Into the Fur

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Follows ‘Out of the Blue’

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Logan stood up straight and wiped the sweat from his forehead, resting his body with one arm on the butt-end of the long axe he’d been using to cut up the firewood. He liked the work, and so every year since he’d been living at the mansion he’d volunteered for the weekly duty. It was hard labor but it kept him in shape and gave him time to think, and time to escape the confined atmosphere of the school in mid-winter. He didn’t mind the walk into the woods in a foot of snow, nor the hours of work it took to get enough wood cut for the coming week. Xavier’s was a big place with many fireplaces, and even thoull oll of them weren’t used, many of them were.

He relaxed, stretching with a grunt, and took in a few deep breaths of the heavy scent of trees and snow, then put a gloved hand to his nose. He might have a healing factor but he still got as cold as anyone else did when exposed to the elements. His nose was hard and chilled, probably red as a strawberry, too. He turned when he heard footsteps behind him and smiled when he saw Hank McCoy approaching.

“Hi,” he said to the other man. Hank was wearing his usual over-sized mittens and had something cupped in each hand. Though Logan couldn’t make it out, he did see steam rising from each sheltered object and caught the faint scent of chocolate. He grinned and walked over to his friend with a chuckle. “Thanks.”

“Thought you might like some company,” Hank said.

“Yeah. It’s welcome,” Logan replied. “What else is on your mind? No one comes all the way back here just to be nice to me – not even Jubilee,” he said with a wry smile.

Hank was huffing. “Well. I did,” he answered with playful indignity. “And the least you could do is thank me for it.”

“I did.”

Hank paused with his hand halfway to Logan, as if ready to start in on a lecture, and then pulled it back and scratched his chin, wrapped in a big red scarf, thoughtfully. “Hmmm. Yes, well.”

Logan let out a laugh. “Got ya, smartass.”

“We shall see.”

“Mm hmm. Right.” They looked at one another for awhile, and Logan could see Hank working to find the words to say something, likely in some way he thought ‘proper’. “Spit it out, doc.”

Hank didn’t answer but Logan heard him coming up behind him. He was only slightly surprised when Hank’s arms came around him from behind and he felt the man’s mouth and lips work their way into his neckline, under the heavy gray scarf and jacket he had on. Hank let out several low grumbles and some words Logan couldn’t make out but the meaning was clear enough. He held in his urge to toss the man down and tackle him on the spot. “Already? Feelin’ some today are ya? It’s only been since this morning.”

“I know,” Hank said. “I apologize.”

“Didn’t say you needed to apologize, Beast. Ah,” he stopped as Hank rolled over a particularly sensitive spot with his tongue. ‘Ahhhh. Just keep doing that and you won’t ever need to apologize ta me again.” Hank pulled away, and Logan thought his face was almost guilty looking. They each took another sip of their mugs, and eyed each other with what Logan knew was a dangerous twinkle. “Like I said. Animals.”

Logan set his cup down deliberately on the chopping-block-that-was-a-stump, and then went up to Hank. He pulled off his work gloves and stuffed them into the deep pockets of his jacket, and then calmly undid the buttons on Hank’s giant winter coat. Logan smiled a small smile to himself as he wondered why Hank, covered in that shiny soft, luxurious pelt that Logan had come to love so much, would even bother with a coat, much less one so enormously large. Hank amused him, made him smile, a lot. It was something he hadn’t done much before. Logan gently, slowly, while looking up into Hank’s deep blue eyes, pushed his naked hands inside the small opening he’d made, and wrapped one each around Hank’s sides, gently massaging the muscles there (and warming his own fingers at the same time). Hank shut his eyes and stood stock still while Logan ran his hands around the soft fur covered abdomen and then up to the man’s chest, toying with and teasing the flaccid nipples until they were hard and Hank was breathing heavy.

Logan leaned in, and in a low voice, told Hank: “Mmm. Warm in there.” He pushed his face against the man’s torso. Hank was several inches taller thanan aan and he loved to crush himself against him like that, smelling him, how good it was, that scent like flowers and man and heat and cotton. “Wanna be there,” he mumbled. “Go into the fur.”

Hank finally came out of his golden state and pushed his mouth onto Logan’s pressing in. The man had gotten a lot more brave – and hella demanding – since their first encounter under the tree the week before. It was surprising, really. Who’d have thought the bookworm had it in him? The wayward thought made Logan laugh and Hank pulled back with a shy grin.

“What?” he asked.

“Nothin, Hank. You just make me nuts is all. Come ‘ere.”

They moved under on of the huge evergreens, falling into it’s thick trunk and letting the branches cover them, keeping off the snow that had started to fall and offering a little break from the wind. Hank had dropped his mug somewhere in the snow. It was dark inside the would-be shelter, and it smelled good, like pine. Logan put his hands to either side of him, gripping the tree’s trunk for support while Hank, who had grown more and more feral by the second, started tearing open his jacket while making noises that sounded very much like his namesake.

Logan felt himself letting go and slipping into the heightened state of arousal. He felt one of Hank’s huge hands push up under his shirt, hot and warm despite the weather, and run up and down his torso. Hank was down on his knees nipping, licking, sucking at Logan’s stomach and sides. The feeling of the man’s soft fur and thick silken hair tickled him until he started to laugh, but Hank wasn’t going to stop – and that only made Logan laugh more. Hank moved his hands down to Logan’s jeans and slipped each pinky inside, on either side of his hips. Then he pulled them around to the front and forced open the button snap and fly. Logan looked down at him.

“Better plan on keepin’ me damn warm, Beast, if yer gonna play.”

For the first time in several minutes Hank paused and looked up. “I’m sorry,” he said in all innocence, “should we go inside?”

His question made Logan double over in laughter. After he stopped he put one hand down to cup Hank’s chin. “That’s what I love about you, Hank.” Hank stared at him. “You rock my world,” he finished softly, and bent down and kissed the startled man softly. It was the kind of softly Logan reserved for women, usually. Liking it rougher with men. But Hank did something to him he couldn’t even understand, himself. His words had been the only thing he could think to say. “Keep goin,” he whispered when the kiss was done.

Hank smiled and let out a groan of anticipation as he re-situated himself on his haunches and – yanked – Logan’s pants right down to his ankles.

It was a little chilly, but Logan only had a second to think before Hank’s arms wrapped around his thighs and half the trunk – Jesus God the man had some huge arms – and Hank pushed his face, neck and shoulders eagerly into Logan’s groin. He could feel the hot breath and body heat spread over his middle like a warm blanket, and leaned his head against the tree with a groan. “Uhhh … god yes. Yeah, Hank,” he breathed. “Oh god yeah do that. That.” Logan felt Hank’s mouth move down on his stiffened cock, easily taking the whole thing in. Another advantage to Hank’s huge size. A very pleasant one, Logan had learned several days ago. The man was incredible. He’d made Logan come so many times in one night, without even fucking, that it made his head spin and he thought he’d pass out for three days. “You blow my mind, Hank,” he whispered down to the man. Hank chuckled and let go of the cock long enough to reply:

“Quite literally.”

And then went right back to work. Logan could already feel himself getting ready to come. Hank was going up and down on him in long, smooth, slow passes. When he reached the base he’d let out his tongue and caressingly lick the underside, just touching Logan’s tightened scrotum. Each time Logan was more eager for the faint sensation, until he heard himself fairly begging for it.

“Keep going. Keep going, Hank. Yeah. That’s it. Don’t stop – god don’t stop. Not now … I’m … fuck … FUCK … god yeah I’m gonna come Hank. I’m gonna …”

He couldn’t finish his sentence. His mind was reeling away into a void of anything but ecstasy. Ae lae last moment, Hank stood up and pressed himself into Logan. He picked Logan up and held him by the underside of his thighs until Logan instinctively latched onto the man’s thick, muscular waist. He felt that Hank’s pants were down, now, too, and the other man’s erection was hot and hard against his own, leaving wet smears across his stomach. Hank shoved in harder against Logan, and Logan let out a growl at the ferocity of the movement. Beast’s arms came around his shoulders and Logan heard bark crumble as Hank dug his naike cke claws into the tree, gripping it as he began a hard and fast piston motion, grinding himself into Logan with every forward push.

Logan couldn’t hold it in any longer. He grabbed onto Hank’s neck with both hands and pulled the panting man close to him, locking lips, feeling the damp fur and taking in the heady scent of sex that was unique to Hank alone and made his mind go into overdrive.

“FUCK YEAH!” he shouted as he came, hard, feeling it pound out of him. Han Hank let out a noise like a growl and a whimper and a shout, all rolled into one. The shout one out and Logan felt his chest rumble as Hank literally roared to his climax. Logan felt it hit him in the chin, and cover his chest. He understood why the man had gripped the tree so hard: Hank’s body convulsed so heavily that his head sagged and Logan felt all his bulk resting on himself. If Hank hadn’t held on they would both likely have toppled to the ground. Not that Logan would have minded.

Hank was mumbling something into Logan’s chest. He came up with his eyes closed and kissed Logan almost painfully hard on the mouth, and then kissed him again and again on the neck. “That,” he said, “was truly an amazing experience.”

“Fuck amazing,” Logan said softly, running a hand through Hank’s hair, “that was like King Kong meets Godzilla.”

“No,” Hank grinned, “I think just the beast meeting the wolverine.”

They laid in a heap for several minutes. With Hank on top of him, Logan was as warm as in his own bed – probably warmer, and not at all uncomfortable. “Hmmmm,” he said. “Think our coffee’s still warm?”

Hank said in a lazily sleepy voice: “Doubtful.”

Logan smirked. “Well. Maybe we should go make some more, huh?”

Hank shifted and rolled off of him, nuzzling close to Logan’s stomach for a minute and then pulling up his jeans for him. “I think,” he said with a grin as he examined himself, “that we should probably clean ourselves up a little. I don’t know about you but I tend to look a little like a porcupine if I don’t clean it out right away.”

Logan laughed at him, clapping Hank on the back and kissing him again, for the first time finding himself truly anxious to kiss a man after sex. “Me too,” he said. “Let’s go. I’ll give ya your bath, Blue.” Hank clambered up. “Just one catch. You gotta give me something in return.” Logan eyed Hank’s still bulging crotch, deliberately slow, and then ran three fingers over the sweat pants, tracing the outline of him. Hank’s eyes followed Logan’s, even as he grew stiff again. He grabbed Logan and pulled him close, saying with a vindictive grin:

“I promise, Logan. You’ll get everything you want. And then some.”


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