Far From Home

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"And... Betty and MJ in Room 7."

"What?" Betty murmured in disbelief.

Their teacher Mr Harrington sighed, and then groaned, "If you want to swap, you're going to have to talk to the other girls. We only have so many rooms."

"No it's, it's fine." Betty blushed.

Just in case Mr Harrington continued, "And no swapping with boys. I won't have any funny business on this trip."

"I said, it's fine!" Betty snapped, grabbing the key from her teacher and making towards their room.

"Why wouldn't it be?" MJ smirked, before beginning to follow her new roommate.


Betty Brant wasn't the kind of girl to swear out loud, but right now it was all she could do to keep herself from screaming fuck, fuck, FUCK! She was always so careful, thinking every little decision she made out first, practically planning out her entire life while only in her teens. And yet, somehow she hadn't seen this coming. Not until Mr Harrington started listing off the list of names, and pairing everybody off, she somehow hadn't even thought of the possibility that she'd have to share a bedroom with Michelle Jones, who about six hours ago had been knuckle deep inside her, giving Betty by far the best orgasm of her life. Meaning that she was probably in for the most awkward night of her life. Or...

The alternative was certainly appealing, but Betty had no intention of letting anything to distract her from her life goals, especially not the way Michelle Jones made her feel. Which was going to be hard, as even when Betty managed to make it down the hall without looking back, she felt MJ's presents the entire time. Then all it took was one look to see that infuriatingly smirking face and Betty was already melting, her body tingling at the thought of what MJ had so effortlessly done to her. And what she might do again. Oh God, why couldn't any of her actual friends gone on this trip? Like Liz, and... okay, maybe that was it, and she had moved away, but there was a lot of girls she was friendly with, who hadn't fucked her, which would've been preferable.

"So roomie, what do ya want to do first?" MJ teased flirtatiously as soon as the door had closed behind them, because of course she did.

For a few long seconds Betty just stared at her new roommate, and then she turned, walked straight into the bathroom, closed and then locked it behind her. Thank God for the small mercy of this place having an en suite bathroom. It would've been a bad look if she had walked straight out of her room, and rested her back against the door, like she was doing now. Although maybe the alternative. would've been preferable, because no one was likely to have noticed, and she wouldn't now be trapped in a room with no escape. Oh well, maybe MJ would take the hint and leave her alone? Or better yet, quickly unpack and then go downstairs to explore? No, Betty was not that lucky, as a sudden knock caused her heart to jump almost right out of her body.

"Hey, listen. I'm sorry, okay? I just... I make inappropriate jokes when I'm feeling insecure or uncomfortable. Or both. Which is like... all the time." MJ admitted softly, before offering, "And I'm going to need to use that room eventually, so how about this, you come out right now, and I promise not to make anymore jokes, or talk about it. At all. It'll be like it never happened. I promise."

There was long pause, then Betty opened the door a crack and pushed, "You promise."

"I promise." MJ nodded.

Another pause, this one brief, and then Betty relented, "Okay."

She then cautiously opened the door, half expecting MJ to jump her. Which was ridiculous, because of course MJ just started unpacking, trying not to even look at her, while Betty did the exact same thing. Although that last thought wasn't quite as ridiculous as the fact that Betty was disappointed it didn't happen. For God sakes, she just got exactly what she wanted? Hadn't she? At least under the circumstances? So why was she so disappointed? Wait, maybe this wasn't over? Maybe MJ was just biding her time, and any minute now she was going to make a move? Was that what Betty really wanted? To spend the rest of her once in a lifetime trip around Europe thinking about Michelle Jones, and whether or not she would make a move on her? wasn't that was worse than the alternative. Possibly also worse. Or better, considering what one of the outcomes could be.

"So seriously, what do you want to do now?" MJ asked once they were done unpacking in a horribly awkward silence, before quickly clarifying, "Do you want to knock on a few doors, see if anyone wants to explore? Or, do you just want to hang out here and chill? Or do you want some time apart? Because that's cool, I get it, I can totally go do my own thing."

There was a brief pause, then Betty abruptly turned to the other girl and blurted out, "I'm not gay!"

"So, we are talking about it then?" MJ chuckled softly after another brief pause, then pointed out, "You know we went over this part, right?"

"I know." Betty said, feeling and sounding incredibly awkward, "I just... I felt the need to repeat it."

"Okay then." MJ shrugged dismissively, and then pushed, "Is that it?"

Another pause, this one the longest yet, then when MJ started turning away Betty blurted out, "Did you mean it? You know, when you said..."

"You ever want someone to make you cum like that again, just ask?" MJ repeated herself with a smug smile on her face.

"That was pretty verbatim." Betty said dryly.

"Which you'd know, if you had been thinking about it ever since it happened." MJ pointed out with another smile.

Yet another pause, this one brief, then Betty pointed out, "You didn't answer the question."

"Yes. I'd fuck you again in a heartbeat." MJ said without hesitation, "The real question is, are you brave enough to ask for it? Admit you want me to fuck you? To make you cum? Huh? Is that what you want?"

"I..." Betty gulped, and then whispered softly, "Yes."

Which caused MJ to cautiously add, "Prove it."

MJ was more than half expecting Betty to tell her forget the whole thing, and a worst-case scenario freaking out and accuse her of trying to make her gay, while repeating 'I'm not gay' like over 9000 times. Instead she got the best case scenario, in which the other girl grabbed onto her face and pulled her into a kiss. Admittedly, this was far from a done deal, as Betty was definitely the kind of girl who could freak out at any moment. Maybe even just before MJ was going to get off. Or even get Betty off. Which made MJ question why she was even bothering, given how much hassle this arrangement was turning out to be. Hell, this was kind of why she didn't bother with people in general, as until recently, she hadn't thought it was worth it to even have friends, as it was just so much work.

But to her annoyance it turned out to be worth it, as she now really enjoyed the company of Peter and Ned, even though she would never tell them that, and even though Betty screamed high maintenance it just may be worth it for those soft lips alone. Oh yes, feeling the soft lips of prim and proper Betty Brant pressed against her own was an incredible rush, especially as it also meant that their bodies were pressed against each other in all the right places. Something Betty actually encouraged, as her hands slowly slid around to the back of MJ's neck, pulling her slightly more firmly against her. Not to be outdone, MJ did the same by wrapping her own hands around the other girl's lower back.

Despite their enhanced closeness the kiss remained soft, slow and sweet for felt an eternity. In reality it was probably only a few minutes, but MJ was still very new to kissing, and this was the only girl she'd kissed, with this being the second time she'd done it. So all in all she felt it was understandable she lost track of time. Especially as it seemed they both did, Betty not even hinting that she wanted MJ's tongue until much later. However as soon as she did MJ jumped at the chance, because she at least knew enough to look out for that, and then gently pushed her tongue into the welcoming mouth in front of her. That tongue was massaged by that mouth and the other tongue, as the two teenagers allowed their hormones to get the better of them.

Not only did the kiss become more heated but they started sliding her hands all over each other's bodies, MJ ended up pinning Betty's smaller body down onto one of the beds. Honestly MJ wasn't even aware of doing it, her body going into business for herself and instinctively moving them to where she wanted the other girl. There was then several more minutes of making out, and if this was all they did today that would actually be okay with MJ. Admittedly it wouldn't be ideal, but she could take a nice long shower later while imagining this and the earlier fun they'd had on the plane. Of course, she didn't want to settle for just this, but she also didn't want to push Betty too much, and ruin what could be a fun addition to this vacation. So she'd have to tread very lightly, especially for the next few minutes.

Betty broke the kiss and gasped loudly as MJ's hands slid underneath her shirt and started massaging her back and sides. Which was nothing compared to what she had done earlier, but it vividly reminded her of that, which was overwhelming enough for the inexperienced teen. Of course MJ took this opportunity to start kissing, licking and even digging her teeth into Betty's neck, making sure that even if she had failed leaving a mark on the plane, she definitely succeeded this time. Something Betty really, really should complain about, but it was impossible for her in that moment, because she was just so overwhelmed. Or maybe it was possible, because she suddenly froze as the brunette pulled off her blouse, and then tried to remove her shirt, the blonde making sure to not move her arms up so that shirt wasn't going anywhere.

Which caused MJ to whisper cautiously in her ear, "Want me to stop?"

"No." Betty answered without hesitation.

There was a brief pause, and then MJ asked, "Can I?"

She pulled on her shirt to make clear what she meant, which made Betty want to give a snarky reply, but instead she softly pushed, "You first. Please? I, I think it would help."

MJ raised an eyebrow, but then simply said, "Okay."

In the moment it had seemed like a good idea, like the trick of imagining the audience in their underwear. Only Betty had never done that, and that was stupid, because the only thing she'd imagined more weird and awkward was that, exactly maybe this. Except maybe Michelle Jones getting off the bed, and then stood boldly in the middle of the room, and started taking off her clothes. It wasn't sexy, it wasn't erotic, but it was still the hottest thing Betty had ever seen, because fuck! Just... FUCK! She had known Michelle Jones was beautiful, and if she started dressing better and/or being more social she could rule any school she was at, but she wasn't just pretty enough to be popular in school. No, she was like, supermodel hot.

"Wow... you're... wow..." Betty stammered, making a total fool of herself.

"Thanks." MJ said bashfully, before quickly adding, "But don't you think it makes you a bit over dressed?"

"Oh, right." Betty blushed, lowering her head.

"You don't have too." MJ said softly and awkwardly, "We can just..."

Honestly Betty really, really appreciated the sentiment, but she was afraid if she back down now she would lose her nerve, not be able to do it again, then she would obsess over her failure for the rest of the trip. So for better or for worse she took a deep breath, yanked her shirt over her head and tossed it aside. Without pausing she then undid her pants and pulled them down her legs, before slowly stepping out of them, grateful that she had removed her shoes before getting on the bed. Although she then had to take her socks off, which was a little awkward and unsexy, but it was preferable to then find herself standing there in her underwear, and then after a few long seconds, reaching behind her to unhook her bra.

Despite the fact that she'd done that a thousand times suddenly it was like she'd forgotten the combination to her phone, and after a few embarrassing seconds of fumbling MJ made matters worse by asking, "Do you want some help?"

The answer to that should've been a hard no, because what kind of girl needed helped taking off her own bra? However MJ took Betty being mortified by the question and the situation as consent, and it didn't really help that Betty couldn't find the words to correct her. So instead Betty just stood there as MJ walked up to her, and undid the bra embarrassingly easily, before gently pulling it off of her. There was then a brief pause, before Michelle Jones got down onto her knees in front of her, and with a one last look upwards for consent grabbed hold of the blonde's panties and slowly pulled them down her legs, while she could feel the brunette's hot breath against her needy little twat. Oh God, this was so hot.

"Lay down." MJ softly ordered after a few long seconds.

"Okay." Betty softly replied, and obeyed.

MJ watched Betty go, briefly getting a look at that cute little butt of hers before she laid down on her back on the bed. Betty looked adorably bashful, despite how pretty which she was, MJ getting back to her feet and then just enjoying the view for a few long seconds, before she crawled onto the bed and over the other girl's body. She tried to make sure the didn't brush against each other, so it wasn't too overwhelming for 'Little Miss I'm Not Gay' but inevitably they did a little, and then even more when they were face to face, and MJ gently and cautiously pushed herself downwards. Although then they were distracted by the fact that they fell into another kiss, this one immediately passionate from the get-go, probably because of the fact that they were now both naked, and then those naked bodies were pressed against each other.

Which was overwhelming even for MJ, and this was her idea. But instead of being off-putting, like apparently was for the uptight white girl, MJ only got more excited to use for the new areas which are open to her. Which was why it wasn't long before she began sliding her hands all over Betty's body, while making sure to keep to the PG areas. Whether she was distracted by the kiss, or just really getting into it, Betty actually returned the favour, which seemed promising. She even grabbed hold of the black girl's butt, and gave it a little squeeze, pushing MJ to reach underneath them and return the favour. Then when that seem to go well, she pushed things even further by cupping Betty's boobs with both her hands.

This caused Betty to break the kiss with a sharp gasp, but before MJ could get worried about pushing things too far the other girl initiated another kiss, which she was only too happy to respond too. And she continued to be happy for the next few minutes, especially as she wasn't the only one gripping the other soft body with increasing eagerness. However, it also made her maybe get a little carried away, because all of a sudden she was breaking that kiss and wrapping her lips around one of those pretty little nipples. MJ had meant to build up to that, slowly kiss her way down the other girl's body, maybe linger on her neck a little, and she wondered if she messed up by rushing this. However, Betty gave a very, very positive response, so she decided to risk it.

Luckily Betty continued responding positively as MJ gently sucked on that nipple, and occasionally swirled her tongue around it for a few long seconds, before moving over to the other nipple and then repeated the process. She then went back and forth with the same response, namely Miss I'm Not Gay' gasping, whimpering, and even moaning in what was clearly pure pleasure. Which got even better when MJ increase the force behind the licking and sucking. This in turn had her frantically aching to move on to the next act. To go 'lower'. To go down on another girl! Like, properly this time. However after jumping straight from kissing to nipple sucking and licking MJ forced herself to linger on that area for Betty's sake, given how unsure of herself the girl had seemed to be at the start of all of this.

Betty guessed that was what was happening, as it was fairly obvious, and for the most part she appreciated it a lot. After all, just this act was overwhelming for her, and she was pretty close to asking MJ just to finger her a little, like they did in the plane. At this point, it felt like that was all it would take to make her cum. It probably wouldn't even take that much. But part of her was hoping for more, even if she wasn't sure she could handle it. But of course, she couldn't just tell the other girl what she wanted. No, that would imply she was sure what she wanted, and she wasn't. No, she was a hot mess of different emotions, and all she could do for a few long minutes was writhe around on the bed, and make pathetic sounds.

After what felt like an eternity of pleasurably torturous foreplay MJ slowly kissed her way down Betty's stomach, causing Betty to let out a loud, grateful cry. It didn't matter that MJ lingered on her stomach a little too long, she was finally getting what she wanted. Only not, because infuriating Michelle Jones went right past her pussy and started kissing up and down her inner thighs, making it painfully clear exactly what Betty wanted her to do, and yet still the future reporter couldn't find the words. Not until she was finally directly asked, and this time there was no hesitation or gay panic. No, this time she shamelessly pleaded for what she so desperately needed.

"Can I taste you?" MJ softly asked, pretty much directly against Betty's pussy.

"YES!" Betty cried out way too loudly, quickly following it up with a whimper of, "Please? Oh please, mmmmmmmm, taste me. Lick me! Fuck me! Oh fuck me MJ, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Again Betty wasn't fond of using vulgar language, but she just couldn't help herself in that moment. Although that outburst didn't last long, because soon Betty was grabbing one of the pillows and shoving it over her face too, desperately trying to muffle her cry of ecstasy as MJ's tongue touched her twat, and started slowly sliding over it. Starting from the bottom, worked it's way all over her pussy, and then lingered on her clit at the end there. Which was a process which was repeated over and over again, driving Betty completely crazy. Oh wow, she now understood why people were totally obsessed with sex. Maybe especially oral sex, which she was experiencing for the very first time, at least properly. Because sure, MJ's tongue had massaged her clit on the plane, but this was so much more intense.

Especially because it wasn't just the first time she was getting a proper pussy licking. No, it was also another girl doing this to her, in her second ever lesbian experience. And she was doing the most lesbian thing possible. Well, except for actually licking pussy herself, something she now felt bound to do to MJ. It was only fair after all. But could she really do it? And did it matter, when this normally antisocial girl was stepping so far out of her usual comfort zone to make her feel this good? So good, that for a while she wasn't even more at about returning the favour, or anything really. No, her brilliant brain just completely shut down, and her entire world became the pure pleasure that was having her pussy licked.

MJ did a good job of hiding it, but she was extremely worried that she wouldn't like eating pussy. Sure she enjoyed what she had tasted on Betty's clit, and on her fingers, but maybe it would be different straight from the source? Or maybe it would get boring, just repeating the same motion over and over? Or maybe she just wouldn't be good at it? Or maybe there was something she hadn't thought of yet? So she was greatly relieved when she instantly loved the taste. In fact, it was even better straight from the source. And how could she possibly get bored, when she was constantly tasting that flavour? Or hearing those wonderful sounds as she was squeezing out of Betty, which was perfectly audible despite that pillow. Which in turn, was pretty conclusive evidence that the other girl was enjoying this.

The only real concern she had left was whether or not she was any good at it. Because sure, Betty seemed to be enjoying herself, but surely anyone would react the same if they were being orally pleasured? Although to be fair, they were just both dumb kids. Well, more accurately inexperienced kids. Betty would probably throw a hissy fit if MJ implied she was dumb. But the point was, it wasn't like Betty was sitting there judging every move that she made. No, Little Miss I'm Not Gay' was happily taking everything she was given while whimpering, moaning and crying out in pure pleasure. Which made MJ very proud of herself, despite the fact that she wasn't even really trying.

At least not at first. No, she was savouring giving head this way for the very first time. And to be fair, giving both girls time to adjust to it. Then she was more than happy to just keep going, as there was no where they had to be right now, and MJ was really getting into it. However she had a growing desire to make the other girl cum for her, and this slow shit just wasn't going to cut it. Oh no, she needed to pick up her game, and that's exactly what she did. Although she learned her lesson about skipping stages, and made sure to do it slowly, simply starting off by dishing out slightly faster licks, that alone providing more of the addictively good liquid she was eagerly swallowing.

She then got even more to swallow as she increasingly lingered on Betty's clit. MJ had been hitting it briefly with every lick, but experimentally she twirled her tongue around it, and then when the response was extremely positive she did it again, and again, and again. After a while she even took it into her mouth to suck on it, giving Betty the same treatment that she'd given her on the plane. Which made it very, very tempting to just shove her fingers inside of Betty's needy little cunt and be done with it. But that was exactly the reason MJ didn't. She didn't want to be done with this. No, she wanted to keep eating pussy until Betty was literally begging her to make her cum. Oh yes, she wanted to keep eating pussy until Miss I'm Not Gay' was literally begging another girl to make her cum.

Betty desperately wanted to do just that, even though it was kind of embarrassing. Although the reason she didn't was the exact same reason she suspected MJ wasn't making her cum without prompting, that being that she wanted to make this last as long as possible. Because she had never known this kind of pleasure in all her life. Sure, there had been the fingering, but that felt rushed by comparison. This was long, drawn-out, and Betty loved every second of it. Even towards the end, as not cumming pretty much became physically painful. Unfortunately she had to focus on non-sexy things to stop herself from begging for more, like listing all the things she wanted to see and do on this trip, not involving sex with MJ. But that wasn't good enough, because her thoughts kept going back to MJ, and it was the same when thinking about most anything else.

The one exception was trying to remember whether or not the hotel room door was locked. She couldn't remember locking at, and she wasn't sure whether MJ did either, and what if they were discovered by a teacher? MJ's friends Peter and/or Ned? Or worse, Flash. Oh God, what if Flash Thompson got a picture of them, or even filmed them, having sex and then posted it on the Internet? Oh God, that would truly ruin her life. And yet, she couldn't bear the thought of MJ's mouth and tongue to be away from her pussy even for a second, even if it meant this unnecessary risk. And to her shame, eventually even the possibility of getting caught was a turn on, at which point she just couldn't hold back anymore.

"Please... oh please MJ, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh MJ, make me cum!" Betty cried out desperately, removing the pillow from her mouth to do so. Of course that wasn't enough, Betty barely hesitating before she added,  "Oooooooooooh yesssssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, make me cum! I need to cum, oh please, pleasssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, make me... oh my God! Ah fuck! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, FUCK ME! FUCK ME AND MAKE ME CUM! MAKE ME CUM MAKE ME CUM MAKE ME CUM, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!"

Poor Betty ended up leaving that pillow off of her face for way, way too long, especially considering how much time she had just devoted to worrying about making too much noise. But she just couldn't help herself, at that point her desperate need to cum was just totally overwhelming her. It might have been alright if MJ had teased her for a little bit longer, like she was expecting her to quite honestly, but to her surprise the other girl almost immediately shoved her tongue as deep as it would go into Betty's pussy. Oh God, another girl's tongue was inside her! She was being fucked with a girl tongue! Oh God! Oh God, this was so gay! And she loved every second of it.

Just those overwhelming thoughts could have probably made her cum, but combined with the overwhelming physical pleasure she was being bombarded with gave her the most powerful climax of her life. Easily twice as powerful as the one she had on the plane, especially as she was given time to recover from it. No, MJ barely waited until that orgasm was over before starting to fuck her to another climax, and then repeat the process over and over again, until once again Betty was incapable of thinking. Unsurprisingly, her last coherent thought she had was she would do just about anything to feel this way again, even if it was gay. But especially if it involved Michelle Jones in any way, shape or form.

MJ loved tasting Betty's pussy straight from the source, tasting her cum was even better. Oh God yes, MJ was instantly addicted to that flavour, which was so overwhelming the majority of it flowed out all over her face, instead of going down her throat and into her belly were it belonged. It was a mistake she promised herself would never happen again. Luckily she got her chance for redemption by tongue fucking the other girl more or less through that climax and straight onto another. This time she was much quicker off the drawer, removing her tongue straight away, and wrapping her lips firmly around that entrance so she could swallow at least the majority of that heavenly liquid.

Which was a process which she gleefully repeated for a few long minutes, trying to fuck every orgasm possible out of prim and proper Betty Brant. Well, as many as possible, without knocking her unconscious, as MJ was still hoping that the other girl would have some energy left to return the favour. Then again, did she really want to risk not getting to do this again? Because surely all MJ would have to do at this point was rub her pussy a little bit and she would cum right away. Hell, it kind of felt like she wouldn't even have to do that, that if she swallowed enough girl cum, or just gave Betty enough orgasms, she would cum herself, just from the sheer joy of it all. And the overwhelming thought of indulging in her bi-curious nature.

At this point, MJ would definitely call herself more straight up bi than bi-curious. Because she definitely still like guys, but she was also now 100% absolutely no doubt in her mind into girls. But she also really wanted to be able to do this again, so as much as it pained her, she prioritize Betty's pleasure over even swallowing as much girl cum as she could. That involved continuing to tongue fuck the other girl as hard as she could, and even replace her tongue with her fingers, pushing first one and then two of them into the other. Although there was definitely something to be said for having another girl cumming all over her fingers, or better yet in her face, as again, it was allowing her to truly indulge in her love for women.

One other thing she did for Betty's benefit was lift herself up, push that pillow away from the other girl's face, and kiss her. Which was probably good for both of them, as it did a better job of muffling Betty's screams of pleasure, and thus avoiding some unwanted attention. But the main reason was to allow Betty to taste her own cum and pussy cream on her lips and tongue, which as she correctly guessed was a hell of a turn on for the usually uptight girl. So much so that the sweet and innocent blonde flipped them over so the brunette was on her back, then all of a sudden she was yanking MJ's fingers out of her and truly switching their positions. Oh God, in the blink of an eye Betty Brant had her face inches away from MJ's cunt, which was all it took to have Michelle Jones desperately begging.

To be fair Betty just stared it for a few long seconds, and then MJ whimpered, "Please, make me cum! I need to cum. I need it, please, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, please? Finger me! Eat me! Rub me! I don't care, just please do something! Anything! Please? Ooooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk, please Betty, fuck me and make me cum! Oh fuck yeah, make me cum, make me-"

"Turnover." Betty suddenly ordered.

MJ briefly frowned at this command, but she was way too horny to argue, so it was not long before she was flipping herself over onto her stomach, then pushing herself up onto all fours so that her needy hole was pretty much hitting Betty right in the face. She then opened her mouth to beg for some action, only for it to suddenly happen, which caused her eyes to go wide. Which would've probably happened no matter what, but it was just so sudden. Also, it wasn't the hole MJ had been expecting, had been about to beg to have touched. No, prim and proper Betty Brant grabbed hold of her ass cheeks, spread them wide apart as possible, and then slid her tongue over MJ's butt hole.

"Holy shit!" MJ gasped.

Of all the things MJ had imagined Betty Brant doing to her, this was pretty much the very last on her list. Mostly because she hadn't thought the uptight girl would ever even consider it, which made her very curious what else this girl might be willing to do. Which was one hell of an added bonus to all of this, which was surprisingly pleasurable. Maybe it was because she was just extremely on edge from eating pussy for what felt like hours, but the rim job was way more pleasurable than she thought it would be when she had occasionally continued doing it. Especially because these were no dainty, reluctant little licks. No, this girl was really getting into it, tonguing her ass hole like she was trying to win a prize.

In a way she did, almost immediately after she moved one of those hands from her cheeks to her needy little pussy. Well, maybe not that quick, not exactly, but it was pretty close. Especially considering Betty took the time to rub MJ's clit, which was unsurprisingly so much more rewarding when someone else was doing it. Then after a few long minutes of that, and frantic licking to her back entrance, a finger was slowly introduced to her front entrance, getting as far as the knuckle and then beginning to slide in and out before MJ finally achieved a climax of her own. Her very first by another person, and it was a girl at that. And then there was the fact of who this was, the combination of those things, making that orgasm easily the best of her life. Especially as Betty then didn't immediately stop.

She had thought there was a chance that would happen, either because Betty would have a sudden realization of exactly what she was doing, and freak out, or she would be simply grossed out by it. Surprisingly, the exact opposite happened, MJ's orgasm only pushing Betty to eat her ass even more passionately, swirling her tongue around it, as well as simply sliding her tongue up and down. Hell, she even spit on it. Spat on her butt hole, and then rubbed it in with her tongue. God, that was nasty. Best of all, she added another finger inside MJ's pussy, and picked up the speed of the fingering, making MJ cum over and over again, until she didn't want to hold herself up, and instead just kept her lower half in the air, while her lower half rested on the bed. Which was a good thing, as it made it easier to muffle her sounds of enjoyment.

Betty would like to be mad that MJ hadn't done that sooner, as she was making way too much noise. Of course, at that moment her entire concentration was on returning the favour and making the other girl cum even half as hard and frequently as she had. Admittedly, this was mostly for the selfish reason that she was hoping to receive that kind of pleasure again, but also, she genuinely felt the need to make MJ feel good too. To make the other girl feel good. To make the other girl cum, by any means necessary, even if that meant tonguing her ass hole. Which was another reason she was thinking about the noise, as the thought of exactly what she was doing echoed in her mind over and over again.

Later she would also admit to herself, and to MJ, it was kind of ridiculous that she had chosen this is somehow the easier option than eating pussy. In hindsight it was ridiculous, but eating pussy had just felt a little too overwhelming. Maybe even a little too gay, despite what she had just done, and what she then did. Also, in the moment Betty was kind of hoping that MJ would have been the one to finger herself, but once she started making MJ feel good, she kind of got lost in it, and then the fingering just kind of happened. Although it was effective, so it wasn't like she could complain. Oh yes, she was now very into getting the other girl off with her fingers and tongue, even if it wasn't in the way that she thought she would have too.

Of course, this wasn't something she had been planning to do. She just saw that MJ's other hole looked clean, and somehow less threatening, and bizarrely thought in the moment that she could just get away with that, as it was the kind of thing no one would ever think that she would do, and to be fair, that she wouldn't do under normal circumstances. To her shame she got into it far more than she should have, going so far as to literally push her tongue into MJ's butt towards the end. She didn't get very far, but the fact that she got even a little bit of her tongue into another girl's ass was another overwhelming thought, which left her mindlessly working over Michelle Jones, until she had the 'too cool for school' black girl face down in the duvet and whimpering for mercy.

Eventually her lower half even collapsed, and while Betty briefly went with it, pushing her face deeper into that butt crack in the process, and using her fingers to hammer one more climax out of the other girl, after that realization hit and she suddenly pulled away, embarrassed by what she had done. The two girls then just lay there for a few long minutes catching their breath, and thinking about what they had just done. Or at least, Betty thought about it, obsessed over it, and silently freaked out over what had just happened. And yet, to her surprise, she didn't regret it. Not even for a second. No, she may be confused about a lot of things, but Betty couldn't deny, at least to herself, that she wanted to do this again. Which was even more the case when she started sucking her cum coated fingers clean.

Then MJ broke the silence with a chuckle, causing Betty to frown and ask, "What?"

"Nothing." MJ lied with a grin as she watched prim and proper Betty Brant greedily suck those girl cum covered fingers clean, before she eventually revealed, "I was just thinking how I was worried that you were going to be a boring, stick in the mud, no fun roommate. Before we joined the mile high club, obviously. And now..."

Betty hit her with a pillow.

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