Moments of Marvel Misogyny

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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Disclaimer: I don't own anything MARVEL related. This fiction was made without pay, compensation, or profit, for your perverse enjoyment.

Pepper Potts is a bad-ass bitch. She’s in her forties and runs one of the top companies in the entire world, Stark Industries, while her husband flies around saving the world as a superhero. She’s had her gorgeous face on the cover of Forbes and there isn’t a person in the company that doesn’t fear her wrath coming down on them personally. They wouldn’t dare speak negatively about her above a whisper, and they all quake in fear when she strides down the halls. Yes, to the world Pepper Potts is a bad-ass bitch. 

To me, Pepper Potts is my actual bitch.

During work hours when I get tired of my job in security, sometimes I’ll walk into her office. When we started, she’d find an excuse or two, but now most of the time she doesn’t even do that much. Once I step into her high-tech office and close the door behind me, she isn’t my boss’ boss any more, she’s my little submissive bitch. I’ve fucked her right there on her desk next to the picture of her husband more times than I can count. Sometimes I’ll spend a nice lazy afternoon alternating between fucking that tight arse of hers and face-fucking her until she drools all over her expensive suits. 

We learned pretty quickly that the little slut can’t keep quiet, so normally I have to gag her while I fuck her. I thought what we’ve been doing for years was obvious, but no one’s figured out what was going on - least of all her distracted and self-obsessed husband Tony. He never takes a clue, even when she went out to lunch with him with my cum filling her arse that was sealed shut with a plug.
Oh she hates it. I think she doesn’t really hate what I do to her, but the bitch hates how much she needs it.
Every morning she comes into work furious at how I abused her the day before, and takes it out on whoever got in her way that day. Men especially. The men that she spent hours yelling and railing at never knew that I came on her face as she was on the phone with her husband, or that I make her ride my cock so I am just off-camera during Zoom calls with the shareholders, making her bounce up and down while doing her best to make it seem like nothing was happening. 
Tony never did find out that little Morgan Stark isn’t his daughter, that I was the one who gave that self-righteous hero the ultimate cucking. 
Sure, Pepper Potts is a bad-ass bitch. She’s my bitch. 

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