Out of the Blue

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Hank had been working in his lab nearly non-stop up until the day that Colossus had taken it upon himself to end the Legacy Virus by simultaneously ending his own life. Hank hadn’t foreseen that – no one had. Since then he hadn’t felt like working in the lab. If, to the others’ minds, a certain sadness seemed to pervade him, then he thought it would be an adequate assumption on their parts.

He laid back on the couch. It was late. Their Christmas tree was lit up, casting shadows down on his sprawled out form. His hulking body made the couch seem miniscule in the light. A heavy arm, thick with muscle, draped over the side, three fingers of his left hand trailing on the floor as he lay in repose. Hank enjoyed the calm, relaxing glow of the lights. The orange shadows they left allowed his mind to wander and for the first time in weeks het sot somewhat at peace with himself.

His surreal reverie was abruptly ended when he snapped his eyes open at the sensation of being watched. He turned his head to the side, off to where the dark opening led into the large front hall, and his keen night vision picked out a shape leaning on the frame.

“Did I scare ya?” Logan asked.

Hank harrumphed as he pulled himself up to a sitting position, putting head to palms and rubbing his eyes. “No,” he answered, “I knew you were there.”

“Didn’t look like it to me.”

“You don’t know me all that well, Logan.”

“True. Should I know you – Beast?”

Hank stared at his teammate. “What do you see when you look at me, Logan?”

“A guy who’s lonely. A guy who tries to put up this front, to be strong for everybody ‘round him. A guy who, every now an’ then, wants someone to pay attention. Someone to share that part of him that no one else sees. That no one else knows about. A guy like me, Hank. That’s what I see.”

He and Logan had never been all that close. They worked together, talked during training sessions and of course cooperated with one another on missions, but it had never gone much beyond a professional relationship. Of course, with Logan, things rarely went beyond that level, no matter who you were. Aside from Jubilee and Jean, Logan wasn’t particularly close with anyone. So Hank had to admit to himself that he was a little more than surpr at at this veritable outburst of emotion coming from the man, and more than that, being directed at him, seemingly out of the blue.

He moved over as Logan crossed the room and sat down on the couch, next to him. “That’s flattering,” he told the man. “What warrants this epiphanic moment between two never-been-friends?”

Logan shrugged. “Spirit o’ the season. Or somethin’ like that, maybe. Dunno.”

Hank sat back. “To know is to love,” he muttered. Logan turned an eye to him. In the faint light Hank caught a shine.

“Ya know Hank. S’funny … you and I … we got more in common than it seems like, at first.” Logan leaned back in the seat, his hands were clasped at his waist. “You’re the only one in this gig who might get what it’s like for me –

“And where does that leave you?” Hank interrupted.

“And I’m prob’ly the only guy who gets what it might be like to be you,” Logan finished. “I mean, I ain’t a scientist an’ more’n likely I don’t have yIQ, IQ, either. But we’re the same. Animals.”

“Lonely ones,” Hank chuckled.

Logan grinned and turned to him. “For tonight.” His eyes seemed to bore into Hank’s skull. Hank stared into them, for the first time really noticing how deep they went. Like pools of liquid obsidian.

“Just tonight,” he said, almost under his breath. He was aware of the other man’s proximity to him, but he didn’t pull back. “Maybe we are animals, Logan,” he whispered. Logan was inches from his own face.

“We are, Hank.”

Hank hadn’t ever thought of what it would be like to kiss Logan. Men in general weren’t his preference, and although he wasn’t averted to the idea of it, the sensation as Logan’s lips touched his own was something rather unique. The skin was rough, not like a woman’s. The lips were a little drier, the skin around them, the cheeks as he ran a finger and thumb over it all – certainly rougher. No, the few men he’d ever even allowed to cross his mind in those briefest of moments during intense sexual fantasy were not Logan.

He found, though, as the kiss lasted and Logan pushed forward against him, and he pulled the man down onto him, and felt the weight and warmth – he found that he liked it. Liked it very much. A low growl escaped his throat at the same time Logan let out a sound that was like a deep sigh, but harder than that. Hank felt himself grow aroused at the primal noise. Logan’s arms were on either side of him, pinning him down. He ran his hands up their backsides, feeling the triceps and the strong, round shoulders; he moved down the back of him, and then, on impulse, ripped open the t-shirt Logan had on and tossed it aside.

Logan pulled away from the lip-lock with a grin. “Gee Hank. A little frisky?”

“You started this,” Hank panted. “Now you’ve gotta deal with it.” He grabbed Logan’s ass firmly between both hands and roughly slammed the man’s hips into his own, so that their bodies grinded together.

“Damn, doc,” Logan said with a look of surprise on his normally schooled features. “Didn’t know ya had it in ya.”

“I told you you didn’t know me.”

They stopped talking then as their lips joined. Hank was intoxicated by the feeling of Logan’s hard chest and rugged hair rubbing into and against his own furred torso. He kept one arm around the smaller man’s back, holding him tight to him, and the other hand held firmly to Logan’s backside. Hank reveled in the feeling of Logan’s slow but purposeful thrusting. The man’s head was buried in Hank’s furry chest, and he could hear Logan taking in deep breaths.

“Mmm,” he grunted, “you smell like sex and flowers.”

Hank chuckled, partly because Logan’s speech was tickling him and partly from the comment. “That’s my shampoo,” he said before catching his breath as a hand trailed down his stomach to his boxer shorts.

“I like it,” Logan said as he followed the trail with his tongue. The short, fuzzy fur on Hank’s abdomen picked up the strange sensation and magnified it so that Hank was left panting, his head turned to the side. Logan slipped two fingers of each hand under the elastic waistband and then rubbed his chin to the sensitive spot just below Hank’s hips on either side. Hank was keenly aware of how close Logan was to his erection. He stifled a laugh as Logan suddenly buried his face between Hank’s thighs and wiggled his head around, then stopped and breathed deep. He came up with a grin on his face. “Must be the fur.”


“Your fur. Must make ya smell this way. Nice. Not the same as other guys.”

Hank faltered. “You – you’ve been with other men?”

Logan nodded. “Only a few times. Now and then. Not for a long time, though.”

“Why me, then?”

“Didn’t we go over this already?” Logan asked as he crawled back up Hank’s body and put his mouth to Hank’s neck. Hank felt his toes curl slightly and let out a very quiet moan. Logan seemed to get off on it and redoubled his efforts making Hank squirm. Logan stopped and Hank saw his face come to look at him in the eye. “Because. You understand me.”

“But you could have Jean or any of the oth –

“No I couldn’t. Now shut up and enjoy it before I change my mind.”

Hank let the words sink in and then wondered why he hadn’t gotten up and left. He felt Logan pulling down his shorts, pulling them off from around his ankles, and then the man’s strong hands were creeping back up his legs, starting at each ankle and pushing up through the smooth, soft fur, until the reached his thighs. The fingers moved inside Hank’s legs and he shut his eyes at the intense feeling. It had been a long time since anyone had touched him like this, and it had never been a man. It wasn’t better than a woman’s touch, and it wasn’t worse – it was just entirely different. And Hank had to admit that he was highly aroused by the idea that Logan was enjoying touching him and smelling him and feeling him. He gave way as he felt gentle pressure on his thighs, letting Logan push them apart slightly wider.

The sudden and unexpected feeling of Logan’s tongue on his scrotum made Hank clutch at the cushions behind him and squirm. He tried not to make any noise but something like deep whimpers were escaping his throat and each time he tried to stop them they came out louder and Logan took the encouragement. Hank finally gave in to it and put a hand on top of Logan’s head, letting his fingers feel the thick dark hair. Ahe whe while Logan pressed his fingertips and knuckles into the muscle of Hank’s legs, massaging him. He stopped after a few minutes and then Hank felt him run his tongue up over the shaft of his hardened cock and to the head. Hank stopped him before Logan went further.

“Logan I’ve never done this before.”

“What?” Logan grinned, “Gotten a blow job?”

Hank shook his head. “No – of course that but – not from …”

“A man.” Hank nodded. Logan looked at him seriously. “Do you want me to stop?” he asked.

“No. Just,” Hank didn’t know how to say it eloquently – sex was one time when his vocabulary shrunk considerably, “I want to fuck you, Logan. You’re driving me nearly insane.” He looked straight at Logan when he said it and didn’t blink. Logan leaned back and laughed.

“Have ta hold yer horses, then. You’re a little too big for me to handle, Hank – and that’s compliment. But don’t worry – I got something that’ll make ya feel good. Just relax, Beast.”

Hank let his head fall back to the cushions and then gasped as he felt Logan’s mouth slide down around his cock. Hank put one of his own hands to the base and stroked himself slightly while Logan worked. In a matter of minutes he felt like he was ready to cum. Logan stopped, letting Hank’s cock fall with a muffled slap back down from his mouth. He replaced it with an index finger, watching Hank with his shining black eyes while he sucked on it. He came back up to Hank’s mouth and they kissed deeply. Hank was breathing hard.

“That was quite incredible, Logan.”

“Ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

“You mean there’s more?” Hank asked, his own eagerness surprising him as he strained his neck to watch Logan move back down again. He registered the feeling of a wet fingertip pressing against him, trying to push in.

“Relax, Hank. You’ll want this. Promise.”

Hank let the muscles relax although it was not a part of his body he’d ever concentrated on before – it was a little difficult to stay relaxed when the finger pushed in. He reflexy tiy tightened. Logan took his cock back into his mouth again, though, and Hank was quickly caught in a riptide of sensation. He couldn’t determine where it was coming from exactly, but it all joined in the middle of him somewhere and he felt like he’d never felt before. Logan’s finger moved deeper inside him and was massaging what Hank knew was his prostate gland – but the feeling it gave him … was so far removed from anything Hank had experienced as a doctor that it shocked him. He let out an incontrollable moan. “Ahhhhh …. Ah … oh my …”

At the same time Logan pushed in with the finger he lightly bit down on the shaft, scraping his sharper-than-normal incisors lightly over the skin. Hank moaned again. He began to thrust his body forward and down onto Logan’s finger and then push up again to get more of himself into Logan’s mouth. His body’s senses were picking up everything: the smells of Logan, the sounds he made, the feeling of his hair brushing against Hank’s stomach. Suddenly he felt his body tense. “Logan I’m going to … oh god, Logan … I can’t … I’m going to come.”

Instead of stopping like Hank thought he would have, Logan took Hank’s cock deep into his throat and put more pressure on Hank’s inside. Hank came so powerfully he thought he was going to pass out. Wave a wav wave of emotion and sensation hit him, threatening to throw him off the couch. Logan was latched on, sucking hard, not letting any of it get past his lips, and above everything was that weird but intense pressure Hank felt as each powerful contraction went through his rigid shaft. Finally it slowed down and Logan slowlyled led out and released him.

Hank gasped, panting in a deep bass. Logan was grinning like the devil himself, obviously pleased. “Next time,” he said, “I’ll let you do that to me. The real way.”


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