What Happens on the Planet of Kitson...

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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Leaving Piper and Davis back on their spaceship at the dock, Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons strode straight towards the Kitson den of vice, confident that they would find Fitz inside and finally the long nightmare search they'd been on could be put behind the entire team so they could return to Earth. They had almost reached the door when a beautiful woman with perfectly pale skin and equally white hair shifted in front of them and smiled. Her teeth were absolutely flawless and the smile reached her strangely piercing incredibly blue eyes

"Please check your weapons and moral high ground. Robots, droids, mechs, cyborgs, and synths are strictly prohibited. Violators will be removed and executed."

With every word that the Greeter spoke, Daisy Johnson grew to know something was wrong, terribly wrong. Everything was moving at a snail’s pace, every word that the pale woman spoke stretched out for seconds. This put even the most intense trip she had ever been on growing up to shame. She knew she was standing there there slack jawed next to Jemma Simmons, her own plump mouth hanging dully open, eyes glazed over and staring blankly. Daisy hadn't really noticed the Greeter had motioned to the left and to the check-in counter next to her.

Finally Simmons started to move and caused Daisy to blink a few times. The sensation was changing. Things were still moving slowly, but she was starting to get hot, very hot, inside of her leather armored SHIELD outfit. Almost mechanically, the pair of beautiful agents pulled the guns from their hips and placed them on the check-in counter. Dully, Daisy noticed that Simmons was clutching onto the counter with both hands and a strange intense look on her face. Daisy moved her right hand and rested it on her friend’s lower back, to give her support. Before she could say anything, the Inhuman saw Simmons shudder and quietly gasp at her touch. Still feeling slow herself, she quietly asked, “Are you feeling okay?”

Jemma Simmons gave a quick visible swallow, her own hand resting gingerly, tentatively, on Daisy’s right shoulder before sliding down her firm and muscular arm. Daisy’s mind exploded in sensational feelings as Jemma stroked her arm muscles, and it took all her willpower to not buckle her knees and moan. She barely heard her friend whisper, “Are you?”

They stared into each other’s eyes, less than a foot away. Daisy felt her neck flush and she stammered out, “I asked you first.”

Not put off, her British teammate retorted, “I asked you second.”

Daisy’s eyes drifted over Simmons' face. How had she never noticed how beautiful the little British scientist was before this, in all the years they’ve been on the same team? Every trace of the scientist’s fingers on her arm was like a lover’s stroke with a feather, sending wave after wave of pleasure straight into her mind.  Her eyes traced down the angular nose of Simmons, and settled on her cute little mouth. How had she never kissed those inviting lips before?

Barely realizing she said it, Daisy whimpered, “On three.”

Daisy stared into Simmons’ eyes as she breathed, and another jolt of arousal struck her between her legs when Simmons darted her tongue over her lips, and lowered her eyelashes.

“One. Two. Three.”

She wanted to tell her friend that something was wrong and that they should try to figure out what it was before it gets worse. All of those thoughts were banished from Daisy's bimbofied brain as as one they crashed their bodies together, mouths and tongues tangling. Simmons nearly jumped into Daisy’s arms and wrapped her own around her neck. Reflexively Daisy grabbed for the smaller woman’s ass, squeezing it and groping it as Simmons sunk her own fingers into Daisy’s black hair, pulling it - and her face - frantically in for harder and harder kissing. Their breasts mashed together, and if Daisy had been in her right mind, she would have been shocked to feel the weight and pressure of Jemma’s own breasts on hers - the quiet and normally reserved scientist was packing a set much larger than her own.

She wasn’t in her right mind though now, not at all. Every little touch on her body - Simmons' lascivious lips, her instant hands, the feel of Simmons' firm ass filling her own hands, and most assuredly the pressure of her friend's breasts on her owns, drove Quake to a height of arousal she’d never felt before in her life. With a quick spin the SHIELD Inhuman slams Simmons’ back against the check-in counter, entirely missing the grunt and hiss of anger from the alien manning it. 

Eager, frantic hands tore at Simmons’ shirt, exposing her heaving creamy breasts to Daisy’s hungry eyes . She broke off the kiss and dipped her mouth, taking the little pink nipple between her puckered and sucking lips. Under this simple stimulation by Daisy, the drug-laced Simmons started quaking, drenching her cunt with pleaser, bucking against the agent giving her the most pleasure she’d ever had in her prudish life. 

The Greeter of the Kitson vice den rolled her artificial ice-blue eyes at the display before her. Terrans were really the sluttiest, most disgusting creatures in the whole galaxy. And it got even worse when they were drug addicts. With a disgusted mumble of 'Puff freaks,' she touched the tiny radio in her ear and spoke, “Security? Yeah, we have two terran sluts out in front. Can you pick them up? I’m sure Mister Kitson will want to add them to his brothel listings.”

That business done, she watched the more aggressive of the pair rip off the other’s blouse, to reveal a set of surprisingly ample breasts. Neither of them noticed the doors behind them slide open, and half a dozen security guards tramp over to them. The fully dressed one was just sliding her hand between the parted thighs of the other when the first guard reached her. They were so addled by puffs they didn’t react until it was far too late. The neural shock implant was slapped on the neck of both humans, and a half second later they were convulsing on the ground, drool and strange animalistic noises shrieking from their mouths as countless jolts of electricity disabled both of them. 

When finally they stopped moving and slipped into unconsciousness, the guards scooped the two terrans off the floor and slung them easily over their shoulders. The Greeter had a good chance to ogle the firm, taut ass of the more aggressive one as the party headed out of the room. Maybe she’d spend a few days pay credits on them after Mister Kitson put therm into the rotation in the brothels. It didn’t really matter, anyway. She wasn’t due to be get off work for another six hours.

She plastered her fake customer service smile on her pristine porcelain-white face and greeted the next group of degenerate perverts that were walking into the den.

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