The Red Eyed Demon

BY : Imerald
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Ever since I was a little girl I can ‘member my Mama tellin’ me about the Red-Eyed Demon. He lived in the bayou and could be seen at night. That’s why I never stayed out after dark. After awhile that tale went to the back of my mind never to be thought of again. All that changed on my 18th birthday, though.

It was a normal day in the bayou. I had thrown some marshmallows to the Gators and was watching them as I sat on one of the docks. The sun went down over the horizon and the moon soon replaced it. The sky had turned a dark blue and purple color and the moon cast a shimmering silhouette on the water. The air had turned chilly and a tingle ran up my spine. The bayou had an eerie air about it tonight. I heard a stick crack in the distance and that’s when I saw the red flicker. It wasn’t very bright at first, but it seemed like it wastingting closer. I froze...All that horrid tales my mother had told me rushed banto nto my head. I could hear her voice saying the words over and over to me.

“Beware of the Red-Eyed Demon. He’ll capture your soul in his eyes and then suck you dry.”

My body started to tremble I couldn’t do anything but hear those words over and over. The eyes got closer and closer, another twig snapping, then another. Then the eyes went away. I don’t know where or how they disappeared, but they did. My heart felt like it was in my throat, I couldn’t move my legs. I closed my eyes and tried to tell myself that this was nothing but a dream...a bad dream that wasn’t true. I calmed myself down and stood up, brushing my knees off and turning around. I bent down to put my shoes on and I heard another snap. I looked up slowly and the eyes were staring down at me. The big black figure was looming over me...he was going to eat me. I closed my eyes and heard a high-pitched scream.

*Was that me?*, I thought suddenly.

The figure reached out and put its claw over my mouth. I whimpered and felt like I would puke. I was going to be killed by The Red-Eyed Demon on my 18th birthday....

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