Constant Craving

BY : Nemain
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A/N Foxfeather, gear's a long one! Tell Ted to put the cocoa on and get ready to assuage the dolphin... Readers/Reviewers/Archivists...I love you. Really. Passionately and with a purple fever that rages in my soul. (Hmmm...too much Halloween candy...gotta detox from the sugar...) This story is loosely based on Lysistrata, and ancient play about the women of two warring city-states who withhold sex until their lovers stop the war. This is set in the Forever-verse...kinda. Not much mention will be made of events in SHIVA or FOREVER but they happened. Couples are the same for the most part...

"I don't understand a verdammten thing about this play!" Kurt threw his pencil across the room and flopped back against his pillows, one arm flung dramatically over his eyes.
"Kurt, come on! It's late and I want to go to bed....listen to me!" Kitty shook his arm harder than was necessary, rattling the papers in her free hand to get his attention.
"Sorry, Liebes...I stopped listening when you said 'bed'!" Kurt rolled onto his side and grinned up at Kitty, batting his eyelashes theatrically.
"Nuh-uh! No kissies until you understand _Lysistrata! _ " Kitty scooted away and sat up primly, causing Kurt to roll onto his back and growl. "None of that, mister! I don't make the puppy dog eyes at you, you don't do the frustrated growl to me!"
"Fine, fine...." Kurt sighed again and replaced his arm over his eyes. " this play is really old."
"And Greek."
"Like you."
"I'm not old!"
"The Greek part..."
"Only half."
"The sexy half, ja?" Kurt scooted closer again and managed to rest his head on Kitty's lap, looking up at her with open adoration. Kitty sighed and stroked his hair back from his face, twisting strands of his blue locks around her fingers. "Mein Schatz..."
"Flattery will get you everywhere,1 but not until you tell me what this play's about. I'll worry about your grasp of plot points later." Kitty tugged at her boyfriend's hair until he sighed unwillingly and waved in surrender.
"Fine, fine... Okay. Old Greek play about women who hold out." Kurt rolled his eyes. "That good enough?"
"Details, love...details. Kit Kitty leaned back and Kurt rolled so that his chin rested on her stomach and he could feel the pulse of her heart beneath his head. Kitty chewed on her lower lip in a way she knew was promising and most likely to get Kurt to hurry up, knowing what she was thinking.
"Ummmm...." Kurt traced a lazy pattern on her stomach through her shirt as he combed his mind for details. "So these women are really mad that their men for fighting this huge war..." Kurt slid his hand under her t-shirt and started over on his pattern, something Kitty was dimly recognizing as his initials.2
"Yeah," she encouraged, not sure if she meant his explanations of the direction his hand was taking.
"So," Kurt smiled to himself, feeling Kitty's pulse pick up speed as he moved closer to her breast, "the women decide not to have sex with their lovers until they stop the war." Kurt let one finger trace the soft swell of the underside of Kitty's breast, making her sigh shakily and close her eyes. "That good enough?"
"Mmmm..." Kitty forced her eyes open and licked her lips, hoping to distract Kurt. When he paused to stare at her mouth, she said "So tell me more..."
Kurt growled softly and tapped her on the ribs. "Well, it seems that women use sex to get what they want. They manipulate men with it..."
"Was? If we didn't think women were sexy and worth making asses of ourselves over, where would the human race be? Women use sex whether tknowknow it or not...just the fact that you're women makes you a sex object to men, for the most part." Kurt nibbled at Kitty's ear and she giggled against her better judgment. Kurt smiled into her neck and continued, his voice low and husky with growing need. "So whether or not you know it, you're using sex against us. Men would do anything a woman asks if he thought there's a small chance she could possibly take him to bed!"
"Hmmm...I'm not sure how to feel about that." Kitty slid an arm around his waist and pulled him down to lay with her, tilting her head so he could easily nip and lick at her soft skin. "But I _do _ know how I feel about that!" Happily, she snuggled against him and slid one leg between his, pressing her full length against him.
"Show me how you feel, Liebes," he whispered playfully. Kitty giggled again and pushed Kurt onto his back, straddling him as she kissed his face and mouth, never lighting for long, licking his lips as she pressed a fervent kiss there. Kurt murmured her name as she moved down her chin to his throat, sucking on his Adam's Apple. "Ah...fur will cover hickies, eh?"
"Shhh....yeah...." Kitty smiled, her hands moving to pin his wrists at his sides as she moved down his body. Kurt arched slightly as she nuzzled the collar of his shirt open to lave the juncture of his collarbones. Kurt pressed his hips upwards against her, grinding against her dampening center even as she pressed back, making the painful tenting in his jeans verge on excruciating.
"'re driving me mad!" he panted as she continued her slow path down his chest and stomach, unbutton his shirt and pushing it aside as she went, licking the ticklish spots on his sides before she moved back to the flat plane of his stomach. He moaned when she reached his navel, biting gently at the spot just below the indentation in his fur, making him gaps and twist beneath her. "So not fair!" he whispered harshly.
"Life's not fair, is it?" she said with a laugh in her voice. Kurt's arousal was pressing against her chest and Kitty felt her heart race a mile a minute as she tremulously unbuttoned his jeans, carefully pulling the zipper over his throbbing erection. "I think someone's a little anxious!"
"You don't know the half of it!" he sighed. "You wore that short skirt to school today...between staring at your...assets...and keeping other guys from doing the same thing, I am almost dead from exhaustion!"
"Let me see if I can...ah...rejuvenate you!" Kitty slid her hand inside his boxer shorts and freed his length, drawing a hiss from him as she ran her nails lightly down the vein lining his manhood. " seem to be alive enough to feel that!"
"Tease!" Kurt clenched the bed sheets even as he gritted his teeth against her slow, almost painful ministrations.
Kitty merely smiled and pressed a small kiss to the base of his length. Kurt moaned and she gathered her courage, still nervous despite the innumerable times they had been together sexually, whether it was lovemaking or just exploration. When Kurt took a breath as if to say something, Kitty seized the moment and licked a path down his stiff arousal. Kurt made a gurgling noise and she knew she had the upper hand ie sie situation. With deliberately slow licks, Kitty laved Kurt's member until it was wet from her kisses, slick in her hand as she stroked him, making him lift his hips against her touch. As he moaned incoherently, Kitty took the very tip of his erection between her lips and sucked softly, licking the bead of moisture rising there. His tail lashed madly as he sought for purchase in the sheets, writhing beneath her mouth and clamping his legs around her ribs, holding her in place. Kitty was grinding almost unconsciously against the mattress, her own arousal subsumed ben her her desire to please Kurt. She jumped and squeaked when she felt a strong, sure touch slide up her thigh and stroke her damp center. She sighed, realizing that Kurt was using his tail to return her attentions, working beneath the waistband of her pants and stroking the swell of her buttocks as she took him further into her mouth, sucking harder as she increased her pace. Kurt had found her core with the spaded tip of his tail and was busily teasing the sensitive bundle of nerves that made Kitty mewl like a lost cat. Kurt groaned loudly, biting down on the side of one of his hands in an effort to stem the tide of noise welling in his throat. Kitty's attentions made him want to howl and beg and demand and throw all decorum out the window. Instead, he silenced himself as best he could, pouring his energy into bringing Kitty to completion, stroking her bud of desire with increasing pressure, feeling her moisture coat his tail in an alluring warmthe kne knew that he would be able to smell her on his fur for hours, even after he showered later, and relished the idea.
Kitty was actively grinding aga his his tail now, moving so that the tip would slide inside her even as part of the length would rub her most sensitive areas. She was taking Kurt as far into her mouth as she could, his legs pressing against her ribs in a strange sort of embrace, his hands clutching alternately at her hair and his own stomach in the effort it took to control him self. Kitty murmured low in her throat, feeling Kurt flex and twitch in her mouth. She knew that he was close to the edge and increased her pressure until Kurt let out a strangled moan, tinged with a sigh. The first burst of his hot release startled her, as it always did, then she swallowed readily, continuing to suck on him until he shivered from sensation, slowly softening between her lips. His tail still worked away below her waist and Kitty, attention now fully on what he was doing to her, was moaning softly, moving so that he would penetrate her more deeply even as she pressed kisses to his stomach and thighs, whispering his name and promises of love and devotion as the stars slowly began to swing before her eyes. A sudden supernova of light made Kitty arch her back, pressing as hard as she could against Kurt's tail even as he increased his pace, making her shake hard and clutch at her legs desperately, trying to keep as quiet as possible. Despite their status as newly minted legal adults in the state of New York, open sexual relationships were still a touchy subject in the institute. They lay in a tangled heap for a long time, sweat and fluids drying into skin and fur, breath coming in short bursts before evening out. They were just drifting into a steady doze when a scream erupted from down stairs, sending the couple scrambling to their feet in panic.

"Jerk-off!" Todd went flying into the wall, Scott storming after him to pick him up again.
"Keep your hands off him!" Rogue screeched. She leapt onto Scott's back, pulling him off balance and making him fall back, pinning her beneath him.
"Get off her!" Todd recovered from his flight and was actively trying ull ull Scott, much heavier and larger than the green-tinged boy, off of Rogue.
"Hey!" Gambit waded into a the fray, grabbing arms and pulling people up randomly, ending up with Todd dangling above the ground by his wrist and Scott on his knees, his ear pinched between Gambit's fingers. "What be de prollem?"
"Brotherhood Boy there can't keep his damned moutht!" t!"
"I'll shut your mouth, Cyclops!" Rogue growled, lunging towards Scott again.
Todd, thinking fast, lashed out with his tongue and tripped his secret girlfriend3, sending her sprawling but saving Scott from whatever she was about to do to him. "It's not worth it!"
"Now somebody tell me what de Hell be goin' on here!" Remy released his captives and scowled at the assembling mutants, all in various stages of undress, getting ready for bed.
Scott, rubbing his ear, bit out, "Froggie there..."
"Toad!" Rogue and Todd said at once, exchanging looks.
"Whate _H _He _ got all Brotherhood on me and I was sick of his shit!"
"Children..." Storm's voice had an edge of steel to it. She stood at the top of the stairs, coolly eyeing the teenagers. "What in the name of the Goddess is going on here?"
Scott, Rogue and Todd all glared in varying combinations. Kitty peeked out from behind Storm and waved her fingers at RemyUm, Um, are they fighting over ideology again?"
Remy sighed, running his hands through his hair. "I be tinkin' dey jus' wanna fight!"
"Ideology? Kitty, would you care to enlighten me?" Storm turned and crossed her arms, regarding Kitty with calm interest.
The Jewish girl exchanged glances with her disheveled and hastily-dressed boyfriend. "'s like this...Ever since the Professor let Lance and Todd set up camp out in the boathouse, Scott's been all snitty about having Brotherhood members here."
"I'll thank you to remember," Rogue said stiffly, "that I'm former Brotherhood."
'Me, too, homme!" Remy joined the chorus of glares.
Storm took a deep breath and assessed the situation before speaking. "Fine. Everyone to their rooms. We'll deal with this in the morning. No more infantile behavior until then..." She cut a path through the crowd and returned to her room, leaving the teenagers to disseminate.
Scott glared at Todd as their friends drifted off and, before he joined them, growled, "This is war, you know..."
"Oh, yeah..."

1 Mae West, I think.

2 I steal so much stuff from Margaret Mahy. It's from The Changeover and Sorry Carlisle does it to Laura Chant after they defeat Mr Brock. Good,good book.

3 Shameless SHIVA reference...

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