Kilgrave's Kollection of Superheroine Slaves

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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In the end, it was mostly Scott's fault that Hope was getting raped, really. If he had taken her to Germany, she’d have not needed to go out and try to gain a name for herself in the world of superheroines. Maybe the re-formed Avengers would have taken her in right away. Instead of that happening, that stupid slut Black Widow had told her she needed more experience fighting crime.

It might seem a strange leap of logic to link Scott Lang to the fact that Hope van Dyne was sitting on a man's cock right now, dutifully - and a bit exotically - hovering her athletically sexy body upward with her Wasp wings and then letting her tight cunt fall down again to allow the invading cock to sink deep into her stomach. The very bouncing motion of the Wasp set her perky and tiny tits - topped with rock-hard nipples - wobbling. Every bounce of Hope on the man's cock drove another mewling groan of pleasure from the superheroine, eliciting a contorted smile of pleasure on her face. 

If someone was looking at the pair fucking, one would have extreme reason to doubt that Hope was actually being raped. Her pleased expression, the eager way she was bouncing on his cock, and the absolute lack of any fight would drive any suspicions of rape right out of any normal onlooker's mind. Luckily - for us, not for her - there was indeed a person observing the coupling and of all the people in the entire world, Jessica Jones alone knew that the stranger bouncing on Kilgrave's cock wasn't doing it willingly. Besides her own life experience with Kilgrave's mind control powers, she saw the whole doomed heroine's attempt from the very start.

The black-haired women had been kneeling next to the chair Kilgrave was sitting on now as the Wasp bounced on his cock, having never once moved a single muscle since Hope flew into the room through an open window. Jessica felt a fleeting rush of hope when she saw the heroine swoop in to land on the carpeted floor and make directly for Kilgrave, fist outstretched to punch him.


And just like that, as it always did, all hope for escape died in Jessica's throat. The woman was wearing some sort of high-tech skin tight suit, but it didn't do her any good. She stood as still as a statue before Kilgrave. Jessica couldn't turn her head to look at him, his command equally freezing her in place as well as the stranger. 

A deep regretful despair filled Jessica as she watched Kilgrave out of the corner of her eyes stand and walk around the - just like Jessica herself - failed superheroine. She could see the gleam of sweat on his forehead and felt a deep vindication that maybe, just maybe, he had been scared for the smallest instant. It was as good a victory as Jessica would ever have over her mental master. 

What followed next was a routine nightmare to Jessica Jones, but had never happened to Hope before. Kilgrave spoke a single word, and despite Hope's best effort, she obeyed.

“Strip out of that ridiculous costume.”

A few short orders later, Hope van Dyne was bent over the chair next to Jessica, getting raped for the first time in her life. The hours turned to minutes and the positions changed, but Hope never seemed to grow tired. She was incredibly fit, and took every position the mind-controller demanded of her. He even dressed her back up in her foolish costume and made her bounce on his cock using her wings to flutter up and down. 

“Watch, Jessica. This is what happens to stupid sltuty superheroines...but you know that, don't you? You don't have to answer that, you just have to watch.”

Jessica Jones tensed her muscles, fighting Kilgrave’s command with her considerable - but ultimately useless - strength. In the end, as always, Jessica obeyd. She turned her head and stared at the ultimate humiliation happening before her, not able to move an inch beyond the tilt of her head,, her muscles sore from the long time she remained on her knees. It didn’t matter, she couldn’t adjust herself. Kilgrave’s orders to stay where she was were absolute. She kneeled where she was as the hours dragged on and Hope’s degradation grew worse. The Wasp’s ass was fucked for the first time on the bearskin rug in front of the roaring fireplace before greedily taking the cock straight from her ass to her mouth.

“Play with yourself Jessica.”

Jessica Jones’ hand drifted between her firm thighs and started to stroke her cunt as Kilgrave sat on his plush chair again while Hope knelt before him, eagerly sucking on his cock and lavishing his balls with her little pink tongue. Without Kilgrave’s orders, and totally of her own accord, Jessica’s mouth dropped open and she moaned in arousal, her fingers soaked with her own juices. Kilgrave eyed the whore sucking his cock with disdain. He let her work his shaft for a while before he curls his hands into her dark hair and really begins to fuck her throat.

"The woman you see here next to me is my light, my life. I love her with my whole heart. You? You're nothing. You're even a worse failed superhero than she is. You're less than a Wasp, less than an ant to Jessica, fit only to be our I think we'll keep you."

This news surprised Jessica. Kilgrave hadn't kept any other whores he got under his power, not since Jessica failed to stop him again. Maybe it was the allure of building a superheroine harem that made him change his mind this time. It didn't matter. This was the Wasp's life now, just like it was Jessica's. If Jessica could cry for her own loss, she would. But she hadn't cried, not for a long time. Jessica's depressed thoughts were drifting, but her eyes and attention never left the scene before her, so she immediately noticed when Kilgrave pulled Hope off his cock. The failed superheroine coughed and drooled before her rapist, catching her breath.

"You know, with how easy this was, maybe I'll finally get us some more super-powered sluts. Would you like that, girls? Tell me you'd like that."

As one, both Hope van Dyne and Jessica Jones mechanically repeated their Master's order, "We'd like that."

Kilgrave smirked, then motioned to Jessica "You're going to have to teach the slave how I like my dick sucked, Jessica. Get to it."

The naked ex-detective, thankful to move after hours of remaining perfectly still, crawled towards Hope and her master. Jessica started showing Hope just how their master liked his cock sucked. It would be the first time they worked together on the throbbing cock before them, but not the last. No, there wasn't anything to cry about. Being a weak slave was Jessica's life, and it was the Wasps's life now too. 

She dreaded wondering who would be next. 

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