Reviews for Defeat of the Sirens

BY : AgentGv01

  • From enigmanigmatic on November 12, 2015

    See, I usually hae rapefics for the way they eroticize gore and humiliation. And more often than not they end in death. This one, however, there is just something about it that draws me in. I can't say I enjoyed reading the rape of characters I have cherished since childhood. But what I can say is that in the end it is very thought provoking and very refreshing that you don't take this the further step so many take and extingish their lives. In a strange way, all of the characters turn out better for their experiences.

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  • From redsliver on May 03, 2014

    Brutal, and intentionally so, that's well done. A little awkward in structure. You have some misplaced or forgotten punctuation and a few sentences wobble with extra words and phrases. The gang seems to get off the hook when one sniff of the girls by Wolverine would have sparked a murder spree. All in all, I found the ending a little too tidy.

    It's decent, readable but looking for improvement. The monstrosity of it is the strongest part.

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