The Truth Behind Charles Xavier and His School

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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Rahne Sinclair choked around the cock of Scott Summers as he put his hands on her hair and held her down, and she felt dismayed.

This wasn’t how it was supposed to be.

Going to Charles Xavier’s school was supposed to be the help she needed. Professor X’s school for mutants was meant to be the place she went to learn how to deal with this transforming powers of hers. He was supposed to help her.

If only that was true. If only Charles Xavier had really been the man he pretended to be, instead of the mind-controlling monster he actually was.

By the time she’d realized the truth, it was far too late for her to do anything about it. Her fate as a mind-controlled plaything for the male members of the X-Men had already been sealed before Rahne learned the dark truth about what Xavier did with the vulnerable mutant women who came to him to be taught how to control their powers. Just like all the rest, she’d been turned into a toy.

Each of them were used in different ways, and aside from the obvious sexual demands that were universal, the wolf-like Rahne also had to deal with the additional indignity of being treated like a pet in a far more literal sense.

“Eat it up, doggy,” Scott said, holding her down on his cock as he shot his cum down her throat. He didn’t care that she struggled to swallow it all down, and when some of it spilled out of her mouth and landed on the floor she closed her lupine eyes. She didn’t expect that to go unpunished.

“Bad dog,” he said sternly as he pulled his cock out of her mouth. He grabbed her by the back of the head and shoved her face down against the floor. “Don’t waste your food. Lick it all up.”

What could Rahne do but lick the ground clean? It wasn’t like anyone cared about her. That was why Xavier could get away with this. What did the general populace care about what happened to some female mutants? No one would be coming to save her from this treatment, so unless she wanted to be punished even more harshly she needed to do as she was told. And that’s what she did. She suffered the humiliation of licking the spilled cum off of the ground so she wouldn’t be spanked, whipped or whatever other cruel punishment Scott would gleefully inflict on her if given half a reason.

“Good,” he said. “You’re coming along well. Maybe you won’t need the professor’s help again after all.”

She shuddered in revulsion at that threat, knowing that he meant it. Charles Xavier had no problem using his powers to take control of a woman’s mind and turned her into a far more willing participant in her abuse if she proved to be too difficult when left to her own devices. As degrading as it was to be used like this and treated like a dog, nothing could be worse than having her mind controlled by another. Xavier had done this to her multiple times, and it was enough for her to know that she never, ever wanted to feel that way again.

“Come on, pet,” Scott said, taking her by the leash and leading her along, expecting her to crawl after him on her hands and knees like a dog. And she did, as she always does now. She crawled on all fours and did her best to keep up with him. If being a dog would keep her mind from being controlled, she would be the best dog she could be.


The woman who was once Rahne Sinclair would bark and pant in pleasure, if she didn't have a cock in her mouth at that exact moment.

"This is much better," Kurt Wagner said, keeping his arms around Rahne's taut athletic middle and bouncing her on his cock.

"Yes, she was obedient enough, but without the professor's influence she still held onto the silly idea that she was human," Alexander Summers said, chuckling as he stood still and let her suck his cock, stifling but not silencing her animalistic sounds. "But now she doesn't have to pretend. With the professor's help, she knows who and what she really is."

Yes she did. All traces of humanity had finally been wiped from Rahne's mind. Her formerly human self had tried her best to appease the X-Men so at least her mind would still be her own even if her body was used and abused by others. Little did she know that she was only kept in that condition long enough to amuse the male X-Men with her efforts to willingly submit. Once they'd tired of that, the altered state she'd so feared had become permanent, blanking her mind and turning her into a docile housebroken pet.

Rahne Sinclair was no longer human. Now she was just a pet, a plaything for the male X-Men, and there wasn't any part of her mind left to her so she could recoil in horror at her fate. She was a simple dog who had no greater goal in life than to please every one of her masters, whether that meant crawling along happily on her leash, playing catch in the yard, or sucking on a toy that had been shoved into her mouth like at the present. She was always rewarded with a pat on the head or a gentle 'good girl', and that was enough to make her wag her tail in happiness.

And when she was really good she got special treats, like now. One of her masters bounced her on his lap until he shot his wonderful gift inside of her, and another fed her his delicious treat direct from the source. She swallowed it all down eagerly, enjoying it more than any food or water she was given.

She was a good pet, well cared for, and there was nothing in the world that would make her any happier.

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