Boat House

BY : DazzSummer
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“Boat House”
By: DazzSummers
Disclaimer: This is fan fiction, I am by no means making money off of this. The characters involved are owned by Marvel Comics, not me.


Xavier's Institute;

Jean Grey, wearing only a bathrobe, walks into the kitchen where her husband Scott Summers sits. "Did you sleep well Scott," she says pouring a cup of coffee and sitting down beside him.

"Yes," he smiles with a yawn, both sit silently staring into their coffee. At that moment, Cecilia Reyes walks in and gets a bottle of water from the fridge.

"Your up early this morning," says Cyclops, with a mischievous smile.

"Yeah, I went running with Remy," Cecilia, says with a smile as she takes a drink of water. Jean was not amazed at the looks Scott was giving Cecilia, it wasn't the first time she had noticed it. Ever since Cecilia had removed the bomb from his body during Zero Tolerance, both Scott and Jean held eld a special place in their heart for the young doctor. Jean also knew sooner or later it would turn to more sexual feelings on Scott's part and maybe even her own. And she knew sooner or later it would begin to play an unconscious role in the married couple’s sex life. Scott was becoming more aggressive in bed, especially after days were he had a lot of contact with Cecilia.

Only a few weeks ago Cecilia on Xavier's wishes gave the whole team complete physicals, that night Scott had kept Jean up the majority of the night. It was one of the most animalistic nights of Jean's life; she knew something was up then. At this time Jean got up and left the room, heading to her room leaving Scott and Cecilia in the kitchen. Jean knew nothing was actually going on between the two; Scott would never cheat on her. And her and Cecilia had become fast friends, telling each other all their secrets.

She walks into her room and removes her robe, and gets dressed. She knew there was only one thing to do. Let Scott fill his need for Cecilia, but not alone. After all Jean herself was willing to get involved in the affair, knowing Cecilia had experimented with other women in the past. This intrigued Jean even more, she herself had never had anyone besides Scott and until Cecilia had never even thought about another women that way. She had decided the boathouse was the perfect place to have it. The task at hand was to get both Scott and Cecilia there. Scott would be easiest, Jean would only have to confront him, and let him know what she was thinking and wanted. Cecilia on the other hand, deception would have to come into play, but not much. She would have to get her to the boathousest ost of all, and then hope the surprise of Jean's actions would be enough to get her into the act.

Taking a few moments to plot out her plans she leaves the room and heads back to the kitchen, where Cecilia and Scott still sit. "Scott, I’m going to run to town," says Jean with an eager smile.

"Ok hon," says Scott whose eye's only glances up a Jean for a moment and then back to Cecilin hen her way to the clothing store, she knew how easy it was going to be. A gift of thanks for saving Scott's life, and she knew the perfect gift to get Cecilia. A leather trench coat and knee high black leather boots that Cecilia had said she loved weeks earlier when the women had gone to town together. No matter the high price, she thought, it's the perfect plan. After picking up the package and getting it gift-wrapped Jean made her way back to the mansion.

After spending awhile preparing the boathouse including the preparation of a fire, Jean decided to confront Scott. It didn't go as well as she had thought, "What are you talking about Jean," says Scott who was drenched in sweat and wearing no shirt after a strenuous danger room working out.

"The way you look at Cecilia," says Jean throwing her red hair out of her face.

"What do you mean, 'the way you look at Cecilia'," says Scott in disbelief.

"Like you like to get her on the nearest table and fuck all night," says Jean with a little bit of stress showing through in her voice.

"I admit it, Cecilia is a beautiful women, but I only have eyes for you," says Scott stepping up beside Jean and placing his hands on her hips. He lowers his head and begins to kiss her, but before his lips can touch hers, her finger gets in the way.

"Shh, tell me the truth," says Jean, "and remember I'm a telepath."

"Ok, I admit it, I'm extremely attracted to Cecilia," says Scott. "I don't know why, I mean yeah she is gorgeous, but that’s never effected me before. Maybe it has something to do with her saving my life." Scott and Jean both feel the scar on his stomach, "So what now."

"We do something about that attraction," says Jean kissing Scott quickly with her hand firmly on his chin.

"What do you mean, do something about it," he says, with his mind rushing.

"The boat house, seven o'clock," smiles Jean leaving the room.

Having been friends with Cecilia for months, Jean also knew of her enjoyment for mystery and intrigue when it came to sex. That gave her the way to get Cecilia to the boathouse, by an anomonous note. , is the entire note attached to the signal red rose said when Jean laid it on Cecilia's bed. As well as the gift Jean had just purchased for her. Jean also knew there was a chance Cecilia would know it was from her, and she hoped it would cause Cecilia to be much more curious and willing to get involved.

Scott arrived right on time, as he always did. Jean had him hide in the back, knowing there was a chance that Cecilia would come early. And she did, seven fifteen there was a knock at the door and it slide open. Cecilia stepped into the cabin to see Jean wearing a white tank top and jeans. Jean notices the smile on her face when their eyes meet.

"You look nice," smiles Jean.

"Thank you," says Cecilia with a slight blush, she does a slight spin to show off her jacket and boots that Jean had bought for her, "So." Jean smiles at Cecilia as she steps forward to her, slightly running her fingers through Cecilia's. Jean leans forward kissing Cecilia on the lips, "shh." At this time Jean again kisses her lips and then their eyes meet. Now Cecilia kisses her back and bites on Jeans lower lip.

As their hands separate, Cecilia removes her jacket letting it slide to the floor. Cecilia, after removing the jacket, reveals the short black dress she wore often. As their eyes meet again, Jean's shift towards the doorway to the kitchen. Cecilia turns her head to see Scott standing there in jeans and a long sleeved sweater.
ck eck envelopes Cecilia as she turns back to look at Jean. "I don't know about this," she says softly. She looks back at Scott as he walks towards the two women.

"Don't think about it," says Jean taking her hand and placing it on Cecilia's chin. "Let the moment take you," she says as she kisses Cecilia's lips and then lowering to kiss her neck. Scott walks to Cecilia's backside and runs his hands up and down her back, finally resting on her hips. He begins to kiss the opposite side of Cecilia's neck from Jean and pulls both women closer against each other and his own body. Cecilia can feel Scott’s mid section grind against hers as he removes his sweater. Cecilia didn’t know if it was him causing her backside to rub against his grown or was it her own animal attraction to the x-men leader.

Jean can feel Cecilia’s long finger nails dig into her back as she pulls the three closer together than before and gives a slight moan with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Reaching around Cecilia, Jean grabs the rim of Scott’s pants and undoes them letting them slide down to his ankles. Jean was surprised when she went to pull Scott’s briefs down and out of character he wasn’t wearing any. She could tell by the look on Cecilia’s face that she was feeling Scott’s hard-on rubbing against her backside. Unwrapping her arms from Cecilia, Jean slowly pulls her white tea shirt off and slings it into the corner. Jean gives a small moan as she feels Cecilia’s lips slowly press against her nipples and the tip of her tongue slowly caress them in her mouth. She runs her fingers through Cecilia’s braids as she catches a glimpse of Scott pulling Cecilia’s black thong to the floor and over the long boots. He stands up catching the bottom of Cecilia’s dress and raising it over her shoulders. Cecilia throws her arms behind her head and reaches around Scott’s neck as he undoes her bra and allows it to fall to the floor. Jean unbuttons her pants and lets them fall to the floor as she pull the other two warm bodies towards the fire place were the large bear skin rug lays. She sets down in front of the roaring fire holding Cecilia’s hands in hers as she slowly pulls her down on top of her. “Brace your self,” says Jean softly as both women glance back at Scott who has lowered himself behind them. For the first time Cecilia gets a full view of Scott’s penis as he slowly places the condom on and strokes it slightly. They both stare as he slowly caresses the back of Cecilia’s clit before allowing the head of his penis to penetrate. Jean can feel Cece’s body press forward as Scott slowly lets the rest of him enter her. Cecilia’s eyes close and her mouth open as she begins to moan feeling Scott slowly moving back and forth inside of her. Jean’s legs wrapped slightly around both of her lovers and pulling Cecilia’s body closer down onto hers. She can feel as Scott gets into a rhythm and can see as Cecilia bites down on her lower lip. Cecilia’s long fingernails begin to dig into Jean’s shoulders as her low squeals begin to turn into long-winded moans. Cecilia releases her grip only to grab the rug and begin to pull on it.

Jean places her feet on Scott’s sweat socked hips and slightly nudges him as if to tell him it’s her turn. Scott takes his wives nudge and slowly pulls himself out of Cecilia and lowers his body down onto his wife. Cecilia now lying on top of Jean is kissing her neck and can feel it tense up as Scott lets his penis enter her. Jean can feel Scott thrust himself against her; giving her an unusual sensation she had never felt before with her husband. The sensation of being powerless, as Cecilia held her arms to the floor and uses her tongue to massage her breasts; Scott holds her legs close to him as he thrusts in and out. Her red hair lying upon the bears head as she feels herself about to lose control and she likes it. She arches her back even against Cecilia’s weight as sensation runs through out her whole body. She can feel as Scott let’s his energy flow into her at just the right time as she lets herself go and succumbs to the pleasure. Her whole body just releases as she lays easy on the floor with both Cecilia and Scott leaning over on her. Jean holds Cecilia’s head upon her chest with one hand as the other is held in her husband’s hand.

She lays there for only a few moments before she can feel Scott once again move and his hard on rub the inside of her knee. Cecilia also begins to rise into a sitting position on her legs and Jean rises up onto her arms. Cecilia takes her hand and places it on Scott’s penis but instead of moving it close to her mouth she pulls Scott closer to his wife. Jean smiles slightly as Cecilia removes her hand and stands up, she gathers her clothing and puts it on. Jean can see Cecilia glance back before exiting the door and she takes Scott into her mouth. Cecilia smiles as she wraps the jacket around her and closes the door behind her

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