Reviews for Constant Craving

BY : Nemain

  • From ANON - Ann on September 05, 2005

    May seem like a silly question, but where did chapter 25 go? Seems to jump from chapter 24 to 26, so now I'm a bit confused.

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  • From ANON - Sara on July 22, 2003

    just a note... what big eyes you have is from little red riding hood, not goldilocks. otherwise, its great!

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  • From ANON - Cin on April 17, 2003

    once again you have out done yourself. amazing story. the storyline was perfect just like the last. you have a great tt. t. keep writing more. i luv what you did w/ Rouge's mutation. ***** 5 stars for you

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  • From ANON - The Archer on February 26, 2003

    I think your stories are awsome.
    I've read Forever and I'm reading Constant Craving,
    where do you come up with these things!

    Well as long as you keep writing em, I'll keep reading em!!

    The Archer.

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  • From ANON - Lucky_Gal on January 23, 2003

    Not sure if you even listen to reader reviews...but here goes anyway.

    It's a nice, long story, and the characters are very well developed, although Jamie and Rahne are certainly active for their age (Isn't Jamie 12 or 13?). Can't really see anything that needs improvement, although I wouldn't mind seeing Cannonball (Sam Guthrie) introduced, espcially since it seems nobody uses him at all...but then again, there's no one left to pair him up with, unless you introduce some new evo-ized characterabitabitha is a basket case in aheap of trouble, and I don't think there's a Wanda in the story, and every other girl is taken, and none of the characters seem like the polygamy type).

    Other than that, Please keep up the great work!

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