Reviews for Mama Always Told You...

BY : Menagerie

  • From lonewolf on August 07, 2009

    wow. yeah dark but good. you could write an alternate ending where he takes her with him and slowly becomes uncrazy but that's probably not what you wanted from this thing. still kudos

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  • From ANON - Kalio on October 12, 2003

    Oooh. *wide-eyed* When you set out to write a psycho!Logan, you do it properly, don't you? Wow.

    You say this was written as an antithesis to all those Good Hitchhiker Logan fics, eh? Well it's a great job of it. A fantastically twisted version of Logan the Kindly Hitchhiker. How very maniacal. *shudder* Damn, but I'd hate to pull over for him. (Still, awfully tempting, wouldn't it? *chuckle*)

    Were you really worried it might be a "pretty poor attempt"? You've no reason to be. It's terrific. Also a tad terrig. Ig. I think I'm in awe. *grin*

    Thanks for the nicely written Marie, the bizarre and psychotic imagery, and the all-aroud good reading! :) [Also, say hi to this "Megan" for me--the beta and thrower of plot bunnies--and tell her I'm indebted to her for doing both.]

    Hope there's more where this chunk of insanity flew from. :) Insane!character fics, killing-of-character fics, and what have you.

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  • From Jessicat1982 on September 26, 2003

    I thought your story was really well written. dark and disturbing.

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  • From CorpseChild on August 17, 2003

    Very nice. Nice and sick and twisted, just the way I like him--er, I mean, them. heheh. Your story was a sort of inspiration for one of my own, only the insane one is Kurt.

    You definitely captured the thought process of someone who's there, but not completely.

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  • From ANON - Anon on August 02, 2003

    Very nice and sick story.

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