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Summary: Rogue contemplates herself. Inspired by "Milk" by Garbage.... Muchos gracias to Foxfeather for reading this bunny attack! If you recognize it, I don't own it nor am I reaping benefits from it.


_ I am milk
I am red hot kitchen
And I am cool
Cool as the deep blue ocean
I am lost
So I am cruel
But I'd be love and sweetness
If I had you
I'm waiting
I'm waiting for you
I'm waiting
I'm waiting for you
I am weak
But I am strong
I can use my tears to
Bring you home
I'm waiting
I'm waiting for you
I'm waiting
I'm waiting for you
I'm waiting
I'm waiting for you
I am milk
I am red hot kitchen
I am cool
Cool as the deep blue ocean
I'm waiting
I'm waiting for you
I'm waiting
I'm waiting for you
I'm waiting
I'm waiting for you
I'm aching
I'm aching for you
I'm waiting
I'm waiting
I'm waiting for you. _

Sitting alone in the dark and staring at my hands, I see how pale I am. I am the color of milk, never exposed the sun, never exposed to the light under all my layers of cloth. My hands can never see the light of day, never feel another living thing... I am cold like milk, frigid in my heart against everyone and everything. I want to so badly, though. I crave your touch, any touch. A whisper of skin against skin, the suggestion of contact. I see eyes wanting me and I can't let them feel me. Even friendly touch cannot be allowed for me. I am a leper, death to anyone who touches me. I am a prisoner of my body, of some cruel joke of fate. What possible use is this abnormality? Professor Xavier says our mutations are triggered by traumatic events around puberty and sometimes those events can even help shape our mutations. For the life of me, I can't figure out what I did that was so wrong to deserve _ this. _
I am ice. Frozen and dead inside. I can't let myself be alive, really. Sometimes I think that if I had someone, anyone, not afraid of me, someone willing to touch me for even a brief moment, I could be happy again. I could be loving and holy again. Occasionally, someone will touch my shoulder, touch my arm, but never for long and always after making sure that I'm covered. I can't stand it. I feel like I'm walking disease. To touch me is to know me, to touch me is to give yourself to me entirely, to touch me is to die a little with each passing second...
The kitchen table is red. It's shiny and dark and looks like fire. My hands are so white against the tabletop that I can't stand to look at them. Someone once told me that my hair was the color of fire but I'm not so sure now. It has a streak of my whiteness in it, that which makes me different. Marks me out as a pariah. Sad thing is that most people don't know how tainted I am, how frozen. _Look at her-Goth girl, spooky chick, weirdo, freak. _ Almost no one knows my secret but they know that I am different. I burn inside, deep and glowing beneath layers of ice. One simple touch from one person and I'll supernova, shining bright for all the world to see. It's a weakness for me, this longing for contact. I cry for it, I seek it like a moth does flame. I seethe in jealous rage when I see people touch casually, not even aware of what a miracle that simple gesture can be. You wouldn't absently brush against each other in the hall, you wouldn't play like you do if you only knew...
I don't let my weakness show, though. I'm strong. I hide in my layers, cover my skin and shame. I read once about feral children, those kids they find that are almost animals because years of neglect have stunted their development. Will that happen to me? Will I just snap one day, gnash my teeth, howl at the moon, claw my own skin raw because I have been neglected? Or will I collapse in on myself like some distant sun, burning bright for a short time and then...nothinI'm I'm tempted each day to just let it happen, accidentally touch you. Anyone. A kiss of skin on skin, fingers to neck, palm to cheek. I am not sure that I even remember what skin feels like. You can never really _feel _ your own, you know? I'll never raise goosebumps on a lover's arms, I'll never feel a baby's cheek against my own. God, will I even have a baby? Is there even one person alive who wants me as I am, untouchable but aching for whatever contact they can give?
I'm deep as the ocean, especially when I'm alone. I sink into myself, swim in my own mind and desires. I'm almost ashamed at how simple my wildest fantasies are. A finger brushing across my lips is as wildly erotic as anything Cinemax1 could dream up. Someone to run their fingers through my hair, not just a simple tug on the ends like Kitty will sometimes but actually _running _ their fingers through, maybe even touching my scalp-the idea of this sends me into throes of knee-shaking desire at the mere suggestion. Late, late in the dark of night, I wonder if I let you see me cry, if you would come to me. If I just showed my weakness, you would touch me. Let me _feel _ just once more.
But I am milk, I am fire, I am the ocean. I am untouchable and disease and you're not. You're perfection in my eyes and I set my desires on you, to be like you, to feel like you. I'll wait until forever if I have to but I won't let you see me cry.


Summary: Rogue gets confessional and disturbed.

A/N This story has some disturbing imagery as well as very...negative...religious views expressed by the character. If this sort of thing bothers you, move on to the next. Thanks to Foxfeather for her overall coolness and for reading all this dreck I keep sending her way! :) The lyrics quoted are from "Mary Mary" by Chumbawumba.

_No virgin me, for I have sinned... _

Smiling red mouth in my own flesh, gaping at me and loving me. I can't love anyone else with my body so why shouldn't I love myself? Blood will out and clean me pure as snow... I see my sins in my flesh, such an aberration of nature. God can't have meant for me to survive this long. This is my Hell. Pure torture for me to be alive, you know. The longer I last, the worse I feel. Feel. Ironic. I don't feel, I can't feel. I can never touch another living being without great pain to both of us. I covet that pain, I crave it. If I feel pain, that means I feel. Touching myself, feeling my own face, my own hands-that's all I have. I envy you that brush of skin on skin in the hallway, that covert touch of a loved one's hand on your own. Hell, I'd even like to get slapped, just for human contact. If I don't have my skin, I can touch...

_ Go call a priest, all meek and mild..._

You can't get to me... Pain is my god now. God, _your _ God, has abandoned me. _Eli,Eli! Lamma sabbacthani!2 _ I tried to be good. I really did. Swath myself in fabric and hate, protected from humanity by virtue of my own flesh and blood. If I were flayed, would you touch me then, or would my blood kill you as surely as my skin? Knife bites deeply and forgives the lust I have for flesh, for touch. I can see my bone and it seems quite harmless. I don't want it to be fixed. I hate my skin and hate what it means. I've sinned against you. I've taken from you without giving in return. My touches were not all innocent, not all accidental. I want to feel you. I live for the little shock of pain, the sudden rush of you and then...I'm gone. I'm you for a while, not Marie, not Rogue...I can feel again and I can pretend that I'm not some sort of vampire, that I am normal and capable of sensation. Talk to me, tell me I can control it. Guess what? I fucking can't deal with it. I can't control it. It's getting worse.

_ It's raining stones, it's raining bile..._

I can't even touch your hair without getting a flash of your mind, of your soul. Beast spilled some of my blood in the lab and he passed out. Beast passed out. From a drop of my blood touching his skin. I can't live like this. Pretty red drops all over my rubies I think. If I bleed my life out, will you bleed your out? Didn't think of that, selfish me. End my pain and cause yours. You have to clean up after me. My blood, my skin, my bone. My pretty pretty knife all shiny with my blood... Small price, I think. I'm a drain on humanity, a waste of tissue. No one knows where I am and no one will know for a long time. I have sinned in my heart by hating you all for something I can't control. I have sinned in my flesh for causing pain, for enjoying it. I have sinned in my soul for being impure of mind and heart. I need the absolution death can bring.

_Rogue? Are you in there? You missed dinner. Hey! Open the door. Don't make me phase in there. Damn it, Rogue! Let me in... Rogue! Rogue! Can you hear me? Look, Kurt's okay. He says he feels better and he's not mad at you. Neither is Beast and I know I'm not...We need to talk.. Rogue. Rogue? C'mon... Fine. Hope you're decent-I'm coming in! Oh, my God. Is that...blood? Oh, God! Rogue! _

Blood Sisters

Summary: Not gonna tell ya. It's a surprise.

A/N: Thanks to Foxfeather for reading this. :) You rule, Foxy! :)

"I have to go in there! _Kitty _ is in there!" Kurt lunged forward but Scott seized him around the waist, pulling him back to the ground.
"No! It's too late for her, she's gone! Let her be, man!" Kurt strained against him once more, trying to reach Kitty.
"But she's calling for me!"
"I don't care! Cowboy up3 and just stay still...They already got Jamie and Evan. It's just you, me and Remy now." Scott looked over his shoulder, seeking out their Cajun companion. "Where did Remy go, anyway? He said he'd be right back..." A faint scuffling off to the right drew the duo's attention. Remy was commando-crawling towards them, head low to avoid being seen in the open doorway. Scott had a sudden urge to giggle but tamped it down--he was the de facto leader of the X Men, damn it. De facto leaders _never _ giggle.
"What's goin' on, mes amis?" Remy slid next to them, taking in Scott's hand over Kurt's mouth and the faint, wild look in the blue mutant's eyes.
"Kurt here wants to go to Kitty. I keep telling him that it's too late, just let it go. Besides..." Scott looked into the rec room again. "I don't think there's anything we can do to help them." His companions followed his gaze, taking in the scene. Kitty, Rogue and Jubilee were sprawled in a human tangle on the couch, all wearing loose clothing. Amara and Jean were laying in the floor while Storm was sitting in a wing-backed chair. Jamie sat before Jubilee, rubbing her feet while Evan stirred his aunt's tea. Kitty seemed weepy, her eyes shining with moisture. She sniffed loudly and turned towards the boys' hiding place.
"Kurt? You there?" She sounded unsure but continued peering into the shadows.
Kurt struggled against Scott's grasp which was being enforced by Remy, stilling only when Kitty turned back to the movie. Remy sighed. "Homme, if I ever be dat whipped, blast me."
"Promise. Same goes for me..." Scott let his eyes wander over to Jean, laying on her stomach on the floor. She groaned a little and pressed her hands to her lower back. "She looks like she's in pain..."
"It's different for each woman." Beast lumbered up behind them, not even bothering to stay low.
"Get down, you fool!" Kurt had finally snapped out of his Kitty-induced panic and was back in self-preservation mode. "Don't let them see you!"
With a self-deprecating grin, Beast dropped to the ground next to his charges. "You are all over reacting."
"That's what you think! Look at Jamie and Evan! Enslaved!" The two youths in question were switching girls now, Jamie moving to adjust Amara's heating pad on her stomach and the fan blowing in her face while Evan fluffed a pillow behind Kitty's back. Kurt did not look amused about the latter.
"Scott, I am sure that I explained this to you last month, but when a group of women live and or work together for an extended time, their cycles tend to adjust so that they are all menstruating at once..." Beast smiled a little at youthful terror.
"Herr McCoy, this isn't...that time..."
"Why, sure it is, Kurt. It's the third week of the month. And I was the one doing the shopping this week. One does not easily forget purchasing ten boxes of feminine hygiene products."
Scott shook head,ead, frustrated at Beast's lack of understanding. "No, no! It's worse than their periods! It's PMS!"

A/N Sorry--the bunny bit me.

When I Close My Eyes (Strong R/mild NC-17 for sexuality)

Summary: Some things are easier when you close your eyes.

A/N Thanks to Foxfeather for reading and critiquing. The title is from a song, I think-I just know it isn't my own invention.

Soft silence, rustle of sheets...There he is. I keep my eyes close, feign sleep, hope he believes it this time. Breathe in, breathe out, go slow like I'm dreaming, murmur when he touches my arm. He rests his hand there, waiting for a response but I just keep breathing, keep my eyes closed. During the day I can pretend that it's all normal and I want this but at night is when my lies hurt the most. I hope he doesn't feel me tense as he slides his hand down my arm and finds my fingers. I've practiced this many times-loosely curl my fingers when he meshes our hands, murmur again and shift. I'm surprised he hasn't caught on by now. I do the same damned thing every time. Now he presses his lips to my bare shoulder and I can feel the slight stubble he bears after a day of not shaving. I sigh and shift, pretending that it feels good but I'm still asleep to him. He moves his hand to my stomach and caresses me there, but it stirs nothing in my belly. He isn't what I want. Every day I tell myself that this is it, this is the last day, but every night I find myself laying here, wishing it were someone else touching me, loving me. How can I be with the one I want when he doesn't want me? I sigh and stretch my leg as if I am waking and he pauses now, I can feel him hold his breath in hope. I murmur and pretend to fall back asleep. Cruel, I know, but I can't stand this torment. I hear him sigh and then he presses his hand against my ribs in some sort of embrace, holding me to him. I can feel his arousal, not fully formed but definitely there, pressing against my backside. I think I may cry. I try to think of what first attracted me to him and the reasons seem trite. He's beautiful, not like a woman but like some statue, a work of art. He's kind, he's moral, and he's...well, masculine. That little voice in the back of my head says "But isn't the other one all of these things? Why is this one so different?" He has reached my breast and I know that I cannot feign sleep much longer. The one time I tried to when he reached this point, he shook me until he "woke me up" and griped about my lack of interest. It would be so easy just to shove him off the bed now, tell him to go to his own room. He pinches my nipple and I know I have to play along now. I smile, a little sleepily, I roll to face him and he is smiling too. He kisses me and all I feel is empty.
"Hey yourself." I sound hollow.
"Wake you up?"
"Mmmm." No. Never.
"I couldn't stand it anymore...I had to come to you."
"God, you're so beautiful...all day I kept wanting to touch you, to kiss you..." His mouth feels cold on mine and I belatedly realize that I'm not kissing him back. I hope he writes it off to sleepiness. "What's wrong?"
"Nothing...Just sleepy. Give me a minute." Same thing every time. He doesn't notice. He kisses me again, licking at my lips with the tip of his tongue. I fight the urge to bite him hard and accept his kiss, pretending that it's my Other. I let my eyes close and he notices. Damn it, he notices!
"You're thinking of him, aren't you?"
"What? Who?"
"I don't know..._Him. _" He tightens his arms like he is going to make me love him, squeeze it out of me. "Who is it?"
"I don't know what you're talking're being irrational."
"Am I? Why do you always close your eyes when I kiss you? Why do you keep your eyes closed when we make love?" He sounded angry and for a brief moment, I actually hoped he would hit me, give me a reason to kick him out. He doesn't though-he never would. He isn't like that.
"Maybe I like to keep my eyes closed because it enhances the experience? Ever think of that?" It is not a total lie-with my eyes closed, I am kissing my Other, making love to him...
"How does it...whatever?" I could tell, even in the half-light of the room, that his eyes were narrowed.
"Makes my senses more heightened." Not a lie, either, but I could pretend the touches on my bare skin were someone else's and I would respond then. I would be able to moan and sigh under this touch, the touch that was imagined.
"Does it?" He believes me, I can tell because he smiles. That seems to settle everything for him and he kisses me again. He kisses me and starts to pull my nightgown off my shoulders. I sigh and imagine other hands there. The gooseflesh rising on my skin is for the Other, never him. Someone else's tongue flicks across flat nipples, tightening them, someone else's fingers find my center and stroke and tease, drawing out wet desire. Someone else's mouth leaves trails of wet kisses down my stomach and hips, murmuring to me the whole time. When he finds my sex and makes love to me with his mouth, I think of someone else nipping and sucking there, making me shake with need. He never knows, though... He moves over me now and I know it's time. I open my eyes and smile like a satisfied cat, imagining someone else's face pressing into my neck. His length is hard against my soft core but I shift and accept him, pressing my hips to join the rhythm. He moans my name, "Oh, Jean!" I sigh and moan in response, not able to speak the name on my tongue..._Why aren't you Kurt? _


Summary: title taken from Sense and Sensibility, among other things. Kitty bears an ever-fixed mark, tying her to Kurt. More fluffy than it sounds...

A/N Thanks to Foxfeather for reading this...My bunnies are back!

Kitty's eyes tracked his every movement-up, tense, over, legs out in front, then another swing back over the bar. Kurt never paused in his routine, and Kitty's eyes never left him. It was her guilty pleasure, watching him put himself through his paces on the small set of gymnastics equipment the Professor had installed for Kurt and Jubilee to keep their skills sharp. Kitty was always careful to make sure he never saw her, hiding as she did in the shadows near the women's shower room. Kurt would only come down late at night, after everyone was asleep or gone. This surprised Kitty at first, knowing what a natural show-off he was, but then she realized that his fear of being seen as a mutant extended far beyond school or social activities. Kurt would use his tail as he swung on the bars or pommel horse, leaping from one piece of equipment to another as if he were far more comfortable as Nightcrawler than as Kurt. Kitty had always been envious of the bond Jubilee and Kurt shared over their abilities. They would talk about timing ski skills, sharing anecdotes with a laughing ease that Kitty had never managed with him. _All I can do is phase. Martial arts only impresses Jamie and possibly Toad, but I'm not gonna go find Tolensky just to show off. _ Kitty chewed on her lower lip, chin resting on her knees while she crouched in the dark, watching Kurt's lithe and graceful form. _He's been down here an hour. He'll be another one before he even gets tired. _ Debating whether to leave before she find, ad, as she always did, or finally stay until he was done and reveal her presence, Kitty nearly missed his bauble on the pommel horse. _Poor baby! He's gonna beat himself up over that one... _
Kurt _did _ look very upset, Kitty noted. He never stopped moving but instead repeated the part of the routine where he had made his mistake over and over until he was able to do it without fault. _Perfectionist...He'll never relax if he won't let himself screw up every once in a while. _ Kitty directed a silent, dark laugh at herself. She had been known to go through dance routines and katas4 and asanas5 repeatedly, correcting faults that only she could see. Pot, kettle, black... Kurt had moved on to the rings and Kitty leaned forward in anticipation. This was her favorite part, the part Kurt always seemed happiest doing, along with the trapeze set that Logan would haul out whenever he got tired of Kurt swinging around the Danger Room. Kitty loved to watch how he stilled himself, arms extended so that he seemed to float above the ground. He would hold himself like that for so long that Kitty was sure his shoulders would give out but just when he should have dropped from exhaustion, he would launch into a series of swings and twists, vaulting through the air and turning like a leaf in a breeze before catching hold of the rings again. _He's smiling! _ Kitty released a small sigh of happiness at the look on Kurt's face and dropped out of her crouch, onto her knees. Kurt had amazing control over his movements on the rings, holding himself so still that Kitty could almost see the strain in each individual muscle through his fur. He swung into his dismount and landed with a soft _thud _ on the matting, moving quickly into a handspring and ending at the horizontal bar. _He never stops moving, not for one minute. Even when he's still on the rings, he's moving somehow. _ The horizontal bar was something that always thrilled Kitty to watch. It was so showy and had an element of danger to it. The sound of the bar bouncing with each grasp of Kurt's hands was the only sound that broke the silence of the room. _He's not even breathing hard! I hao hao have music and noise while I'm practicing anything! _
Kurt had his eyes closed and seemed to have his tongue sticking out just slightly between his teeth, an expression Kitty knew signaled intense concentration on his part. _He makes it look so easy... _ Kitty had the insane urge to shout out to him and make him see her. _I see you, you know. You think I don't _ Kitty held her breath as he released his grip on the bar and turned in the air; she was sure that one of the times he did that, he would miss and fall, breaking himself against the mat. _For crying out loud! I've seen him fight mutants twice his size! I've seen him date Tabitha! He's untouchable! _ Kitty leaned forward onto her hands and knees, memorizing his every move. _Why am I such an idiot? Why do I have to hide from him like this? He'd probably let me watch...He's still got his crush on me. Does he know about that note I wrote Jean? She said she didn't give it to him, but she can't find it, either... _

Friday morning, during speech class, Kitty had written a long, winding note to Jean. She had finally realized, she said, that she had a "thing" for Kurt. It took him dating Amanda to make her see it. The entire month the two were together, jealousy ate Kitty up inside, making her hate the site of the other girl and the look of dopey happiness that came across Kurt's face whenever anyone mentioned her name. They broke up Thursday after a huge, screaming (well, for Amanda's part) fight when Kurt had helped Kitty out in gym class. They were on the gymnastics unit in there and Kitty just could not make herself do a back flip. "Katzchen, I've seen you do them in the, at the institute. You can do this!"
"Yeah, but I had to then! It just sort of happened..." Kitty knew that she had done at least one before, rolling away from some projectile Logan had launched at them while they practiced in the danger room. But for the life of her, she just could not repeat the process in the school gym.
Kurt had caught on. "Want me to throw something at you? I think I can pick up the garbage can..." He motioned to the large, institutional can right outside the cafeteria doors on the far end of the gym.
"Um, no. I'll just muddle through." Kitty tried a few more times to do it while those around her were flipping as if they had been born to do so.
Kurt sighed in exasperation, stilling her fish-like flopping with his hands. "Kitty, I can't let you do this. Here, let me help!" She gave in then, his eyes were so pleading that she felt her heart melt. He tentatively reached out to put his hands on her waist and then paused, asking permission with his eyes. She nodded and he grasped her, slowly walking her through the movements of a back flip. When he had her upside down, his arms around her waist, Kitty saw Amanda glaring at them froo mao mats away. Kurt hauled her end over end then helped her to her feet. "Think you can do it now?"
"I'll give it a go..." She smiled a little shakily, feeling Amanda's eyes on her back.
"I bet that's not the only think you'd give a go..." Amanda sounded uncharacteristically hard.
"I'm just helping a friend, Amanda. No need to get jealous." Kurt sounded weary, as if they had been around this block before.
"It's not just a friend, Kurt. It's _Kitty _ ." Kurt's eyes had gone wide then and he shuffled Amanda off to a corner of the gym, out of site from Kitty and Coach Jackson. Kitty tried a few more halfhearted attempts at a back flip until Amanda's raised voice brought the entire class to a halt. "Fine! If that's the way you feel, we're through!" Kurd fod followed Amanda out from their hiding spot and found Kitty's eyes with his own. He gave her a weak smile and shrug but Kitty knew he was hurting inside. He and Amanda had received detention after class for sneaking away so Kitty did not see him again until later that night, after dinner. He had not spoken to anyone and, after wolfing down his food and grabbing a snack for later, he had disappeared up to his room. Kitty wanted to go to him and comfort him but a little part of her could not help but be glad, think that now she could show him that she felt the same way he did. Or had before... He did not go to the gym that night and Kitty sat in the dark for several hours before finally going to bed. Friday morning he had again been quiet and unusually standoffish, not even responding to her teasing or tail pulling antics. During first period, she wrote the note to Jean, begging for advice. "*_I think I really, really, really like him but now I think he doesn't like me. Amanda just broke his heart and here I am, all worried about how to tell him. Is it too soon? How should I even tell him? _*" Jean did not get a chance to respond before the end of class and then, when she had looked for the note later, it was gone. Kitty accepted her assurance that Kurt did not have the letter but, she wondered, who did? The day had passed in a blur for Kitty and she only found herself thinking coherently when she was walking down to the gym at eleven thirty on Friday night. Kurt was already there so she hid....

He moved off the horizontal bar and Kitty knew it was time to go. He would be going into his floor work now and there was no way to stay hidden if he was on the floor, his eyes passing over her very hiding spot as he went through his routine. Kitty stood shakily and pressed her back flat against the wall. _If I phase here, I'll just end up in the showers...Damn it! I waited too long. Now I'll have to wait until he's moving the other way or just hide in the showers until he wraps up for the night. _ Kurt took a running start at the corner of the mat directly opposite Kitty and he was soon a blur of motion, tumbling and vaulting his heart out. Kitty made a decision then: the showers until he was done. Sucking in a deep breath and closing her eyes, she did not see the impact coming. Kurt had misjudged distance to the end of the mat and his final handsprinopelopelled him straight into Kitty. With mutual shouts and yowls of pain, the two fell to the floor in a tangle of fur and flesh. "Katzchen!" Kurt was the first to regain coherent thought. "What're you doing here?"
"Um, taking a walk?" Her head was throbbing mercilessly from where Kurt's foot had made contact.
"Huh. Sure." Kurt rose to his feet and winced at the spike of pain that shot from his ankle. "I think I twisted my ankle..."
"Oh, Kurt! I'm so sorry! Now you won't be able to use the equipment!" Kitty braced herself on the wall to stand, blinking away sudden dampness in her eyes. Kurt finally took a look at her and she felt her own eyes go wide in response to his gasp. "Are you mad at me?"
"Katzchen! You're bleeding!" Indeed, the moisture she felt was a trickle of blood coming from a small cut on her forehead.
"Huh? Oh! Damn it!" Kitty cried now, embarrassed and in pain. Kurt led her into the shower room and ran some water, dampening a paper towel before pressing it to the wound.
"What are you doing down here?" He sounded more worried than angry so Kitty spilled her secret, that she watched him almost every night. _I guess I owe him that much. _ Kurt looked shocked and paused in his ministrations.
" me?" Kitty nodded glumly.
"Then you do like me?" He sounded like he wanted to shout and laugh at once.
"The do like me?" He was almost shouting now aittyitty felt all blood drain from her face.
"What, um, what note?" _Jean must die! _
"Er, uh...I guess that wasn't too smooth, was it?" Kurt stopped patting her head and sat down on the counter next to her. "Amanda said she found a note in speech class, just laying on the floor. She told me that you liked me and didn't know how to tell me and she was all mad...I thought that she was doing it to hurt me because she knows that..." Kurt swallowed hard. "She knows that I care about you. Very much."
Kitty stared at her hands and the few spots of blood that dotted her skin there. "You know," she finally said, "this is not the way I wanted you to find out."
Kurt snorted. "Not high on my list of ways to ask you out, either..."
"Are you asking me out?"
"Er, yeah." He looked at her now, visibly shaking in nervous excitement. "Katzchen, will you go out with me?"
"Let me think about that..." At his stricken look, she nudged him playfully. "Tension breaker. Had to be done. Yes, I'll go out with you."
Kurt smiled broadly and touched her face with his hand, brows drawing down briefly in worry. "I'm sorry about your head. I think you're going to have a scar."
"Oy. Not good." Kitty craned her neck to look in the mirror and examine the small cut. "It'll be small, at any rate." She turned back to Kurt and tilted her chin. "Aren't we supposed to kiss now?"
"Ja!" He planted a small, chaste kiss on her lips before slipping his arms around her waist, drawing her in for a hug. "I really am sorry about your head..."
"Well, it'll be in place of a class ring then."
"Instead of me wearing your ring to show that we're together, I have your scar."
"Ah. An ever-fixed mark as proof of our love?"
"Paying attention in lit class? Hmmm."
Kurt snickered a little and kissed her again. "So, want to work on that back flip so long as we're down here?"

Teenage Dirtbag (R for language)

Summary: Listening to the radio and this song made me think of our poor little blue guy. If you haven't heard it, it's cute. At any rate, Kurt's pity party takes a turn for the happy at prom.

"I don't see why you made me come, Jean. This is awful." Kurt Wagner sunk down in his seat, kicking his shoes off oddly shaped feet. "This tux is killing me and I'm too depressed toe a e a good time."
"And you're whining too much for us to have one!" Jean's words were tempered with kindness, taking away their sting. Scott was approaching the table with cups of soda so Jean leaned forward and spoke rapidly. "I know it hurts to see her with him, but staying at home and sulking won't help anything."
"It isn't just this verdammt prom, Jean. It's everything-she's dating him, for crying out loud!" Kurt glared at Scott as he deposited their drinks. "At least you could have refused to let her see him."
"C'mon, man. You know I couldn't stop Kitty from doing whatever Kitty wanted to do."
"But you're a brother to her. She'd have listened to you..." He knew he sounded petulant, but Kurt did not care.
"What, demanded that she not see Lance and date you instead?" Scott snorted. "That would've worked..."
Jean's ears pricked at the sounds of a slow love song and she tugged Scott to his feet. "I'm going to borrow him for a minute or two, Kurt...sorry." She smiled at the holo-covered mutant and led a grinning Scott onto the dance floor. Kurt sighed into his soda and searched the crowd for Kitty. _There she is, my Queen, my heart... _ She wore pale pink and gold, shining in the dim lights of the hotel ballroom like an angel to Kurt's eyes. Lance stood nearby, wearing a slightly wrinkled tuxedo and looking very surly. Kitty looked sad, Kurt thought, like she was having a miserable time. _Come to me, Katzchen, and I'll show you the world. _ Kurt took a sip of the sweet drink in his cup and wrinkled his nose-flat soda was not good soda. _Story of my life. Things never work the way that I want them to. I look like a freak, I'm in love with Kitty who thinks I'm silly and 'just a friend,' she's dating Lance, a world class scumbag, and now my soda is flat. _ Damn. Kurt rubbed his eyes wearily and rested his head on the table. _Reasons Kitty will never love me, part two. I listen to techno and hip hop, she doesn't. I like old horror movies, she likes romances and comedies. I eat meat, she doesn't. I'm fucking Kurt "Nightcrawler" Wagner and she's Kitty Pryde. That should be reason enough, I would think. _ A chair scraped nearby and a voice broke his reverie.
"Hey. Whatcha doin' short blue and fuzzy?"
"Hello, Tabby. What do you want?"
"Looked miserable so I wanted to cheer you up!" The blonde girl turned Kurt's head to look at her. "You crying?"
"No. Just allergic to fun." Kurt raised his head and scooted slightly away so that Tabby could not touch him. "Where's your date?"
"Hey, man, I'm solo. Came with the Brotherhood and we're gonna tear it up later!" She shifted her eyes to where Lance was standing with Kitty. "Well, most of us, anyway. Say, what's he doing here with her?"
"They're dating, don't you know." Kurt laughed mirthlessly, taking another sip of his flat soda.
"Hmmm. Weird. I would have thought..." Tabby shook her head as if editing her words. "Huh. Well."
"Why're you being nice to me?"
"You're not the only one feeling lonely here, Fuzzball." Kurt followed her gaze to where it rested on Lance, who was herding Kitty towards the table occupied by Todd and Pietro. "Prom sucks."
"Second that." Kitty was looking around the room now, he saw. He knew when her eyes fell on him because they narrowed at Tabby's presence. "They think we're here together you know."
"Now they do. Serves Lance right..." she muttered r her her breath. "Wanna dance?"
"Not really."
"Me, either." They sat in sad silence for a while until Scott and Jean came back. "Hey."
"Um, hi Tabby." Jean slid into the seat opposite the girl, leaving Scott to sit next to Kurt. "What're you doing here?"
"Popular question tonight. First Lance, then Kurt, now you..." Tabitha took Kurt's cup and drained it, making a face at the too-sweet taste.
"What? Lance..." Kurt's brow wrinkled in confusion.
"I'm not decorative enough, apparently. Good enough for a quickie in the backseat but not good enough to take to the prom. Or anywhere else for that matter..." Her eyes narrowed and met Lance's across the room. The X Men at their table saw Lance tense and turn to Kitty, kissing her soundly on the lips. Kurt sank into his seat again, growling in muted frustration. "I'm gonna go grab a smoke. Anyone?" Tabby stood, her hands clenching the fabric of her short black dress convulsively.
"We're good." Scott waved her away and she stalked off without a backwards glance. "Man. That was..."
"Yeah," Jean and Kurt replied at the same time. Another slow song started and Scott rose, taking Jean with him. "Be back soon, buddy."
"Whatever." _Alone again. Of course. _ Kurt was about to sink into another round of self pity when a feminine throat-clearing caught his attention.
"Where's your date?"
_Katzchen! _ "Don't have one." _Stay cool. She didn't just hear your voice crack, I'm sure... _
"Nein. She just stopped by to say hey." At this, Kitty sat down in Jean's vacated chair. "Where's....Lance?" The name was almost painful for him to say.
"Oh. Well, he and Pietro had to go help Todd. It seems that he's having zipper issues." She smiled briefly at this and let her gaze drift over the crowd before speaking again. "After this is over, there's a party at the boarding house. Want to come?"
"Vas?" Kurt felt his heart race. "I don't think Jean and Scott..."
"I didn't invite Jean and Scott. I asked you." Her eyes finally met his. "Tonight sucks. I was all excited to come here; I mean, Lance is one of the hottest guys at school-don't cringe, it's true-even Jean thinks so-and he asked me to the prom! He was so into us going together, getting me this corsage," she gestured to the pink bunch of flowers on her wrist, "going out to dinner, getting all dressed up. But it occurred to me halfway here that that's all this is to him, appearances. He didn't want to date me before, just sleep with me. Now, month before the prom, he asks me out. He just wanted this whole fantasy of a high school prom." Kitty sighed and rested her chin on her hands. "He told me I'm weird."
"Why?" _Bastard. If he hurt you're feelings, Kitty... _
"For being me. He said I'm pretty if I keep my mouth shut."
"I'll kick his ass."
"Kurt, please sit down. I just wanted to tell you that I think I came with the wrong guy." Kitty eyes rose to meet his again and Kurt had the sinking feeling that he was going to pass out.
"Vas? I mean...oh, boy." He grabbed Scott's drink and downed it in record time. "Kitty, what are you saying?"
"I've been too wrapped up in myself to see that I don't belong with Lance. Sure, he's nice to look at and all, but so are you. And you're not a cookie cutter guy like he tries to be. You're you..."
"I'm weird, Kitty. Weirder than Lance ever thought you are."
"Don't care." Kitty turned back to see where her date was and saw him emerging from the mens' restroom, Pietro and a limping Toad in tow. "Look, I've got to get back so he doesn't cause a scene, but I've got two tickets to the Midnight Movie tomorrow night at Town Center. They're showing _It Came from Outer Space _ and _The Day the Earth Stood Still. _ Interested?" She was already on her feet and walking backwards, waiting for an answer.
"Jawohl! Yes!"
"And tonight?"
"I think I'll sit it out..."
Kitty paused and smiled. "Me, too. See you at home." She turned on her heel and strode over to the table. Kurt felt fit to burst as Scott and Jean regained their seats.
"What did Kitty want?"
Kurt laughed aloud and clapped Scott on the back. "Me, Mein Freund! Me!"

Not of this World (songfic) (R for use of the "F" word)
A/N Foxfeather translated the lyrics from German into English for me (after getting me listening to Xavier Naidoo in the fiplacplace!) so all thanks go to her for inspiring the plotbunny that spawned the story.

Xavier Naidoo - Nicht von dieser Welt (Not of this world)
I lay awake for so many nights
My eyes red, weak from crying
The goblet filled with tears
My wounds covered in linen.
What shall I search for that supports me
Where is the human being that will protect me

It's the truth, when I tell you
That it tortures me when I'm asking myself
Can I still live without you
I don't need an answer
You're the content of my life
I searched for you in vain
You are my light that brightens up the night
Something like that is not from this world

You hear the pain that I feel
Form ear to heart, an open door
Never an angry word from you
The most beautiful touch between me and you
You catch me again and again
And you give me what I need
What I like about you
Is simply not from this world

She's not from this world
The love that keeps me alivethouthout you things were looking bad for me
Because she's not from this world.

She could hear the soft sniffles coming from somewhere above his bed, the only sign that he was indeed still in the room. He had drawn his curtains and turned off the lights, even shoving a towel along the bottom of the doorframe to block incoming light from the hall. He sniffled again and she looked up at the ceiling, scanning for tell-tale yellow eyes. "Kurt, I know you're in here. I can hear you."
"Invasion of privacy." His voice was thick and muffled; Kitty had the impression that he was facing away from her, clinging to the ceiling face-up.
"You never complained before..." She moved further into the room, letting out a pent up breath as she phased completely through the door. "Tell me what's wrong."
"I can't." A sob tore his voice this time, rending Kitty's heart in the process.
"Kurt, please. Don't lie to yourself like that. You can tell me anything, and you know that." Lacking his keen senses, she did not see his bed until she bumped into it with her knees. Feeling blindly, she moved herself to the center of the mattress and sat in a half-lotus position. "What could be so bad that you can't tell me?"
"Katzchen...Kitty, please. Don't make me say it."
"Did it happen again?" She felt her blood run cold at his answering silence. "_Bastards. _ I'll phase them into a brick wall!" Kitty smacked her fist against Kurt's headboard and leapt to her feet, heading for the door.
"Where are you going?" A muffled thud and he was behind her, closing his hand over hers on the door knob.
"I'm sick of how they treat you, Kurt. I'm going to find the Brotherhood and kick their asses!" The Brotherhood had never been fans of Kurt but since he broke up with Tabitha, they had been especially cruel in their attacks. Lately, they had escalated to physically damaging proportions as opposed to their usual embarrassment tactics. The most damaging had been when Lance and Pietro cornered Kurt in the men's room at the mall, stealing his holo and beating him quite badly. Kurt had been too shocked and in pain to 'port and wound up hiding in the handicap stall until Scott came looking for him. Kitty had been furious, swearing that she would find Lance and Pietro, teach them what torment really was, but instead had poured her energy into comforting Kurt, helping him heal and letting him cry when no one else would.
"No, Kitty. What would that do? Make them come after you now?" He shook his head slowly in the dark, a movement she could only track by his eyes.
"Kurt, I can't let them keep doing this to you. No one else around here seems likely to stop them so I'm going to. And don't give me that girl-versus-guy crap. You know I can take them." _At least one of them... _ she amended to herself.
"Katzchen, please don't. Just sit with me. Talk with me." He tugged her hand and she reluctantly followed him to the bed, her mind still on the pain she wanted to cause the Brotherhood. She laid back against the headboard with him, a posture they had been quick to adopt when she started coming to him after the "incidents" as they were known around the mansion. He found it comfortable and she found it comforting. "I think...I think this time they wanted to do more than hurt me, Katzchen."
"What? Why do you say that?" She moved to sit up in alarm but his arm tightened around her shoulder, keeping her pressed against him.
"Pietro had a, um, he had something tucked into the waistband of his pants. I think it may have been a gun."
The world heaved and throbbed around Kitty and she found her hands clutching convulsively in Kurt's fur. "My God." _ I think I may be ill._
"I'm just so tired of it all, Kitty. I'm tired of being a mutant, I'm tired of being picked on, I'm tired of not being able to defend myself without exposing those I care about..." Kurt sobbed then, turning his face to bury it in Kitty's hair. She wrapped her arms around his chest then, murmuring into his ribs and letting him cry all he needed to. After several long minutes, she felt him hiccough to a stop and his hands tightened where they lay against her back. "You know, before I came here, I only had my family to defend me. I had no friends, really. I had very few people to accept me. I thought that things would be better here, that there would be others like me."
"We are like you. Or you're like us. We're all mutants here."
"Nein, Kitty. We're not alike. You can go out without a holo, you can seem like a normal human. I'm a freak."
"Never let me hear you say that again!" Kitty rose over him in anger. "You're no more a freak than I am! Kurt, _I phase through solid objects, _ for fuck's sake! How normal am I?"
"Look at me, Kitty!" Kurt snapped on the bedsidep wip with a flick of his tail. His eyes burned with pain as he spread his arms wide, forcing Kitty to take in everything-the blue fur, the pointed ears, the fangs, the tail, the tridactyl hands and feet. Kitty complied with his request, letting her eyes move over his body from head to toe. "How normal is this?"
"I have webbed toes."
"I have webbed toes. Or had, at any rate. I was born with 'em." Kitty sat back on the bed and toed off her sneakers, wiggling her now-bare feet in the air for Kurt to see. "If you look, you can see the scars where the doctor cut the webbing when I was ten." She raised one leg so that her knee was at her shoulder, her toes in Kurt's face. "See?"
"Um, yes. Little pink scars."
"So I'm not normal-looking either. And chances are good my kids will have webbed toes." She lowered her leg and moved to her knees, raising her shirt just below her breasts. "_And _ I have a third nipple!" Kitty pointed to a flat, pale mole on her ribcage.
"Katzchen, I'm not very experienced but that doesn't look like a nipple to me." Kurt was finding himself mildly amused despite a general feeling of listlessness.
"It's vestigial. Usually boys have them but sometimes girls will, too. And I have a cousin who was born with a tail6. They removed it when he was a baby, though." Kitty let her shirt drop and place her index finger on the tip of Kurt's nose. "Never say you're a freak, Kurt. We all have weird bodies and strange things that make us embarrassed. Every time you start to feel bad about yourself, I want you to think 'Man, that Kitty Pryde is a freak of nature! She's got an extra nipple and webbed feet!'."
Kurt could not help himself. He laughed out loud while protesting her directive. "I could never do that, Katzchen! You're not a freak!"
"Then neither are you." Her voice was grave and drew him back to his earlier seriousness.
"Kitty, do you know how much you mean to me?" She had to strain to hear him but heard him she did. He knew by the widening of her eyes that she was a little surprised. "I know I flirt with you, and make a pest of myself-don't shake your head, I know it's true-but you're my best friend Kitty. When no one else stands up for me, you do. When everyone leaves me alone, you come in and make me open up. I think I was wrong before...I don't need everyone here to accept me. I just need for you to."
"I do, Kurt."
"I used to be so sad all the time, I cried every night you know. More than now; at least now I have a reason, ja? Getting my ass kicked on a regular basis will do that..." He sighed in self-deprecation before continuing. "I had an imaginary friend when I was very young." Kitty wisely kept silent, knowing this was something important. "It was a girl, an angel. She was the most beautiful creature I could imagine, and kind and sweet and she always said just what I needed to hear. And she let me love her, never ran away screaming like so many others." Kurt's voice turned bitter at memories of the children of his parents' friends who teased him, pulling his tail, making him scream, then ran off crying when he lashed out in retaliation. "I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, Katzchen, but I still talked to her when I was older to, right up until I came here." Kurt's sigh ruffled the hair on the crown of Kitty's head, resting as it was beneath his chin. "Then I saw you. You were scared of me, ja, but I didn't care. You were a thousand times more beautiful than my angel. I loved you right away, but you were afraid of me. It hurt me so badly when you hid from me, when you would look at me with those wide eyes, and I tried to convince myself that I could live without you. I tried so hard that it was like torture. When you started coming around, started talking to me, I was walking on air. I knew I was lost to you the first time you defended me to Scott. He had made fun of my dancing and you snapped at him. I knew, even then..."
"I remember that." The day in question was not special for any other reason, she thought, other than for the fact it was the day she had finally noticed _ _Kurt _, and not _Nightcrawler _ . "What did you know, Kurt?"
"I had looked everywhere for you, Kitty. Even before I knew you, I looked for you. You don't let me die inside, you force me to live. I don't think I could live without you." He felt Kitty catch her breath against him and soldiered on, forcing the words out of his own mouth. "Do you know, every time you touch me you make me more human? I used to be so afraid that I was a demon, meant to hurt and destroy. I fought so hard against that, I almost didn't become a person. I almost became a _thing _ ."
"You could never..."
"You have no idea, Kitty. No idea..." Kurt slid down the bed just a little, laying more fully against Kitty. "You're an angel to me, Katzchen. You understand me like no one else. You don't judge me-even when you were afraid of me, you didn't brand me a monster or a demon. Not in your heart of hearts. You give so much of yourself to me, Kitty. Compassion, tenderness, strength...all I have to give back is something I'm afraid you may not want."
"What's that, Kurt?" Kitty held her breath, scarcely daring to hope.
"Love, Kitty. Love."
"You think I don't want that from you?"
"You're not like anyone else on earth. Why would someone like you love something-someone-like me?"
"Because you're you. At least, that's why I do..."
"I love you, Kurt. Why do you think I defend you? Why do you think I come to you every night? Why do you think I care so fucking much? I couldn't let you wilt away because *I * need *you * ."
"Oh, Kitty..." Kurt's mouth found her own with fevered kisses, pouring a lifetime of pain and hurt and desire into each press of lips to lips. He clutched her protectively to his chest ar mor mouth found the spot under his chin that made his heart race and he closed his eyes in pleasure. "Kitty, you have to know..." He pushed her away gently to catch his breath.
"What's that?" She was breathing a little harder than normal, too.
"You give me what I need to live."
"You give me a reason to." The two fell to kissing again, never noticing the faint luminescence that hovered nearby, just above their heads. The angel smiled unseen and vanished; her work was done-her charge had finally found completion.

DANCING QUEENS (R for language, just to be safe.)

Summary: Winter Formal Dance at Bayville High...Kurt/Kitty, among others...

A/N For some reason, I am on a school dance flashback kick. I thought once I'd graduated, I'd never have to think about such horribly awkward rites of passage again. ((shudder)) Thanks go to Foxfeather for reading all of this mess... :)

"Cant' stand it either, huh?" Scott stirred the ice around his drink, eying it's rapidly warming depths.
"Eh. I like dancing. It's just my holo feels...weird." Kurt flashed Scott his wrist for emphasis. Indeed, the blue mutant's projection looked a little blurry around the edges. "Where's Jean?"
"Bathroom." Scott craned his neck to see the ladies' room door. "Why do they all go as a herd? She went in with Amara, Rogue and Jubilee."
"Kitty headed that way when I told her I needed to sit down. Must be some sort of homing beacon to double-X chromosomes." Kurt sighed and took a drink off the table, wondering vaguely if it were his or Kitty's. Remy lurked near the punch bowl, dying to pour in his hip flask, Kurt saw, but was being prevented by a hovering chaperone.7
"Ah. Here they are." Kurt turned to look and sure enough, the women were returning en masse. "They look exactly the same as when they went in...what do they do in there?"
"Mainly complain about us..." Remy dropped into the seat next to Scott, looking very unabashed at being seen at a high school dance. "Had a femme in N'orleans tell me all 'bout it..." A sly grin flashed briefly across the Cajun's face, letting Scott and Kurt know just how good a friend his "femme" was.
"Hey, Fuzzy." Kitty smiled at the assembled men and dropped a quick kiss on Kurt's cheek as she sat next to him. Jean claimed the seat closest to Scott while Amara, Rogue and Jubilee jockeyed for position near Remy. The Cajun merely smirked, strangely unaffected by their feminine maneuvering. "You guys danced out?" Kitty rubbed Kurt's upper arm in an affectionate gesture, tilting her head inquisitively at Remy and Scott.
"Um... you could say that." Scott cringed at the sound of the teeny bopper music that Evan, chosen as the DJ for the evening, was playing. "Does he have anything else up there?"
"Gotta play what the people want, mein Freund." Kurt sighed and leaned happily against Kitty's bare shoulder. "But yeah, it does suck, doesn't it?"
"Hey-I like some of these songs!" Jubilee crossed her arms over her slight chest, mock-indignant.
'Oui, dat's why you never in charge of de radio in de car!" Remy laughed when Jubilee stuck out her tongue, then turned his attention to Amara and Rogue, suspiciously quiet on their side of the table. "Who you lookin' for?" Amara started and then pointedly ignored Remy, scanning the crowd for someone unknown. Rogue jerked her head towards Evan.
"He asked me to come with him, then I don't see him all night."
"Well," Kitty said thoughtfully, "you could go sit up there with him."
"Eesh. Be that close to Britney Spears CD's? I'd rather drain myself!" Rogue's shudder earned a titter of laughter from Kitty and Jubilee. Rogue sighed and looked down at her long-sleeved ensemble, her thin gloves and high boots encasing her totally in black. Above it, her face was stark white as a ghost. "Why don't we just go? I mean, the guys don't want to dance, and y'all aren't going to go asking other guys to dance with you..." Rogue looked as if she were slipping into a sulk.
"I want to dance some more..." Kitty sounded plaintive and Kurt was tempted to damn the holo and take her for another spin on the floor.
"Well, if they play another slow song soon, I'll dance with you, Katzchen." Kitty nodded a little sadly.
"I'm not ready to go either." Jean's sentiment was mirrored by Jubilee and Amara, the latter of which sticanncanning the crowd for her mystery date.
Remy sighed and rocked back in his chair, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "Tell you what, I get Evan to play a slow song, then we blow dis pop stand, eh?"
"Bored?" Rogue raised an eyebrow at him and was rewarded with a rueful smirk and nod. "Well, y'all dance. I'm gonna sit this one out." Remy made an "as you wish" gesture and rose to pick his way through the crowd towards Evan. Soon, the strains of a ballad drifted over the crowd, couples forming and groups moving off to the side. Rogue sunk down in her seat, bending her head so that her hair covered her face, hiding from the world.
"We can stay on the edges, sweetie, close to the exit. If your holo goes wonky, we'll book." Kitty rose and held out a hopeful hand. With a last, very male, look at Scott, Kurt rose and let his girlfriend drag him to a far corner of the dance floor beneath a red exit light.
* _Coming, Scott? _ * Jean's voice echoed in Scott's head and he turned to find her standing already, arms crossed loosely at her waist. Jubilee, he could see, had taken Remy by the elbow and was dragging him to the center of the floor. "Guess so...I'm nothing if not a joiner..." Scott accepted Jean's hand and they drifted off to the floor, leaving Rogue alone at the table.
_Always alone. Just like I like it... _ Rogue snuck a peak at her friends, spinning in lazy circles on the dance floor. _Even Remy looks like he's having a good time. Rat bastard. I hate this. _ Rogue avoided actually asking anyone to the dance for fear of her mutation, fear that her glove would slip and expose her wrist, or her date might, oh horror, want to kiss her. _How do you explain to a norm that you're some sort of vampire? _ Amara had disappeared around the same time as Jubilee and Remy and now Rogue saw her, cuddled up to Lance across the room, sitting on the floor near the windows. _Didn't see that one coming. Aw, hell. Yes I did. Those two are made for each other. Evil, pretty, and sneaky. I can be evil. _ Rogue sighed and starown own at her hands. Evan announced that the next song was ladies' choice, so women get your guys on the floor. Her friends, minus Amara, hurried back to the table, Kitty and Jubilee protesting about leaving and Jean merely smirking at Scott, who himself looked pleasantly rumpled. A rollicking hip-hop song blared from the speakers and the girls at the table all sat up straight, wide eyed. "No! We're going!" Scott seemed mightily annoyed, already standing to leave.
"C'mon Scott...Rogue hasn't danced once all night!" Jubilee looked pleadingly at Remy, begging him to run interference. He merely shook his head and quirked an eyebrow as if to agree with Scott.
"Rogue doesn't want to dance..." the girl in question responded. "Besides, got no one to dance with."
"Sure you!" Kitty grabbed her by the elbow and pulled Rogue to her feet. "Kurt's gotta sit this one out anyway. Right, love?"
"Holo..right." He was gulping punch, barely hearing Kitty. "Dance your heart out, Liebes."
"So c'mon, Rogue! Dance with me!" Kitty was pulling hard against her, and, despite Rogue's size advantage, the Southern girl was easily led onto the dance floor. Jubilee shouted something that sounded like "shake your moneymaker!" and Rogue heard Remy's bark of laughter before turning hard eyes on Kitty.
"Ain't no one wanting to dance with me, Kat."
"Sure-me!" She grabbed Rogue's hands and began a one-sided jig, acting silly to try and put her friend at ease.
"I mean..." Rogue jerked her hands away, "no guys."
"You ask them?" Kitty had succeeded in getting Rogue to at least sway to the music by yanking her arms from side to side.
"No...I can't." Her downward glance made Kitty take in Rogue's swathed appearance in comparison to her own, barely-there dress.
"Guys are stupid. Sometimes they don't want what they can't see."
"Huh?" Rogue was trying to keep up with Kitty, who was an excellent dancer. "Slow down!"
"Can't-music's fast, so we're fast!" Kitty grabbed Rogue again and spun her before continuing her speech. "It's like this-you may be catnip to men, but they won't go for you if you're all asexual."
"I am NOT asexual!" Rogue's voice carried, making the dancers around them shoot her strange looks. "What do you mean, asexual?" she asked sotto voice.
"Not necessarily a touch-me-not. You don't want anyone close to you so they comply. Guys would be all over you if you'd just be more open. Not slutty, mind you."
"What, and ruin my Miss Bitch rep?"
"You don't have to be Mary Sunshine. Just show that you can be outgoing...I have an idea. Want to get their attention?" Rogue knew that by "their" Kitty meant "guys." After a long moment, Rogue nodded. "Play along with me, then." Kitty grabbed her by the wrist again and dragged her to the DJ stand. Making "wait here" motions, Kitty vaulted onto the low platform and leaned over to talk to Evan. They exchanged smiles and he nodded, Kitty jumping back down to join Rouge. "Kay. All set. Let's go..."
"What're we doing?" Rogue had the strange feeling of being set lose in a den of lions.
"Showing the guys what they're missing." Kitty executed a neat turn and bowed to Rogue. "Hey Honey!" She called out to Kurt, wiggling her fingers in greeting. "We're dancing!" Kurt nodded bemusedly and turned his attention to whatever Remy was saying. The new song started and Rogue knew that she was in the lions' den.
"Not _this _ song!"

Jubilee's eyes widened and even Jean perked up when the new song started. "No, we are _not _ dancing!" Scott sounded distinctly harassed. The girls' faces fell only a little, then seemed to glow with a new cunning.
"Shall we, Milady Jean?"
"I'd be honored, Milady Jubilee!" Jubilee sprang to her feet and led Jean into the throng.
"What the hell..." Remy turned in his seat to watch the four girls find each other, then form a sort of writhing mass.
"Vas ist this song about? _I am getting so hot, I'm gonna take my clothes off _ ?"8 Kurt had not looked at the girls dancing yet, so intent was he on snaffling some more snacks from Scott's plate.
"Oh my God..." Scott's strangled moan made Kurt's eyes snap towards the dance floor, his own jaw dropping in shock. Kitty was pressed against Rogue who, for once, was grinning happily. Kitty seemed to be leading and Rogue was following wildly, the two looking quite obscene on the dance floor. Jubilee and Jean were more staid but no less erotic in their gyrations, the four girls orbiting each other, creating a break in the crowd. "What are they doing?"
"Erk...I think it's dancing..." Kurt could no longer feel his knees. Kitty was shiny with sweat and heat, her arms above her head. Rogue had her hands on Kitty's waist, mock-grinding against her friend. "We are so getting kicked out of the dance..."

A/N Another shorty, but like I said...flashbacks made me do it.

RED MONSTER (R for innuendo and lang.)

Summary: nonsense. Pure, unmitigated nonsense.

A/N For some reason, the bunnies are awake and frisky this summer...I blame Foxfeather for waking them! :) Also, she tells me there is a story kinda like this w/Jubilee and Bobby out there. This is in no way intended to infringe on that-I had no idea it existed until she told me. If you know who wrote it or where it is, let me know-I'd love to read it!

"It's so....big."
"And red..."
"Well, there's a little purple on the end there, but that can be taken care of..."
mm. mm. But it's big!"
"Katzchen, please! You're making me self conscious!"
"I didn't say that was a bad thing. I've just never been close to one before and well, the size is a little surprising."
"So long as you like it..."
"It's not mine to like or dislike, is it? It's yours!"
"But you'll get to use it as much as you want to."
"Yeah...I thought maybe you'd like that!"
"But I'm scared."
"You don't have to do it if you're scared. Just let me control it."
"'ve had more practice with it."
"Is it just the size that scares you?"
"Well....I'm not sure how to handle it."
"Well, it's the truth. Don't go jerking it hard left and right or you'll get us both in a messust ust be smooth about it, gentle even."
"So go slow?"
"Nein...ja...well, slow isn't always gentle. Slow is just...slow. Be one with it."
"Zen Master Wagner."
"That's me, Liebe. Now, just put your hand on the knob...there you go."
"Oh! This is okay."
"Well, you're doing the fancy footwork here. I'm just pushing this back and forth."
"What you're doing is important-we won't get anywhere if you're not working it. Harder, Katzchen..."
"Like that?"
" more time!"
"Can I turn on some music?"
"Kitty! Are you bored already? We just started..."
"No, I just concentrate better with noise."
"I'll make all the noise you want as soon as you get used to gripping it harder. Let me help...see?"
"You're hands are huge compared to mine!"
"Pay attention to what I'm showing you. Back, forth, left, right. Here, scoot forward. You can't get it if you're that far back."
"I'm getting it just fine!"
"Kitty, please? Make me feel better?"
"Okay, okay..."
"There! _Just like that! _ "
"So this is how you handle the red monste

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