount of hair on his head as he pushes a finger up into her while still licking back and forth. Using his remaining hand and arm to pull the Levi’s from her slender legs.

He wraps his arms around her legs and slowly rubs her stomach and hips as he pushes his tongue back into her. She grabs his ears and the back of his head and tightens her legs burring his tongue and face further into her pubic area.

He tastes her moistness as the sweat begins to role off of her and her muscles begin to tense and she cannot contain it any longer. As her body goes limp and she lies flat on the bed, James knows she has been satisfied. He slowly kisses his way up her ebony skin, getting to her dark nipples he takes each into his mouth before taking his tongue and liking between them all the way to her collarbone.

“Where did you learn to do that,” she asks with one hand on his forehead and the other still hog a g a handful of sheets.

“I had a good teacher,” he says with a nibble on her ear.

“I’d say,” she says with a smile and whips the sweat from her forehead.

“You ready for something else I was taught,” he says with a smile as he stands up from the bed and pulling her along with him.

“Something else,” Ororo says with a grin, as she is pushed up against the kitchen counter. He slowly kisses her neck with her arms wrapped around him, she can feel his erected cock rubbing against the inside of her leg, getting her hotter and hotter on the inside. “I want you inside me,” she mumbles into his ear.

“In due time,” he says lifting her up and setting her on the counter. “Close your eyes.” She does as he wishes and can hear him walk away and get something from the fridge. “Are you ready for me,” he says into her ear.

“Can I open my eyes,” she whispers.

“One moment,” he says. She gets even hotter as his hands spread her legs across the table. She can feel his fingers massage her pubic mound and lips as he slips the small ice cube against her clit giving her an instant orgazism. She lays back onto the counter and pushes her hips and ass off the wood given out a loud moan and screaming “OH MY GOD.”

James steps away and watches as Ororo tries to gain control of her and she can’t stop rubbing her pubic area for a few moments, before laying still.

Her body covered with sweat as she sits up allowing her legs to lay over the edge. Her hair lies over his face with a lot of it sticking to her as she tries to catch her breath. With a smile she says, “Any other tricks.” She can’t stop smiling as she feels the effects of her second orgasism.

“A few,” he smiles, it wasn’t until then she realized she had oragzimed twice and him none. She glances down at the fully erect thirteen-inch cock, and eases herself off the counter. She makes no move to pull the hair from her face, as she grabs him by the arm and pulls him to the bed. She pushes tuscuuscular frame, almost twice her size, down onto the bed as she crawls on top of him.

“Now it’s your turn,” she smiles pushing his arms against the bedposts and ties both up. “It’s my turn to pleasure you,” she says ties his feet down, making in the formation of a giant x.

“What are you about twelve,” she smiles with her hand firmly around his shaft.

“Thirteen to be exact,” he says with a smile and she gives him one to match.

“Amazing,” she thinks to herself. “The most I’ve ever had in me is Hank at ten,” the thought makes her eyes get big as she still massages it.

Ororo crawls her way up onto his waist with one hand reaching between her legs and holding his cock steady. She slowly pushes herself back onto it only allowing a couple inches in at the moment. Something she had not noticed, his girth was also larger than she had ever taken. Ororo’s face shows both pain and pleasure as she can feel herself being stretched by his size. She bites her lower lip as she sets herself even further back onto him. Ororo’s hands grip the headboard and with each slide backwards she takes a little bit more of him into her and she thumps the headboard against the wall. The moaning gets louder as she begins to move further back onto him, before finally taking all of it.

She can tell by the movement of his legs and the tension in his face he was about to explode inside her. With his climax the poles of the headboard crack and brake as his hands grip her hips.

She pulls herself off of him and watches as cum covers his lower stomach. Moving to his pubic area she uses her tongue to clean James wash board stomach before taking his huge cock into her mouth and cleaning the cum from it’s head and shaft. She tries but can only fit a little over half of him into her mouth.

After cleaning him up, Ororo crawls and lies beside him. They share a deep passionate kiss as she gets up and goes to the bathroom.

Moments later, Ororo comes back and lays down next to the nearly asleep James. Pulling a sheet over tf thf them, both quickly fall into slumber.

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