Her Family

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Disclaimer: I do not own Clint Barton or Wanda Maximoff or any part of the MCU setting or franchise; Marvel does. I do not make any money from this story.

Just a short take on how I think Clint and Wanda's scene in Endgame should go or "How WandaVision shouldn't happened"


Clint found her after Stark’s memorial, she was looking out over the water. Wanda Maximoff’s face was oddly, eerily blank. She looked very different from the young woman he’d met in South Africa many years ago, five years less for her than him.

He stood with for while staring at the river.

“You know,” he said after a while, “I wish there was a way I could let her know. That we won. We did it.”

“She knows,” Wanda replied sadly. “They both do.”

Clint put an around her and pulled her into a hug.

Even as Clint held her, he was thinking about Laura and Lila, Cooper and Nathaniel, his own family returned to him like a miracle. He’d been planning to break off this conversation to go back to them. After five years apart, he didn’t ever want to leave their sides again, he wanted to forget the time apart and everything he’d seen and done since then. He could be the man they remembered again, if not good then at least better.

He stopped though. Wanda had dyed her hair red since the last time he’d looked at her closely before he’d been on house arrest and she’d been on the run after the Sokovia Accords had been signed. It wasn’t nearly as bright as Nat’s has been but it still brought back memories of her. Clint’s back knotted tight. He fought a tremble in limbs.

”Do we know if she had any family?” A voice said in Clint’s memory, it felt like from a life time ago but it had only be a few days ago. ”Yes, us.”

“So what’s next for you Wanda?” Clint said, after the hug ended Though he hadn’t planned to. “Where are you staying?”

The Avengers Compound she’d called home in the United States had been blown to a wasteland by Thanos’ ship.

“Potts had Hogan put everyone up in a hotel,” Wanda said, “they said we could stay as long as we wanted.”

“And then?” Clint said.

“And then I want to find him,” Wanda said and her voice grew thick, her accent returning in her emotion. “his body.”

“Vision’s?” Her lover, he’d been killed by Thanos’ before the snap. While Clint’s family had been miraculously returned to him. Vision could not be returned to the same way.

“Yes. I asked about him. They said an agency took his body. They were too busy fighting fires after to the snap to get to object to it. While I am going to find him. I am going to get him back.”

Her voice had become, low, dangerous, scarily intent. Clint had heard tale of Wanda’s rage during the battle of Earth, how she’d come close to ripping Thanos apart single handedly. Now, he could believe it.

“Do you want to come to the farm?” Clint said, the first words he could think to say, spilled out of him. “To live until you figure things out.”

“Clint, you don’t want me there,” Wanda said gently, “You just got your family back. You need to spend time with them.”

Part of Clint screamed that she was right, that his wife and kids were all that mattered, that all he wanted was to go back to them. He ignored it.
“Laura won’t mind, we had the whole team and Fury over that one time,” Clint said, “any Avengers welcome in our house.”

“Clint, I...” Wanda said.

“Just for while, we’ll figure out about Vision, that you can go and I’ll go. We’ll ask Sam and Rhodes to come as well. We’ll make sure he’d been treated right, Wanda.”

“Sam and Rhodes?” Wanda scoffed.

“You were a team right?” A family “They’ll want to come. Trust me.”

Tears were welling up in Wanda’s eyes but she nodded.

She wasn’t alone after all.


Oneshot, I have no idea how to continue this into an alt take on WandaVision (which I don't dislike but damn I wish the other Avengers looked out for her)

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