Big Mutant on Campus

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Big Mutant on Campus: Orientation and Introductions

(So, this was inspired by Oni’s Rogue-Like game. This utilizes the characters from X-Men Evolution at some point while Rogue and Shadowcat are 18.)


One of my previous teachers recommended keeping a journal as a way to normalize big changes. I doubt it gets any bigger than starting at the Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Yeah, that place. The school for mutants. Or a training ground for terrorists if you’re a bigot, I guess.

My guide around campus was this cute goth girl with a white streak in her hair and a fashion sense that managed to cover every inch of skin while still showing the goods to her best advantage. Not that this place has a shortage of hot girls, but I had a hard time keeping my mind focused—and other parts soft—with her in close proximity. She had an absolutely amazing ass that was always in my line of sight as she led me on the tour. Oh, and to top it all off, she only had one name, Rogue. I’m always a sucker for a rebel.

“Ah noticed that you’re older than most of our new students; Cerebro usually detects mutants in their early teens.” And did I mention she had a sexy-as-hell southern accent? Good god was her voice sexy. “Do you know what your powers are?”

“Nope, there’s never been much special about me.” I hoped that came across as humility, but it wasn’t easy to keep my emotions in check around this girl. Obviously she was being nice to a guy on his first day, but there was just a bit of attitude under the pleasantries. Not that she seemed too upset that I kept checking out her frankly fantastic body. Who doesn’t like an athletic girl with boobs and butt just a bit too big?

“Ah’m sure that’s not true.” Anyway, I wasn’t doing a very good job of restraining myself or she was badly in need of some masculine attention. Fifteen minutes into the tour and she was smiling warmly and almost touched me several times before catching herself. I didn’t get the sense that she was going to tear my clothes off in the hallway, but she radiated interest. “Everybody here is special.”

“And what can you do?” We stopped outside something called “the Danger Room” and I took the chance to move a little closer and breath deep. Oh, yeah, she liked me. With that kind of encouragement, I started to relax my control a little. Nothing that would get me in trouble, but I could tell things were going to turn flirty.

“Ah can borrow other people’s powers.” She flushed a little behind her makeup and I was pretty sure it was not entirely my fault.

“Wow, that has to make you the most powerful mutant here.” That wasn’t empty flattery; my mind was already curious about what it would be like to be on the receiving end of my own powers.

“Well, not exactly…” she trailed off and I seized upon the moment.

“Actually, I know it’s my first day and I’m sure you can show me more about the campus, but you’re the most interesting part by far. Want to ditch this tour and get something to eat?”

I sensed a fresh surge of excitement that she quickly clamped down on. “Ah’m flattered, but there’s something you should know. Ah can’t control my powers.” She held up a gloved hand and I realized it was for more than fashion. “My touch can hurt people.”

Well, that put a damper on my libido and I must not have kept it fully from my face. Rogue sighed in frustration and disappointment. “Yup, that’s what ah thought. This happens every time. All the boys lose interest once they find out.”

“For a girl like you? That sounds more like a challenge.” And I did cheat a little when I winked and showed her I was still interested.

She fixed me with a startled and dubious expression. “Really? Even if sex is completely off the table?” From her tone, she wasn’t any happier about it than her previous paramours.

“I mean, if you don’t want to, I’m cool with being friends. But you are sexy as hell and I’d hate to see a body like that go to waste,” As a positive gesture I put my hand on her arm and I could feel her quiver at the touch even through her clothing. “I mean…do they even teach safe sex here?”

“Wha-what?” This time the flush was entirely my fault as I leaned forward to look her in the eyes, close enough that she was fully exposed to my influence. While she pulled back to a ‘safe’ distance, it wasn’t that safe.

“Condoms, dental dams and a bunch of other products are meant to prevent the contact of bodily fluids and should help with your problem. And frankly, there’s more to sex than just penis in vagina.”

“Is your power a mutant mastery of sex toys?” She looked shocked but her body and her scent could not hide her desperate interest.

“Just access to the internet and an enlightened approach to promiscuity.” I laughed it off, but the fact was, I had more than my fair share of sex and I was not interested in knocking anyone up or spreading anything. “Or are you upset that I’m not trying to romance you? I mean, I can do romance, but I can’t deny my interest is very, very carnal.”

“Well, it’s refreshing to meet a guy who doesn’t lie about only being interested in sex.”

While I definitely wasn’t going to reveal my sources, I could tell sex was absolutely on her mind. “Just being honest. And frankly, I know a sexually repressed hottie when I see one.”

“Oh, do you?” was her arch reply and it didn’t take mutant powers to see she was tempted.

“It's practically my specialty. I’m sure every guy who came on to you was only interested in getting his rocks off. But I love helping girls enjoy their own bodies and explore the possibilities.”

“Ah can’t believe ah’m thinking about this…” I was just about to help her to push past that final hesitation when Rogue bit her lip and swore. “But just the thought is making me horny as—” she slapped a hand over her mouth and checked to make sure no one could overhear.

“Uh…I was about to suggest we talk about it someplace private, but you never showed me to my room.”

She rolled her eyes and said, “Let’s slow down a bit, mister new mutant. Let’s wait until after dinner and then you can come by my room and we’ll talk.”

I was familiar with how such talks tended to go and did not even try to argue.


Okay, it's probably pretty clear that I do have a power and I know exactly what it is. Animals can attract mates by emitting these chemicals called pheromones. Humans—and mutants—do it too but people can’t smell them, even if they do react subconsciously. Well, I can, which means I can tell when a girl is aroused, especially when they are interested in me.

Moreover, I can also control mine, which can turn a girl from frigid indifference to panty-dropping desire in minutes. I can’t make a girl like me, but I can draw more attention to myself and generally improve their libido and their sensation of pleasure. If someone just isn’t attracted to me—hey, it happens—they’ll seek out someone they are into and that lucky fool gets the full benefit of my powers. My biggest problem is not flooding a room with pheromones when I’m excited; I usually only relax in private situations with an attentive partner. Occasionally two.

You may wonder why I’m hiding this, even at the headquarters for weird powers? Well for one thing, having a reputation is fine, but I’m sure even Xavier’s will be upset if I accidentally kick off an orgy. At my last school, I had been caught in a few compromising situations and was lucky nobody had guessed I was a mutant. Second, nobody wants to be the guy with smell powers. Not that I’m X-men material, but I can just imagine the nicknames they’d try and peg me with. And I’m sure I would be so useful against ancient gods and giant robots and whatever crazy things they deal with.

The fact is, I’m the best I am at what I do and what I do is very nice. Testaments abound.


Later that night, I snuck across the dorms towards Rogue’s room. There wasn’t a curfew but a few students had warned me that “Mr. Logan” sometimes stalked the hallways. As in, literally stalked. Every school I’ve been to has their version of the psycho gym teacher who enjoys his reign of terror and I guess he is Xavier’s.

Rogue made sure no one was looking before ushering me in, which was understandable if she was nervous about what her long-ignored hormones had planned. After all, it sounded like she hadn’t done anything more than kiss a boy. Something I hoped to correct shortly.

But I didn’t plan on rushing anything. We talked for a little while, at first about the school and then her classmates and then about past boyfriends. Apparently, her first kiss put a guy into a coma and from there her next crush was in serious l-o-v-e with someone else. If I had to guess, with some popular girl that made Rogue’s rebel-bad-girl self-image feel inferior.

“But you touch people all the time, right? To borrow their powers?” I asked, trying to find out just how big a risk I was taking. I have some memories I’m not interested in sharing, but if she got my powers, things could get so much worse. Or possibly better.

“Well…yeah. My control of the powers and memories I borrow is pretty good, but I still can’t control that it happens.” She was certainly worried on my behalf, but could not keep the frustration from her voice. “A light touch probably wouldn’t do much more than make you woozy, but with too much skin contact, Ah could really hurt someone. It just isn’t worth the risk.”

“Okay,” I said, “Are you ready to try something? Kissing’s off the table unless I think of something really clever, but you can still feel a connection with someone and get a sexual release without ‘having sex.’

“I assume you’ve seen a naked man before?”

“We do have the internet here.” Her skeptical frown barely covered the anticipation flushing her cheeks.

“How about in person?” I left her sitting on the opposite side of the bed and started to undress before her widening eyes. It wasn’t exactly a striptease, but I let my movements stay slow and gradual, letting her grow accustomed to each degree of exposure before moving on. I’m not exactly built like a superhero, but I stay active in sports and well…I like to look good naked.

Her body was radiating pheromones without any influence from me by the time I stood in my underwear. I arched an eyebrow as if to ask if she was ready, and while she blushed, her eyes were defiant and eager. My not-quite hard cock popped free the moment it could and if it wasn’t the largest around, it was enough to please and not enough to hurt.

Rogue licked her lips unconsciously and I saw her hands clench in her lap. “So…you’re wearing gloves. Then your hands can touch whatever they want, safely. Indulge your curiosity.”

I’ve done this before and with most girls, there’s hesitation. They start with the face and work down to the chest and maybe linger around the hips. Rogue’s hand might have shaken, but she went straight for my cock, brushing her gloved fingertips up and down its length and circling its head. I kept my hands at my sides, both to keep from touching her and to let her have full control over the contact. Harder still was keeping my powers from running wild. Usually, I’m all for a loss of inhibition, but in that particular situation it could actually get me hurt.

My cock responded readily to her touch, but I was better at restraining it than my pheromones. Rogue moved on before I was at any risk of cumming and then she examined my chest, shoulders and back before moving back down to my ass. She cupped and squeezed it with interest, paying almost as much attention as she did my cock.

I began to wonder what kind of porn this girl watched. It wasn’t a guarantee that she liked gay porn or femdom or whatever, but she was awfully interested in my ass. But for a girl who had barely even kissed anyone, Rogue certainly wasn’t innocent.

Eventually, she tore herself away with a lingering caress on my hip and a gentle pat on my cock. “That…was interesting. It’s so much…bouncier than ah thought.”

“Well, sure. It’s excited to see you.” My best devilish smile was accompanied by a slight surge of pheromones sure to have her soaking her panties. “Now, if you want to help me out, I’ll show you what else it can do.”

“Wha-what do you mean?” She bit her lip nervously and I could tell she knew exactly what I meant. But I guess between her powers and experience she was just too repressed to admit it.

“I’m going to masturbate and if you wouldn’t’ mind stripping down, I’ll enjoy myself that much more.” I gestured toward my exposed chest. “After all, fair is fair.”

There was no need for further encouragement. Rogue had her see-through shirt over her head before I finished the first ‘fair,’ although this didn’t’ reveal much I hadn’t already glimpsed. She clearly had some lingering shyness, but once she saw me stiffen it quickly evaporated. Her skirt and boots quickly joined her shirt, leaving her in her gloves, tank top and leggings, all an opaque black that clung to her generous curves.

“You know, for someone who doesn’t want people to touch, you sure want them to look.” I couldn’t stop myself from blurting out, although I kept gently fondling my cock.

“Ah’m sorry?” Her expression was slightly irritated, but I could tell it was already fading into her general lust.

“Oh, you look all dark and dangerous, but it also doesn’t even try to hide a seriously sexy body.” The last remnants of her anger melted into a pleased smirk. “Of course, I really, really want to see the rest.”

“Well, ah hate to disappoint such an enthusiastic audience.” Rogue took her time lifting her tank top, showing even more of her pale and toned stomach until her breasts bounced free. The pale globes were nicely contrasted by the bra that barely contained them—it was, of course, black. I’ve heard some people say that more than a handful was a waste, but I was always eager to prove them wrong. Not that I could today…but I was already forming plans for next time.

I expected to find out next if her panties matched, but she surprised me and reached back to unhook her bra. The firmness of youth and fantastic genetics meant her pale mounds only sagged slightly. Silver dollar areola were barely darker and capped by nipples that practically begged to be sucked.

She rocked her shoulders back and forth and the sway of her breasts was hypnotic. I had an involuntary surge of excitement race through me and the accompanying pheromones filled the air. Rouge’s breathing quickened and I could actually see her nipples stiffen and seek attention.

Her fingers stroked the sides of her breasts almost of their own accord and slowly slid down her ribs and hooked into her waistband. As she started rolling down her tights with indecent speed, her thong clung to the fabric and slid down her hips. Rather than draw out the moment, she made a sound of exasperation and shoved all of her remaining clothing to her ankles.

It took Rogue a moment to untangle her feet and step free but that only gave me more time to enjoy the view of her completely shaven pussy. The soft skin between her legs was noticeably shining with arousal and her whole body was tingling in anticipation. And yet, a part of me had been hoping to see that exotic white streak run through all her body hair.

Rogue flushed with more than just arousal and wrinkled her nose. “Ah thought all guys liked the shaved look.”

I quickly tried to dispel any worries with honesty. “I like whatever you feel is sexy, although I’ll say not every girl rocks the look as well as you. It was…I was kinda curious if the carpet matched the drapes.”

Her laugh set us both at ease. “Betcha a lot of the boys wonder that. Nah, if it was interestin’, ah mighta kept it.” She stroked some fingers through her wetness and across her hairless mound. “Ah really like keeping it smooth.”

“Spending a little extra time in the showers?” I joked, but her expression answered my question. And it wasn’t like I didn’t shave myself for the same reason.

“Now what?” Her eyes were drawn back to my cock, which was slowly growing more insistent for release.

“Well, if I had time to get some gloves, I’d return the favor, but for now…” I looked around and found a comfortable chair pushed against the wall. “Even though we can’t touch, we can just show each other how we like to be touched and tell the other what we’d like to do.”

“For now?” Rogue quirked an eyebrow, but was already idly massaging a breast. The air was thick with our mingled lust.

“I mean, if this is good enough for you, we can just stay friends…but given a little time…I can definitely do better.”

“Ah like the sound of that…” She hopped onto the bed and spread herself open. Her folds were flushed and soaking, eager for some dedicated effort. Her breasts trembled with every panting breath and she constantly licked her lips. “Porn is nice, but ah really need to see that thing in action…”

I leaned back and kept a steady stroke, trying to prolong the show. However, my pheromones had her body primed and sensitive and Rogue set a blistering pace. Her fingers plunged between her legs, spreading and stroking and swirling while her other hand kneaded her fantastic breasts. If I had made any effort into pumping out more pheromones, she would have cum already and probably drenched the bed in the effort.

“See, isn’t this more exciting than masturbating alone?”

As her only contributions were quiet moans, I began whispering encouragement. While I would normally list all the salacious acts I planned to perform on a girl, I did not want to remind her of all the things we couldn’t do, so I focused on compliments and saying how she made me feel. There was no need to embellish: even without the heady perfume of her arousal, my blood was pumping at the sight of that luscious body getting the treatment it deserved.

It took a considerable amount of will and a judicious relaxing of my stroking, but I managed to hold my release until after hers. Rogue came with a deep moan and gentle clench of every muscle and her eyes never left my well-stroked cock. She bit her lip and the longing was almost painful for me to see. I had to fuck this girl. Not just for my own gratification, but because I had never seen anyone as desperately in need of a good, deep dicking.

I somehow held on through her climax, but the effort weakened my grip on my powers and the sudden release of pheromones hit her like a truck. Rogue’s nostrils flared and her eyes widened and it was only seconds before her body surged into a second orgasm. “Holy fuuuuck…” she gasped in a breathless scream.

The look of shocked euphoria in her eyes ripped away my remaining restraint and my cock erupted onto my chest.

And a pretty brunette chose that moment to poke her pony-tailed head through the wall behind me. Her shocked expression was inches from my jerking cock and I was shocked nothing hit her.

“Well, I…oh my god!” She tumbled the remainder of the way through the wall and now apparently tangible, sprawled face first onto Rogue’s tangled and soaked bedsheets.

Flabbergasted, I just stared in cum-splattered confusion as the new girl untangled herself and Rogue came down from her post-orgasmic high. 

She looked between Rogue’s and my own naked, sweat soaked bodies and blushed a deep crimson. “I, uh…like…I’m sorry, I didn’t…uh…” She was slim and shorter than Rogue, with sleek, coltish legs. Bright blue eyes were wide with confusion, but they definitely took the time to take in my nakedness.

“Relax, Kitty. We’re all adults here.” Rogue took charge and rose to put herself in the new girl’s path, although I’m not sure what good that would have done. I settled for grabbing some tissues and cleaning myself. “You told me about you and Lance and ah was going to tell you about this…”

“Trading girl talk and a front row seat are two different things.” She tore her eyes away from me and it was apparent that my pheromones were already working from the twin points poking through her blouse. “And I always thought you couldn’t…you know?”

“Well, apparently ah just didn’t have a boy interested enough to try creative solutions.” Rogue glanced at me with pride and approval and I noticed she didn’t make any more effort to cover up than I had. In fact, she was standing with her hips cocked and tits pushed forward directly into her friend’s face. From the flush of her face and the smell of her hormones, it was clear that rather than embarrassed, Rogue was excited and I really began to wonder what kind of porn she liked.

I don’t know if she had always had a thing for girls or if my pheromones were just making her aware of it, but Rogue had a predatory look in her eye. “Ah don’t want to pretend I’m not horny all the time. That ah don’t want to fuck half the people in this school. As long as ah’m careful not to touch—” Her gloved hand, still sticky with her juices caressed Kitty’s burning cheek. “—ah can be just as wild as ah want.”

Kitty backed away from her buxom friend and fell back onto the bed. My powers had smothered her momentary panic and she kept glancing between Rogue’s and mine naked bodies. “I remember you kept stealing my dildo when we were roomies.”

With a laugh, Rogue leaned over and opened a drawer filled with a variety of sex toys, including multiple vibrators, a butt plug and nipple clamps. “Since they expanded the dorms, ah’ve had no choice but to improve my arsenal.”

I must have made a sound, because the goth bombshell looked over her shoulder and threw me a wicked wink. “Shocked? Ah’m the least innocent virgin you’ve ever met. Ah may have let you take the lead today, but don’t think that’ll last.”

“Surprised? Yeah.” I gestured toward my eagerly re-hardening cock, “But not disappointed. It's been a while since I’ve met someone who can match my…appetite.”

Her challenging smile did more to get me ready than any pheromones.

Moving between Kitty’s knees, Rogue pushed the smaller girl’s legs apart, with her gloved fingers pressed between petite but pert breasts. With her power, doubtless Kitty could have phased away, but escape seemed the furthest on her mind. “Uh, Rogue?” Her voice trembled but not from hesitation. “I thought we were besties.”

“We are.” Rogue started to unbutton Kitty’s blouse, showing the edges of a dainty white bra. “But now that ah’ve got the opportunity, ah wonder if you want to upgrade our relationship.”

“I-I’m not gay…” Her excuse was feeble; her hips eagerly squirmed inches away from Rogue’s soaked and shaven pussy. When her blouse fell open, the points of her breasts looked ready to tear through the dainty lace underwear. The darkness of her nipples was clearly visible even as they tented the fabric like little monuments to her libido.

“Neither am ah…” Rogue gave me another covetous look, but Kitty could not tear her eyes away from the beautiful pale nakedness before her eyes. “But ah also really want to play with these cute little titties,” she gently squeezed one of them and Kitty gasped, “and that tight dancer butt of yours.”

Kitty’s hands tightly clenched the tangled bedsheets, although I couldn’t tell if it was to keep herself from running or from grabbing Rogue’s gorgeous breasts with her lamentably bare hands. I certainly understood the later frustration and knew I had to get my hands on some latex gloves as soon as possible. Those things were begging to be touched. Not to mention the soft and inviting backside that she kept waving in front of me.

Pheromones and the innate sexual chemistry between the girls warred with whatever preconceptions Kitty had about her own sexuality. Their faces were close enough that I was worried they would kiss, but instead Rogue wet her fingers between her legs and held them in front of Kitty’s face. Words and hesitation fled and Kitty slowly took the gloved fingers in her mouth.

I have to admit, I was jealous she got the first taste.

Rogue’s fingers slipped free with a quiet pop and Kitty shared an awkward smile. “Okay…that tasted better than any guy I’ve had.”

“And how much sampling have you taken?” Rogue teased. “After all, you and Lance have been broken up for a while.”

Kitty’s expression grew cross. “Well, it's going to be longer. I walked in on him fucking that slut Boom-boom. It’s why I was in such a rush to talk.”

“Now, now.” I interjected and it seemed she had forgotten I was even in the room. “Speaking for the sluts of either gender, there’s nothing wrong with open and honest promiscuity between consenting adults.”

“Besides,” Rogue pulled away as Kitty was about to argue. “If you’re on a break, then you can fuck whoever you want. But until we have some gloves or a strap-on or something, I really can’t do much more than watch.”

With that, I let out a fresh wave of pheromones and Kitty forgot all about Lance and whatever her name was. “Yeah…” she drawled; hungry eyes drawn to my now fully erect cock. “It would be a shame for that to go to waste.”

She practically bounded to her feet; her blouse discarded by the bed. At some point Rogue or she had unzipped her pants without my noticing—they had been very distracting. She quickly shimmied out and I saw that her lacy boy-shorts were of a match with her bra and the shadow of her pubes was visible beneath them.

“Glad to hear it. I’m—” introductions were cut off as she straddled my waist and started kissing me. Her tongue danced with mine and there was a faint tang that must be the taste of Rogue. It only lasted for a moment before the girl in my lap took up all my attention. She was svelte and short, but with plenty of muscle underneath that creamy softness. As tightly as her lips were locked on mine, her hips trapped my cock tightly between our bodies. She was already riding me and her hands explored all around my chest and arms. Contenting myself with a double handful of her toned ass, I enjoyed the feel of the heat radiating from her panty-covered pussy and the sharp nubs of her nipples squeezed into my chest.

When we broke for air she smiled impishly and reached for my cock. “I’m not quite ready to mess around with a girl, but I know what to do with this.” She slithered down and took my cock in her dainty mouth. I’m bigger than average but she swallowed it with practiced confidence. Whoever Lance was, he had been an idiot, because Kitty gave as good a blowjob as I’ve ever had and that was saying something.

I tore my eyes away from her bobbing ponytail and looked up to see Rogue sitting on the edge of her bed, attempting to match Kitty’s technique with a life-like dildo. Her other hand was busy between her clenched legs and her eyes were tightly closed. They abruptly snapped open and there was none of the jealousy I had been worried about. While she clearly wanted more, Rogue was enjoying the live-action porno in her room.

She winked again and squeezed the saliva-coated dildo between her supple breasts. There was no need to point out that Kitty lacked the equipment for a tittyfuck and I instantly redoubled my intent to find a way to touch this girl. But for now, we were going to have to enjoy each other vicariously.

Which is not to say I wasn’t going to enjoy fucking Kitty for herself. “Hold on,” I whispered, knowing that if she kept it up, I was going to cum in her mouth. Not that it was a terrible thought but I had already cum once and a triple encore was a bit much, especially on short notice. Maybe if I could dose myself with my own pheromones…

“I really need to fuck you,” I said as she reluctantly let my cock go. “Luckily, I’m always prepared.” I stumbled a bit to my feet and rooted around in the pile of my clothes for a condom.

Rogue almost magically appeared next to me and tore the wrapper from my hand. “Yeah…ah’m gonna do that.” She smirked at a disappointed Kitty. “You’ll get him soon.”

She dropped to her knees and proceeded to take her time rolling the condom down my shaft. There was a little awkwardness, but Rogue also took the two layers of separation as an opportunity to fully explore my cock and balls. Rogue seemed tempted to push me over the edge, but her hands couldn’t compare to Kitty’s mouth. We shared a look that promised that someday soon, she’d be on the receiving end.

“One more thing. Ah’m not sure Kitty’s wet enough.” I laughed and started to joke, but then Rogue kissed my laytex wrapped cockhead. With an evil glint in her eyes, she licked from the condom’s edge to the tip. As my dick bobbed in appreciation, she said, “now you’re ready.”

Kitty had spent the time stripping down completely. Her breasts were small, especially compared to Rogue’s, but capped with pointy nipples that just begged to be sucked and bitten. The grace of her movements outlined the dancer's muscles in her legs and torso. Her bush was trimmed to a narrow wedge—a style I always thought of as an arrow pointing to my target. Her skin looked soft and light, but compared to Rogue, she had a rosy glow.

Rogue surrendered the bed and took my place in the chair, her gloves discarded. She already had the dildo in hand and was rubbing it across her spread folds. Kitty wasted no more time in pushing me back onto the bed and climbing after me. I took her hips in hand and guided her over my waiting cock. The air was so thick with heat and lust that we were all slick with sweat and panting with anticipation. Kitty’s nimble fingers took me in hand and guided my rod toward her waiting lips.

She was tight but so wet I slid in easily into her eager heat. Once I gently bottomed out, she slowly exhaled and gripped my shoulders. I responded by rocking her hips against my body and flexing myself inside of her. Grinning at her thwarted desire, I teased her for a moment, pinning her in place so she could not begin humping against me.

“You…bastard…” she hissed and her body writhed, trying to get some kind of motion between us.

“Just making sure I’m appreciated.”

“Just do it!”

My only response was to give her what she wanted.

She bounced against my thrusts and hugged my shoulders. She felt so light it was shocking at how much strength was in her frame. Every time she slammed into my hips or crushed herself into my chest, I worried I was going to have to tear her away, but she threw herself into every thrust and withdrawal with equal abandon.

Her hisses and gasps of pleasure were occasionally punctuated by encouragement from Rogue. The goth girl was splayed out on the chair, her eyes locked on our rutting bodies and the dildo buried in her pussy. She was no longer concerned with matching our behavior and looked ready to cum at any moment.

I could not focus on Rogue for long. At this range, the smell of Kitty’s desire was overwhelming. Even the aroma of Rogue’s unquenchable libido faded into an afterthought. It surrounded and filled me until I had no choice but to explode inside her.

As my cock twitched and spurted, Kitty rode out the convulsions, pushing herself toward her own release. But when I cum, it's all but impossible to control the chemical burst. One heady breath later and she joined me; her body squeezing my still throbbing member. I heard Rogue cum again as her voice joined ours in the exclamation of climax.

Kitty moved languidly but satisfied as she rolled off of my softening cock. I had the energy to pull off the condom and tie it off, but not to reach further than the nightstand. The air still reeked of our pleasure, but none of us has the energy left to act upon it. The three of us just sprawled where we came, bodies limp and slippery.

Eventually the air cleared now that my powers weren’t constantly pumping. After the moment had passed and her hormones were no longer calling the shots, Kitty looked slightly awkward and concerned. She gathered her clothes and prepared to pass through the wall separating her and Rogue’s rooms. Just before she left, she looked back and spared a last glance at my cock. “I guess I’ll be seeing you around.” She winked and walked into the wall.

I slowly sat up and glanced at Rogue. “I know how this seems, but I should go too. Tomorrow’s my first round of classes and I don’t know if anyone’s going to check on me first thing. And…”

“And sleepovers won’t be a thing until we figure out some safety measures,” Rogue finished, and I instantly had an image of a onesie trying to contain that sexy body. “Relax, this was exactly what ah needed: simple unattached fun. Besides, a girlfriend would only get in the way of all the flirtin’ you plan on doing, wouldn’t it?”

I choked on my words as Rogue hit closer to the truth than I wanted to admit; she laughed at my expression. “And ah don’t want anything holding me back now that you’ve opened mah eyes to the possibilities. Although, ah expect preferred treatment as a fuckbuddy.” That last was said with a level of threat behind the joking tone.

“Obviously.” And I actually meant it. There was something to Rogue—beyond her body and sexual appetite—that drew me to her. I’ve never even considered monogamy since my powers had awoken, but if there was a girl that’d make me consider it, here she was. Thankfully, she wasn’t any more ready for commitment than I was. “And I’m really looking forward to next time.

After that, I managed to sneak back to the boys’ dorms without encountering “Mr. Logan” and decided to start this journal.

Not bad for a first day at Xavier’s.


Next Chapter: Introduction to Power Development.


I deliberately was trying for something simpler and shorter than the Fire and Ice series and I've got two more chapters at a first draft and outlines for a few more. I think I'll keep working on this series for a bit.

I wanted to write a Rogue story that didn't just slap a fix on Rogue's powers and move on. I'm also disappointed by how a lot of comic/MCU/Arrowverse stories with multiple chapters just turn into repetitive variants on "domineered into a harem" as the MC works their way through every female in their universe (which unfortunately includes the game that inspired this story.) Hopefully, I'll be able to define the unnamed main character and his powers in such a way that they are believable and interesting without growing stale.

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