Reviews for Forever

BY : Nemain

  • From Lucky_Logician on January 10, 2015

    This is a story I read years ago and keep coming back to. Like a great book, you just can help but re-read it every so often.

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  • From SchiffThomas on May 11, 2009

    ugh I hated when preppy girls went around decorating each others lockers... pissed me off....

    probably cause my birthday was in July... xD ha ha ha not that I HAD any friends to decorate my locker... nor am I preppy to do it... lulz

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  • From SchiffThomas on May 10, 2009

    I totally pictured Micheal J Fox saying that xD ha ha ha

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  • From ANON - Robin "Draven" Holmes on August 14, 2006

    Mine gods that was wonderbar. You spin one hell of a mean story. I officially know how to insult people in german now...I adore Kurt to death, and y'know what? I think I've found a single authour, ONE. Who has done justice to him as well as you have. And he get paid for it. I also loved to death your writing style, and your creative uses for old powers. He's had the "I go invisible in the dark" thing for ages. It was used maybe once. You ma'am, win at the internets, in the game of awesome, and at life. Many Kudos on keeping everyone as close to character as possible. Remy was simply awesome too. *has personal biases for both of em* But by far and away my favorite thing about the whole thing was how you provided a logical explination for just about everything Kitty did, and Kitty's relationship with Shadowcat. Hell, THE WHOLE DAMN THING makes Tolkien look bad

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  • From ANON - Operative TSS on July 23, 2006

    Just got done reading it (took me a couple of weeks - wiped my computer and lost the bookmarks). Very nicely written, well-established plot, and VERY believeable dialouge. One of the things I don't quite understand about it (and this may just be my PC acting up) is that the text was extremely skewed. For example, a paragraph would break and go down a line in the middle of a sentence.

    The only thing I can complain about is a handful of grammatical errors, but I think I can overlook them because of your masterful storytelling. Keep up the good work.

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  • From ANON - Damion Kitsune on July 22, 2006

    Great story. I was really caught up in it. It was a long and wild ride, and it amazes me to think this is only the first saga in a huge epic...

    I really liked the Amara/Lance pairing in this. In fact, I almost like it better than the Kurty pairing! It was also neat how it came as a surprise development.

    Well... I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series now... That is, when I can find the time for it!

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  • From ANON - Damion Kitsune on May 22, 2006

    Doesn't statutory rape only apply if the younger party is under the age-of-consent AND the older party is a certain number of years older than the younger party?

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  • From ANON - Josh on May 05, 2006

    Hey great story and I read every chapter in four days but not all at the same time cuz of work and it helps me unwind from my day of work... Hope to see Shiva out here soon and to know more about the latest ordeals with Tabby and Amara and Lance.. I would like to see Lance become a X-Men so he can be with Amara cuz they both thought they wanted somebody else but in the end they really want each other so hopefully I see Shiva some time great job e-mail me if u want JTB8834@aol.ocm

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  • From ANON - Bryce on February 04, 2006

    I just read chapter 1/2 of Forever and damn, I remember why I got hooked way back in the day. I joined your Yahoo group. ^_^ Maybe i'll read them all this time haha.

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  • From Vanilla_Toast on January 16, 2006

    This is possibly my absolute favorite X-Men: Evolution fan fiction, hands down! I found myself staying up WELL into the night to read this. The writing style is flowing and wonderful, description is Grade-A, and the portrayal of every single character continued to draw me in. I'm usually not a fan of Kurt/Kitty pairings, but this one has made me a HUGE fan! Thank you very, VERY much for this beautiful piece of work, and please, continue to write more stories of this fashion! Stay Toasty!

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  • From ANON - Lindsey on August 20, 2005

    Wow, this is the best story EVER !!! I love the Kurt/Kitty pairing, and its really sweet how they care about each other so much. Please keep writing !!!!

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  • From ANON - Unolai on July 09, 2005

    Hey, this story took me a couple of days to get through and I have to say I LOVE IT. Although you were a bit harsh on them...

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  • From ANON - Shadowcat on June 02, 2005


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  • From ANON - Sarah on March 19, 2005

    A most amazing story. I believe you are my favorite fanfiction writier. Your writings amazing. and the little footnotes at the end of the chapters really help. Keep up the great work. I'll be watching your work closely.

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  • From Angel251 on March 17, 2005

    Well, this story was magnificent. Your style of writing and creativity are incredible. You also manage to incorporate and maintain multiple plot lines within a story, which is a difficult task and rarely accomplished well. I cannot say enough good things about this story. I am disappointed more of our fellow writers/readers have not reviewed it, this story is worthy of the highest praise.

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