Black Widow Broken: The HYDRA Bitch

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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Natasha knew she was fucked. Literally and figuratively. Her training in the Red Room, her time as KGB assassin, her years as a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, and even her time as an Avenger had all taught her to control her mind and emotions. None of that was working very well right now, with the sight of her assault team being gunned down fresh in her mind. The ambush should have been a simple one; attack the HYDRA safehouse that their intelligence had shown was hiding Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, eliminate the head of HYDRA, and get the hell out of there.

It had gone south so fast, she wasn’t sure exactly what happened. HYDRA had been ready for her surgical strike team and the bullets started flying right away. It was a miracle attributed to the Black Widow’s skill that she wasn’t gunned down in the ensuing firefight, but that didn’t mean her survival was guaranteed. She fled, leaving her friends to bleed out on the ground of the warehouse. She rushed through the winding and twisting back streets of the industrial district the safehouse was located in, but there hadn’t been time to memorize the town’s whole layout - she was quite unfamiliar with the area. She swore under her breath at herself for letting the operation go south, for not being good enough to kill the HYDRA bastard, and for having to run. 

The deaths of her friends - some of her closest SHIELD Agent coworkers - had shone a light on a rare moment of weakness in the normally unflappable Black Widow. It shamed her now. After all, was anyone in the world more trained and skilled than her?

She wasn’t supposed to feel fear but she did now, more than she’d ever felt in her long career. She was taking turns down the streets now at random, sure she was completely lost. If she could just get to the extraction point, she could escape. The sound of pursuit was right behind her, so she tried to put the fear out of her mind, but she couldn't.. 

The Black Widow took a sharp left turn and nearly ran straight into a HYDRA soldier. His shrill scream and her scream came out at the same time, and they both drew their weapons. Natasha’s hands were faster and her handgun was pointed at the young man before he had cleared his holster. She felt the weapon kick in her hand twice, and the boy dropped down dead to the ground.


His friends had turned the corner right behind her and their friend’s death did nothing to improve their mood. Without waiting another heartbeat, Natasha lifted her gun and fired the last few of her bullets at the coming soldiers before she made to run. Luck wasn’t on her side. Her foot slid on some blood spilled from the HYDRA soldier, and she was sent sprawling to the alley floor. 

Oh fuck I’m dead.

As the guards reached her body, her training took control over her fear. If she was going to die, it wouldn’t be easy for them. She twirled, kicked, and punched as much as she could. Jumping into the air and landing on one's shoulders, he went down quite bonelessly as his neck twisted and snapped between Black Widow’s tremendous thighs. She landed nimbly on the ground, frantically trying to ready herself for the next attack.

She saw the fatal blow coming, but couldn’t move out of the way in time. The world’s most skilled woman twisted with all the talent she had and she nearly avoided the blow. Instead of crushing her skull the strike grazed her head and sent her toppling to the side, crumpling to the floor in a heap of curves and leather. Her vision exploded in white pain and before she could even hope to regain control, a boot crashed down on her pretty face and everything went black. 

Natasha should never have woken up from that, HYDRA should have executed the SHIELD agent right where she lay. Instead of a grizzly demise, the six men surrounded her with a look of deep satisfaction. The satisfaction of victory turned quickly into a different emotion; arousal. Before anything could happen, the HYDRA commander arrived at the scene, his pace quick but controlled.

Baron Wolfgang von Strucker surveyed the unconscious body of Natasha Romanoff, her Black Widow outfit fitting perfectly to her curvaceous body. He was tall and sleek, strapping and strong. A malicious smile spread across his face and spoke in English heavily accented by his German roots.

“Let us have some fun with this one.”

What better way to torment SHIELD’s greatest agent than raping her?

As much as the Baron enjoyed ogling Natasha in her black curve-confirming uniform, it didn’t take him long to decide to do something about it. Casually and cruelly he flopped Natasha onto her chest and tore away at the lower part of her costume. In just seconds her perfect ass was revealed to the onlooking HYDRA soldiers. It was a matter of only a few more seconds and the HYDRA commander repositioned the unconscious S.H.I.E.L.D. agent’s ass upward by grabbing onto her wide hips, allowing him to drag his fish his own cock out of his uniform pants and rub it along her defenceless cunt.

“This fucking bitch is wet already. HAIL HYDRA!”

His hands tightened around the secret agent’s waist and he forced his superior Germanic cock right into her cunt. He didn’t bother with any preparation or foreplay with the woman before him, he immediately started to pound away at the rape slut. He wasn’t sure if the whore could feel anything while not awake, but if she could he intended her to feel everything. His dark eyes glared daggers at Natasha’s face. With her ass up in the air her face was tilted to the left, allowing the Baron to get a good view. Her red lips were open with an unconscious moan as he rammed his cock into her. Strucker felt an anger like he’d never felt before, fucking and raping his enemy with every ounce of strength he had

The Black Widow only moaned louder. 

Baron von Strucker nearly lost it then, he could feel his climax coming. He fucked into the most famous and skilled S.H.I.E.L.D. agent even harder, letting out a groaning growl of victory as he felt his cum shoot out and fill her, deep inside of her unconscious cunt. Satisfied, he eased his cock out of her cunt and grinned as he watched his cum leak out of Natasha’s quivering quim. He gathered himself and stood up, turning to his other soldiers.

“You may all fuck her, but do not kill the whore. Her ass is mine; do not touch it!”

They quickly gathered around Natasha’s defenceless form, ready to rape her perfect body. One of them grabbed her red locks and pulled her up from the ground until she was on her knees. There, he grabbed his cock and started to cockslap the Avenger around. The beating of the cock meat on her face finally had the effect of slowly waking up Natasha. The first sensation she felt was the heavy weight of the cock smacking her face, followed quickly by the painful feeling in her cunt and the dripping of something wet down her thighs. 

Her beautiful eyes blinked open and her reflexes kicked in. Her fist came flying towards the cock beating her face, but the HYDRA soldier caught it with hardly any effort. The sickening crack and girlish scream that followed was the thug twisting and breaking her wrist. The shout was silenced quickly by a punch to the face and another sound of bones cracking, mercifully forcing the Black Widow back into unconsciousness.

With Natasha limp in unconsciousness again, the HYDRA soldier grabbing her hair pushed the head of his cock against the superheroine’s plump lips. His cock sunk into her open mouth and as he pushed his rigid flesh into her throat her natural reflexes kicked in causing her to gag. The reflex caused her to tighten her throat around him as drool and spit slid down her chin. She never woke up as her face was raped and didn’t even stir as the cum poured down her throat, her throat muscles milking the cock without conscious thought. 

The HYDRA rapist pulled his cock from her mouth and the Black Widow slumped onto her back. Another soldier was on her in seconds, his fingers ripping away the last shreds of her costume. Both of her ample breasts wobbled free and he pushed his cock between the mountains of tits. He was fucking those massive tits when the heroine started to rouse again, her eyes focusing on the stranger and the cock pumping in her silky valley. Before she could do more than blink his fist came down and broke her nose. The second blow struck her jaw, and the thirst hit her forehead. If she had been a normal human, certainly the Black Widow would have died there.

Superheroines don’t die that easy, unfortunately for Natasha.

The next hour was a whirlwind of rape and beatings. Every member of the HYDRA attack squad raped Natasha, filling either her mouth or her cunt with ruthless poundings. In the end, she was covered in cum, massive splashes of seed over her body everywhere. Her face received particular attention, thick seed spilling down her beautiful features. As Baron von Strucker watched his soldiers rape the dazed superheroine, he’d been stroking his cock back to hardness, plotting for another long-earned humiliation for one of his greatest enemies.

Strucker was looming over the utterly defeated form of Natasha Romanoff, marveling at how such a weak and pathetic girl could be such an unstoppable foe. No more, Strucker smirked to himself. After tonight, she would never have the nerve to face HYDRA ever again. His hands scooped up the barely stirring form of the Black Widow and lifted her inches to his face. One of her eyes was swollen shut, the other stared in object fear and terror at the man dangling her effortlessly off the ground. She’d never felt that sort of fear before, and the scream that came shamed her like she’d never felt possible.

It quickly went even further downhill for Natasha from there. She was putty in his hands and he turned her around in his arms. A pitiable moan escaped her lips as she saw the HYDRA soldiers watching her, every one still with rock hard cocks, stroking and smirking at her with malicious grins. Baron von Strucker started to lower her and she could feel the burning hot erection against her ass. Her fear-filled eyes started to water as the realization of what was about to happen and exactly how helpless she was to stop it filled her heart at the same time as Strucker’s cock started to fill her ass. 

The Black Widow broke then, screaming in the worst pain in her life as the Baron forced her ass down onto his cock. The terrible agony of her wail echoed into the night as his cock impaled into her incredibly tight asshole.


Natasha begged as her legs and arms flailed uselessly. A cold feeling of ice washed over her body she realized that she was begging for mercy for the first time in her life. 

“Please I can’t take any more!”

The Baron’s laugh was cruel and cold. Being beaten and killed by HYDRA would have been bad, but to be so thoroughly ass raped in front of them was the worst experience of her life. Her feet twitched to the air as she hung from the Baron’s hands, his rock-hard cock pistoning into her conquered ass. Every thrust of his cock into her ass was tearing away a little more of her resistance. Her eyes, swollen and pained, viewed the watching HYDRA soldiers stroking their cocks and she started to cry, when the worst thing to happen to her yet occurred. 

The Black Widow came from getting her ass raped.

She never expected it would happen from anal sex, even less so from an anal rape, and so she wasn’t prepared at all. She shook and screamed on the massive cock in her ass. She had never felt this much pleasure with any of her lovers, and it only broke her more. What did it mean that she could have the biggest orgasm of her life while getting ass raped in front of a bunch of Hydra soldiers? 

Her ass was just as tight as Baron von Strucker had always hoped. Her orgasm shocked him, but he was grinning now, sure that the superheroine would be utterly broken by the time he was done with her. His hands tighten around her waist and pull her body down on his cock, entirely burying his length inside of the heroine’s ass as he came himself. Spray after spray of hot cum shoot into her bowels, until the HYDRA commander let the whore fall from his hands in a pathetic crumpling and crying pile on the floor.

“Get her again, boys.”

A cheer rose from the HYDRA soldiers as they converged on the devastated superheroine and completed her breaking. She lost count of the rapes that happened to her after that, and the number of more loads cum that covered her. By the time Baron von Strucker stepped back, Natasha was a pile of worthlessness on the floor. Her Black Widow costume was completely gone, torn to shreds in the assault. She dripped cum from every hole, and her hair was plastered to her head with cum.

When Baron von Strucker finished another load right on Natasha’s face, the group of HYDRA soldiers gathered together and dressed again before turning to leave the broken S.H.I.E.L.D. super spy where she laid covered in cum. Only the Baron glanced one final time over his shoulder at her twitching slut, sure that she would no longer be a threat to him, or anyone ever again. Natasha watched them go, the last few hours burned forever into her memory. If she could read his mind at that precise moment, Natasha would agree with every fiber of her heart.

She’d never be a threat again.

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