Marvel Dominance

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Disclaimer: This is intended only as entertainment and nothing else. I do not own any material in the story. I do not know any celebrities referenced and any similarity is coincidence. I make no money off of this story. (see full disclaimer bellow.)

Disclaimer: This is intended entirely for the purpose of entertainment and in no way has any connection to the real-world or as what real-people should do. I make no money off of this in any form. I do not own Marvel, I do not own any Marvel characters. I do not own any other stories or characters included in this story. I will add to this part as more universes are introduced. I do not know any celebrity or real world person referenced in this story and any similarity or truthfulness is purely coincidence.



Chapter 1:

You have been gifted the King Reader System and the Damage Control system. A female voice in his head said.


"What, where am I?"


1984 Marvel world. The voice in his head sounded again.


"Who are you?"


I am the system manager. 




Good Luck. The voice in his head disappeared. 


"Wait where did you go? Come back. I-"


"Excuse me? Do you need some help?" A pretty blonde girl came up from behind.




"Ah sorry, my name is Susan Storm. What is your's?"


Suddenly the voice sounded in his mind again. 


Character Information:


Name: (Susan Storm)

Gender: (Woman)

Age: (19)






]>WR‡-Advanced Flexibility***

]>WR-(more skills)

]>YR-Calm Mind***

]>YR‡-Fighter Piloting***

]>YR-(more skills)

]>BR-No Shits Taken***

]>BR-(more skills)

]>PR‡- 18th Smartest Being***


Would You like to Devour or Extract any abilities [Y/N]


'System can you hear me?'




'What do you mean devour or extract?'


Any ability can be devoured or extracted and then integrated without harming the user. Devouring removes any attribute or skill from the other person permanently via touch and the amount of time is dependent on the strength difference between you and them. To Extract is to duplicate any attribute or skill without removing from the other person only once. It is only available within a certain range and the time is dependent upon the rarity of the card but the process of extraction can be sped up with energy from your body. Equipment can be extracted and will disappear into the system space where it can be stored.


'How do I know more about the abilities?'


You can select them with your mind to find out more information.


"Um, Hello... Hello. HELLO!" Suddenly awoken he realized that time did not infact stop when interfacing with the system. 'Better to learn that now rather than in the middle of a battle.'


"Sorry, sorry. I was just thinking of something. I think we got off to a bad start. I guess I never told you my name. I am... ... ... I don't know. Could you tell me what city this is, I seem to have forgotten a lot."


"Is it serious? I can get help-"


"No!" he said perhaps a little too sharply. Breathing deeply and waiting a few seconds, "Sorry that's on me. I am just... it's hard to, you know. I am sure my memory will come back later but for now I just want to eat something.  And talk to a beautiful girl. So um, would you like to go out for coffee and a chat." 'Great diversion maybe now you can extract some abilities and talk to one of the top beauties of Marvel.'


Perhaps because of awkwardness perhaps because of some sense of responsibility, she nodded. "I'll go. There is a great café right near here."


While walking he asked, 'System how much can I accelerate a extraction?'


Infinitely. The rate of energy required is exponential so if you wish to double the speed it would take the amount of energy to lift 6kg 1 meter. If you wished to triple it it would be 81kg. 10 times speed would be 10,000,000,000 kg. As long as the energy is in your body it can be used.


'What is the description of >18th Smartest Being<?'


18th Smartest Being: In all of the races and existences in the Marvel World, this being has the highest. 17 stand ahead and trillions of trillions behind. It is said to be able to match the power of gods. Purple Rank. Can be extracted. Currently impossible to devour. ***


'What are the conditions to extract it.'


40  hours within 1 meter.


"So Susan what do you do?"


"I'm a astronaut."


"You're not in space."


"Har, har. We launch in 4 weeks."


"Spending your last days here with me, so sweet. Now we're practically married so holding hands isn't hard right?" He knew what would happen in space, a space accident while repairing a satellite, blasted with cosmic rays, losing her uber intelligence, becoming the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four. 


"Stop messing around," she pushed lightly on his shoulders causing him to half-stumble.


"No seriously, you are like an angel. Being nice to me, spending time with me, helping me after I've lost my memory. I've never held a girl's hand before, at least that I remember. And I would be willing to give that honor to you."


She blushed deeply. "I, you, it's not, it's not a big deal or anything, we're not in middle school."


The two walked strained in silence for a while until he remembered something, 'System what is the >Damage Control System<'


Damage Control System: The user has been gifted the ability to prevent, reverse or cause any damage. Warning this is dependent upon the users intelligence and creativity. ***


"Holy Shit!"




He realized that he talked out load 'Fuck I wish there was a mute speech button.' "If you had the power of god what would you do."


"I" she shook her head, "I'm not sure. Something that would help people. You go first."

"I would be the King."

|**AN this is a combined Marvel chronology of the movies, the main Earth 616 continuity, Earth 1610 continuity, and various other continuities. For other universes I will specify in the introductory chapter in which they apear.**|

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