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Reviews for Unfinished Business

By : DrunkenScotsman
  • From Daye on January 17, 2022

    Oof. One day, one day, you will write a happy ending. Lol. Also I learned JAP is more than one kind of racist slur!

    That aside this was actually really good and in character for all concerned. I think you chose a good setup and a good time for Kitty to try it. Really good to have her get that extra confidence boosts and put it to good use. Nice to see her take the lead through out, I especially like when she objected to the dirty talk going too far.

    Lance's response, which was pretty dismissive, really helps characterise him and I thought it interesting that they both treating it like a nothing fling and both hurt by the other one treating it like a nothing fling.

    Also girl talk flashback mid blowjob was hilarious. You always do really good banter between them so it was fun to read hear as well. 

    The phone sex was a real highlight as well! It's all good really :D Really nice take on this pairing without whitewashing Lance which I admire. I like the pairing for being a new thing in a new adaption rather than going for the same old pairings but if Lance wasn't going to seriously reform it really couldn't work out long time. 

    So have you got any major Evo ships left? I don't remember an Evo Romy but I could have forgotten. 

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