Always Second Best

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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The alien known as Nebula was a woman of contradictions. She loved her sister Gamora terribly, but utterly hated being second best to her. She was so very strong, but was as weak as a kitten to her father. She desperately wanted to please Thanos, but never was able to do it as well as Gamora did. Gamora always did her missions better than Nebula did, Gamora killed faster than Nebula did, and Gamora always fucked Thanos better than Nebula did. The rage built in Nebula as the years went on because of this last point, for Thanos would always ‘enhance’ her body after her fucking failed to surpass her sister.

Thanos was sitting naked on his throne with a bored look on his face, slouched in the seat with his elbow on the arm of the throne and with his chin on his hand, all despite the beautiful blue woman sitting nude on his lap. More accurately, Nebula was bouncing up and down on her father’s massive purple cock, her toned and defined blue stomach impossibly inflating and deflating as the beautiful alien bounced on her father’s cock. It was an obscene sight; the shaft was so big that it had no business fitting inside of Nebula’s body without tearing and destroying her internal organs

Even though Thanos’ cock was so large it seemed like it should never fit, Nebula had been altered by her father to better pleasure him. Her internal digestive system was rearranged and her natural vagina has been removed and replaced with an equivalent cybernetic system that could contract and expand over her father’s cock. It was hooked to Nebula’s nervous system and every incestual thrust of Thanos’ cock into her life-like cunt bolted her mind with her pleasure, while the cybernetic vagina had the ability to vibrate and constrict around his massive cock for his own pleasure.

One of her hands was steadying her rocking on top of her father’s muscular arm, the other was groping at her large tits and tugging the perky and puffy light blue nipple. These too were not the original set of breasts Nebula was born with; they had been augmented by Thanos to allow him to grow or shrink his daughter’s bust to a size more pleasurable for his mood. 

“Oh father, this feels so fucking good. Do you like it father?”

Nebula was sweaty and her eyes were welling with tears of pleasure. Had her muscles not been stolen from her and replaced with synthetic replicas, they would ache and burn with the effort she was making as she rose and fell on her father’s cock. As the blue whore dragged her vibrating cybernetic pussy up and down Thanos’ shaft, she was little more than a sex toy for him.

He was pleased, but not particularly impressed with what Nebula was doing and Thanos might be many things, but he was never a liar, or one to spare feelings.

“It is not bad Nebula...but Gamora’s cunt always feels better.”

Nebula felt a stabbing pain of jealousy in her heart. In that moment the loathing she felt for her sister and the need to beat her drove everything else out of her mind. Sure, Gamora’s species was exceptionally durable and she didn’t need to be augmented to take their father’s cock, that didn’t make Gamora better than her!

She continued to rock and grind her lithe and muscular body against her father’s incredibly large body, releasing her breast from her hands and resting both of her hands and her blue breasts against his chest, dragging her nipples up-and-down his muscular frame as she rode him. She chased her blue fingers over his colored skin with her soft purple lips, kissing along Thanos’ powerful chest.

“What about the blowjob I give you every morning? Surely they are the best you ever get.”

Her mouth was another enhancement from Thanos, for she had been robbed of her natural mouth and throat, allowing them to stretch and accommodate his girth inside. With the ability to widen and take his cock down her throat, again with the option of vibration and constriction, her mouth and throat were in truth little more than a throat pussy. Daily she services him this way, the taste of his cum never truly leaving her mouth. Thanos often enjoys ordering his daughter to not immediately swallow his copious ounces of cum from her daily duty, rather instead enjoying watching her use her purple tongue to swirl it around inside of her mouth and spill nastily down over her purple lips and onto her blue breasts. 

Casually, almost cruelly, Thanos answers the question with a firm dismissiveness.

“Your mouth is made to pleasure me, but Gamora will always be more skilled.”

Nebula’s wordless cry of anguish faded into one of shuddering pleasure as she never stopped riding Thanos’ cock. She had to concede the point there again. Gamora’s biology makes her perfect to skullfuck, her mouth being able to widen and take Thanos down her throat with ease.

She twisted her blue body around and spun on her father’s cock, facing away from him. The motion brought a low growl of pleasure to Thanos’ throat, whose massive purple hands gathered the globes of firm ass flesh bouncing before him now. Again this was a part of Nebula that was stolen from her and replaced with a superior cybernetic piece; it was always the perfect firmness and jiggle, and could take a severe pounding when Thanos felt like anally punishing his daughter. 

When Nebula spoke next, her voice was spoken angrily through hissed teeth. The gentle bouncing sound of flesh never let up though, and could easily be heard throughout the throne room.

“What of my ass, father? Does it please you?”

A solid spank from Thanos’ hand caused Nebula to arch her back and gasp as a tidal wave of pleasure shot unwillingly from her synthetic ass straight into the pleasure center of her brain, forcing from her artificial cunt another climax. He continued to grope and molest her firm ass, peering down appreciatively at the bouncing flesh.

“Your ass is amazing, daughter...but Gamora’s was always perfect.”

A second spank forced another climax from the screaming Nebula. He knew what she was doing, what effect his words were having. The first time she had expressed her insecurities by comparing herself to her sister he was worried about her weakness, and started replacing her parts at an increased rate. It took years later for him to finally realize the inferiority of his second daughter compared to his beloved Gamora, and felt his love for his daughter fade away to be replaced with lust for the role of literal sex-toy she had taken. He derived his own sick pleasure in making her think about the woman who was better than her in every way. 

It had taken Nebula a long time to accept it, but accept it she had - deep inside of her psyche. That is where her rage and hate come from, knowing that despite her best efforts, despite her wanting to please her father, Gamora is just better than her at everything, including fucking. 

“My tits, father! Aren’t they better?”

She grabbed at her massive blue tits  and tugged her lighter blue nipples to excruciating pain - or what would be, if the neuroreceptors had not been repurposed when her cybernetic tits were installed, and turned pleasure to pain. Thanos’ chuckle was a mean one, and the only way Nebula felt actual pain. 

“Your breasts are exactly what I wanted when I made them, Nebula...”

For a brief moment, Nebula felt victory there, then felt it fall through her fingers like sand.

“...but Gamora’s were always better. You can not compare to their godly natural perfection.”

If there was one thing about Nebula, it was the fact that she never gives up. Even so, she has a breaking point, and the blue alien started to sob as she continued to bounce her sex-toy vagina on her father’s cock, her cybernetically enhanced muscles allowing the whore to continue the motion long past the point a mortal woman’s muscles would have given out.

“Why me, then father? Why do you always have me please you instead of her, if she is so much better than me?”

She was done, Thanos knew. Broken and shattered worse than any enemy who stood up to him. He grabbed her hips and slammed her down entirely on his cock, incredibly bulging her stomach out in impossible proportions. She screamed as he came inside of her, over twelve ounces of his sperm flooding out and pouring deep inside of his blue daughter, drenching and flowing around his cock down her pale blue athletic legs. The merest touch of his cum inside of her cunt triggered her programing to give her the largest orgasm yet as she spastically shook on her father’s cock, cumming from her bald head to the tips of her toes.

“Why, my daughter...this is because you are so weak. You don’t have my strength, my will. You let me do this to you; replace every part of your body with one more pleasing to me. Gamora...why, she’s perfect as she is, and so much stronger than you. I could not improve perfection.” 

After speaking, Thanos peels Nebula off his cock and lets her flop and splatter on the stone of the throne room, still leaking cum from between her legs. Her eyes were unfocused with the still ongoing orgasm, her electric cybernetic muscles continuously seizing and shaking. She didn’t notice, or care, when Gamora entered the room and stepped casually over her to slip into Thanos' arms, tilting her face back and letting her father give her a deep kiss. Thanos and Gamora kissed for a long time over the still-twitching body of Nebula before she started to gather her wits again, as she always did after her father dumped a load of his cum inside of her. When she started to stir out of her forced orgasmic bliss, Gamora breaks the kiss with her father, who then buries his face into her magenta hair and inhales her scent with pure happiness.

When the subjugated woman lifts her eyes to the pair above her, she finally notices that her sister is there smirking down at her. Nebula knows her father was right, as he always is. She’s so much weaker than Gamora, a pale shadow of her sister's perfection.

 “He does this because you’re the second best, sister. You never will be better than me, except in being pathetic.”

As Nebula lies sprawled on the floor of the throne room before Thanos and Gamora filled and leaking with cum, the pair kiss over her body again, the doting love their father having for his prefered daughter perfectly balanced with the disdainful and dispassionate lust for her whore sister laying at their feet.

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