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                                                     A Captain  Marvel Fan Fiction


Captain Marvel flew through the universe, there was nothing better than her in all of existence.  She was the best around and noting could take her down! She was  a super awesome dyke that needed no man in her life. She was the best of the best, there was no superhero in the universe that was greater than her! Captain Marvel flew through the stars while singing to herself. She was a super lesbian; no cock had ever been in her pussy! Captain Marvel was sailing passed a red and dying sun. Then she heard something calling her from another galaxy. She sped right there and laid eyes on the desert planet Blorrun.

It was a barren and lifeless creature except for the Geelish a monster that lived purely on sunlight. Captain Marvel had never seen that creature before; however, she could feel it calling to her. It wanted a fight and she was going to give it one.  Captain Marvel felt the ground trembling beneath her feet.  She then saw the Geelish burst forth, it was a mass of a thousand dark pink tentacles with a purple blob at its center. It was truly a foe unlike anything she had ever faced before.

Captain Marvel crossed her arms. “You may not have a dick. But as far as I am concerned you are a male and I am going to take you down like one.”

Captain Marvel flew at the Geelish and fired numerous energy blasts at it. They didn’t do a fucking thing. Captain Marvel decided it was time to get serious and she charged at the Geelish and punched it as hard as she could, but that her hands sank inside it like pudding and did no damage.

The Geelish batted captain Marvel with its tentacles and she flew across the sky. Captain Marvel grunted and said. “Fuck this!”

She plunged at the Geelish intending to go right through it and blow the thing to pieces. Unfortunately for her the Geelish was to smart for that. As she was shooting towards the Geelish it wrapped its tentacles around her arms and legs. No matter how hard Captain Marvel struggle she could not break free. “Let me go!” she shouted.

The Geelish did not do so, instead it wrapped more of its tentacles around Captain Marvel and they started leaking blue acid. The tentacles melted Captain Marvel’s clothes, thankfully there was nothing that existed that could melt her skin. Soon she was butt naked and the Geelish tentacles were poking against her butthole and pussy.  Captain Marvel looked at her foe with eyes of fear and fury. “Stop! This you perverted monster!”

The Geelish did not stop, instead it jabbed its tentacles up Captain Marvel’s cunt causing her to groin in discomfort and then it rammed more tentacles up her anus causing her to cry out in pain. Then it shoved many tentacles down her throat silencing her screams.  If Captain Marvel had still needed air to breath. She would have died! The tentacles were all squirming around inside her and it was awful. No matter how hard Captain Marvel struggled she could not break free. The only comfort she had was that she didn’t need to eat anymore, so she wouldn’t get shit on the tentacles!

Captain Marvel felt a heat building between her legs and as the tentacles moved in her pussy and asshole the heat got stronger and stronger. Soon the heat became too much for her and her body writhed as she came against her will, her pussy walls slammed together causing her to moan. The Geelish continued making her cum over and over again. Until Captain Marvel’s orgasms became more painful than pleasurable. She had an indestructible body, so the Geelish could never kill her. But instead could torture her till the end of time! There was absolutely nothing she could do, she could only hope that the Geelish would eventually get bored tentacle raping her and let her go.  Captain Marvel cried as she realized that despite her godly powers, she was nothing against the Geelish. It had violated her body, which she had sworn would never be penetrated. For the first time in Captain Marvel’s life, she felt utterly worthless.

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