Hela, King of Asgard and the Death of Lady Thor

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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The scream that tore from Lady Thor Odindaughter’s mouth as the spike Hela shot off his hand and pinned her arm to the wall of the Asgardian throne room was music to the God of Death’s ears. The pain from the unexpected impalement caused her to drop Mjolnir in surprise, the godly weapon landing with an unmoving thud at the pierced goddess’ feet. Before Thor could even formulate a thought to free herself, Hela grabbed Thor's free arm and shot a second spike through the muscle-bound arm. With a few more casual flicks of Hela’s hands, accented by cackling laughs of victory, Lady Thor was soon impaled off the ground by her arms and legs. Her armor only lasted moments longer, being torn off her divine tits by her own brother. Her battle skirt fared no better, quickly being ripped to shreds by Hela.

Hela skimmed his nude goddess sister and traced an exploratory finger along her cheek, down her neck, and over the swell of her ample breast. 

“You think you’ve been defeated, Thor, but you could never imagine what I have in store for you.”

Fury from millennia of being trapped by their dead father burned in his eyes as Hela reached down to free his cock from his armor. Thor tried to use her might to pull her prone body from the wall, screaming as the pain grew until it was too much and she slumped back against the wall, unable to tear herself free. She was defenceless as her brother Hela stepped up to her, rubbing his cock against her godly cunt. Moaning in impossible pleasure as he sunk into his sister, Hela felt better than he had in his nearly uncountable lifetime of years.

Even the mere idea of being so thoroughly debased and defeated had never crossed Thor’s mind before and she was devastated. She wished she could deny what was happening to her, but her brother’s cock pounding into her cunt never would let that happen. Of course Thor had suffered wounds in combat before in her 1,500 years of being a warrior, but never had she been bested and displayed so openly like this. Blood poured from her wrists and legs, the strange supernatural spikes her brother was able to summon pinning her to the wall like some perverse butterfly that was the centerpiece of a collector's display. 

Her rape and blood loss seemed to go on forever and by the time Thor’s brother filled her divine cunt with his burning hot cum, there was no more fight inside of the goddess’s heart. Thor Odindaughter hung limply from the wall, lost in her complete defeat.

Beautiful blue eyes focused in stark surprise when she watched Hela lift his hand and, certainly though it should be impossible, Mjolnir lifted from the ground and zoomed right into his waiting grip. She tried to open her plump lips to say something, to spit some defiance at her brother, but it died in her throat as Hela lifted the divine hammer, intimidatingly hovering it over Thor’s elbow before raising it over his head.

Thor had always prided herself on being a strong woman, the mightiest warrior woman in the galaxy, but as her own beloved weapon swung down all of that went away and she was just a cowardly pathetic worm, begging for mercy she knew she wouldn’t find.


It was too late. Thor’s own hammer, aided by Hela's superior strength in his hand, crushed her left arm, utterly obliterating her elbow and forcing another scream from Thor’s parched lips.

“Can you start to grasp the magnitude of your defeat, sister?”

The second blow crushed the bones of her right shoulder into dust.

“After the rest of Asgard and the Seven Realms see I did to you, they will bend their knee to their true ruler. You will adorn the wall of my throne room for all time as a sign of my power!”

Her left leg was next, even her Asgardian-tough skin and thick bones were no match to Hela’s might. Thor’s right knee was flattened by Mjolnir next, her leg twisting into an unnatural shape. Her right arm came last, forever crippling the Goddess of Thunder and leaving her a crippled, truly broken little girl pinned to the wall of her own palace.

Almost reflexively she felt the lightning start to course through her body and pool at her hands. She had never felt worse in her entire life, every limb of hers had been cracked and mutilated under Mjolner’s blows, but still the power of the Odinforce flowed through her. Her eyes started to crackle with energy as her fingertips and hands brightened like the the sun with her lightning powers, ready to blast Hela with the biggest lightning bolt in the history of lightning bolts.

“You are unworthy to wield that power, Thor!”

So consumed with the growing blast of lightning, Thor never saw Hela swing her own hammer at her again. As though a switch were flipped, the power she felt in her fingertips and hands was gone. It took her shocked and dumbstruck mind too many seconds to realize why; her right hand was entirely missing, crushed to literally a red smear on the wall she was pinned to. The scream that Thor let out then was the longest one yet, tearing her psyche and her soul apart. Her left hand was turned to paste on the wall by her beloved hammer only moments later, and the very essence of who Thor was gone with them. She couldn’t summon lightning anymore, she shouldn’t fight, she couldn’t win.

All she could do now was cry, scream, and die.

Thor knew she was nearly done, knew she would be joining her Mother and her Father in Valhalla soon, her dulled mind just wished her end would come fast. What other pain Could possibly come to her that she hadn’t already experienced? The childish and useless tears poured down her cheeks as Thor cried at what she knew was going to happen.

So welcome for death, Thor finally drifted her scream into silence as Hela lifted Mjolnir over his head, but the killing blow never came. She felt her brother grab her face with his other hand, his fingers pushing painfully into her cheeks, forcing her mouth open. Thor had no idea what her brother had in store for her final end until he twisted her most trusted weapon around above his head and pointed the shaft of the hammer towards her mouth. 

The moan of sorrow and horror that broke from her mouth only helped her brother kill her. Without mercy Hela drove the handle of Mjolnir down into his sister Thor’s mouth. Teeth shattered and splintered under the blow, and blood immediately began pouring from her utterly obliterated mouth. The shaft pressed down and pierced her throat, bulging it obscenely until the uru metal head pressed against her quivering plump lips. 

Thor tried to breathe, tried to scream, but she could do nothing but choke on the very weapon that she relied on to save her life for over a millenia. Crimson blood from the goddess’ destroyed teeth filled her mouth and bubbled up over her lips to pour down her cheeks and chin. Her eyes were rolling about frantically in her head, trying in vain to look for a way to save her life. No matter where she looked though, her eyes returned to the head of Mjolnir sticking out of her mouth, splattered red with her own blood from her crippled body. Had a single limb still had working muscles, she would have torn herself to shreds trying to free herself from the wall of the palace throne room. 

Dizziness started to fill Lady Thor’s totally broken mind. The blood loss was too severe even for an Asgardian, and even they needed to breathe. Her eyelids began to flutter and lower, and she felt Hela’s hands caringly brush her long blonde hair out of her face, to afford the God of Death a better view of her dying face. 

“Look at me, Thor.”

It took all of Thor’s remaining will for her eyes to stop staring at the hammer lodged in her mouth and killing her to focus on Hela’s piercing gaze. There was no warmth there, no hope for respite, and only pitiless death shone back to Thor’s eyes.

“You deserve this for being weak, sister. The throne belongs to me. When you are dead, I am going to have every single draugr in my undead army pay you one last tribute.”

Thor’s once-perfect muscular body spasmed as she died, her body trying and failing to take one last gasping breath around the handle of Mjolnir blocking her esophagus. Thor felt one measure of relief at this, the final moment as her existence was snuffed out by her very own weapon by her own brother.

At least she wouldn’t be aware enough to endure the last of her humiliation.

Hela stood watching Thor’s eyes go vacant and dead, revelling in the very moment of a triumph he had waited eons for. Almost tenderly he lifted and wiped the very last tear Thor had cried from her cheek, before planting a soft kiss on his sister’s already cooling forehead.

“Good bye, sister.”

With that, Hela turned away from the corpse of the pinned Asgardian goddess and former Queen and finally made his way to the throne that was his birthright. At the exact moment that he finally sat on the throne, his army of undead draugr started to enter the throne chamber and make their way to the wall where Thor remained pinned like some obscene trophy.

Even in death, even after suffering horrible mutilation Lady Thor’s body was literally divine. Her breasts made it through her execution relatively unharmed, and were the primary target of the undead horde that descended on her. Magik kept the cocks of Hela’s army rigid hard, and one by one the thousands of undead warriors paid tribute to the fallen sister of their King by spraying a cold blast of cum over her once-perfect body. 

When every last soldier in Hela’s army was spent, she was hardly recognizable, covered in copious oozing blobs of undead sperm from the top of her perfect blonde hair, over the uru-head of her own hammer stuck in her throat and finally literally dripping down the swell of her perfect breasts and crushed remains of her powerful legs.

Hela felt not an ounce of regret for what he had to do to claim the throne of Asgard, it was Odin’s fault that his sister had to die the way she did after all. Hela was true to his word, as always, and with a bit of Asgardian technology-magic the new King of Asgard kept the utterly obliterated and desecrated corpse of his sister on the wall of his palace chamber, Mjolnir forever impaled right down her throat for all to see as a stark reminder to future foes of his power and might.

It did not take long for Hela to conquer the rest of the Seven Realms at the front of an army that none could stop.

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