Burn his insolence

BY : Paralyzed_heart
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It's was a cold day in London. Very cold for an American, but not that cold for London.


He could hear the whistling of the cold chill wind right from his room. He was curled into a tight ball with a thick blue rug curled with him. He forced the blanked to cover his feet which was starting to feel numb by cold. He hit the alarm clock which broke into a million pieces and fell in the ground below the bed. The breaking sound made him groan in frustration and push his blanket till his feet. He growled in anger and rolled onto a side to his bed, getting up and sitting there. He looked at his room with dull and sleepy blue eyes, his eyelids hooded. He let out a sharp and deep breath and jumped out of his bed. The chill of the cold granite floor made him wince at the cold and sent a shiver to his body. The carpets were not yet put up to his room as he shifted to this new room very recently and it is not like he has money to buy a better room. He was greatfull that he atleast had this room.


The walls were dull brown colour and if seen for a long time, he might even throw up at the dump wierd and disgusting colour. The drawers were old and always made him wince at the loud sound it made when he pulled the drawers. There was only a single cupboard in his room. It was horrible. He sniffed and wrinkled his nose as the stinking dust smell hit his nose as soon as he open the cupboard door. He brushed out the dust and peeped through the pitch darkness inside the cupboard, and pulled out a red damp towel. He shook the towel a many times to get rid if all the dust and went to the bathroom letting out a sigh. His room was not neat. Messy. Unordered. Just like him. A mess.




Steve rubbed his hands together to gather some heat and tugged his sweater closer, covering his ears from the unforgiving thin chilly wind. The mirror in front of him reflected a failed man. A messy and failed man. He was completely clueless about what he was or what will he do next. He had no mood to wake up at such a cold day. He just wanted to roll up in his bed and stay there untill the next summer. Geez, he truly hated winter.


He could have just went to the bed and pull his thick blanket over his shoulders to get a long and peaceful sleep, but this was an important day to him. Or atleast that was what Bucky had said. Bucky had found him a new job and he had been selected and and been called for the job from today. He had lost his family, freinds, and the only women he ever had and loved. He was in a state where he had nothing to do, nowhere to go and no one to call out for. He had also attempted a suicide. But he did not die. He wanted to, but his best friend Bucky helped him, and searched him a new job. That was the main reason this American boy shifted from his country to London. Bucky lived in London so he had called him. So he had purchased a cheap room, which was all he could afford and well he had to thank Bucky for settling his life and making it what it was once, or he was trying to.




He went to the shower and let the water run slow with tipping hot water, cleansing his body. His blond shining once hair was now messy and tangled. It had even growed a bit. His once vibrant and attractive ocean blue eyes were now dull and looked dusty. His rigid body, with packs was now only a waste. All his efforts in the gym to impress his girlfriend was a garbage. Who would he impress now? His girlfriend was gone, and so with her was his heart. His soft and pure heart. He was not as kind and soft as before. He had changed. Changed into a rude and careless man.


He hated this place..what was it ah! London. He hated this stupid cold place, he hated his life. He only lived for Bucky. His faithful friend. The only one who came to sooth and show the path of light to a madman.

He scrubbed his body with the filthy and irritating warm water, letting all the dirt fall off from his thick and handsomely seductive body. He let his fingers wander over his hairs as he washed them with a stinking soap and let the water to clean him once again. He picked the towel mindlessly with his right thick hand and dried himself. He wrapped the towel just below his waist and smashed the bathroom door with an audible thud, exiting the palce.

He hated his room. There was nothing in the useless room exept for a cupboard, a table and a radio with three windows. And a bed ofcourse. He opened the dusty cupboard with a cough to pick up his new suit which Bucky had given him just for his first day of the job. He had to be ready for the job.

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