Reviews for A Meaningful Moment

BY : marvelmaster616

  • From AnansiScribe on July 07, 2022

    I know I normally review almost exclusively for your Spider-Man (Peter Parker/Mary Jane Watson) content, but this was too good to resist. As a fan of Kamala Khan's Ms. Marvel and an enjoyer of the comics she's appeared and starred in, this was spectacular. Especially loved how you deepened her bond with the time-displaced Scott Summers/Cyclops from the past, and given what happened later with him and the other time-displaced X-Men going back to the past and their memories being inherited by their adult selves in the present, I wonder if this would be a memory the adult Cyclops would look back on fondly. Don't get me wrong; I'm Scott/Jean till I die, much like I'm Peter/MJ till I die, but Scott/Kamala is practically a thing of art unto itself. In that respect, I love how the later/more recent comics in which they've teamed up still have them retain their bond, despite the changes that have happened in their lives since. All in all, truly great work from you and looking forward to more.

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