The Rumor That Ruined MJ's Life

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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It’s funny how a fake rumor can destroy someone’s life. Just a few months ago the snarky and sarcastic punk high school senior Michelle Jones became a slut. It was news to her, and she didn’t know where it started. In less than a week, the entire class completely believed that she was sucking and fucking every guy that wanted it, they were certain she was blowing guys behind the school and spreading her legs for cock.

It started as most rumors do as whispers in the hallways of her high school, Midtown School of Science and Technology, before turning into catty jeers from the more popular girls in the school. She was never very popular herself, her snarky attitude and her grating habit of pointing out uncomfortable truths always kept people from getting too close to her. Despite that, she never really was bullied herself, at least she wasn’t until she became a slut. That was when the coughing sounds of “whore” and ‘slut’ started following her in the halls, the men began to eye-fuck her, and the women glared at her. At first the caustic teen thought she was just being paranoid, that they weren’t talking about her. That lasted until the writing in the girl’s bathroom, and she couldn’t deny it any more.

“Michelle Swallows”, “Michelle Does Anal”, “Jones Joneses For Cock,” the walls read - and her personal favorite, “MJ Loves Giving BJs”. The pressure only got higher when a picture of her in her bra and panties started being shared in group chats. Oh that made her so mad. She hadn’t shared that with anyone - she had meant to post it to the gonewild subreddit anonymously, but backed out at the last second in fear. Somehow someone had found it and gave it out like candy to everyone she knew. Of course this single picture only confirmed to all the people in her class that all the rumors about MJ were true.

That Michelle Jones was a massive slut for cock.

It didn’t matter that she denied it. 

Michelle denying it had about as much effect as you’d think. Men would hit on her, expecting her to suck them off or fuck them. Normally she was one who shrugged off problems, but this was wearing on even the snarky teen; she was getting more depressed by the day, certain that this would stick with her forever. It even started affecting her grades, she was so bothered by it. She thought it was bad then, but it got even worse when she found the website.

She was sitting in her bed trying and failing to do her homework on her laptop when the Discord friend request came. She didn’t recognize the name and almost ignored it, but in the end clicked the accept button. When the new contact sent her a link in a private message, she clicked it in even less time. It sent her directly to a site filled with well-photoshopped photos of her getting fucked and being covered in cum. Her mouth gaped open in surprise at the viciousness of the comments calling her a cum-guzzling black whore. There were more comments wondering how much she enjoyed getting her ass fucked, and even worse ones commenting on how she deserved what she was getting because she was such a useless bitch that only pretended to be a stuck up punk. Incredulously, there even was one saying how she fucked five guys at the same time at a party at Liz Toomes’ house last year. It wasn’t true of course, but all the replies on the comments thought it obviously happened.

It was at this point in Michelle’s life, the crushing depressing feeling like a weight around her neck, that Flash Thompson asked her out. He was rich, he was good-looking enough, and she had the bright flash of an idea to get her out of the situation. If she went out on the date with Flash and kept it prim and prudish, he’d spread word that she was just that - the complete opposite of a slut. So she bit back on her tongue and didn’t call him by his real name - Eugene - and said yes, she’d go out with him.

So Michelle Jones did what she’d never thought she’d do; she got ready for a date for one the preppy popular boys in her class. She kept it simple and to her style with a metal band shirt with a green jacket and baggy pants, while keeping her hair flowing and wavy like it always was. She was in a great mood, sure this would work, so she gave Flash a rare smile when he picked her up, and kept it on her face.

When Flash turned away from the restaurant they were going to and instead headed to the park overlooking the city and found a secluded point to pull over in, she almost started crying at just how unfair life was being.

Flash gave her that sleezy grin of his as he pulled out his cock from his pants that certainly cost more than MJ’s entire outfit. As her hazel-colored eyes stared at the cock that was already hard and twitching eagerly, something inside of her mind just gave up. Every part of the last year came crashing down on the teen, too much for her to handle any more. Her life up to this point almost seemed over for her, behind her. This was her life now, if she accepted it. Everything snotty, snarky, and smart just fell away from MJ’s heart, and she opened her mouth. 

“I fucking knew it.”

Flash moaned in pleasure as Michelle’s hot and wet mouth surrounded his cock. She bobbed her head up-and-down, working his cock deeper into her mouth. Every time the cock thrust against her throat, something died inside of the punk teen. Every gag from the tip of the cock was a last gasping fight against all of the injustice that had been dealt to her, but that girl was disappearing. He was fucking her face now, thrusting up to meet her head’s downward bob.

“I knew you weren’t anything more than a cocksucking slut.”

He was thrusting his cock into her mouth as she drooled around him. Flash didn’t stop insulting her there, he cranked it up. Cumrag. Fuckface. Cockslut. Every thrust into her mouth and every degrading work just broke MJ down further. He was right, and deep down Michelle was accepting it. This was her future, this was everything. All the time she put into being good at school, her extra activities in the academic decathlon, how snarky and bitchy she tried to be, nothing of it mattered. It was all pointless, because of the cock plowing her mouth. She was nothing but a little black whore for dick.

“I knew you’d give in you little bitch. I fucking knew.”

Flash’s cock was massive, stretching her pouty lips, every word of his degrading triad punctuated by a thrust deeper into her throat.

“You’re such a fuckslut, MJ. You were made for this. You were made for cock!”

Michelle Jones was, and she knew it. She wasn’t a smart, strong, independent woman, she was just a worthless slut. This was a truth that was being burned into her soul as her mouth was fucked. After the months of rumors, insults, taunts, after everything she saw of herself on the internet, here she was being facefucked by Flash Thompson not even minutes after she got picked up. 

Flash tightened his hands in her curly dark hair as the fight and light finally left MJ’s eyes. It was at this exact time that she truly accepted what she was...and the exact same time that Flash Thompson came in her mouth.

He exploded in her mouth, his strong hands never letting her up to spare herself from the climax. His cock erupted again and again, the messy cum splattering her tongue, her teeth, the roof of her mouth, and of course the back of her throat. MJ swallowed and swallowed, sure down to the deep parts of her heart that this is where cum belonged, where every man deserved to empty their load; inside of her.

"Yes! Fucking Yes! You stupid cocksucking, cockhungry bitch!"

When Flash finally finished cumming, he relaxed the hands on MJ’s wild and curly hair. She didn’t move though, didn’t retract her mouth from his cock. She kept it there, because her mouth was made for a cock to be inside of it. She kept her mouth there on his cock, unmoving, until he pulled her face up by her hair and locked eyes with her. His gaze seemed loving, and there was a fraction of a second where Michelle Jones might have been saved, might have saved her future and repaired the damage that had been dealt to her. 

Instead of that mercy, Flash Thompson spat in MJ’s face. 

“You will never, ever, look as good as you do sucking cock.”

Her eyes unfocused and cemented the damage dealt to her psyche. She was in a daze, sitting upright in the front seat of Flash’s mom’s car as he opened his side and got out, sticking his head back in and barking at her.

“Get the fuck out and get naked, slut.”

It was like she was watching a video of someone else, some other slut that opened the door of the car and stepped into the night. MJ had just let him fuck her face, shove his cock into her once-virginal throat, and swallowed cum for the first time. Everyone was right, this woman is nothing more than a cockwhore slut.

By the time Flash circled the car to her side, she was still standing there staring off into the distance. The slap that struck her pretty face startled her, but didn’t really hurt.

“I said get naked. Stop dreaming about my cock and get those worthless clothes off. Ugh, you really are so stupid. All you should be is a hole.”

Michelle grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head, revealing the creamy black skin of her stomach, then thoroughly average perky ‘b’ sized tits pushed up by a gorgeous black bra. She stared down at the shirt, remembering how much she loved the concert she got it at, and all the things she'd done while wearing it for years. It was probably her favorite shirt in the world.

MJ dropped it in the mud, then unbuttoned her pants.

She revealed her long and thin things to Flash as she slid the pants down them, eventually kicking them into the mud with her favorite shirt. All that was left on her was her white sneakers and her matching black bra and lacy underwear.

“Fucking hell, look at you. Turn around.”

His eyes devoured her like a wolf as she rotated on the spot. She heard him appreciatively exhale as he stared. Flash’s hands were on Michelle’s tight ass then, groping and caressing the two taut round globes. 

“Your ass. Your ass is your best feature. You thought it was your brain. Or that smart mouth of yours. I bet your parents said it was your smile. No, you’re so fucking stupid and your mouth only looks good wrapped around a cock. I can’t even begin to count how many men have fucked this ass. It’s definitely the best thing about you. You have no tits and are as dumb as a rock. Keep going.”

The spank came next to punctuate his command, jolting MJ into a gasp. She turned back around to face Flash, reaching behind her to unclasp her bra. As the fabric fell away from the, they barely moved, their small size easily able to defy gravity. They were finally exposed to a man for the first time, her nipples and the areolas around them an even darker shade than the rest of her chest. It was just another second to tuck her thumbs into her panties and pull them down, and suddenly Michelle Jones was completely naked in front of Flash.

“You were built for this, you should know. For cocks to rape your mouth, to be shoved in your cunt, and to ram your ass. For cum to drip off these tits and cover your face. How stupid could you have been to think your life would be for anything else? Say it, stupid slut. Say you have the body of a whore and are made for dick.”

MJ’s voice was empty of emotion, but not of conviction. She knew what she was saying was true, even if she didn’t want to say it.

“I have the body of a whore. I am made for dick.”

“Damn fucking right.”

He stepped closer to her, and nearly slipped on the pile of her clothes on the ground. She heard a ripping sound as her favorite shirt tore, but not even that brought a reaction to her face. When Flash straightened again, he glared down at the ground, then at her.

“Pick that up and throw that shit in the trash can over there. A slut like you shouldn’t wear pants or shirts anyway. It should be a dress, so any guy can fuck you any time he wants.”

Mechanically, MJ bent to pick up her muddy clothes, then carried them to the trashcan. Without caring she dumped the pants, bra, and panties, but held onto the shirt. She stared at the logo on the front, trying to remember the girl she used to be, who had worn this shirt so much. Before she could cry, she shoved the shirt into the trash.

“Get back over here and get onto the hood, on your back, where a slut like you belongs.”

She walked back to the car without complaint. Flash eyed her eagerly as she crawled onto the hood and spread her body over it, feeling the cool metal against her ass and her back. Her dark nipples were pointed up at the moon. She spread her legs to display her pussy to Flash, knowing what was to come.

“I’ve wanted this for years.”

When he stood between her thighs his cock seemed even larger than it had in her mouth. Michelle’s mouth felt dry. That was even bigger than anything her tentative explorations of her own pleasure had let her experience. It seemed like it would destroy her. MJ didn’t have long to imagine, because it was time to discover it for real. Flash rubbed that massive cock back and forth over her cunt. 

MJ gasped as a jolt of surprise pleasure reached her brain from his rubbing.

“Yeah, you’re a fucking slut. I’ve always known it, you can’t wait for this.”

Then his hand guided his cock to her entrance. His head pushed inside, spreading her open for the first time by a man. He didn’t move then, but instead let his eyes wander over Michelle Jones, snarky bitch of his highschool, spread naked on the hood of a car.

“You are the perfect piece of fuck meat.”

Then he ripped Michelle’s virginity away from her.

MJ screamed as his dick surged into her body on the first thrust, only to pull back and thrust deeper on the second. He was moaning his pleasure with every grunting thrust, just as MJ’s face twisted and contorted in both pain and pleasure. It shocked her, but she was enjoying it. That wasn’t a real comfort to her, for it only reinforced her idea that she was just a little cock-hungry slut.

While MJ’s cries and gasps were mixed with pain, Flash’s were only of pleasure. MJ’s formally virginal cunt crushed his cock and milked him with heavenly dedication, worshiping the first manly invasion of her body. 

“You were made for this, MJ. Fuck, how can a slut like you still be this tight? No wonder everyone wants to fuck you! This is your fate, what your life led to!”

Flash started to fuck her harder and harder, and soon he was plowing the entire length of his massive battering cock into her body. Every thrust caused her tits to jiggle, her mouth to gasp, and her face to contort again. She focused her eyes and stared down over her wobbling tits to where Flash was fucking his cock in-and-out of her cunt. This was heaven. What she saw was better than any renaissance piece of art she had ever seen, better than any story she had read, better than anything she had ever experienced. Her cunt was split wide over the massive cock, pounding her into her rightful place as a slut. She was being fucked for the first time ever by a guy she didn’t even like, not even half an hour after leaving her house. 

How could she be anything but a slut?

Flash found her tits for the first time then, stroking and pinching and crushing them. Her cries of pain and attempt to push his hands off her breasts brought his attention to his face, followed by his swinging hand. Her face twisted to the side as he hit her right in the face.

“Sluts don’t get to say no to men.”

He hit her again and her vision spun. She was sure there’d be bruises, even on her dark skin.

“Sluts are for men to  use however they want.”

She groggily nodded, but that wasn’t enough for Flash.

“Say it, you stupid cunt, if you understand it.”

“My...slut body is for use...however they want.”

He started grabbing, squeezing, and pinching her breasts again. The pain flared up even worse this time, but she didn’t try to stop him. She could feel every inch plow into her guts from below. Flash’s fucking was frantic now, and the teen was openly crushing her breasts in his hands and squeezing as hard as he could.


Flash Thompson’s entire body stiffened as he came inside of Michelle Jones. MJ felt his burning hot cum flow deep inside her vulnerable and fertile cunt. They didn’t stop fucking, so Flash kept pushing his cum where it belonged, right inside of her womb.

It was minutes before Flash pulled out of MJ. She laid there on the hood of the car that was probably more expensive than her parent’s house, more naked than she’d ever been in front of a man, and leaking cum. Flash yawned and stretched his body before grabbing her ankle and physically pulling from the hood of the car. She crashed into the dirty mud of the park’s ground and only gave a little grunt as a reaction. His hands were in her hair again, pulling her up to her knees and her face to his cock. 

It looked slick and disgusting.

“You know what to do with this, don’t you slut?”

MJ gave a quizzical look at the cock that changed her life, then opened her mouth and started to suck. She was a good slut, after all.

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