Olivia Octavius x Gwen Stacy [Spiderverse]

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**AU Content Reminder: Gwen Stacy is 18 in this version.**

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“Oh,” Olivia Octavius quirked a brow as she looked over at the fit blonde standing before her, “what brings you to Alchemax?” The question was friendly, but had a certain skeptical curiosity to it, as if the scientist didn’t believe this girl had any true interest in the company’s work.

Gwen smiled and nervously ran her fingers through her hair, momentarily remembering she had been forced into a side cut to make her hair resemble any kind of normal fashion. Luckily, it had turned out nice—especially since she was in a rock band in her home dimension. All of her detective work had led the intrepid blonde to Alchemax for answers.

“I’ve always been interested in science, and I think Alchemax is on the cutting edge of the next big thing. When I saw there were positions opening for interns, I just couldn’t let that opportunity pass by,” Gwen beamed.

“I see,” Olivia smirked and nodded as she listened. “I can’t divulge too much since you haven’t been hired yet, but a young girl like yourself could really see some upward mobility in our company. We’re always looking for bright, eager minds—such as yourself—to join our ranks.” The doctor paused for a moment, tilting her head. “Would you like a tour of the facilities while we continue this little interview?”

Gwen quickly nodded. Any extra information she could garner from a tour would help with her eventual break-in to the lab after hours. Also, a tour was much easier than trying to make up an excuse to snoop around. “That sounds amazing…!”

The tour was certainly interesting, if not exactly what Gwen had expected. She was never taken anywhere containing too much proprietary technology. It was a smart move, and demonstrated that the doctor wasn’t willing to underestimate the blonde just because she was in high school.

And yet, Gwen was extremely surprised with the way Octavius promoted this place. If not for the fact she knew this woman was working for an evil corporation already, she might have been swayed to be enthusiastic about working here. The blonde had to wonder just how many others had fallen for the same speech and indoctrination over the years. None of the researchers looked particularly sinister in any way. It was just a bunch of zealous scientists eager to discover something new.

Lost in thought, Gwen was led down a nondescript hallway with more than a handful of security measures in place. The girl arched a brow as she realized this area was more than likely off limits to everyone else aside from the doctor.

“Uh,” Gwen nervously glanced around, still making sure to take note of every detail for future reference.

“No need to fret, my dear,” Olivia smirked as she opened a final door into a round, windowless room. The dim lights immediately flickered on and a containment tube rose from the ground while the doors closed shut behind them.

Gwen was on the cusp of panic as she spun around, wondering if she should rush toward the door and try to pry them open. Her heart raced as she turned back toward the woman, gaging Olivia’s reaction as she idly turned back toward the girl.

“This is perhaps my pride and joy,” Olivia genuinely smiled, her expression full of delight.

The blonde was a little less nervous as she approached the tube. Her spider-sense hadn’t alerted her to any kind of danger. The seemingly automatic doors on the tube slid open as Olivia stepped next to Gwen.

And then it went off!

Flashes of light sparked through Gwen’s mind as she tried to dodge the rather harmless push from the brunette scientist, only to stumble forward into the tube anyway. Spinning around, Gwen attempted to jump out but the doors already shut behind her, locking her in the clear tube. She banged her fists against the reinforced glass with all of her strength, but to no avail. “Wh-what the hell is this?! What are you doing?!” Gwen still played stupid, knowing that the doctor had to have figured out her plan by now…

“I must say,” Olivia’s smile turned more sinister as she looked the girl up and down with a predatory gaze, “most potential interns don’t receive this treatment. I don’t like to say I have a type, per se, but I do tend to save this for the pretty, blonde ones…”

Gwen blinked. Her secret was still safe, and yet she didn’t feel any better about whatever was about to happen to her. She reared back and punched the glass again, causing the whole chamber to shake from the impact. Even Olivia stepped back, her grin turning to a look of concern for a moment. Such a small girl couldn’t have possibly produced such an attack, though. It had to have been something in the labs above that caused the small quake.

“Calm yourself, please. These instruments are somewhat delicate… to an extent…” the doctor’s smirk returned as iris-patterned openings on the floor and ceiling of the containment tube opened and dilated.

In an instant, green-ish white, ribbed tentacles filled the area completely. Gwen let out a scream of surprise before she was left grunting and struggling against the coils pressing against her body. The hard, rubbery tendrils slithered and writhed like a single organism while the tips moved against her skin.

“Wonderful, isn’t it?” Octavius grinned.

Gwen wasn’t sure if she shared the sentiment, and in her current position it was difficult to do anything aside from groan in discomfort as she futilely struggled against the overpowering mass of tentacles that undulated against her body. Despite her spider-sense going crazy while surrounded by danger, the blonde didn’t panic until she heard the faint ripping sound of her clothing. With a gasp, she redoubled her struggle as the tentacles bulged and flexed while pushing underneath her clothing. She felt the fabric struggling and stretching as more rips and tears formed.

Before she could even comprehend what was happening she felt the warm, rubbery tendrils against her completely bare skin. Each breath was labored as Gwen desperately attempted to fight against them. The curious tips tickled the flesh of her thighs and sides while a few moved between her legs and fluttered against her exposed pussy. She gasped again and a deep blush covered her face as she squeezed her legs together. The mechanical tentacles acted as if they could sense her shame and more moved between her legs, the tips now flickering against the juncture of her thighs and mons.

While alarming, it was hardly the only distraction. The tentacles were everywhere. They pushed and pulled her as they moved all over her nude body. Smaller ones slid between her fingers and toes, tickling her palms and the soles of her feet while others toyed with her pert breasts. She might have been able to focus a little better if the smaller, probing tentacles weren’t swirling around her ears and rubbing against her face as well. It was truly a sensory overload for the young blonde.

To make things worse, the mechanical tendrils were making her hot. Not particularly aroused, but the confined space and the constant friction was creating heat. Soon enough, her naked body was covered in sweat as she still struggled to find a way out of this situation. Gwen couldn’t even see the glass anymore due to the undulating tentacles entombing and molesting her. Breathing heavily, the blonde started to panic as her struggles amounted to nothing.

“My my,” the doctor commented as she watched the girl continue to fight for freedom, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen an intern quite so feisty before. I have very high hopes for the final phase.”

Gwen blinked. Final Phase?! She certainly didn’t like the way that sounded. She tried to swing her fists, but every movement was like trying to push through mud. Even lifting her hands was a labored undertaking that amounted to little more than exposing herself to more of the tentacles molesting her sweaty body from a new angle.

The tentacles had a new, focused agenda as they continued to slither against her skin. The tip of one pushed between her slightly wet pussy lips before the tip bulged into a more phallic shape, pushing inside and violating the blonde. She gave a gasp of surprise while her thighs closed on the intruding tendril. As soon as her mouth opened a new tentacle pushed between her plush lips, which made the one violating her pussy seem gentle by comparison. The one in her mouth didn’t change shape, but the tapered tip surged into the back of Gwen’s throat, instantly causing her to gag. Her eyes watered as she turned her head from side to side to get away, but the tentacle easily followed her lethargic motions while easily pumping in and out of the girl’s throat.

Gwen’s spider-sense spiked again as another tendril shoved forward without warning, this one speared between her cheeks and pushed against her tight, little asshole. Her mouth opened wider for a panicked yelp of distress, only to still be silenced by the one between her lips pushing that much deeper into her throat. She felt every ribbed portion of that tentacle bumping against her asshole as it seemed to endlessly flow into her bowels. She would have been surprised by the process if it wasn’t currently happening to her.

The tentacle in her pussy pumped in and out of her now-dripping pussy. The thick head stopped only when it bottomed out with the bulging tip bumping against her cervix. After some time, the one in her ass slowly pulled out, letting her feel every section once again as her asshole distended as it slid from her clenching, little asshole. The one working on her throat pulled back every so often as well, giving the girl just enough time to cough and sputter before it pushed back down her throat to start the process again.

Even still, every tentacle that wasn’t pushing into her body still had its own role as it tickled and caressed her sweat-slick body in a bid to overwhelm her senses. Despite how miserable this scenario was, Gwen couldn’t deny that she wasn’t slowly being pushed toward a massive orgasm whether she wanted it or not. She groaned and still desperately tried to fight off the looming loss of control. She wouldn’t give in like this. And yet each caress and pump urged her body closer to betrayal.

Every muscle in her lithe, toned body clenched as she tried to clear her mind. Her nipples were painfully hard as no less than a dozen smaller tentacles swirled, flicked and tugged at the erect nubs. Gwen arched her back and gave a gargled moan of pleasure around the tentacle plunging into her stomach. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth, rubbing against the invading tendril as it pushed deeper still. At the same time, the tentacle in her ass pulled out. She felt her pink, little asshole stretching then tightening as every segment of the tendril moved out.

She clenched her toes before she desperately tried to scream out while her body trembled. Gwen didn’t want to believe it, but she was cumming. Every muscle in her body flexed and the tentacle in her pussy felt that much bigger as she clenched around it. Much to her surprise, the one in her ass finally pulled completely out as her gasping asshole was left unoccupied for the first time in forever.

The blonde was never really given the chance to come down from her orgasmic high as the tentacles kept stimulating her writhing form. Gwen didn’t even realize the tendril in her throat had never stopped. She felt the ribbed sections sliding over her tongue as more and more of it pushed into her stomach. The girl felt it moving around her stomach, traversing the entirety of her guts. She was frightened to struggle too much with her guts so filled with the tendril. There truly was no reason for something to be pushing so deep into her belly… but then she felt a grumble in her stomach.

Gwen grunted around the tentacle as it kept feeding into her throat, and then a sudden gush of tentacle goo squirted from her gaping rear from the earlier violation. She clenched her asshole as an embarrassed blush covered her cheeks. The goo was the least of her worries, though, as she felt something else moving. No matter how hard she clenched it was inevitable as the tip of the tentacle emerged from her pink, little hole. The tendril swirled around the rim before plunging out of Gwen’s hole, now fucking the girl from throat to asshole with a single tentacle. Her little hole stretched around the thick thing before leaving her gaping that much more each time it withdrew.

Gwen’s eyes crossed as she tried to comprehend what was happening to her. More and more of the tentacle pushed out before finally starting to withdraw. And then, as each ribbed section rubbed over her asshole once again, she felt the same texture of the tentacle in her throat withdrawing as well. With just the tip of the tentacle just barely sliding into her asshole again, it suddenly reversed course again, pushing out once again. The girl whimpered and shivered as she tried to think of just how much of the tentacle occupied her guts while trying to stave off the sensation of another climax.

Adding insult to injury, the tentacles began to vibrate. Gwen whined. She was done for. Her eyes rolled back as another orgasm was forced upon her almost immediately. Her sweat-dripping body flexed and bucked as the tentacle in her pussy was covered in a fresh coat of femme-cum. Yet again, there was no time to recover before the mindlessly focused tendrils continued to work her over.

Olivia watched with rapt attention, but then an annoyed expression crossed her face. “I hate to leave an intern alone on their first day—oh, by the way, I have decided to hire you, so congratulations! I suppose I can leave you here to finish up your initiation program. It’s automated after all. But, apparently someone entered my office without permission. No one’s in there now,” she pointed to a monitor on the wall, “so it was probably just the cleaners again, but better safe than sorry…”

And with that, the doctor left Gwen to her own devices. At this point she wasn’t even sure she had heard the doctor at all. Everything was a blur of orgasms and exhaustion. She lost count of how many times she came and how quickly they occurred as the machine kept using her body as it saw fit. Gwen eventually blacked out, only to wake up naked outside of the tube, still covered in sweat. Her ears ringed and her body still trembled as she pushed herself up. She swallowed as she glanced to the seemingly inconspicuous tube with the tentacles having retracted. The floor of the tube was covered in sweat and cum, with some of the contents having splattered and streaked the glass as well.

Gwen took a deep, unsteady breath as she tried to collect herself—and then she looked to the security monitor that showed Olivia’s office. Spider-Man was strapped to a chair while the good doctor had shrugged off her lab coat, revealing similar tentacles that the girl was more than intimately acquainted with.

She needed to get up there and help before this got too out of hand…

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