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Part Three of ‘Leag thg the Language’

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The crisp autumn breeze of late October followed them through the rustling leaf-paths of the woods behind the mansion. Logan walked with a casually determined strut, his hands stuck in the pockets of his jeans, thumbs protruding around either side of the material, hooking around the worn brown leather belt he always used. Piotr, dressed in a slightly tight-fitting red turtleneck knit-sweater, kept an eye on his friend. He had wanted to walk outside today - he loved the weather this time of the year, and the colors of the trees. He still marveled at how different they were from what he had grown up knowing in his homeland. He had tried to paint a few pictures of them, of all the leaves falling anowinowing around in small whirlwinds, but he couldn't quite capture the feeling, the essence. He liked the crisp scent in the air, and the slight chill the wind gave him, making the hairs on his arms stiffen and his nose turn red, ears cold. Logan seemed to like that, too. He seemed to enjoy putting his hands on Piotr's face when they came in. Always when no one was looking, of course. Piotr didn't mind that, though. He understood that for the sake of propriety they had to at least maintain the appearance of being only good friends. Jean likely suspected something more. But they had been careful to keep it quiet.

They walked in silence for a bit. Piotr didn't mind. Logan certainly didn't mind. One of the things he had come to like best about his relationship with the man was that he never felt pressured to speak. He didn't need to talk all the time, and he didn't need to say anything to Logan. When he felt the need to say shinghing, so many times, it seemed as if all he needed do was to look at Logan and the other man would smile and just -know- what Piotr was thinking. It almost seemed too surreal. Piotr smiled to himself at the thought.

"Yer a romantic, ya know that, right?" Logan asked him, sharing the smile and, ironically, the thought. It only made Piotr smile more. He took the other man's hand. They stopped walking and he turned to face Logan.

"I know," he said. He kept smiling, his lips pressed almost closed. Logan's hands were warm in his own as he took them both. He pulled the smaller man to him and they shared a brief kiss. Logan pulled back and shook his head. He put a hand to it.

"C'mon, ruskie. Let's finish this walk. It's cold and I need somebody ta warm me up."

Piotr let himself be led down the path. They dropped hands but Piotr couldn't help 'bumping' into his friend every now and then. Logan would look at him and throw a smile - the closest thing Logan could be said to have to a 'shy' smile. Nothing about the man was shy in the least, but this was a smile he seemed to keep in reserve and only show to Piotr on rare occasions. It wasn't sarcastic, it wasn't grim, it wasn't hard or sly - it was just a smile. And that was something Logan didn't do. Just smile. Piotr treasured that more than anything.

"I'm romantic. I know. What's wrong with 'romantic'?"

Logan just chuckled. "Nothin'. Nothin' at all." A squeeze accompanied the remark. "Don't worry. I got us both covered. I'll keep us grounded - got 'nuff fer both o' us, as it is. You just send me reelin' now an' then." He turned to him.

"OK," Piotr said. "But - we should hurry. Or, I won't be able to heat you up in time for dinner."

The sly look came onto Logan's face. "So? You should know by now, pal - I got plenty fer you ta eat."

"I noticed." Piotr laughed. He felt like he was 10 again and he was handing that small bouquet of flowers to Carolin. Of course. Things had changed not long after, the biggest of which being he realized he was in fact in love with Carolin's older brother. But the feeling was the same.

They got to the house and went in the back, by the woodpiles, to the door under the big tree. Nobody ever used the entrance. Inside was a small but warm area, dark except for a red lamp hanging overhead that lit it with a soft light. A mirror hung on one wall, by a coat closet. Inside the closet were only a few old pairs of mud-crusted boots from Scott's summer fishing foray and some orange and brown hunting jackets - maybe the professor's. Logan and Piotr had made this their own room, for coming and going, and sometimes, just to sit in and talk and be alone. It was at the basement level of the house, on the east side, away from everything except the woods, so no one ever both the them. Piotr hadn't even known the room existed until Logan took them to it one day. Piotr wouldn't forget that day anytime soon, either. He grinned to himself as he hung his coat up with Logan's, side by side. They had spent a good part of an afternoon in the room. Piotr wasn't sure exactly what they had done - it all seemed to haze in a good feeling - but by the time they had finished the mirror had fallen (now wearing a slim crack down one side to a corner), the bench had been toppled, and several of the coats had needed cleaning.

Logan interrupted his thoughts, coming up behind him and putting his arms around his waist. Piotr let his head fall back for a second and gave a relaxed sigh. Logan's hands moved up the front of his chest, then over his shoulders and down his back, pressing in and working. He turned around to face the man, and kissed him. Logan only came up to the middle of his chest - he was short to begin witd sed seemed even smaller next to Piotr, but Piotr rarely noticed it. He picked Logan up, clamping him close, and kissed him again. Logan made something like a grunt.

"Enjoying?" Piotr asked him.


Piotr let one hand slip down in front of them as he lowered Logan back to the floor. "I can tell," Piotr grinned.

"C'mon," Logan said, pulling him by one hand through the doorway. "Upstairs. Now."

They were careful not to take the main stairs, the ones that passed the kitchen. The kitchen was something like Grand Central Station, at the Xavier Institute. If they passed by the room, someone, likely Bobby, would pop up out of nowhere and ask where they were going and what they were doing. Aside from Jean, no one had seemed to evince much interest in the fast friendship Piotr had made with Logan. Although, that might only be because they were afraid to speak to him, Piotr reflected. He couldn't blame them. He was afraid toak tak to them, after all. They probably felt as nervous about it as he did. Anyway, he wasn't the only one who had made a friend since they joined the team. Kurt and Sean often hung around together, doing everything from exercise to chores together. Piotr didn't think their friendship went to quite the same level as his and Logan’s, though. Kurt had a girlfriend back in Germany, and Sean was in love with some woman named Moira - a friend of the Professor's, from what Piotr had gathered. Piotr didn't really think that any of his teammates liked other men. Logan had just been a lucky chance, he guessed.

And he was certainly glad for it. He still couldn't truly believe that the man he had secretly watched for so long, that man who he had watched work on his bike, and work in the yard, and walk around half-naked all the time - that he had been fortunate enough to end up with him. Piotr grinned as they went up the stairs, passing the second floor, and he felt a firm hand on his rear-end.

"Get movin' pokey. I ain't in the mood for waitin' just now."

Piotr stopped dead on the stairs and grinned broadly as he felt Logan press into him with a grunt. He laughed. Logan muttered something. "You should listen to the professor, Logan - 'Patience is a virtue.'" Piotr quoted the phrase, and even tried moderating his voice to sound more like the Professor, but it didn't really work. His deep accent in in the way as it did so many other times when he spoke.

"Yeah well, this one ain't got any. 'Sides - you don't even know what 'virtue' means, tin man."

Piotr didn't have any answer for that. Logan was half right. He only had a vague idea.

"You should teach it," he said in reply.

"Later - later! I'm tellin' ya - I'm gonna tear you up when we get to yer room."

"Not your room?"

"What difference does it make?"

"Let's go to yours."

"Fine. Whatever ya want. Just hurry up an' get there 'fore my cock rips a hole in my jeans."

Piotr grinned and stuck a hand behind him as they made their way down the hall, going the opposite direction, towards Logan's room. He wed hed his fingers.

"What?" Logan asked. Piotr only continued to wiggle his fingers more insistently.

"Move forward," he told the other man. "I want to - see ... how you feel."

He heard a wry chuckle and then obliobliged as Logan's crotch came level into his palm. He gave a hard squeeze.

"OooooWWWW!" Logan let out the closest sound to a yelp that Piotr had ever heard him make. He laughed hard and turned his head to face the other man. Logan had pulled back and was rubbing and adjusting himself. "Damn, Petey."

"You like it rough?" Piotr asked half mockingly. Logan snorted in reply but said nothing. "You do," Piotr said. "I know."

"Oh ya do, huh?"

They got to the door to Logan's room. Piotr pushed it open and held it there, looking at Logan. "Da. I know. Get in."

Only with Logan could Piotr feel this way, he thought. He could never imagine himself acting like this with anyone else. He shut the door. Logan was standing before him in the slightly darkened room, silhouetted by the faint light. Piotr felt that tension, the kind he felt every time he'd seen Logan since the day they arrived. A sort of desire. Not lust. Not quite. Something deeper than that.

He walked to the smaller man and put his hands to Logan's chest. Outside, the sky was turning a dark gray. Snow clouds. Piotr had flashes of being back home, the first time he had kissed a man. The sky had looked the same. Logan's lips on his felt hot, alive. They were soft and rough at the same time. Piotr used his own weight to push Logan down to the bed with the hand on his chest. The only sounds were the wind outside, whistling faintly in the window, the radiator creaking as it heated up, and the almost silent noises of the kisses they shared.

Piotr put both his arms around Logan, holding himself up over the man. Logan looked at him and put his hands to Piotr's lower back, moving them up to his shoulder blades and then back down, going lower. Piotr leaned down and kissed him again, deeper. Logan let him in. One of the man's arms came up, the strong hand brushing at the back of Piotr's neck, running fingers through the short hair there. Piotr pressed himself to the other man, feeling the hardness of him - his body warm and solid, heat flowing up over Piotr's skin like an invisible caress. Logan pulled him down, tightening the lock. Piotr let himself down on his elbows. He could feel Logan's chest moving up and down, quick breaths, growing more rapid. Logan was getting aroused.

"You really meant it," he said to Logan.

"Damn right," Logan replied through a kiss. "I been lookin' at you all day ... an' that walk ... Guess it just made me a little bit o' crazy. You don't know ... don't ... what you ... do ... do ta me, Petey."

Piotr said softly: "Oh yes - I do, tovarisch." He kissed him long and deep and soft. "Comrade," he whispered.

He felt Logan slide his tongue up his neck, around his chin. "Get this off," he tugged at the turtleneck sweater. Piotr sat up on his knees, straddling Logan, and pulled the sweater and shirt off. Logan's hands, the strong fingers of his friend, were running over the muscle and skin before he had even put the crumpled clothes on the floor.


Logan ran his hands over the larger man. Seeing it in training, seeing it at the pool, seeing it any other time but now - that just didn't work. It was nothing. Nothing compared to the feelings that it gave Logan now, when they made love. He shut his eyes. Ran his fingers over the smooth skin - that shaved white skin, so pale. And the muscle under it, so strong. He could feel tiny follicles on his palms as he went over Piotr's stomach. It rippled and tensed and shivered a little bit. Logan grinned to himself. He moved one hand up and pinched one of the small dark nipples until it was hard. With his other hand he pulled Piotr's body down to him, and took the nipple in his mouth.


Electric shocks went through Piotr's body as he felt the sharp bite of Logan's teeth gently press into his skin. He felt Logan's tongue rolling around over it, then pull away. Hot and cold.

"Get down here," Logan said gruffly. His hands worked at Piotr's jeans, undoing the button and fly, then pulling them off, pushing them down to his ankles. Piotr didn't bother to kick them off. Logan didn't seem to care. All he could feel was the heat of Logan's body on his exposed skin. All he wanted was for that heat to stay around him, to envelop him and never leave.

Logan sat up and removed his shirt; Piotr watched. When he was done, Piotr pushed him back to the bed and ran his tongue down the center of his chest, through the heavy dark hair and down to his hard abdomen, where the finer hairs around his stomach tickled Piotr's nose so much that he laughed and smiled to himself even as he kept licking. Logan let his hand rest on the back of Piotr's neck, again, guiding him down further.

Piotr pulled open the jeans and could smell the scent of body heat mixed with cotton. He put his face to the white briefs Logan had on and let his cheek warm against them. He put one finger inside the elastic and rubbed the wet tip beneath, biting the shaft through the fabric at the same time. He circled the slick finger around the head. Logan let out a noise. Piotr let his biceps hug the other mans' thighs as he used his hands to pull down the underwear. He ran his tongue up the exposed shaft, tasting the skin. Logan made another the noise, this time it was drawn out like a sigh. Serious and gruff and full of pleasure. He put one big arm under Logan's waist, his hand gripping the firm muscle of Logan's ass. Logan was pushing up slightly with his hips, pushing his erection into Piotr's face, and Piotr could feel the muscle in his hands tighten with each of the man's movements.

He slid his mouth around Logan's cock. He felt the head slide to the back of his throat as he moved down on it. Hot in his mouth, pulsing.


Logan had to restrain himself while Piotr worked over his cock. He wanted to shove his hips against the mouth, force it in further, but he also wanted the feeling to last. He wasn't sure he wanted to come this fast. He already felt himself getting hot and rigid, he could feel the emotions building behind his brain - waiting for that explosion that would put him in a 10-second coma. His ears picked up every little sound that Pete made - the sucking and kissing and licking and slurping; the breathing, the air coming through his nostrils in fast patterns.

Looking down at the man, at the fine dark hair, the thick neck, the broad shoulders and heavy muscles, Logan felt his head swim. He felt lost in the feelings he was getting. He knew he was going through sensory overload - this wasn't the first time it had happened. With Piotr it was more frequent, too.

"Slow down - hold on, Petey ... hold on," Logan breathed. He lifted the man's head, pulling the mouth from his cock. "I want somethin' ... somethin' more. I think I ... I want you inside me." This was a foreign feeling to Logan. Uncertain but certain. He didn't like exposing himself like this. He didn't like letting other people see him. Why now? He didn't care. He knew what he wanted. "Put it in me, ruskie. Now."


Piotr slid in slowly. Logan didn't make a sound, but it had to hurt him a little bit. He felt awkward. He didn't know if he was doing it right. He pushed in a little further. It felt good. He let out a little moan and Logan's eyes opened from their lazy rapture to look at him.

"It's alright," he said. "I can take it. Push it in more. There ... more ... a little ..." The words ended in a growling sigh as Logan suddenly pushed his hips hard against Piotr's thighs. Piotr almost lost his grip on the man's legs from the sensation. He started talking in Russian, something he did a lot when they made love. He knew Logan couldn't understand a word of it but he seemed to like it when Piotr talked. "That's it ... yeah ... tell me how much ya like it."

Piotr had to admit to himself that hearing Logan talk back to him was making him hot, too. He started going in harder and faster. He pushed Logan down to the bed, staying in him, and pinned the man's arms to either side in his hands, holding Logan by the wrists whhe mhe moved in an out. He focused on that. He wanted to make Logan feel good.


The room smelled like sex - a lot of it. Sweat and hard breathing and man. Logan breathed through his nose, letting his heightened sense take him to a level other people could only dream about. It was one of his secret pleasures, his sense of smell. There was no way to describe the scents he could detect to anyone else. Piotr smelled good to Logan - better than anyone else, just then. The larger man was on top of him, pushing in forcefully. The weight pressed down on him, closing him in. He pulled his arms free of Piotr's hands, and wrapped them around the man's back. He could feel the muscles constricting and bunching up with every thrust. Piotr was licking and softly biting at his throat, still talking Russian in a low, deep bass.

Logan's senses finally overcame him. He started growling. The room turned six different shades of color to his eyes.


Vaguely, Piotr heard the sound of Logan's claws coming out, then he felt warm steel scrape along his back. The feeling did something to him. He knew that Logan was enjoying him, was wanting him. He felt a surge go through his body. Without warning he collapsed onto the other man, slurring his words, his body shuddering heavily.

Logan bucked underneath him and grunted out hard. Piotr felt thick wet warmth on his stomach.


Logan breathed hard. He felt Piotr come, felt it right through his body. And that was it. He couldn't hold back. Almost simultaneously he clenched down hard on the man, forcing himself against Piotr with all his strength. He tried to say something, he wanted to tell Piotr something ... but he only got out a grunt before he lost all control of himself.

The two of them laid there for several minutes. Logan idly ran his hands down Piotr's back and over his ass, feeling the fine hairs at the top of his hamstrings. One of Piotr's fingers made small circles in the recess of his shoulder, tickling him a little. Toungoung Russian's eyes were closed. Logan observed him. It was easy to forget how young he really was. His size and his voice and his quiet hid that. Logan stroked him softly.

A knock on the door stilled them both.

"Hello? Logan? Logan, man, are ye in there? Hey boyo!"

"Yeah," Logan answered a bit hoarsely.

"Hey I'm jus' tellin' ye tha' the dinner's ready, k?"

"I'll be down."

"Hey - d'ye happen ta know where I c'n find tha' big quiet Colossus? He ain't ta be found."

Logan looked down at a grinning Piotr. "Sorry Sean - haven't seen 'im." Turning to Piotr he added under his breath: 'You owe me one!'


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