When Your Alphas Go Into a Rut

BY : 1nD_Frindle
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Peter parker was the perfect omega he was a great cook, a dutiful cleaner, amazing at sex, and most of all willing to do whatever any of his Alphas wanted him to. He was one of the few Omegas in Avengers’ Tower, which meant he took more than his fair share of Alpha cock, not that he was complaining. Despite having some fierce competition, he was definitely their favorites. In every possible way Peter was the perfect Omega.

Every month all the alphas go into the rut, and they always choose Peter. And Peter absolutely loved it. He could sense whenever the Alpha Avengers were going into the rut, and no matter the situation he was always ready in the playroom: tied up, in his spidey-slave suit, and bent over.

It was the morning of the rut and Peter was getting ready. God, the smell of his alphas was so strong it was  already throwing him into early heat. He layed out all the toys in a neat line and making sure  the vibrating  cockring was on snug, as much as he hated it, it made his alphas happy, denying him until he felt like he could explode; It was one of the Alphas’ rules that he couldn’t cum without their permission.

Then he put in the vibrating buttplug. Sometimes the other Avengers would randomly turn it on all the way up and watch him squirm on the ground in the most pleasurable pain possible. Sometimes they'd even keep it on all day and make him clean and cook on their floor randomly turning the level up making him spasm in the middle of the kitchen while they laughed. He knew he shouldn’t, but he loved it.

Shaking his head of the fond (and arousing thoughts) and getting ready, he started changing into the spidey slave outfit. It was a lot like his regular outfit, but had easy access to his dick, mouth, and ass. It cung to his slender athletic athletic body so tightly you could see the outline of his abs. It also made some enhancements in certain areas according to his Alpha’s wishes, most notably it puffed up his ass which for some reason Thor loved. He had the ideal omega figure, slender waist, big hips and butt, nice pecs, short, small and perfectly fit and healthy, not to mention quite well endowed.

Just as he finished getting ready the smell of his Alphas intensified. Oh they were right outside and horny as ever. “ OMEGA” he hears Thor growl as he pounced on him plunging his tongue into his mouth. Well if he wasn't in heat before, feeling Thor’s massive erect cock grinding against his leg, certainly pushed him over the edge.

While Peter was preoccupied with Thor, Tony came up and grabbed him from behind Tony and Clint started grabbing the bottom half of his slave outfit that was already soaked through with slick. Tony and Clint jockeyed with each other for the privilege to fuck Peter’s tight teen asshole. Tony ended up winning. In the fury of the rutt, he ripped the butt plug out of Peter, though his asshole wasn't empty for long. Tony slammed into Peter causing both to howl in pleasure and Peter to fall forward from the sheer force needing to be caught by Thor, who was finishing up with Peter's mouth.

The massive god of thunder pulled out his cock, the size was truly staggering, nearly as long and thick as Mjolnir. He got ready to shove his massive cock in the tiny Web Slinger’s mouth. God Peter was in heaven. Nothing made a slutty Omega like Peter happier than a pack of Alphas using him. The Alphas’ rutt smell surrounded him, it dulled his mind like drugs while both of his holes were stuffed the only thought that were going through his head was “please the alpha please your alpha” 

“Oh brother, doesn't he just look ravishing,” said Loki, twirling a hypnotic blue light between his fingers stalking toward Peter while pumping his long white cock with the other hand .Suddenly Peter felt himself lifting off the ground. As he floated up, Loki chuckled at the surprise on Peter’s face. It felt so good, like he was weightless as his alphas used him as nothing more than a dirty little cock sleeve. Loki whisperd another spell under his breath and suddenly every little spark of pleasure was amplified tenfold. Peter screamed out around Thor's cock every slam of Tony hips felt almost too good. God he needed to cum so badly he would start begging but Thor’s cock in his mouth prevented him. He wished that Thor would stop pounding him for half a second so he could beg for the release of orgasm. Loki gave a sadistic chuckle at Peter’s screams. Finally Tony and Thor came, filling Peter’s holes with their hot cum. As they stepped away, Clint and Loki took their place, and stood in front of him. Peter got a quick peak of the other avengers pleasuring themselves in the mean time enjoying the show: Nat had been locking eyes with Clint, mouthing words of encouragement while she played with herself furiously, and Bucky was patiently waiting for his turn on Peter, suppressing his natural urge to slam into the nearest Omega.  . “Oh our sweet little omega wanting to cum sooooo bad but he can't because you belong to us, don't you” Loki mocked, a sadistic smile spreading from ear to ear. 

“Please” peter brokenly whimpered. God he wanted it, no needed it soooooo bad.

“I guess my little trip to the great asgardian library really had many perks. Are you enjoying the new spell little one?” Loki asked .

“What spell?” Tony asked, looking around to the other avengers, looking at Loki expectantly.

Loki went through what Peter was feeling, casually squeezing his cock on certain words making Peter scream when Thor finally finished.

Steve walked up to Peter “Hey doll,” he whispered soothingly, putting his hand on Peter's face which Peter immediately nuzzled his hand. “You have a choice here: we either leave the cock ring on and let it vibrate a little or we take it off and you'll have to cum every time,” continued Steve in the same soothing Alpha voice.

If peter hadn’t been so desperate he might have actually thought it through but he immediately screamed, “OFF PLEASE ALPHA I'LL BE A GOOD OMEGA PLEASE PLEASE!!!”

Steve happily obliged. He kneeled down and pressed his thumb into the cock ring. It read his fingerprint, unlocked, and fell to the floor.The second it released a steady dribble of pre-cum came drizzling out. Peter’s face tensed up in an excruciating manner, he knew what would happen if he came without his Alphas’ permission, but he also knew he couldn’t hold it much longer. With a gasp he let out a massive load that had been building up for nearly an hour.

Not a second after that did Clint pick him up and shout, “DID WE SAY YOU COULD CUM!?” He threw him onto the giant bed in the middle of the room. “You know what happens when you break a rule!”

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