Amazing Role Playing: The Tutoring Session

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Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, Spider-Man, or Mary Jane Watson. I am making no money off of this. They are the property of Marvel and Disney. Please don’t sue.

Amazing Role Playing With Peter And Mary Jane
The Tutoring Session

Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, Spider-Man, or Mary Jane Watson. I am making no money off of this. They are the property of Marvel and Disney. Please don’t sue.

‘These mean character thoughts.’

Warning: This story contains sexual content. If you’re not comfortable with that, I don’t recommend reading this. As always, I welcome feedback or comments. Please post them on the fanfiction website or send them to me via email. Now, without further ado, enjoy!

New York, City – The Apartment of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson

“Buy the hottest, sluttiest schoolgirl costume you can find. I’ll do the rest, Tiger!”

Those were Mary Jane Watson’s exact words three days ago. Peter Parker had no idea how seriously his beautiful, redheaded girlfriend would be after planning their next round of sexy role playing. Now, he was convinced of her dedication. She also reminded him that she was a woman of her word.

“Are you ready for my tutoring session, Peter?” Mary Jane asked in a sexy, yet ditzy voice. “I know I’m late, but cheer practice ran late. And more boys asked me out than usual.”

Peter was so taken aback that he just stammered awkwardly. Oddly enough, that was perfectly in character for the role he’d chosen to play. She was the hot, bimbo cheerleader who just loved showing off her body with miniskirts. He was the nerdy, awkward dork in glasses, a sweater vest, and khakis.

It didn’t seem fair, at first. He’d spent the bulk of his teen years as a nerdy awkward guy. Putting on glasses and tacky clothes again was might as well have been a living flashback. However, seeing Mary Jane fill that school girl costume he’d bought for this role made it feel even, among other things.

“Um…hello, Ms. Watson,” Peter said, his awkwardness sounding too convincing. “Yeah, I uh…I’m ready.”

“Great!” she chirped. “I really need your help. My chemistry teacher said if my grades don’t improve, I’ll have to go to summer school. And I can’t have that. I just bought a new bikini and I refuse to let it go to waste.”

Mary Jane also sounded quite convincing. Her acting skills once again showed. Just like before, she went the extra mile in capturing her role. It also helped that she looked damn sexy in that schoolgirl outfit.

It wasn’t too elaborate, consisting only of a small plaid jacket, an undersized blouse, and an incredibly short mini skirt that tightly hugged her shapely thighs. Beyond the outfit, Mary Jane put on extra makeup and styled her long, red hair into pigtails to further the schoolgirl feel. Overall, it was not the kind of outfit that any reputable school would allow a young woman to wear.

She still carried herself as though it were perfectly appropriate attire. After having gotten dressed in their bedroom, she entered the living room of their apartment as though it were a study hall. Just as before, Peter set up a desk in the middle of the living room and stacked it with old science textbooks that he’d kept from his teaching days. They were just props, but they helped set the mood and the scene.

“Well, I’m here to help,” Peter said after regaining his composure. “I’ve gotten straight A’s in every science course since first grade. And chemistry happens to be my forte.”

“Forte?” Mary Jane said foolishly. “Does that involve deserts? I didn’t know that was part of chemistry.”

Peter laughed at her remark. He didn’t need to pretend, either. Mary Jane’s role required her to play dumb and she took it seriously. She even managed to keep a straight face while pretending to be confused.

“Ha! Don’t worry, Ms. Watson. It doesn’t,” Peter said. “I’ll uh…try to stick to the material.”

“That’s a relief,” Mary Jane said with a pretend gesture. “I’ve got a paper due this Friday and an exam in two weeks. I thought I was already behind or something.”

“Well, stick with me. And you’ll catch up. I’ll make sure of it.”

“Aww! You’re sweet…for a science nerd.”

Peter tempered his laughter while Mary Jane casually made her way over to the desk. Along the way, she made it a point to show off how good she looked in that outfit. She playfully swayed her hips while giving him a flirty glance. As she got closer, he also noticed that she had kept the top part of her blouse unbuttoned, which showed off her ample cleavage. It was more than enough to make Peter’s cheap khaki pants feel tighter.

He managed to keep his composure while Mary Jane sat next to him. He almost lost it again when she casually crossed her legs, giving him a glimpse of the very revealing thong she had on underneath her skirt. That was enough to make his inner awkward nerd shift uncomfortably.

He still stayed in character. If Mary Jane was going to make the extra effort, then he would as well. She continued making it difficult. The way she leaned back on the chair, her cleavage and thong still very visible to him, challenged his ability to focus.

“So, um…why don’t we start with matter phase transitions and electron valence?” Peter said, following parts of the script they’d made earlier. “Then, we’ll cover atomic structures with molecular modeling. And since isomers will likely be on the exam, we can try and…”

“Whoa! Slow down, Peter,” said Mary Jane. “Those are some big words. And I’m failing English too.”

“I’m just going over what’s on the syllabus. Plus, these are all things you’ll need to know for that paper you mentioned.”

“Really? Darn,” she said with a pouty tone. “That sounds like a lot of work.”

“It is. That’s why you have a tutor. I’m here to help you with that work,” Peter said.

“But how can I do all of that by Friday? I’m going clubbing with the cheerleading squad tomorrow. And I have dates for the rest of the week. One of them is to this concert I’ve been anxious to see since Christmas.”

“I’m sorry, Mary Jane. But based on what you’ve told me about your grades, you need to finish this paper. If you don’t, then you’ll definitely fail. And you’ll have to go to summer school.”

Mary Jane let out a frustrated groan, followed by an angry pout. It was laughably immature. Peter struggled once again to keep a straight face.

It was still quite believable. She just sat there with folded arms, fuming like a self-entitled bimbo who was too used to having her way. The idea of having to work hard instead of having fun just didn’t register for her.

Then, as if she had a revelation, Mary Jane’s expression changed. She looked as though she’d just come up with the smartest idea that any unapologetic slut had ever conjured. She glanced back towards Peter with a curious, but lurid half-grin. She briefly looked down at her ample cleavage and back at him. She then scooted closer, leaned over so that her cleavage was right in his face, and cast him a seductive grin.

“In that case…why don’t you just do the paper for me?” Mary Jane asked, sounding both sweet and seductive.

“Um…I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Peter said, pretending to sound nervous as he eyed her cleavage.

“Why not? You say you’re great with chemistry. It would be so easy for you,” she reasoned.

“That’s not the issue here.”

“What’s the issue?” she groaned. “You do the paper. I go to my concert. My grades improve. Everybody wins!”


This time, Mary Jane silenced him by placing a finger on his lips. Her soft touch always got his heart racing. But in this role, it had a stronger impact. The idea of the hot, sexy bimbo seducing the dorky science nerd added something special to the intimacy. And it only escalated from there.

While he sat captivated by her sexiness, Mary Jane leaned in closer. She was so close that his face was just inches from her breasts. Then, as she leaned into whisper into his ear, she placed her hand on his groin and started rubbing the slight bulge that had already formed.

“Hmm…maybe this will help you decide,” she said with a seductive purr.

The way she whispered into his ear made his heart skip a bit.

The way she rubbed the now-growing bulge in his pants made his mouth go dry.

Frozen in place, completely under her seductive spell, Mary Jane playfully nibbled on his ear as she kicked her chair to the side. She had no further need for it from here on out. She then turned his chair towards her so that they were facing. From there, she slowly dropped to her knees, keeping his attention locked on her every step of the way.

Peter watched with breathless awe, his nerdy persona so captivated by her beauty and sex appeal. This once wild fantasy became very real as Mary Jane skillfully pushed his legs apart so that she had a clear path to his crotch. While still gazing up at him, she undid his belt buckle and unzipped his pants. After giving them a hard tug, along with his boxers, his throbbing erection popped free.

“Wow!” Mary Jane exclaimed with pretend shock. “Peter…you’re pretty hung for a nerd!”

“Um…thanks?” Peter said, unsure of how a nerd was supposed to react.

“I’ve seen lots of dicks…lots and lots of dicks,” she said, channeling the sluttier part of her role. “But yours…ooh, I really wanna suck it now!”

Mary Jane’s reaction was a testament to her acting skills, as well as her commitment to her role. If he didn’t know any better, he’d totally believe that she was some ditzy slut who gave out blowjobs as though they were candy. He must have had some acting skills too because he acted as though a beautiful redhead had never fawned over his endowment.

He remained in character, even as Mary Jane began playing with his member. She firmly grasped the base and stroked the shaft, licking her lips in anticipation as she gazed up at him seductively. Peter just clung to the arms of his chair as he watched on, his breath heavy as she tantalized him with her skilled touch.

But before she took the blunge, there was another sneaky glint in her eyes. With a coy grin, Mary Jane briefly looked down at her cleavage, which had strained her blouse from the beginning. Then, with Peter still looking on, she undid the last button and slipped it off. She did the same for her bra, sensually pushing aside the straps and unclasping the front so that her beautiful breasts came tumbling out.

“I also wanna get out of this itchy uniform,” the beautiful redhead said, as though it were so annoying. “For some reason, I wore the wrong bra today.”

“I…wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable,” Peter said sheepishly as he marveled at her exposed boobs.

“Aw thanks!” she chirped. “Just for that, I’m gonna suck your dick even harder!”

Mary Jane’s gleeful tone was as cute as it was sexy. She maintained that playful spirit, shaking her breasts about as she threw aside her bra and blouse. Peter certainly appreciated that. He didn’t need to be in any role to enjoy a topless Mary Jane Watson.

He appreciated it even more when she refocused her attention on his still throbbing cock. Now naked from the waste up, the beautiful redhead made full use of her ample cleavage. She started by sliding his shaft between her breasts and mashing them together. She then giggled like an immature schoolgirl as she lightly tit-fucked him to get him going.

“Oohhh God!” Peter gasped. “Ms. Watson, your breasts…are amazing!”

“I know, right?” she chirped. “Guys have been saying that about my boobs since junior high. But I’m more proud of my blowjob skills! Wanna see?”

Mary Jane didn’t wait for him to answer. It wouldn’t have made a difference. She was already going to town on his cock, grasping the lower shaft with both hands before taking his full length between her lips. She made it a point to show off her deep-throating skills, as any self-proclaimed slut would.

“Whoa!” Peter exclaimed. “Ms. Watson…your lips are also amazing!”

He sounded even dorkier than he intended, but he didn’t care for once. Mary Jane didn’t care, either. She was already in her sensual zone, giving him the kind of oral sex that nerds could only dream of.

She was thorough, yet playful. Up and down, her head bobbed as she worked her supple lips along the length of his manhood. She started slow at first, really working her tongue along the contours of his rigid flesh. The soft, slurping sounds were music to Peter’s ears. Mary Jane knew how much he enjoyed those noises. She made more than usual, especially as she stepped up the pace.

“Mmm…your dick is so yummy, Peter,” Mary Jane purred after twirling her tongue around the tip. “I bet your cum tastes just as good. You wanna give me some?”

“Y-Y-Yes! I want to…so bad!” Peter gasped.

“Then, what are you waiting for, you nerdy stud? Give it to me!”

Like a giddy horny schoolgirl, Mary Jane sucked him off harder. She made more gleeful noises as she bobbed her head along his shaft while firmly stroking the shaft. As she intensified her efforts, Peter felt his climax fast approaching.

It was so hot. Peter clung harder to the chair, his spider strength causing some light cracks. He managed to keep himself from losing himself completely, but he couldn’t stop himself from making a goofy face befitting of any awkward nerd getting a good blowjob. He didn’t even try to hide it as he closed his eyes and let the feeling take him.

“Ooh Mary Jane!” he moaned. “I’m gonna come! I’m gonna…ohhh God!”

At that fateful moment, Peter tensed where he sat, his body shuddering in anticipation. Mary Jane sensed it too, his dick tensing in anticipation between her lips. Just before he blew his load, she slid his member between her breasts. She also aimed the tip right at her mouth and just in time for his release.

When it happened, a rush of hot pleasure surged through him in conjunction with a sizable release of seminal fluid. It was even bigger than expected. The beautiful redhead got about half of it in her mouth. The other half splattered all over her lips and chin, some eventually dripping onto her breasts. It was a messy, but beautiful sight. Mary Jane made it all the more erotic by eagerly licking up every drop.

“Delicious!” she said gleefully while licking her lips. “I love the taste of cum.”

Her dirty, ditzy voice made the orgasm even more satisfying. Peter, still drunk on the ecstasy, panted heavily like a nerd in need of his inhaler. A goofy grin never left his face, even as he looked down at the beautiful redhead before him, still on her knees and licking cum off her breasts.

“Mary Jane…you’re amazing,” Peter said.

“Thanks!” she chirped after licking the last drop from her fingers. “I may be failing chemistry. But I know how to suck a good dick! My counselor says that’ll take me far.”

“That’s actually an accurate statement,” he joked.

“So…does that mean you’ll do it?” Mary Jane said sneakily. “You’ll take care of this paper for me?”

She shot him that cute, but naughty grin again. She was still on her knees, playing with his dick while fondling her breast. He was still semi-erect, but in need of some recovery. She was really going the extra mile to tempt him. Most nerds in his position would’ve done anything she requested.

However, Peter wasn’t most nerds. He hadn’t been, even before he got his Spider-Man powers. With that in mind, he channeled his role even more. Now more energized and focused, he cast Mary Jane a sneaky grin of his own. If he was going to play the part of a nerd, then he had to really commit.

“Sure! I can do this one assignment for you,” Peter said tactfully. “But when you made your offer, you only mentioned this particular one. Right?”

“Umm…right?” said Mary Jane, pretending to be overly dense.

“But completing this one assignment won’t get you a passing grade. If you want to get to at least a C-minus, I’d have to do all your assignments in all your science classes for the rest of the semester. And that’s on top of my own.”

“Wow. That sounds like a lot of work.”

“It is. But it’s work that I’m willing to do…with the right incentive.”

Mary Jane pretended to think a moment longer. She knew plenty ditzy girls in high school. She remembered how it often took them a while to piece together the implications. When they did, it revealed who were the real sluts and who was just ignorant. Since she was playing the role of a ditzy slut, she just shrugged and grinned.

“Oh, I see now. So, you want more blowjobs?” Mary Jane asked.

“For this kind of work? Sorry, but that’s not going be enough,” Peter said with a wry grin. “If you really want me to help you pass, you have to let me fuck you.”

“Fuck me?” she said, sounding dense again. “But that, you mean…”

“Yes,” said Peter, trying to sound dead serious. “Full intercourse…my dick…your pussy…raw.”

Mary Jane pretended to think again. This was the part where the high school sluts revealed whether they were really dumb or opportunistic. Even the really dense girls knew when and when not to be reckless with their sex. She’d promised she wouldn’t be too dumb in her role. Too much stupidity would’ve killed the mood.

She eventually came to her decision, maintaining that lurid glint in her eye that only a truly opportunistic slut could manage. Even though she was following a script, Mary Jane treated it like a pivotal moment in the scene. In making the most of that moment, she shrugged again and cast him a seductive glance.

“So, I fuck you and I pass all my science classes?” Mary Jane said with great intrigue.

“All of them,” Peter said confidently. “I promise.”

“That’d be great!” she chirped. “Less time studying means more time for cheerleading. And for going out!”

“So…it’s a deal?”

“All that just for sex? Sure!”

With giddy excitement, Mary Jane rose from her knees. That gave Peter an even better view of her topless form. She seemed to know that. The goofy grin on his face gave that away.

Then, while she had him so enamored, she playfully unzipped the back of her exceedingly short mini-skirt and slid it down her shapely legs, along with her thong. As she wiggled her hips, she turned around and shook her heart-shaped ass right in his face, tempting him even more. It was more than enough to get his dick back to fully erect in record time.

“Ah, it feels good to be naked. Things are just so much easier when I’m naked,” Mary Jane said curtly.

She shook her perfect ass at him a few more times before kicking her skirt and panties off to the side. From there, she turned around, hopped up onto the desk, and cleared the stack of books they’d been using for props. She then scooted back a bit, parted her legs into a full spread-eagle form, and leaned back on her arms, giving him a perfect view of her pussy.

“Well, here I am, Peter,” Mary Jane said playfully. “I’m ready to seal the deal and so is my pussy.”

At that point, Peter couldn’t stay seated anymore. He shot up from his chair and took off his pants as quickly as his superhuman agility would allow. He even let himself fumble a bit, which earned him an amused giggle from Mary Jane. It helped lend credence to him being an eager nerd who was about to have sex with a woman way out of his league.

He maintained that eagerness as he kicked his pants and boxers aside before taking his in front of her, grasping her thighs and aligning his cock with her pussy. He opted to keep his glasses, shirt, and sweater-vest on. That also helped him maintain the role. It was bound to get itchy and sweaty. But if it meant hotter sex with Mary Jane, then Peter was more than willing to endure.

“I’m ready too. God, I’m so ready!” he told her, also sounding like a giddy teenager.

“Wow! You really are,” Mary Jane said while glancing at his dick. “Most guys aren’t this ready so soon after I get them off. And trust me. I would know.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” Peter said with a bemused chuckle. “Just believe me when I say I want to fuck you better than most guys. I really, really want to!”

That last part might not have been entirely in character. At this point, Peter could only do so much to hide his desire. Mary Jane had done so much to tease and tempt him. She’d played the part of the ditzy bimbo so well. It also helped she looked damn sexy in a mini skirt. Now, the acting could give way to real passion.

Peter made the first move. He skillfully brushed the tip of his cock along her moist slit, a subtle tease he knew drove Mary Jane wild. While she trembled in anticipation, he tightened his grip on her thighs before thrusting his hips froward, driving his rigid manhood into her vagina.

As her tight, womanly flesh surrounded his member, a sensual daze came over them. Instincts and ecstasy took it from there. Making use of the leverage, Peter began working his hips, pumping his hardened dick into Mary Jane’s hot pussy. Her naked body bounced with each thrust, her breasts jiggling beautifully and her pigtails swirling about. It was a wonderfully erotic sight that coincided with a wonderfully pleasurable feeling.

“Ooh yes!” Mary Jane moaned with delight.

“Ohhh Mary Jane!” Peter gasped. “Your pussy…it’s amazing!”

“Yes! Ooh, I love it! Your nerdy dick…my slutty pussy…it feels so good!”

The line between their roles and their passions blurred. Mary Jane leaned back further on the desk, arching her back and skillfully working her hips to supplement every sexual motion. Peter kept watching with awe and glee, gradually building up the rhythm to maximize the experience. The sound of his pelvis smacking against hers filled the room, along with the intimate sloshing noises of their entwined genitals.

“Yes! Oh yes! Oohhh yes!” Mary Jane exclaimed with lurid glee.

She was even more vocal than usual and Peter loved it. In his daze, he grinned and laughed as he indulged in her sex. He was also a lot more playful in their intimate gestures. As he rocked both Mary Jane and to the desk to the rhythm, he hungrily buried his face between her bouncing breasts. He then did a little messy motorboating, making the kind of goofy noise most would expect of a nerdy teenage boy while in the presence of real boobs. That got Mary Jane laughing more, which gave a unique spirit to their sex.

She got more playful too as the act played out. At one point, she put her hand on the back of Peter’s head and really rubbed her boobs in his face. She even leaned in and nibbled on his ear lobe, something she knew he loved. She also used that act to talk extra dirty to him.

“That’s it, Tiger,” Mary Jane said to him. “Don’t fuck me like your loyal girlfriend. Fuck me like a horny bimbo.”

Peter wasn’t sure if that counted as her breaking character. He was far beyond caring at this point. With their sex in full gear and their bodies humping hard, the role was secondary. Their primary goal was to pursue this erotic act to completion.

It drew out longer than expected. It helped that Peter has climaxed once already. That made it easier to hold out longer while he guided Mary Jane to her orgasmic peak. He had to break character a bit along the way.

Even a determined nerd couldn’t have known that nibbling on the redhead’s nipples was a good way to get her close. He also knew just the right angle at which to arch his lover’s legs, ensuring every pelvic thrust penetrated her pussy in just the right way. Peter had come to know Mary Jane’s body so well. And no role was going to keep him from making the most of that knowledge.

Mary Jane certainly didn’t object. As she got closer, her face tensed harder to the escalating sensations. At one point, he arms failed her and she laid back on the desk, her legs flailing wildly as the feeling drew near.

“Peter! Ooh Peter!” the beautiful redhead squealed. “I think…ooh, I know it now! I’m gonna come! I’m gonna…really…come!”

“Me too, Mary Jane,” Peter said. “Let’s…come together!”

Feeling very close himself, Peter subtly broke character again by tapping into his spider strength. With it, he swiftly flipped Mary Jane over and bent her over the desk, her perfectly shaped butt pointing right at him. Following both his passions and his burning desires, he thrust his cock into her pussy and hammered away with greater fervor.

The desk trembled and creaked. His pelvis rhythmically smacked against her butt in a wondrous symphony of flesh. Mary Jane lifted her leg slightly, grabbed the sides of the desk, and let out more high-pitched moans. She was ready. Peter knew her O-Face so well. This was one part of the role for which no acting skills were necessary.

“Oohhhh yes!” Mary Jane cried out as she finally came.

“Ooh Mary Jane!” Peter exclaimed.

Together, they entered that special orgasmic domain. It wasn’t perfectly simultaneous, but it was close enough to be uniquely satisfying.

Mary Jane got hers first. She closed her eyes, arched her body, and soaked in the orgasmic waves that washed over her. As her toes curled and she gripped the sides of the desk for dear life, the inner folds of her pussy contracted around his cock, squeezing him hard with her hot, wet flesh. That was more enough to send Peter over the edge. He hungrily grabbed her ass and thrust his cock in extra deep, penetrating her as deep as he could before releasing his seminal load into her womb.

It was so hot, his manly fluids mixing with her feminine juices within her depths. They both loved that feeling, but getting there in such a theatrical way made it even more enjoyable. Even as they soaked in the ecstasy, the spirit of their roles lingered.

“Mmm…you made me come,” Mary Jane said, still talking in her ditzy tone.

“I did, didn’t I?” Peter said proudly, sounding like a nerd who’d just slayed a dragon.

“Not a lot of guys make me come like that…or at all,” she added. “Guess you’re just that smart!”

“Well, I did get an A-plus in all my anatomy classes.”

“I can tell. Who knew science could be so sexy?”

She let out another round giddy laughter, which Peter gladly shared. Their bodies finally parted, as well. Some of the sexual fluids seeped down Mary Jane’s inner thighs, but she didn’t seem to care. Still on the desk, she sat up and drew him into her arms. She finally emerged from her role, now looking at him like any loving girlfriend who’d just had amazing sex with her boyfriend.

Peter let out a content sigh, letting go of his role as well. He still had on the dorky glasses and nerdy attire, which had since become very disheveled. But he didn’t care, either. None of that stopped them from sharing a deep, romantic kiss. The roles made have been fake, but the feeling was very real.

“I love you, Peter,” Mary Jane told her in her usual, loving voice.

“I love you too, MJ,” he said to her, “no matter what sexy role you play.”

“What can I say? Some roles come more naturally than others?” she said playfully.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Peter joked.

“Like you don’t already know,” she quipped. “But it does make me wonder.”

“Really? What about?”

The beautiful redhead flashed him another devious grin. It essentially confirmed that their newfound love of role playing was only going to continue evolving.

“I just can’t help but wonder,” Mary Jane said, “how would this work with roles that don’t come so naturally? Would it be just as sexy?”

“Hmm…” Peter said, pretending to think about it. “Guess there’s only one way to find out!”


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