Demonspawns: Never A Dull Moment

BY : RahneWolfe
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TITLE: Demonspawns: Never a Dull Moment
AUTHOR: RahneWolfe and ShadowDrake
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RATING: R mainly for violence and language.
PAIRING: au- Toad/Wolfsbane
SUMMARY/NOTES: A ripple in the barriers between worlds tosses two mutants into an alternate reality. Allowing the X-Men and Brotherhood to get a glimpse at the possible futures of a few of their own. Will anything be the same ever again? Also please note that the counterparts for Toad and Wolfsbane are adults in part one, and their powers have evolved a bit, so don't panic if they seem different. They are from another world and have gone through different things that have affected them and the development of their unique abilities. Also please note that I did not misspell the word 'yoghurt' - the language on my computer is set for U.K. English and thus it is spelled properly for all you Americans out there reading this.
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The Polish being used: maly-jedno {little one}, babka {grandmother}, tak {yes}

The Scottish slang being used: {which I got off the net if its wrong or out of date I apologize}

Sassenach - literally "foreigner" - usually reserved for offensively referring to an Englishman; although, when Rahne uses it shnot not talking about an Englishman - you have to read to see who she says it about.

Radge - wild, crazy fool

Bampot - crazy or foolish person


Elsewhere: a parallel Earth, Lower Eastside of Manhattan, New York City -

"Michal!" the old woman barely five-foot tall said as she hugged the young man standing before her, "maly-jedno!" She greeted brightly, as her hug was returned, her grandson gently picking her up off the ground a happy smile on his own face. It had been nearly a year since she was last able to see him, he had allowed his hair to grow out it now dipped below his shoulders and was pulled back from his face and held in position by a leather strap. He wore a long black duster that was a bit beat up, a new pair of jeans, a mock-turtle neck dark grey shirt, and a pair of well loved leather high-top tennis shoes. As her eyes, returned to his face, she noted the twinkle in his warm brown eyes, and the start of a neatly trimmed beard no more then a week or two old, as well as the one inch long battle-axe earring hanging from his left earlobe. In all he reminded her of a young rogue who seemed to be out of place on the streets of Manhattan, he would look more at home running loose in a medieval battlefield she decided with a fond grin.

Chuckling softly at his beloved grandmother's squeal of laughter at his action, "babka, I want you to meet my friend Rahne Sinclair," he said after putting her on the ground once more and turning slightly so she could see his friend. The older woman found herself looking at a slim young woman with short close-cut red hair and mischievous blue-green eyes, wearing black commando-type pants rolled up neatly at the bottom hiding dark well-worn boots, and a waist length leather jacket over a maroon cloth pullover.

"Michal... behave," she admonished swatting at the young man's stomach, "you did not tell me you were bringing by a friend... and such a nice looking one at that. Is that something you want to tell me my maly-jedno?" She asked, giving him the all-powerful look of the grandmother that all grandchildren around the world had learned long ago to fear and avoid at all costs.

"Aye Michal... is there somethin' ya want ta tell her?" Rahne countered, a devilish grin tugging at the corners of her mouth at his sudden look of panic to be on the receiving end of the much-feared 'look of the grandmother'. Slinging her arm around his shoulders, she gave his grandmother a wink before blowing in his ear.

"Oh sure... pick on the def defenceless Toad," Todd Michal Tolensky, known to most of the world as the mutant warrior Toad, although very few people - other then the media and his enemies - ever called him that, and still fewer called him Todd, grumbled playfully, "I see how it is." Mostly he was just Tolen, a shorten version of his last name to his closest associates and Michal to his grandmother who never liked the name Toad in the first place.

"Ah come on lad... ya know I wouldna torment ya so if I didna love ya," Rahne replied with a lopsided smile, "besides... ya embarrassed me in front of my family... I'm only returning the favour... and ya arena defenceless even in ya sleep."

"Michal," the old woman said sternly, "you were not raised to be embarrassing young women... just what other bad habits have you been picking up while roaming the planet saving people?" She went on slipping into a mix of English and Polish as she chastised her favourite grandson, a stern finger being wagged at him.

"Tak babka," he said, managing to look shamed faced before leaning over to kiss the shorter woman on the top of the head. "Rahne this is my grandmother - or babka in Polish - Aneila Pulaski she raised me after my mom died and my dad...last I heard he was doing hard time in New Jersey somewhere I think - or was it Nevada?" He said, a shadow crossing his eyes at the mention of his much-despised father - or the 'sperm donor' as he was fond of referring to the man as. After a moment he shook his head, mostly to clear it of thoughts of the bastard he was pretty sure drugged and raped his mother to get her to marry the sperm donor in the first place. Or at least, he liked to tell himself, not seeing the 'good man' his biological father was once rumoured to be, to him the man was just an abusive son-of-a-bitch that liked to use his wife and kid as punching bags.

"Lad?" Rahne's questioning voice brought him out of his dark thoughts, "ya okay?"

"Yeah," he answered noting he was the sudden centre of attention, his grandmother giving him that look of hers again telling him she had a pretty good idea about what he was thinking about. "Really I'm fine," he added as she arched a grey eyebrow at him, like she did when he was younger and in big trouble, "honest... no problems here." He added with a smile trying to appear self-assured, "Besides... we're going to be late for lunch... I want to show Rahne around the old neighbourhood before we got to head back to the wonderful world of superheroes and spandex." He whispered in a conspiring tone and a roll of his eyes, "Rahne and I are planning a protest of the new uniforms they want us to wear... my running shorts have more material then the 'battling bathing suits' they want her and Jean to wear. We got a bet going if the designer is trying to cause the bad guys to stop in their tracks to drool at them so the rest of us can pick them off. Or if the guy is just a closet hormone-driven comic book artist."

"Michal... you are so bad," his grandmother admonished him with a chuckle. She sometimes wondered about his friends and team-mates that made up the odd band of mutants who called themselves the 'Demonspawns', having never met them in person although she had carefully followed his adventures in the news. While it was such an odd name for heroes, her grandson did explain the logic behind it, telling her that he and his friends had been called monsters and demons so many times they decided to take the name and make it their own. It was terrifying, some of the things he and his friends did to protect people they didn't even know. Some of whom even hating her grandson for the simple fact he had been born with an extraordinary ability that set him apart from others. However, she was proud of him, after his troubled teenage years where he seemed determined to become a criminal himself, he had begun to build a new life and found new reason to continue to fight for a better world. And considering that the young shorthaired redhead standing before her was the first team-mate he had ever bothered to introduce to her, Aneila Pulaski had a suspicion that she was a major influence on his change for the better.

"What? Babka... you have to see these things," he defended, "they are just screaming nosebleed material and getting arrested for indecent exposure."

"And you wear battling bathing suit?" Aneila asked the redhead.

"Oh na ma'am... I plan fer the bloody thing ta have an unfortunate accident in the danger room," Rahne replied, "I kenna wear if it I destroy it first... nah manmade material ken hold up with shape shifting fer too long." She added with a sly wink, lg Tog Tolen's grandmother, the older woman seemed to be just the person to raise the somewhat wayward Toad without allowing him to run totally amok.

"And if that doesn't work," Tolen added, linking his arm through his grandmother's, the three heading in the direction of the restaurant for lunch as a leisurely pace. "I own a battle-axe," he said patting the side of his black duster with his free hand, feeling the familiar weight of his favourite weapon hidden in its folds, "I can make sure it stays dead."

"Dead?" his grandmother questioned with a laugh, "so the 'battling bathing suits' are alive now?"

"We live in the same house as three magic users, one of which is a full-fledged demon sorceress... we don't even trust the yoghurt not to attack. Which it has by the way... a slight misspoken spell and we spent a weekend battling a mutant cup of blueberry yoghurt." He went on in a serious tone, shuddering a bit for effect at the memory of the infamous weekend from hell.

Aneila looked at her grandson out of the corner of her eye for a long moment, "You should not tease an old woman like that," she replied dryly, having decided he was toying with her.

"Who's teasing?" he replied, "look... Rahney was there... you could ask her. Yoghurt is officially banned from our refrigerator and Magik isn't allowed to cast spells using books that even remotely have spells that sound like recipes."

Hours later - near dusk

"That was fun," Tolen said as he and Rahne walked toward the subway to catch the train back uptown to the hotel they were staying at while in town. While a part of him wanted to take his grandmother up on her invitation to stay with her for the night, he knew he couldn't, it would have been unfair to her if the two had gotten a page and had to leave at three in the morning. "Babka is looking good... I think she likes you," he said, giving his team-mate his patented mischievous grin he learned from Kurt Wagner one night over bottles of German beer last October.

"Aye... and subtle ta," Rahne remarked dryly, "I think she has us just about married off. If I didna know any better I'd swear she's been conspiring with me own mum on that front."

"You noticed it too, huh," Tolen replied with a laugh, "I thought it was just me."

Chuckling herself the two walked for a time in silence, "So... why does she call ya Michal?"

"Oh that," he said, his brow furrowing a bit in thought, "she doesn't like my first name...I got stuck with the sperm donor's name... and babka has never forgiven him for what he did to my mom and me."

"Ya a junior?"

"Bite your tongue Rahne Sinclair," Tolen retorted, in mock anger shuddering a bit at the mere thought, "I only got stuck with the first and the last name ... my middle name was picked out by babka. Besides even if I did get stuck with that bastard's middle name I would have had it legally changed by now... no way in hell will I be forced to live with the name Todd Mortimer Tolensky... that is just wrong."

Rahne gave a slight shudder herself in sympathy before her head snapped up with a slight growl, catching a faint scent in the air. "Bugger," she cursed mildly, "how the devil did he get out?"

"Problems?" Tolen asked, instantly alert having learned years ago when Rahne growled at anything it usually meant trouble in one form or another.

"I'm picking up Jack," she said, clutching her teeth to keep from sneering further at the name. "He's been through here about four hours ago... maybe a block or two over," she reported, taking a few deep sniffs to double check herself, firmly pushing aside some of the more foul smells lurking heavily in the air around the neighbourhood.

"Jack?" he questioned, knowing of only one Jack that would ever make Rahne's eyes flash with that much annoyance, "ah man... I though we put him under the freakin' cell in Davey's mind last time." He groaned, one hand pushing aside his duster to get to the mobile phone clipped to the waistband of his jeans. "You know if he's running amok again.. Jeannie is going to be madder then that time Cyclops was caught sneaking peeks at her in the shower."

"Don remind me... I'm the one that had ta hear his screams as she dropped kicked him inta the bay behind the mansion," Rahne commented with a slight grin, "the man made enough noise ta wake the dead in Canada before hitting the water."

Chuckling at the story, Tolen turned on the mobile and hit the speed dial button, "you don't know how much I want a visual on that one," he said, "always knew Scotty was a prick and an idiot." Just because he wechnechnically no longer an enemy of the X-Men, didn't mean he liked any of them. Sure he was on good terms with most of them and he wasn't given too much grief when he showed his face in the exulted halls of Xavier's. Still there were a few X-Men who refused to forgive and forget, always bringing up Tolen's past mistakes and deeds to throw in his face reminding him that he was once the enemy. 'Unbelievable...Magneto gets a fair shake and the right to prove he has turned over a new leaf, and I nearly get stripped searched when I stay for dinner.' He thought darkly. Placing the mobile to his ear he waited for the other end to pick up, "Yeah, this is Tolen," he said in greeting, "Rahney and me are in Manhattan... any reason she's smelling traces of Legion in the area?" He asked getting right to the point, then cursed violently in Polish a moment later as he got the reply.

"Yeah... yeah we're on the lower eastside," he added, eyes darting over to Rahne knowing with her enhanced hearing she was also able to hear the conversation judging from the string of Gaelic curses and low growls she had unleashed as well. "Fuck me... are there any casualties on Muir? Damnit Pryde... why the hell didn't you guys page us! The 'Spawns aren't the fucking enemy... last I checked the big bad X-Men were our sister team... we're suppose to be able to exchange information freely... you know so we can save more lives!" He growled, after a moment not liking what he was hearing one bit. "Yeah, yeah, you pass it on that I'm not happy... and Katherine... Moira dies because you guys let Jack escape... I will be helping Rahne tear your head off." He vowed before ending the call. Taking a few deep breaths, "Can you belief them? They thought they had the situation under control... the guy is a fucking homicidal maniac who makes Manson seem sane... and they have it under control." He said conversationally, hitting a new number on the speed dial. "Are we the only team that isn't afraid to call for extra manpower... or in the very least borrow a really big tank to help take down the bad guy. It's not that damn hard yelling for help... you just pick up the damn phone and say 'I need a favour, can I borrow the howitzer'." He continued to grumble putting the mobile back to his ear waiting for the pick up.

With an absent snort, Rahne led the way, Tolen still with the mobile to his ear talking to their other team-mates trying to get a game plan and as much information together as possible. Where the mutant called Legion was considered, seconds counted and indecision could get a lot of people killed really fast. "Just waiting for dark to take the search to the rooftops," Tolen was saying, "the little bastard has a four hour head start on us." While his identity, and those of his team-mates, were all publicly known thanks to one Trish Tilby - reporter and first-class snake in the grass - the team did prefer to keep as low a profile as possible. Granted it didn't always work, especially when they were fd tod to wear the spandex uniforms the US Government insisted would aid in protecting them from both the elements and lethal weapons, most people tended to leave them alone for the most part. However, leaping from rooftop to rooftop in spandex, or street clothes, in broad daylight tended to call attention to one's self, and not all of New York's Finest thought he had the right to walk around with a double-bladed battle axe under his duster, even if he did only use it on beings that really needed to have their heads cracked.

Night Fall - Lower Manhattan

"Now why the devil would Legion come all the way ta a warehouse in New York... knowing it's our bloody backyard?" Rahne asked, as the two crouched on the roof of a neighbouring warehouse. Although, she appeared to be human, she had access to the enhanced senses of her transitional form, having learned a few years ago how to tap into the power of her wolf forms without actually having to shift. It made it easy for her to track people in large crowds without causing a panic in case someone happened to notice there was a large werewolf walking down the street. However, if one looked carefully at the supposed human sitting on top of a warehouse, they would have sensed an inhuman presence within the redhead, a dark predator lurking just below the surface of her every changing eyes. Turning her head to the left she smiled as a dark shadow seemed to open up next to them and two figures appeared. The first, a tall black man with his face half-shadowed under the hood of a dark cloak, his body completely hidden in its massive folds while he seemed to emit a haunting dark energy. In front of him, emerging out from inside his cloak, a smaller white woman who seemed to glow faintly with a radiant light, with white-blonde hair and piecing blue eyes, a white body suit covering her athletic form and a halo circling her left eye. "Ty... Tandy," the shape shifter said in greeting nodding to the new comers.

"Heard we have a problem," the big man known as Cloak said, watching the two with a dark intense gaze, as if he was looking into their souls.

"Yeah... ol' Jack slipped his damn leash and left Scotland... naturally the X-Men thought we didn't deserve a simple phone call to let us know he was out," Tolen repliwithwith a slight upward motion of his head.

"I've never met Jack.. what's he like?" the blonde asked, unconsciously stepping closer to her team-mate and lover, allowing Cloak to soak up a bit of the light energy he fed off of, calming him while they planned their next move.

"He's a bully and a prick," Rahne replied with a slight growl, watching the strange play of Dagger's light energy interacting with Cloak's dark energy. It was a rather fascinating thing to watch, the two were true soul mates in her opinion; they belonged together, each adding to the other making a complete being. The Wolf seriously doubted they were aware of all the little things they did for one another, Tandy - or Dagger, as she was called - always keeping Cloak's darkness from consuming him. While Cloak made sure Dagger's light - the excess life-force energy she produced - didn't rage out of control within her. One without the other would literally be consumed with either darkness or light unable to self-regulate and obtain a balance within themselves, well she thought one could, if they totally absorbed the other's powers. But Cloak without his Dagger and vice versa was just wrong; it would be like one or the other cutting off his or her own arms.

"Legion himself is nah so bad... he's a verra powerful little kid trapped in a man's body. When he was young he went through a traumatic experience that shattered his psycreatreating multiple personalities... each persona controls a different power. The personality we're after is Jack Wayne he has command of the psycho-kinesis... nah as powerful as Jean, but he ken do enough damage. Unfortunately, he has the other personalities bulled into submission, so he has access ta most of Legion's abilities. Except fer the telepathy... Jamul has control of that, and as an outside persona trapped within David, he kenna be bullied and hates Jack with a passion."

"Like Rahne said... Jack is a bully, when comforted with a much stronger adversary he'll cut and run... hopefully if we hit him fast and hard he'll pull back and one of the other personas can take control," Tolen put in, "I've seen this guy in action he's a real piece of work, don't underestimate him or just how much he can influence the others. The other persona to watch out for is Cyndi she's the pyro-kinetic and Jack's sidekick," he continued one hand subconsciously rubbing the burn scar on his left leg, starting just above his knee and running a good five inches up his thigh hidden under his jeans, in memory of his encounter with the fire-starter several years ago. He had gotten the burn while taking out Legion with a high jump, coming down on top of the maniac as gently as possible only wanting to knock the mutant out and avoid breaking the guy's neck or back. While he took out his target, he also got a third degree burn on his left leg above the heavy endurance boot and knee armour he had been wearing at the time for all his trouble. Which resulted in his now infamous hatred of spandex and so-called 'super resistant' material that was supposed to avoid such damage.

"The ideal personality ta get is Jamul... or even David, but any of the others will do," Rahne put in, "once they are in control they are able ta stand up ta that bloody wanker Jack... and fer the most part are pretty peaceful."

"That still doesn't explain why he's here," Cloak noted, casting his dark penetrating gaze toward the other warehouse, allowing his unique ability to pinpoint every 'life force' within the building. "Strange... he's alone," he commented, knowing that Rahne with her own enhanced senses could see something very similar to what he was looking at; although she saw the solo life force as a heat pattern.

"Na fer long," Rahne grunted pointing to a car turning into the complex from further up the road, "now I wonder who could be doing business with ol' Jack?" She asked not really expecting an answer, her lupine eyes seeing in far greater detail then her fellow team members, allowing her to read the license plate, "Hmmmm, out of state tags, the plot just bloody thickens on its own."

Smirking a bit, Tolen reached into his duster and pulled out his battle-axe; a gift from an Asgardian dwarf that had rapidly became his primary weapon in a fight. Absently doing a one-handed twirl of the axe to loosen his arm a bit, he watched the car approach catching a movement out of the corner of his eye as Dagger stepped back into Cloak's protective embrace to conceal her glow. "Oh yeah, we are going to have to crash this party," he said, a wicked grin on his face as they watched the car come to a stop in front of the neighbouring warehouse containing the elusive Legion, "because anyone willingly meeting with the king of all-pricks needs to have their teeth kicked down their throats at least once."

"I thought Cyclops was the king of all pricks?" Rahne commented, shifting to her transitional form, as she shrugged off her leather jacket, the fabric of her maroon shirt becoming tight against her muscular furred frame. Shifting a bit, to settle into a better crouch mostly to accommodate the tail she had in her 'wolf forms', she felt the fabric of her black pants - with its specially modified area just under the waistband - move with her, allowing the freedom of movement she had grown to prefer over the tightness of spandex and still be able to grow a tail without destroying the garment. Absently the bushy appendage swayed back and forth as if eager to begin the hunt, its path every now and then hitting the side of Tolen's jean clad knee next to her.

"Nah... ol' One-Eye is the Prince of Anal-retentiveness," Tolen corrected. Glancing down as something brushed against his leg, he arched an eyebrow firmly pressing his lips together to keep from laughing as his shoulders shook slightly. It had taken a while to get used to living with Rahne's somewhat erratic tail that had a mind very much its own at times. It was always amusing watching people who weren't used to a werewolf deal with an expressive appendage that tended to mirror its owner's moods and temperament.

Leaning over the side of the building, Cloak watched the car's occupants enter the warehouse, one remaining outside as guard. Sharing a look with the wolf, he turned back to Tolen, "they are either amateurs or just brain-dead... fools playing at being gangsters," he noted darkly, as Dagger stepped back out of his cloak.

"Aye... nah wonder they're from out of town... ol' Kingpin would die from laughter watching these gits... seems Jack found himself some playmates," Rahne added with a jerk of her thumb, "I know hooligans in Kinross that are more aware of their surroundings then these morons are." With a nod of her head, she handed her jacket to Dagger who shrugged it on, mainly to make sure it didn't get lost during the battle. The wolf always hated having to track down a little thief, which had stolen her prized leather, to beat the stuffing out of them for taking something that wasn't theirs to begin with.

"Yeah... most serious thugs in New York do have the sense to look up at the neighbouring rooftops... never know when your friendly neighbourhood Demonspawn is going to be up there making rude comments about your fashion sense," Tolen remarked dryly, taking his own look over the side. "Take the doofus by the car... this guy has been watching way too many mob movies... he even has the cheesy hat. We've got to make these idiots hurt... a lot... they are bringing down the image of the New York Hood... it's a matter of honour now."

"Spoken like a true hooligan," Rahne added, nudging him playfully, "I recommend we move this over ta the other rooftop... Dagger... ya and ya man want ta take the lad by the car?"

"Not a problem, you and the Prince of all Toads there... have fun crashing the skylight... try to leave a few for us," the blonde replied as Cloak embraced her once more, the two disappearing into a dark shadow.

"King... Tandy... our dear Tolen is the King of the Toads," Cloak said as they vanished, a rare mischievous light dancing in his usually dark brooding gaze.

"I'm never going to live that down am I?" Tolen asked after the two disappeared, "one little allergic reaction and I get branded for life as the 'Terrible Toad King'." He grumbled playfully, sharing a nod with Rahne before shifting his weight and rocketing forward in a sudden burst of speed to leap the span between the rooftops in a single bound.

Chuckling softly, Rahne backed up a few steps and took a running leap toward the other rooftop, doing a flip in midair to land in a crouch beside her kingking team-mate. "But lad... ya were so cute in nothing but the kilt and crown," she said with a wicked grin, patting his cheek in passing. Moving over to the warehouse skylight, she crouched down in front of it to peer inside, still with that wicked grin on her face as Tolen joined her. "Well hello... what do we have here?" she asked in a low tone cocking her head to the side, "oh bugger" she said sharing a look with Tolen.

"Magic-user!" the two said as one, noting the set-up and the little guy standing in front of some kind of makeshift altar.

"Lovely, Jack's made friends with a Merlin wannabe," Tolen grumbled to himself, "shall we crash my dear... I'm in the mood to break something how about you?" He asked standing and holding his hand out for her, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively as Rahne took it and he pulled her into a standing position. "I'll be introducing myself to Merlin... you go say 'hi' to Jack."

Holding hands, the two crouched a bit leaping into the air in a well practiced manoeuvre twisting in midair and coming down once more over the skylight, creating a rain shower of glass and steel. Letting go, Tolen grabbed his battle-axe with two hands tucking his legs up under the handle of his weapon and doing a triple flip before stretching out and landing in a crouch. His battle-axe held out in front of him slicing through the altar and scaring the hell out of the little man who nearly wet himself as the double-bladed weapon came within a hair of his face. "Hi... I'm with the Greater Manhattan Anti-Merlin Deformation League... you don't look a thing like Merlin and I've been sent to ask you to cease and desist doing impersonations of the arch-mage... or risk being turned into a newt." He said, grinning wickedly at the little man.

Rahne didn't try any fancy flips, just landed in a crouch and growled menacingly at her target, "Jack... I'm almost positive I promised ta break every bone in ya body if ya ever got out again," She said, standing and allowing her transitional form to shift becoming nearly nine foot tall as she stared with glowing yellow eyes at the psycho-kinetic currently sneering at her. "Aye... I'm sure I did," she went on her eyes hard and glowing with rage, "now be a good lad and hold still fer ya beating."

Jack Wayne sneered at the werewolf coming toward him, heart pounding and mind racing as he struggled to keep himself calm to use his mutant powers to make his escape. He had been told that the damn 'Demonspawns' were all in Washington, DC at their headquarters on Embassy Row, attending some sort of training program. Apparently his informant had been wrong or deliberately misinformed him, no bother, he wasn't going to go back quietly. He was out and would stay out, becoming the only personality in David Heller's mind once for for all.

"GET THEM!" the little guy, who had been staring in terror at Tolen, yelled finally finding his voice.

Tolen rolled his eyes and shook his head, wondering just where this moron was dug up from, before he launched himself back into the air easily avoiding the machine gun fire from Merlin's hired thugs. Twisting in the air, he used a steel pillar to land on then take off again toward the nearest gunner, grinning widely as his fist connected with the thug's jaw sending the guy flying into a stack of cardboard boxes. Twirling his battle-axe, he used the flat side of the double-blade to deflect a round of bullets, taking perverse pleasure in the sound of the bullet's ricocheting off of the nearly unbreakable metal. "Man... I 'LOVE' Asgardian dwarves... really I do... not only are they shorter then me and throw great parties... but they are the ABSOLUTE best forgers anywhere, anytime," he commented, taking off in a dead ran at his next target, accelerating to a near blinding speed as he put his fist firmly in the man's gut. It was rare he used his mutant ability to run at a foe, preferring to use his super strength and agility that allowed him to make giant leaps and do complex acrobatic moves, strictly for jumping like his Toad namesake. However, as he had gotten older and more serious about the use and development of his unique abilities he learned he could run at high speeds as well, something he never imagined was possible. Of course, back in his young and stupid teen years, he believed just because he was a mutant he was also some type of god among mere humans, and really didn't have to work at anything.

With instinct developed and horned over years of constant battle and training, Tolen spun around suddenly bringing his axe down in an arch and slicing through the large metal beam that Jack had tossed at him. Following the path of the axe, he ducked low letting the two severed pieces fly over and past him. "Oh yeah... you are going back with at least a broken arm," he growled, taking a quick look over his shoulder to see where the beam parts went before turning blazing eyes toward the psycho-kinetic he was rapidly developing a deeper hatred for.

Across the open warehouse floor, Rahne grunted as she made contact with a brick wall having just been tossed into it by the sneering Jack. 'That's right boyo... keep ya attention on me,' she thought to herself, pushing aside the pain that shot through her body upon impact. 'Damn he's been practicing,' she grunted to herself, keeping a firm reign on her temper knowing she had to be careful about taking Jack down since he did happen to inhabit the same body as several other personalities that didn't warrant getting the hell beat out of them.

Cloak and Dagger made their entrance quietly taken two more of the gunmen down, the duo working fast and efficiently, as was their usual method of operation. When the job had to be done fast and without raising an alarm, the pair were usually sent in first with, oddly enough, Rahne and Tolen acting as support and/or the diversion for the operation. The four tended to work the best as a small assault squad, either as a quick and silent strike team or as a sabotage unit, having gained a reputation for causing massive amounts of property damage that had most of the more destructive X-Men envious. The four also shared a history of living on the streets at one time, walking in places most of the more 'refined' heroes never walked, it gave them a common bond and an intense understanding of those they fought to protect.

Tolen smirked, twirling his battle-axe in one hand as he caught Cloak engulfing the last hired thug within his dark embrace. Before releasing the poor man, who immediately fell to the ground and curled into a little ball. "Hey Jack... seems all your new playmates just went down for the count," he taunted, grinning wickedly at his target. "Why don't you surrender and I'll think about being nice and not break too many bones?"

"NOT QUITE... YOU MUTIE FILTH!" The little man yelled, finally finding his voice, causing everyone - including Jack Wayne - to look at him in disbelief.

"Mutie filth?" Tolen and Rahne chorused together, as Dagger raised both eyebrows at the little man and Cloak uttered a low human growl.

"No one... says 'mutie' anymore," Tolen said, making a cross face, not sure if he should be offended or just mad. "Where the hell HAVE you been man??? That phrase went out like in the 80s."

The little man sneered at the group as he began to chant, sure that between him and his new partner, they could take the so-called superheroes. "Bugger," Rahne growled, her head snapping back around to look at the little man, "he's casting!" Before she could react, she felt herself being picked up and tossed across the room once again, by the laughing Jack Wayne.

Cursing softly Tolen released a quick build up of kinetic energy he had been absorbing from bounding around the room, in a powerful rocket leap launching himself in the opposite direction from both the Merlin wannabe and Jack. 'Okay think fast Toad-boy,' he ordered himself, manoeuvring his body so he landed high on a steel pillar, automatically burying one hand into the metal surface up to the first double-joints of his fingers. Effectively anchoring himself to his temporary perch, he studied the scene below, Cloak had disappeared just as Tolen had made his rocket leap, the dark-skinned man reappearing behind Dagger and embracing her in his dark hold. Rahne was able to manoeuvre herself so her shoulder would take the brunt of the impact with the warehouse wall once again. 'K... team has effectively gotten out of the range of fire... Jack can't track Tyrone or Tandy, I'm hiding in the shadows... and Rahney could careless if he tries dropping a building on her.' He added with a slight smirk, knowing his redheaded team-mate didn't back down from a fight with someone that truly annoyed her. 'Let's see... Merlin is the bigger threat at the moment being the unknown,' he thought, 'besides... I really hate being called a mutie.'

Rahne held her battered and bruised shoulder with one hand, her lupine eyes blazing with annoyance, 'Okay... that's it... I'm killing someone,' she growled to herself, feeling a familiar haze settle over her. Making a quick scent count she pinpointed everyone in the room, Tolen had taken the high ground and was up near the rafters doing his Spider-man impersonation. Cloak had also found a nice shadow behind Jack along the wall to stand in, while Legion and the little bugger of a mage were still standing tall in the middle of the warehouse. 'Hmmm,' she thought, golden eyes narrowing as she noted a movement in the shadow Cloak was standing in, a feral smile tugging at the corner of the wolf's mouth catching Dagger's hand - hidden from human eyes - signing to her. Moving her own left hand a bit behind her, she started to sign one handed, knowing that Tolen was watching from above, sensing his eyes on her. It was a favourite trick of the Demonspawns, using a wide-range of methods to communicate ranging from complex mini-headsets to telepathy to simple American Sign Language. The latter method learned out of necessity after one of their team-mates was rendered temporarily deaf after Siryn was forced to sonic lance a villain and had been too close not to be affected as well.

From his perch near the ceiling, Tolen grinned widely, 'God I love team work,' he thought catching onto what Rahne was signing to him, knowing she could tell from his scent that he had gotten the message. 'Okay... Cloak is going after the male-Sybil over there... that leaves Merlin to me, Dagger, and Rahney. Man... and to think I can't remember that damn newt spell... oh well, just have to do this the old fashion way... beat the hell out of him THEN introduce him to a 'real' magic-user. I wonder if Magik has fed S'ym yet?' Giving his battle-axe a one-handed twirl for a final time, knowing that it was not shiny enough to catch the light on anything due to the Asgardian metals used to make it, he drew back his arm and sent it flying. Not really aiming for anything, that wasn't the point, it didn't have to hit anywhere near Legion or the wannabe Merlin.

That wasn't its purpose; the battle-axe was just the go signal, having been chosen years in advance during long hard hours of training. As the axe left his hand, Tolen was already on the move not wanting Legion to get a fix on his location, counting in his head as he flipped and rolled in the air manoeuvring his body to get into striking position on his target. He knew that Rahne's own agility and acrobatic prowess was nearly a par with his in the air - when he wasn't adding to his leaps with a little extra kinetic boost absorbed from bounding around like a frog. Keeping to the shadows of the ceiling, not caring if his silhouette was shadowed on the floor below, he knew he was simply moving too fast for Jack or Merlin to keep up with him and predict his path.

Rahne slowly eased into a crouch, growling lowly at Legion keeping his attention focused on her as Merlin continued to chant. 'That's it you stupid Sassenach,' she thought to herself, feeling a faint stirring in the airflow as Tolen released his battle-axe, 'I'm the one ya want, don pay attention ta the radge bounding around over head... I'm the threat ya misbegotten excuse fer a bampot.'

Jack Wayne glanced around rapidly trying to locate the other three mutants, knowing they hadn't of gotten far, 'no matter,' he thought smugly, 'I'll get them later... right now I'm going to take out the puppy-girl.' He smirked inwardly as he felt one particular personality trapped within his mind protest in terror. 'That's right David... I'm going to kill the puppy-girl... and there isn't...' His inward gloating to the ten-year old who was the rightful owner of the body he was currently in charge of, was cut off as Tolen's battle-axe suddenly came tearing out of the shadowy ceiling to embed itself in a nearby steel pillar. The battle-axe impacted with enough force to literally shake the pillar, a low thud echoing throughout the warehouse followed by a loud growl.

Legion stared in confusion at the battle-axe mildly vibrating, its razor sharp head buried two-thirds the way into the pillar, he was able to tear his eyes away from it at the growl, only to be engulfed in darkness. Cloak grinned wickedly as he appeared behind Jack, his arms reaching out and pulling the psycho-kinetic into his dark void holding his prisoner tight. Rahne didn't take her eyes off of Jack, before she suddenly leaped for the magic-user, her claws extended, a loud unholy growl deep within her throat as her eyes glowed a fiery red. At the same time, Tolen bounded off a pillar and came flying head first, a fist guiding his body as he aimed for Merlin.

The little man's eyes widened in shock as the snarling beast suddenly leaped toward him, in his terror miscasting his spell as his survival instincts kicked in telling him to run. With panicked eyes, he raised both hands palms up toward the wolf trying to gather enough energy to stop the creature so he could complete his chant; however, before he could complete anything a shard of pure white light hit him from behind. Dagger having gotten the drop on him after Cloak dropped her off behind Merlin while he went after Legion. With a scream, he felt his spell go awry, sending a massive shock through him and the two mutants closing in on him. A blinding light filled the warehouse following the scream, as it dissipated Merlin - eyes wide - dropped to his knees then flat on his face, leaving only Cloak and Dagger standing.

"What? Where are Rahne and Tolen?" Dagger asked, recovering the quickest and looking around for her two team-mates. Nearby, Cloak opened his cape and released Legion curled up in a little ball.

"Huh? Where?" an Arabic accented voice asked, as Legion unfolded himself from the fetal position he was in and stood to look around. "You must be Cloak," the man said after a moment, smiling at the brooding dark-skinned man standing there, "I am Jamul."


Elsewhere -

Rahne's eyes widened as her target disappeared along with the entire warehouse, pushing aside her shock almost instantly she allowed her form to shift into a full wolf making herself smaller in the process. At the same time, Tolen let out a loud curse already turning his body in the air getting his feet under him so he could ricochet off of the nearest object easier. The two passed each other without making contact, both being highly agile and well versed in avoiding one another.

Rahne used both sets of paws to avoid making intimate contact with the large pine tree that had appeared in the middle of her flight path. Front paws hitting the bark first she snapped her body around quick, feeling several muscles pull as she manoeuvred her back legs into position so she could jump clear and land on all fours beside the tree. Upon landing on she immediately shifted back to human form, to speed up her healing factor so she would experience the least amount of discomfort. Looking around she noted that she and Tolen were now in some kind of small wooded area; although, she could clearly hear automobiles nearby, 'we must be close to a road,' she thought, noting that it sounded like the vehicles were moving at highway speeds. 'Where the devil are we?'

Tolen hit his tree with both feet absorbing most of the impact and making a tiny rebound leap and a back flip to come to a stop next to Rahne. "What the hell?" he questioned looking around the area, after a moment he closed his eyes and hit the side of his head with the palm of his hand. Opening his eyes once more, "damn... I wasn't seeing things," he said, before turning to Rahne, "you okay?' Holding out a hand, he pulled her up as she took it, the two taking a look around, "any idea where we are?"

"None... although I do hear lots of traffic... we're near a highway," she replied, one hand going to her bruised ribs.

"Yeah... I can hear it too... must be pretty close than," he said with a self-mocking grin, knowing that when it came to the hearing department Rahne was the best in the Demonspawns period. "Might as well go take a look... who knows maybe some one would take pity on us and give us a lift."

Twenty minutes later, the two found themselves standing in front of a green highway sign wearing matching expression, "Where the hell is Bayville?" Tolen asked one eyebrow arched as he tried to place the name.

"Don look at me... this isna my country," Rahne said, cocking her head to the side as she stared at the sign, "five miles that way," she added with a shake of her head, "good thing we got comfortable shoes."

"Oh yeah," Tolen absently agreed looking up at the sky with a frown, "is it just me or is it not only daylight again... but the wrong season too?"

"Aye... I ken smell the pollen in the air... its early spring here," Rahne said, as Tolen took off his duster, "wherever here is."

"Maybe we can get some answers in this Bayville place," Tolen suggested, slipping his mobile phone into one of the hidden pockets of his duster. Wherever they were, it was playing havoc with the handheld, when he tried to dial headquarters he got a message telling him that the number didn't exist. Carefully folding the jacket, he tossed it over his right shoulder, the sleeves on his grey pullover pushed up to his elbows, as they set out toward the mysterious Bayville, to hopefully find some answers to some very important questions. Like where in the world were they?

End Part One.

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