The Best Deceptions

BY : Kelly
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The Best Deceptions
By Kelly

Introduction To Destruction

Victor Creed smiled, watching the little scene play out. Good for the runt. Creed always said there were only two ways to cure a bad mood - killing something or forest sex. He usually chose the former, but each to their own, he guessed.

He watched the shape-shifter run her fabulously talented pink tongue over Logan's sensitive shaft. First taking it all in her mouth, then pulling back slowly as if he were some divine popsicle. She swirled her tongue up and down the sides, pausing on the head, teasing the Wolverine. Her supple hands cupped his balls, sending shivers of excitement up the young man's spine. He moaned loudly, cumming in her mouth. Sabertooth could smell the jizz plainly.

She swallowed then kissed Logan, tongue's sliding back and forth in eager mouths. "Now my turn."

He slid his hands over the large inviting mounds, tickling and exciting her nipples which grew hard from the foreplay and cold air. He licked them, sucking and warming one in his mouth and then moving to the other. His hand slid down over the smooth stomach, between the shapely thighs, into the delicate pink folds. Creed caught the scent of her wet cunny; he could almost taste the primal heat.

She gasped as Logan found her clit, running two strong fingers over it and sliding the others into her throbbing hole. He hardened for the second time at her response.

Replacing his fingers with his tool, Logan began to thrust himself into her, continuing to stroke her clit and suck her breasts. You really had to admire the runt for that kind of coordination. Raven began to pant, kneading her own breasts in sheer ecstacy and pumping her hips in time with him.

They writhed on the forest floor, moaning and panting and fucking in the muddy leaves as Victor got off at the scene, wacking the familiar friend with practiced expertise. Why pay for porn when you could get it for free with just a little bit of tracking?

The three came at the same time, Logan emng ing into the girl and Vicspilspilling his seed on the rocky cliff face. He pulled up his own pants and waited until his comrades had dressed before he approached them, still sitting on the forest floor.

"Hey kiddies, we got ourselves a new mission. We gotta go back to base."

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