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It's over. It wasn't supposed to end like this, all this crying and yelling. I think I broke all of Storm's plates last night when I found out about it. And my snowglobe collection is pretty well demolished, all except for that one you gave me. Remember it? The Halloween one with the little black cat in it? I just couldn't throw that one. Logan had to holddowndown after you were gone-they thought I was going to follow you, try and bring you back. Is just one more night too much to ask? Even a few minutes. God, I have so much to say to you. I wanted-no, I still want-to grow old with you, to be the one I fight with and make up to. I want you to be the one who holds my hand when I have our babies. I want to take care of you and for you to take care of me. There's so much I want us to do together. I never got to see your home, you know. I was going to suggest going to Germany after graduation, so I could see where you grew up. _sh _she _ took you from me. She left me alone here when she took you. No one wants to talk to me because they're afraid I'm going to hurl something at them. I can't stand to have people near me right now, not if they aren't you. Why did you do it? Did you know I would hurt this bad? Did you hurt? What was so special about the other night that you chose it to leave me? Or did you chose it, really? Jubilee told Rogue that it was fate that you left me like this. She doesn't know I heard them talking-they thought I was still inroomroom crying. Hank had to sedate me, I was crying so hard. I think they gave me oxygen. I know that I hyperventilated. I was so mad at you! I wanted to hit you, to scratch at you, to destroy you like you destroyed me. But you know I can't stay mad at you. You're my knight-errant-you were doing what you thought was right and proper. I know you only did it so I wouldn't be the one getting hurt, but it isn't fair. Right in front of me...why did it have to happen right in front of me?

I took three hours to get ready that night. I had no idea what to wear. Funny then, not so much now. If we had only been there earlier, I wouldn't have spent the last few days hating you and loving you, wishing I were dead. We argued about what movie to see, but I was only joking around. I would've gladly sat through that monster movie marathon three times in a row just to see your eyes light up each time one of those poor beasts took to the screen. I remember thinking that your hands were cold from the rain. I worried that your holo would fritz and we'd have to dodge our way close to the mansion so you could 'port. My dress was damp and I could see you staring at me wherever it was stuck to my skin. I thought that that night would be the night, that we would make love for the first time. We had waited so long and now I wish we hadn't. I wanted you so badly for months, more than simple lust. I know that you wanted me, too, for much longer. You were so sweet to me, not rushing me. You said you wanted to wait for the perfect time so that we would have no regrets, no hurrying to finish before someone came home or being quiet because someone was nearby. I planned our first night to the last detail; I had planned it so that, whenever you asked, I would be ready. I started birth control, I wore silky underwear all the time, I made sure I always wore your favorite perfume... But it never happened. I would die happily for just one more kiss from you, you know. One simple touch of lips to lips and my heart would stop beating without protest.

When we left the movie, why did you want to go for pizza? Why did you choose that over one of those burger places or even back to the Mansion? Did you know, on some level, it would be oast ast night out together? I groused about all the fat in the pizza but you told me that if I didn't eat it, you wouldn't take me for ice cream. Then _she _ came in. She was not that pretty. Just plain, really. Mousy. Not the type that I'd expect to cause all this. You saw her before I did. Yoyes yes went round and they seemed to glow, even with the holo on. At first, I thought you were looking at me until I realized that you were looking past me. When I turned, it was already too late. Events were in motion. She was walking towards where we sat at the front of the restaurant, saying something in a low voice and I couldn't understand her. You did, though. You were up and moving, had me by the arm, trying to move me past her. Trying to keep me out of her line of sight. Why didn't you use your powers, Kurt? Why didn't I? God, it was all so fast. The loud noise, the sudden quiet that followed. She took the money from the cashier and left, like she didn't even see you there. I don't think I'll ever get the smell of blood off of me. _Your _ blood. I screamed so long that my throat bled. I wouldn't let you go, even for the paramedics. I think I asked someone to call the mansion because Logan showed up before they did and somehow, your holo stayed on. The paramedics had to know what you are. Were. Your eyes were still open and I wouldn't let go, even when they cut your clothes away to check the wound. I threw up when I saw it. Your chest was entirely gone. Gone. I knew you were dead, even though they kept trying to help you. Are you happy now? You saved the girl, Don Quixote. You saved her and left her here, all alone without you.

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Walk This World (NC-17 for obvious reasons)
Summary: Yet another songfic (I have got to stop listening to my CD's while I'm at the computer). Based on WALK THIS WORLD by Heather Nova.
I have slept beside the winter and the green is growing slow
I have watched you find the places hidden by the snow
I have tripped into aley ley that is blue till you can see
I want you to come walk this world with me
With the light in our eyes it's hard to see
Holding on and on to what we believe
I'm not touched but I'm aching to be
I want you to come walk this world with me
And I'm sucked in by the wonder and I'm fucked up by the lies
And I dig a hole to lie in and I build some wings to fly
And I think that I could love you 'cause you know how to be free
I want you to come walk this world with me
With the light in our eyes it's hard to see
Holding on and on 'til we believe
With the light in our eyes it's hard to see
I'm not touched but I'm aching to be
I want you to come, I want you to come
I want you to come walk this world with me
And it's burning in our fingers and it's burning on the road
And I like the way you're broken and I'll like you when you're old
And I see you in the garden and I feel you plant the seed
I want you to come walk this world with me
With the light in our eyes it's hard to see
Holding on and on 'til we believe
With the light in our eyes it's hard to see
I'm not touched but I'm aching to be
I want you to come, I want you to come
I want you to come walk this world with me

_I think this is as close to Hell as I ever want to be... _ Kurt turned miserable eyes to Kitty, dancing her heart out with Scott. The two seemed unbearably happy, Kitty smiling and sweaty as the music drove the gathered students into some sort of synthpop frenzy. Kurt lurked in the shadows, too afraid of his holo fritzing or someone feeling his fur to get out and dance with Kitty. Jean waved at Kurt from her spot on the bleachers across the gym, herself nursing a wicked sprained ankle. The song wound to a close and students scattered at the strains of a slow song wafting through the speakers. Kitty scanned the shadows for him and Kurt prayed that, just this once, she could not see him in the darkness. Damn my luck. Kitty broke away from Scott and Jean and waded through the crowd to join him hiding under the ancient wooden bleachers on the far side of the gym.
"Want to slow dance?" She was grinning and glowing, the scent of her sweat and heat rising off of her like a perfume to Kurt.
Kurt fought the urge to say no, a beast like him did not deserve a beauty like her. Instead, he nodded and let her take his hand, leading him out onto the floor. The song was some inane teeny bopper drivel but Kurt did not care. His heart was racing a thousand beats a second, he thought, when Kitty slid her arms around his neck. She smiled up at him, his slight stature for once forgotten when she was in his arms. _She's so small, almost fragile-looking. If I'd never seen her fight, I would think she was breakable. _ Kurt sucked in a breath as Kitty stepped closer, her breasts brushing against his chest. He had taken care to dress nicely for the evening, wearing dress pants and a white button down shirt. He was slightly embarrassed when the other students showed up wearing jeans and t-shirts, Kitty the only girl in a dress. She seemed less affected by overdressing than he did, kicking off her shoes the first chance she got and throwing herself into all the fast dances with a vengeance. Kurt had lurked around the edges of the dance, watching Kitty the whole time. _She's so graceful; she moves like water...I wonder if she moves like that in...Klappe, Kurt! Be good... She's your best friend. She doesn't love you like that. _ Kitty's voice snapped him out of the recent past and into the very real present. "You okay? You look tired..."
"Actually, I am a little tired..." _Tired of lying to everyone about what I am, tired of hiding behind this verdammt holo... _ Kurt willed himself to relax as Kitty stepped closer to him, pulling him into a slow turn as they moved in a circle. He honestly did not mind letting her lead-it gave him tim enj enjoy her touch and her very presence.
"Want to go when this song is over?"
'Sure...what about Jean and Scott?"
"We can walk. It's not far...besides, who better to have with me at night than the Nightcrawler?" She smiled at him again and his heart stopped. _Why can't she smile at me like that all the time? _ Kurt sighed again, resting his chin on the crown of her head. Kitty relaxed into his embrace, turning her head just slightly to rest against his chest. "I can hear your heart..."
_Gulp. _ "Guess that means I haven't died and gone to heaven after all..." Kitty giggled and nudged against his throat with her nose. "Silly Kurt..."
"Yeah, that's me...silly Kurt." _Always the clown for you, Liebes. Anything to make you smile. _
"Your voice is all rumbly in your chest." She pulled away just slightly, gazing up at him. "Sometimes...sometimes I forget that you're a man, not just Kurt."
"Thanks, Katzchen. My ego and I will get back to you with a proper response when we're healed..." Kurt thought his heart might break. _She doesn't see me as a man... _
"I didn't mean it like that! I don't think of anyone I know as men and women. They're just...them. Male and female, men and women...it's too "other" for me to be comfortable with, you know?"
"I don't think I do." He could hear that the song was winding up; he prayed for another slow song to follow.
"Being a man, being a woman...it has so much sexuality to it. I don't even like to think of myself as a woman. I'm just Kitty." She, too, could tell that the song was ending. He stifled a moan of disappointment as she pulled away but let his muffled disappointment morph into mild ecstasy as she reclaimed his hand to lead him over to Scott and Jean. "Hey-we're bookin' it out of here. You guys gonna stay for a while?" Jean and Scott exchanged glances; Kurt read them as "Time Alone! Yes!"
"Er...yeah. We'll be back after the dance is over. You guys3 walking?" Scott asked.
"Yeah...Don't worry, though. Kurt'll protect me." Kitty smiled at her friends then back at Kurt, still trailing in her grip like a pet on a leash. _She thinks I'll protect her...she knows I'll protect her...Das ist gut, ja? _ Kitty led him in a fog through the throngs crowding the Harvest Dance, out past the coat check set up by student council, and into the cool autumn air of upstate New York. They both paused, taking bracing breaths, letting their bodies geed ted to the crisp air as opposed to the almost oppressive heat inside the dance. The couple walked for a while in companionable silence, Kurt's nerves buzzing with the knowledge that Kitty still had not let go of his hand. _Does this mean anything? Anything at all? _ They were about a block from the school, between street lights, when Kitty stopped and pulled him closer. "Kurt, I have to ask you something."
His throat worked, trying to form one word, any word! He settled on "Mmm?" when "ja" was too much work.
"Why do you love me?"
"Vas?" Panic seized him by the throat and would not let go. "Why do you think I love you?"
"Um...Fuck. I mean....Argh!" Kurt tore his hand from Kitty's and ran it through his hair. "Why are you asking me this?"
"I'm trying to figure something out and well...you told Scott that you were in love with me. I mean, I knew you liked me..."
"Vas? Vas? How did you find out what I told Scott?" Kurt flailed his arms wildly, angry and embarrassed at once.
"Jean kind of...well, she read his mind. And then she told me..." Kitty hung her head. "I'm sorry. I don't know how I hurt you're feelings, but I'm sorry..."
"Kitty...you didn't hurt my feelings. I just hate being blindsided." With a harsh puff of breath, Kurt took her by the elbow. "Come on. Let's keep walking. I don't want to stand here and put on a show for whoever comes by." There silence stretched until they reached the gates of the mansion. Kurt finally turned to Kitty again and forced her to see him. "Kitty, look at me." He touched his holo and the pink-toned image disappeared
"I'm looking straight at you, Kurt..." She looked mildly confused.
"Nein, _look _ at me." Kurt silently willed her to see him as he was, thet obt obvious of mutations warring with the fragile person inside the shell.
"Kurt...I always see _you. _ " He knew his eyes were large as saucers when she edged closer, licking her lips and gazing into his eyes. "Kurt..."
"Kitty, no! You don't want to kiss me..."
'Yes, I do." She stood on her toes then, and pressed her lips to Kurt's startled mouth. He melted into her kiss, crushing her to him until she gasped for breath. "Kurt...listen to me..."
"N Ki Kitty, you don't know what you're saying...just...no..." In a blink, he was gone and Kitty was alone.

_She thinks she likes me, I can tell. But she doesn't. She has no idea what it would mean to me if we were together and how badly it would hurt when she finds it's not me she likes, just the attention. _ Try as he might, Kurt could not convince himself of that, though. Sinking to the floor in disregard of his dress clothes, Kurt pressed his forehead against his knees. _She's the only one who makes me feel real; my world is in her. _
"I'm very hard to hide from, you know." Kitty's voice pierced the stillness, making Kurt twitch in startlement.
"Kitty, please. You don't know what you want."
"No, I think I know exactly what I want. I want you to sit still while I talk, for one. And I want you to listen to me, not just hear me." She sank to her knees in front of him; he noticed that she was wearing a long t-shirt, her nightclothes, while he was still mostly dressed. Fighting a surge of lust, Kurt trained his eyes on her face. Kitty nodded, accepting his attention. "I asked you why you loved me because I am sure I'm in love with you." Kfougfought the urge to leap to his feet and howl, instead settling for tightening his hands into fists and beating gently against his knees, gnawing his lower lip with sharp fangs. "Listen to me, Kurt. It's important..." Kitty sucked in a deep breath before continuing. "You melted me. It was like I was buried in snow and you melted me. You make me laugh and cry and feel....God, how you make me feel." Kitty bowed her head, her words leaving her completely.
Kurt gasped for breath against rising tears, finally blurting out "Kitty, you don't love me. You can't."
"Why not?" She sounded angry.
"I don't _deserve _ it!"
"Why not?" She was getting annoyed at his self derision.
"I'm a mutant...ja, I know you are, too, but look at me! What kind of Life could we have together?"
"Vas?" His eyes snapped to meet hers, wide with the shock that her words sent coursing through him.
"The life we have will be ours. We canreteretend to be what we're not. We can't lie to ourselves, say we're normal and happy, when inside we're scared every minute of every day that someone will find us out, someone will tear us apart for their own purposes...Kurt, I don't know how or when it happened, but my Life revolves around you the way yours revolves around me. We are the world for each other."
"Funny. I was just thinking that you were my world..." Kurt traced a pattern on the carpet, unable to meet Kitty's steady gaze.
"We can be that for each other, Kurt." She leaned closer; he could feel her breath on his skin now. Trembling, he met her eyes.
"I love you because I can't hide from you. Your eyes...they're like bright lamps that burn into my secrets, Katzchen. I tried for so long to hide, to bury myself so that I wouldn't have to face my life. I tried to fly from it in fantasy and lies but it never helped. Then I met you..." He raise a shaking hand to clasp a lock of her hair. "Katzchen, I love you." He repeated it again, almost a whisper. "But how can you love me?"
"Do you want me to show you?" Kitty rose to her feet and gazed down at him, haloed in the golden glow of the night light. "I want you to see that I love you..." She captured the edge of her nightshirt and lifted it over her head, standing before Kurt in her underwear, her gaze never wavering.
"Kitty, don't..." Desire warred with propriety in Kurt's breast, his hands aching to touch Kitty.
Stepping closer, her shins brushing his, she whispered, "Touch me, Kurt." He saw, as if in a dream, his own hands reach up to grasp Kitty by the waist. He rose to his feet, still holding tight to her near-naked form, mouth working in mute supplication. "I want you to..." With careful, hesitant steps, he walked her backwards until her knees hit the edge of his bed and she sat, staring up at him. His dress shirt suddenly felt like it was strangling him so he tore at the buttons, this giving Kitty some sort of signal to work on the waistband of his trousers. Buttons flew every which way and soon Kurt was stripped naked, laying next to Kitty on the bed. She lifted her hips and slid her underwear off with scarcely a flinch, never taking her eyes off of Kurt.
'Katzchen, this is so fast."
"Don't you want me?"
"Yes...but don't do this to prove anything to me." Kurt swallowed hard, waiting for Kitty to snap to her senses and screaming, running naked from his room. Instead, she kissed him, a sweet, innocent kiss that spoke nothing of the desire raging through their bodies.
"I can prove it to you with actions other than sex, but I want to give myself to you entirely, Kurt. Seal us, as it were." She slid one leg over his and smiled as his tail involuntarily wrapped itself around her thigh. Kurt sighed and drew her into another kiss, letting his hands finally explore the flesh he had dreamt of for almost two years. He poured every ounce of pent up frustration and devotion into his caresses, drawing soft cries from Kitty that drove him closer and closer to the edge of mad desire without her once touching him. "Kurt...let me." As if reading his thoughts, she reached down and grasped his hard member, exerting enough pressure to make his eyes roll back but not enough to cause pain. With tentative strokes, she let him guide her in what brought him the most pleasure, growing more confident with each one of Kurt's moans. His own hand sought out her hidden warmth, causing her to jump when he slid in one finger.
"Kitty, I don't want to hurt you..."
"It's okay. It'll only be for a minute and then...." She snapped the fingers on her free hand. Hooking her heel across his lower back, Kitty rolled over and drew him on top of her. "Now?" He nodded frantically and she raiser her hips to meet his questing thrusts; he thrust deeply into her wetness and earned a sharp hiss, Kitty biting down on his shoulder in obvious pain.
"Liebes..." Kurt hardly found his voice, shaking as he was with disbelief.
'No, it's okay...please?" She pushed against him, encouraging him to continue. He complied happily, reveling in the fact that Kitty was here, with him in every way he ever imagined possible. Kitty suddenly gasped aloud, bowing upwards and clawing at his back. Momentarily confused, Kurt felt her internal muscles clench around him and understanding washed over him. Her release drove him nearly to a frenzy, grinding agt het her, crying her name into her shoulder. His own release felt as if it had been torn from him, desire he had subsumed for so long that it was almost painful to set free.
Kitty curled against his side after he had come back from cleaning up in the bathroom. She was sleepy-eyed, her words slurred with the effort it was taking to stay awake. "Think you can walk with me?"
"Where?" _This late? Is she hyper? _
"In our world. Can you?"
'Yes, Liebes...I think I can."

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LOLA (R for innuendo/adult situations)

Disclaimer: If you recognize it, I don't own it. People with lots of money and legal backing do. I'm just borrowing this stuff and characters and no profit to myself or others. That said....

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"Dude, we're gonna get caught!"
"Evan, my man, it's an attitude like yours that says 'Card me!' Just play it cool like me and Kurt and it's all good." Scott adjusted his glasses and nudge Kurt. "Right?"
"Speak for yourself-I'm scared to death!" Kurt had fiddled with his holo for hours, trying to look older, but only succeeded in breaking his primary device. Now, his backup holo secured on his wrist and hidden beneath the sleeve of his leather jacket, he huddled between Scott and Evan outside the newest club in Bayville, Club Midnight.
"It sounds like a Goth bar, man. Maybe we should've brought Rogue..." Evan stuffed his hands in his pockets, willing them to stop shaking. "She could scare the bouncer into letting us in!"
"Hey, this is a guy's night out! No girls! Besides, we've got ID..." Scott handed Evan a doctored card, produced at great cost by Jubilee. "Don't loose this. I have a date with Miss Firecer ner next Saturday to pay for these!"
"Mit Jubilee?" Kurt snorted in laughter. "This should be good-I hear she's very..._affectionate!" _
"Shuddup. And don't tell Jean." Scott flushed a deep red as they shuffled forward with the line.
"I think Jean will find out without our help...Jubes' got a mouth on her!" Evan nudged Scott in the back now, "That might be a good thing, though!" He and Kurt snickered while Scott chewed the inside of his cheeks in embarrassed knowl. J. Jubilee had made no secret of her rather predatory interest in him and he half-feared what she was expecting on their date. Before he could worry overmuch, they were at the front of the line.
"How old are you three?" The bouncer bore a disturbing resemblance to Logan except he was bald and over six feet tall. Scott swallowed hard and handed the man his ID. "Twenty one? If you're twenty one, I'm a woman..."
Evan shot his friends a quick look and held out his hand, palm up and low by his hip, to the bouncer. "I think you'll find our names on the list. Mr. Franklin-Ben Franklin4-put us there. Three times." The bouncer's eyes traveled down Evan's arm to his hand where a wad of cash, folded over to make a neat rectangle, sat.
"Right...Mr. Franklin. He's good about signing people in..." The bouncer took the money with two fingers from the youth and motioned them through with a snarling smile.
Scott waited until they had gotten past the coat check (where Kurt politely declined to remove his jacket, which, incidentally, covered his tail and holo) before he questioned Evan. "Where the Hell did you get all that money! Three hundred dollars!"
Evan shrugged. "Bail money."
"Was?" Kurt queried, torn between laughing in relief and shock over the amount Evan had just dropped like it was nothing.
Evan looked sheepish. "When Scott first suggested coming here last weekend, I scrounged up the cash for fake ID's and then, when he said that had been taken care of, I decided to hold it out in case we got into a jam..."
Kurt nodded sagely. "Knowing our luck..." Scott sighed. "Was? You're the only one who can think ahead?"
"No...just wondering...oh, my." A stunning blonde had come into his line of sight. The other two teenagers followed his gaze and there was a mutual intake of breath as the blonde turned her head to smile at them. "Wowza."
"Ja...means the same in German as it does in English." Kurt fixed his girlfriend's face firmly in his mind to resist the bright smile of this blonde goddess now walking towards them. Imaginary-Kitty scowled at him and he took a deep breath, shifting his gaze to the rather unattractive bartender.
Evan fared less well. He made a strangled noise and Kurt was sure he saw drool. Scott swayed on his feet and the blonde, now close enough to touch them, reached out a steadying hand. "You boys from around here?" Her voice rolled like honey, low and rich, making all three silently groan in their mutual arousal. Her smile had become sultry, welcoming almost and her eyes shone in the dim lights of the club.
"Yeah...we go to Bayville..." Scott began, only to have Evan cut him off.
"...City College. You?"
"Oh, I'm new here... Say, want to grab a seat?" The woman looked around and pointed out an empty table along the far wall. "There's a booth..."
Kurt closed his eyes in mute terror as Scott and Evan readily agreed. The blonde led them through the crowded dance floor to the small booth, sliding into the far corner of the space with and almost serpentine grace. Kurt slid in across from her, making sure his feet were nowhere near hers, and Scott and Evan had a brief, almost unnoticeable, shoving match to see who would get to sit next to the woman. Scott won and slid in beside her, leaving Evan to thump himself down next to Kurt, the expression on his face as close as he could get to pouting without actually doing so. The four looked at each other uneasily for a few moments until Evan announced he was getting a drink. "I'll have a soda," Kurt murmured.
"Beer." Scott sounded sure of himself, making Evan shake his head at this false bravado.
"I'd like a Long Island Ice Tea..." the woman answered, sounding like she had long practice drinking such things. Evan nodded and disappeared into the throbbing crowd towards the bar. "So, why only a soda? Designated driver?" The woman raised one eyebrow and regarded Kurt with something akin to disinterest.
"Sure....sounds right." Kurt shrugged. "We're not here long. We're just checking this place out."
"Now, Kurt, don't be too hasty...We may like it here." Scott had just effectively slammed the door shut on an early escape, smiling dopily up at the blonde.
"Kurt, huh? What's you're name sweet thing?" she asked Scott.
"Scott....what's yours?"
The woman let out a throaty laugh and murmured "Lola...Who's your other friend?"
"Evan." Kurt narrowed his eyes. "How old are you?" The woman looked outwardly young but there was something about her that did not ring true.
"Old enough to know better..." She laughed again and this time Kurt caught the play of light and shadow across her face that made him sit up and take notice. Scott saw his friend's interest and mistook it for something of a more sexual nature. The older teenager scooted closer to Lola and laid a casual arm across the back of the seat, pining what he hoped was a sexy smile to his features. Lola purred in amusement and leaned closer to Scott. "Want to dance, baby?"
"Sure! Love to!" Scott scrambled to his feet and offered a hand to Lola, who slinked out of the booth and smoothed her too-short skirt down over gently flared hips. Kurt gulped involuntarily again and watched in near-horror as Scott led Lola onto the dance floor, disappearing into the writhing mass.
_Mein Gott...no good can come of this. This is six kinds of wrong. _ Evan bumped his elbow, breaking his train of thought. "Danke!" He seized the soda and drained it, then gulped Scott's beer without a second's hesitation. He made a grab for Evan's own beer but his friend's hand slapped him away.
"What's going on, man? Where'd they go?"
"Evan! It's terrible! Lola...she's not what we think! We have to get Scott and go, now!" Kurt heard the panic rising in his voice and prayed he would not have to spell out the situation to Evan.
"Dude, just calm down. So she's a hoochie5--doesn't mean anything's gonna happen. Just chill and enjoy the evening." Evan seemed more relaxed than when they had fist come in, sipping his beer calmly. "Besides, I just sweat bullets to get these drinks so we're gonna at least finish them!"
"I know, I know...That's why I chugged Scott's. No beer, no reason to stay." Kurt craned his neck for a glimpse of his friend, finally seeing the couple through a break in the crowd. Lola had her back to Scott and was grinding her backside obscenely against his groin. Scott was grinning dopily and clutching her hips as if his life depended on it. "Shit!"
"What? Oh, my ever-loving God! Jean will have an aneurysm if she finds out!" Evan set his beer down too hard, making the drink slosh over the edge of the glass.
"Ja...Scott will, too, in a short time!" Kurt blindly grabbed for another drink and found the glass of Long Island Ice Tea, again slamming it back without hesitation, his eyes never leaving the gyrating couple.
"What'd you mean by that?" Evan finally broke his gaze and turned to Kurt suspiciously.
"Look around, mein Freund. What do you see?" Kurt had been noticing something rather curious during the short time they had been there and was surprised that neither one of his friends had caught on.
"Nothing weird. Couples...singles. Lots of pretty women." A feral gleam lit Evan's eyes. "_Very _ pretty women."
"Pretty like they take a lot of extra time on their looks?"
"Oh, yeah..."
"Pretty like maybe they need to spend extra time on their looks?"
"I don't think any of these women _need _ the extra time...I think we've found Heaven, man!" Evan let his eyes flick over the women in the club, seeing all shapes and sizes and colors, each one looking exceptional. "Hmmm. They are all awfully done, aren't they?"
"Mmmm. Do you think that maybe they need to try and look say, um, more feminine than most women?"
"What do you mean?" Evan was beginning to see where Kurt was going with his line of questioning.
"Look at Lola's neck when they come back. Tell me if you see something familiar there." Kurt nodded towards the dance floor where the song was winding down. Scott was being led by a sexily disheveled Lola back to their booth.
"Hey, guys...Where'd our drinks go?" Scott frowned and slid onto the leatherette bench, eyeing the empty glasses sadly.
"Um, spilled. Say, Scott...are you ready to go?" Kurt tapped Evan on the knee with the tip of his tail-_Go on! Look! _
"No, man...Lola and I are just getting acquainted..." Scott smiled again at the blonde and was rewarded with a slow grin of sexual desire. Kurt moaned and let his head hit the table with a gentle thud. "What's wrong with you?"
Evan gulped, realizing what Kurt had seen. "Apples."
"Yeah...too many apples..." Evan found his gaze riveted to Lola, but not for the reason she had hoped when she dressed like that. "Dude, we really need to go. Kurt's worried about...um. Kitty. Kitty and Jean were kind of...off tonight."
"No, they weren't! They were going to a movie with the other girls..." Scott furrowed his brows in confusion. Kurt was still softly banging his head against the table and Evan looked like a scared rabbit. Lola was transfixed on Scott's ear, though, making a shudder run down his spine as her red-tipped nail traced the outer shell of cartilage.
"Hey, baby...want to take a little walk with me?"
"Um, maybe I should go with my friends. I don't think Kurt's feeling well..." Scott was now officially worried. Evan was twitchy and Kurt was self-abusive. Lola frowned and let her tongue take over where her finger just left. "Oh. My."
"Scott, man, we really, really need to go!" Evan snapped out of his stupor and rose, tugging Kurt to his feet. "C'mon!"
"Now, you two just wait. I'm gonna make your friend a man here..." Lola slid out, across Scott's lap, and took his hand. Scott seemed lost in a world of his own and allowed Lola to lead him away from his friends towards the bathroom.
"Oh, fuck me! This is bad!" Kurt lunged after Scott, but Evan dragged him back.
"Just give him a minute. He'll figure it out." Evan counted the seconds. Half a minute later, Scott rocketed out of the men's room, heading straight for the door. "And we're off..."
Scott was scrubbing his mouth with the back of his hand, forehead resting against the car. "Man!"
"I know. I know." Kurt sighed. He and Evan had been right behind Scott, barely on his heels as he barreled past the bouncer and the other patrons, heading towards his car.
"How?" Scott finally turned fearful eyes to his friends.
Evan nodded at Kurt. "He noticed first. Adam's apples. Women have them, but not like we do..." For emphasis, he indicated the bulge in his own throat.
"Every lasman man in there...a man." Kurt seemed slightly sick at the thought.
Scott took several long, shaky breaths before whispering, "We speak of this to no one, right?"
Kurt and Evan agreed heartily. "Who would believe us anyway?"


A/N This is another short little one-shot deal to clear out the mental drudge while writing my "Forever". It's Kitty POV and a definite Kurtty. The rating may be a tad strong, but better safe than sorry-I hate notices from irate parents about something their precious did.

Oh, God. He smells so good and he is looking at me like that again. My knees feel all hot and shakey and I think my stomach is trying to leave my body. When did a look from Kurt start doing this to me? Is this what he feels like when I look at him? He tells me that it is; he tells me that he wants me, but I keep pushing him away. He's giving me that look where his eyes are half-closed, like he just woke up. It's so damned sexy, makes me think of him in bed, which leads to US in bed.... Damn it. I think he does that on purpose. He licks his lips like he's trying to think but I know it's just for me. He never takes his eyes off of me, despite all the people in the room. Kurt's eyes can bore right through my soul. I've never been able to lie to him, which is why he is able to do this to me. He knows I love him, I want him, I need him, but I just can't say it. Not yet. He knows and he isn't going to let me off the hook. There's one hour of school left until summer break and he's driving me nuts. Lance sees him looking at me, I can tell because he's trying to distract me now. I don't care-Lance can fuck himself with a spoon at this point. Kurt watches me all the time and it never effects me like this. Is it because he seems to be marking me with his eyes, making me his without even touching me? He has not even tried to kiss me yet and he knows I want it-I told him not long ago that I had a crush on him. I tried to kiss him then but he wouldn't let me. He told me he would only kiss me when I was honest with myself. Then, I had no idea what he meant but my confession seemed like it opened up the floodgates on Kurt's attentiveness. He has not left me alone since that day, always within my line of sight. Like some elfin stalker bent on forcing me to seduce myself into his arms. He's waiting for me to tell him I love him, that I love him like he loves me. He does not tell me that but I know that's what he wants. I can tell by the way he looks at me, like he's longing for something but too reserved to actually ask. His eyes dropped to my chest and lower, and I think he may be undressing me. It's a little difficult to come to terms with Kurt as a sexual being, mainly because for the longest he was just Kurt to me, not Kurt. He was the goofy blue boy with a crush and a hyperactivity disorder, not this incredibly sexy, beautiful man who loved me for me. I can feel his eyes rake over me and it strikes me then that I don't have to just be watched. I can watch in return.

Thirty minutes left before the final bell of the semester and I have little time to lose. His eyes are on my lips so I decide then and there to start my devious plot. I lick them slowly, dragging my tongue over the lower lip and catching it between my teeth, pretending to check over the answers on my final exam. A quick glance shows me that he saw that-his eyes are wide for a moment before they narrow again to those sleepy bedroom eyes. Slowly, I uncross my legs then recross them in the opposite direction. I hear him drop his pencil and Lance hisses at me to stop it, but I don't care anymore. Mrs. Seymour is still reading her magazine in the front of the room so I decide to be braver. I lean forward, like I am looking at my shoes. Kurt's hands tense on the desk. Good. He's still watching. I sit up and slowly, oh so slowly, start to chew on my eraser. I suck a little on the pencil for extra imagery and raise my eyes to meet his. I can see his Adam's Apple bob up and down as he swallows. Ha. Turned the tables, didn't I mister? If I shift just right, I can flash him some thigh before I get chewed out for fidgeting. There.. Twenty minutes left of class and Mrs. Seymour only warned me to sit still. Lance seems a little relieved. Hmmm. Be creative. A piece of my hair has fallen from my ponytail so I wrap it around my finger, toying with it. I never break eye contact with him and surprisingly, he is not unnerved by this. I lick my lips again but this time because I find my mouth is very dry. We're playing a potentially dangerous game here and one or both of us could get hurt. Damn the torpedoes, captain, full steam ahead. I tap my pencil on my test and motion slightly to him. _Are you done? _ He looks confused for a moment before he realized what I am asking. At his nod, I stand and grab my book sack, moving to the front of the room and depositing my test into the in-box on the teacher's desk. She tells me to have a happy summer and I sashay out of the room, knowing Kurt is following close behind and enjoying the view...

He finally catches up to me near the oak tree near where we eat lunch. He won't come near me, instead standing just out of arm's reach. "Are you still waiting to hear me say it, Kurt?" My voice sounds weak in my own ears and I realize that I am afraid.
"Ja. Yes." He nods a little frantically. "Are you scared to say it?" He looks sad and I am not at all surprised that he can read me so well.
"A little." Saying the words would make me bound to Kurt. I love you, you love me... Is this what I want? "I know you watch me."
"Ja. I know you know. That's part of the game."
"Is this a game then?" Now I am definitely a little scared.
"Nein! Oh, Kitty, nein! It's a flirtation, this watching. Loving you with my eyes..." He almost steps close enough for me to touch.
"Ah. Well, then." It strikes me then that I don't need to say the words. I can show him. "Watch me." I step back until I am against the tree facing a mildly confused Kurt. I touch my forehead, my eyes, my lips, my heart and then spread my hands out, like I am offering him a gift. He looks askance at me so I do it again. _My thoughts, my sight, my words, my heart...all is yours. _ A little archaic, but I mean it. I kiss my fingers and pretend to throw them at him. He's catching on. "Watch me carefully." I repeat the original sequence. "Understand?"
"Do it again!" He seems breathless. I think he's catching on. Before I can finish, he shoots forward and grabs my wrists. "Me too."

We finally come up for air when Scott clears his throat. "Um, like, hi..." Kurt readjusts my shirt for me. I knew I loved him for a reason.
"Nein. But we will pause for now..." He winks at me, making my heart twitch a little. "Come on, Katzchen." Scott mumbles under his breath and we follow him towards the car. "We are good, then? No more watching? Frankly, it was driving me crazy."
"Okay. No more watching. But I have been meaning to ask you about that looking you were doing in class..."

Cat Scratch Fever (NC-17)

Summary: Kitty takes a bath and someone watches... The title is taken from a song by Ted Nugent and everything else you may recognize belongs to other people.
A/N Thanks to Foxfeather for reading my crap and putting up with the flood.

He could feel his body tighten in response to her nearness, each nerve coming to attention as she came into his view. He had found his hiding spot quite by accident some weeks ago while dodging Logan and a night time death march; it was happy circumstance that Kitty happened to be using the upstairs group bathroom bathe in that time, her pale skin sparkling with the silvery drops of water. He had felt the drool collect in his mouth at the sight of her and instantly stopped caring that she might see him, perched as he was in the branch near the window. He had come back for several nights in a row, disappointed that Kitty did not return. He had seen more of Jubilee than was possibly healthy and knew way too much about the depilation habits of the girls in the mansion, but still he held out hope that Kitty would return for his...perusal. He was rewarded for his efforts after a week of waiting. It occurred to him then, a week to the night after his first view of Kitty's pale shoulders and curved hips that this was probably a weekly ritual for her, that if he returned on the same night next week he would see her again. It became his ritual, too, to watch her like this. In the more rational part of his brain, he knew that to be caught would be serious trouble, possibly expulsion, but his logic was subsumed by his passion for Kitty. The object of his deepest desires left his view, leaving him feeling strangely bereft. After a long moment, she came back sans shirt and twisting her hair into a loose knot on the crown of her head. He sighed and scooted slightly further out onto the branch, close enough to the window that, should she look up, she would see him staring at her. Kitty leaned forward over the edge of the tub, wearing only her jeans and bra, and ran the water so hot that steam rose and wreathed her dark hair. He sighed and imagined the fingers of steam were _his _ fingers, combing through her soft, dark hair and caressing her skin, already glistening in the heat of the bathroom. He felt his arousal throb between his legs and groaned inwardly; this, too, had become a ritual. He would crave release before she was half way through with her bath but would always force himself to wait until he was back in his own room with a locked door and a pillow to muffle his cries. Kitty turned her head, offering him her profile, and made a study of the bath products lining the low shelf near the tub. He watched her hand hover over several bottles and jars before selecting the inevitable: peaches and cream scented salts with several oil beads thrown in for good measure. He gnawed on his lip as she trailed her fingers through the water to dissipate the ingredients before she stood, reaching behind her to unhook the lacy white bra she wore. Her watcher craned his neck, worshiping his view of the slope and curve of Kitty's breasts and the smooth expanse of her back. Letting his eyes touch where his hand could not, he trailed the gentle curve that began just under her arm and dipped in at her waist, flaring out at her hips and tapering into legs that he dreamed were wrapped around him every night. As she usually did, Kitty tossed her bra to one side and reached her arms over her head, bouncing once on her toes for an added stretch. Rolling her neck from side to side, Kitty slid her hands to the waistband of her jeans and he held his breath as she slid them down her hips. Each week, he held his breath in anticipation of which underwear she had on. He found that she favored plain white panties but every once in a while she would have on a thong or something brightly colored and he would practically have paroxysms of lust at the sight of sweet, innocent Kitty clad in a black lace string bikini or lacy pink g-string. He honestly did not care what kind of underwear she wore, but nonetheless it fueled his fantasies, giving him something to add to the already endless variations in his mind.
Kitty dipped one toe into the water, a delicate shudder rippling over her skin at the heat, then plunged her leg in. She sighed, her soft brs hes heaving with the an. n. He groaned aloud now and froze as she looked up sharply, her brow wrinkled in query. One long, tense minute later, she shook her head and stepped her other foot into the tub. Now, he thought, was his favorite part. Kitty slowly, oh-so-slowly, lowered the rest of her body into the water: kneeling first, to acclimate her lower legs and knees to the water, then slowly sitting back on her heels and immersing her thighs and buttocks. He ground against his branch as she arched her back in pleasure at the warmth of the water, her neck stretching and arms bracing against the sides of the tub, pushing her breasts out for his viewing. Kitty carefully arranged her body so that her knees and head stuck out of the water but the rest was submersed in the faintly cloudy, strongly scented tub. He moved forward again, ignoring the distinct creaking noise that issued from the branch. He just had to see her up close, to get as close as possible without her knowing and screaming or worse, getting caught out by one of the adults at the mansion. He was just settling in to admire her as she soaked when Kitty did something new: she took a deep breath and slid further into the tub, slinging one leg over the near edge of the bathtub, bracing herself in place with her other leg. He watched in stunned bliss as Kitty trailed one hand from her collarbone to her breast, circling each one in turn, paying special attention to the dusky nipples that so reminded him of cherries atop a sundae. He knew his eyes were goggled but he could not have cared any less. Kitty was biting her lip, one hand still at her breast and the other disappearing below the water. _Was she? No! Not my Kitty! I'm too ashamed of myself to watch! But... _ He pried his eyes open and saw Kitty rolling her head from side to side, the arm that was in the tub making waves with it's motions. The hand that had been at her breast now grasped the side of the tub as she moved with the pleasure she was setting into motion. Her mouth dropped open in a silent "O" as she arched her upper body out of the water, her submersed hand moving faster and faster until she audibly squeaked in ecstasy, trying desperately to keep quiet. His heart hammered in his ears and he was only barely conscious of the frantic rhythm of his hips against the branch beneath his hips. A sudden crack sounded and, as Kitty's head jerked towards the window, he disappeared from view. He heard her throw open the window overhead, calling out to whoever was there to show themselves. With a slight limp and a very guilty conscience, he scurried into the house.

Try as he might, he was still painfully aroused when he reached his room. He was sure nearly getting caught would put paid to his voyeurism and it's associated excitement but he saw in the mirror that the tented effect was still present. He squeezed his eyes tight in shamed desire, feeling horribly guilty but knowing that he would have to take care of the situation if he wanted to get any sleep. With a pained sigh, he lowered his shorts and sat back on the bed, tentatively stroking his erection. As the desire built, he took a firmer grasp of his member, now imagining Kitty's hand rather than his own, feeling the droplets of arousal welling from the most sensitive part of him. Kicking his shorts off where they hung around one ankle, he laid back against the mattress and set to his task in earnest. He did not hear the slight scratching on his door, signaling a visitor, so lost was he in his fantasy. In his mind, Kitty was caressing his length, murmuring into his ear about how much she wanhim.him. He smiled to himself, picturing just what he wanted to do to her in that moment, how he wanted to coax her astride his arousal and watch her face as she moved against him... A soft breath against his ear froze his world..
"I take it you liked the show..." A rustle of clothes and then soft lips against his ear. "I know you've been watching me-I can see your reflection in the bathroom mirror when you sit in that tree-you never knew, did you?" He had not found his voice, perched as it was between mortification and ecstasy. "I've been thinking about you for a long time, even before the first time I saw you spying on me. I want you as much as you want me, you know. That's why I did it tonight, why I let you see what I do when I'm alone and thinking of you..." Her tongue lapped at his sensitive lobe, eliciting a soft moan. In his hand, his member throbbed and seemed to beg him to get her to help him out. She rested one hand against his chest and finally looked him in the eyes. "If you want me, you can have me. Do you want me?"
The world crashed around him, summing itself up in his answer: "Ja."

A/N Um, you can guess who it is, right?

SWEETNESS (PG-13 for language)

Summary: Two mutants discuss each other. Set in the future and inspired by "Sweetness" by Jimmy Eat World Pure fluff...

A/N Bushels of thanks to Foxfeather for all her support and help with these fics! She kicks ass! :) Plotbunnies hide in songs, so be warned...this is my third songfic and I usually don't tend towards that... Just so you know, nothing you recognize in here is mine.

Jimmy Eat World

If you're listening
Sing it back
String from your tether unwinds
Up and outward
(But only)
To bind
I was spinning free
With a little sweet
And simple numbing me
Are you listening?
Sing it back
So tell me what do I need
When the words
Lose their meaning
I was spinning free
With a little sweet
And simple numbing me
Yeah, stumble until you crawl
Sinking into sweet uncertainty
If you're listening
Are you listening?
Sing it back
I'm still running away
I won't play your
Hide and seek game
I was spinning free
With a little sweet
And simple numbing me
What a dizzy dance
This sweetness will not
Be concerned with me
No the sweetness will not
Be concerned with

"What's wrong?"
"Why does something have to be wrong?"
"Well, you're very quiet. You're never quiet."
"Thanks, I think...I'm plenty quiet."
"Hmpf. When you're asleep."
"What about when I'm eating?"
"Sheesh. You make yummy noises then."
"I like food!"
"Well, at least try to chew with your mouth closed next time."
"For you, my love, anything."
"Why do you love me?"
"That was out of left field."
"You really want an answer?"

"You have to think about it?"
"Well, I just love you. I don't analyze it. I just...do."
"Well, why?"
"You're sweet."
"That's it? You love be because I'm sweet? Candy is sweet. Kool Aid is sweet. I don't see you taking any of that to your bed."

"Don't be obtuse. It's like you pulled me to you and I just sort of fell into orbit."
"So....I _made _ you love me?"
"Don't sound so pissy. I can't explain it. I just...I'm pulled to you."
"That's...a little like a stalker. Cute growl."
"Shaddup. I'll tell Logan you thought his growl-training was cute next time I see him."
"You wouldn't. You're avoiding an answer, you know."
"Am not. I just can't think of an answer you'll like."
"That doesn't sound very promising."
"Give me a minute.......Okay. I love you because you force me to feel. I was too scared to let myself love you at first, you know."
"Caught on to that one pretty quick..."

"Well, you're just so...out there with emotions that it freaked me out. Scoot over. I can't snuggle if you're all sprawled out like that."
"Sorry. Go on...I think you were getting to a good part."
"Heh. Okay. It's like this. I ran from you so hard that I didn't notice I wasn't getting anywhere. I ran to him, as you prefer me to call him..."
"His name shall never profane your lips again!"
"I think you need to lay off the late-night flicks, lover."
"If you get to the point soon, I'll skip tonight's showing of _Lawrence of Arabia _ to show you just how much I appreciate your never saying his name. Ever."
"Deal. Okay, Mister Grabby Hands. Want me to finish my story or want to feel me up? And no, you can't do both."
"You're evil. Finish story then feel up."
"Right. Well. I didn't want to wear out my feelings for you. I was afraid that if I told you I cared about you, the shiny would wear off. Like the words wouldn't mean so much anymore. "
"Words are just words, love. Their meaning doesn't change."
"Yeah, but it'd be like wearing out a welcome. You say it so often that it just isn't as great anymore."
"I know that now. But then, it was like I'd run away and _snap! _ You'd pull me back. You'd do something sweet, like help Jamie with his homework or bring me cold medicine that time I was on my ass with the bug that was going around...I'd see all these great things about you and I'd know that I couldn't stay away."
"So. You love me because I'm sweet."
"Um. Yeah. I love you because you're sweet and because you wouldn't let me keep playing games. You never changed your mind about me, never got tired of me. I think you wore me down."
"Remind me to tell our grandchildren that story. 'Well, I wore your grandmother down so she decided to marry me'."
"Speaking of which, we had better get to bed. I refuse to be bleary-eyed at my own wedding."
"It still feels strange for us to sleep in the same room in the mansion."
"Well, we're almost married. Tomorrow we will be, and if we're going to teach here and live here, we're going to share a room...may as well get used to it now."
"Point. Still. I keep waiting for Logan to pop out of the woodwork and claw me to bits."
"Maybe he'll do it tomorrow night for old time's sake. Last chance to guard your virtue."
"Not funny. Okay. A little funny. Bede foe for this girl. You coming?"
'Of course. I abandoned my movie for you."
"Don't think I don't appreciate it, Kurt."
"Anything for you, Mein Katzchen."

A/N There. Had a smooshy moment. I th

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